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(38 min ago) Processor options range from Core i5-8300H to Core i9-8950HK. The Core i5 is quad-core, but if you use i7 or i9, you get six cores, and the Core i9 can even unlock overclocking, with 64GB DDR4 2400MHz or 32GB DDR4 3200MHz.
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(39 min ago) However, one of the biggest surprises of Librem 5 is that it will be released with Ubuntu Touch. Ubuntu Touch is a popular mobile-friendly version based on the Linux Ubuntu operating system.
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(39 min ago) They all include Intel's eighth-generation desktop processors, from Core i3 to Core i7. I3 is quad-core, and i5 and i7 are six cores, but only i7 is hyper-threaded. For graphics cards, users will be able to get the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 with 4GB GDDR5.
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(2 hr ago) Supply chain sources said that Apple is negotiating with Samsung in hopes of lowering the price of the iPhone OLED panel in 2018. If the cost of the screen can be reduced, the price of the new iPhone will decline.
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(7 hr ago) In the evening of April 24th, ZTE communications supplier issued a announcement that the company was one of the suppliers of ZTE's wholly owned subsidiary of Zhongxing Xunxun. The company proposed to respect the vow of the undelivered equipment and respect the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The right to recourse; respect for the equipment delivered, respect for the intention of ZTE, and recover the original price and refund the collected money.
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(9 hr ago) On the side of an embarrassing social network that engulfed Meizu's marketing system, Meizu's 15th anniversary commemorative work, Meizu 15, was released on schedule, and Meizu’s founder Huang Zhang remained behind the scenes.
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(10 hr ago) I believe every machine owner has his own opinion on every flagship mobile phone and wants to transmit his voice directly to mobile phone manufacturers. For example, in the face of the future of iPhone, many users usually have a lot of ideas, so they would like to tell them directly to Cook.
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(12 hr ago) At noon on 24, the Tencent document played a small game, and anyone could modify the composition of the composition "a meaningful day" in the Tencent documents, which is likely to create a document that has been changed most manually in the history of 2 hours. But the little friends are so fierce that there is no punctuation left in the original.
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(12 hr ago) For naughty companies, the essential part of each year to meet the double eleven is the preparation of promotional posters. It is not only a window to introduce basic information of goods, but also the first round exposure of marketing means.
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(13 hr ago) Last October, Joe Belfiore, vice president of Microsoft, said on Twitter that it would not develop new functions and hardware on the Windows 10 Mobile platform, basically declaring the death of Windows Phone.
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(13 hr ago) Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at the same time, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 derivatives Galaxy Note FE also passed the Wi-Fi alliance authentication, the page display system is Android 8, thus it seems that Samsung Galaxy Note FE is going to push Android 8 updates.
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(13 hr ago) In April 23rd, at the UP2018 Tencent new Wen Chuang ecological conference, the Tencent announced the strategic cooperation with the Epic Games company to obtain its exclusive agency operation right for the construction of the tactical competitive games "FORTNITE", and the Chinese name formally named "the night of the fort".
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(13 hr ago) Beijing time April 24th news, Lenovo's share price has fallen more than any other technology company in the world, and it is increasingly likely to be removed from Hongkong's benchmark stock index.
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(13 hr ago) "This article is authorized by the aviation Tong (WeChat ID:lifeissohappy WeChat search: Hang Tong micro-blog: @lishuhang). It is not allowed to be reproduced or quoted without permission.
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(13 hr ago) "Too OUT, Internet era, it's time to do community marketing." Searching for the word "community marketing" on the big book shopping platform, we can find a large number of relevant tools books, "learn community marketing, monthly entry million is not a dream", "three days to detonate community traffic", "the 4G era of marketing iron law" and other slogans dazzling.
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(14 hr ago) Oracle announced the termination of their landmark Java Developer Conference JavaOne. This activity has been held annually since 1996 (all Sun). It has been held as a juxtaposition of Oracle OpenWorld since 2010.
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(14 hr ago) "I will go back to the mountains to build my dream machine to meet the Meizu 15 anniversary." When Huang Zhang, the founder of the Meizu family, wrote this sentence in February 11, 2017, all the Meizu fans cheered, "I'm ready for the money to buy your flagship machine," a fan said excitedly.
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(15 hr ago) Since the Alibaba and Marriott opened a new company last year, two new developments have been made in the recent cooperation. From this week, users can book all hotels under the 10000 flag at the flying pig flagship store in Marriott.
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(15 hr ago) Chain recently quietly launched a "shell looking for room" App. It is said that on App Store, this product has been online in March, but the chain has not publicized and promoted it. And not long ago, it was reported that in order to build a App for the shell, the chain family had to pay a lot of money to buy the domain name "" with an eight digit price.
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(15 hr ago) In China, Photoshop is almost synonymous with photo processing. PS can not only make human photos more beautiful, but also "create nothing" in photos. However, NVIDIA has just demonstrated a deep learning based AI P diagram technology, forcing PS to be laid off.
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(15 hr ago) Welcome to the WeChat subscription number of “Creation Notes”: sinachuangshiji road to Jian. There are four strong secrets in the United States: a small government, a large society, free education, free finance, and a contractual spirit.
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(15 hr ago) April 24, according to foreign media reports, earlier this month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg before the congressional hearing, the company announced a series of reform measures to cope with the future of the platform will still appear in politics Advertising.
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(15 hr ago) Recently, the first Digital China Construction Summit was held in Fuzhou from April 22nd to 24th. Baidu announced that Apollon, a commercial-grade unmanned Chinese bus, will be tested for public use. This is also the first time that a Chinese L4-class driverless vehicle has been tested for public use. .
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(16 hr ago) With the upcoming SUSE Linux Enterprise 15, SUSE announced the launch of a beta program for SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing (HPC). This beta project focuses on 64-bit and ARM 64-bit architectures.
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(17 hr ago) During the Spring Festival in February of this year, watching the circle of friends forward a wide range of micro-vision subsidies, can not help but ask a microscopy docking person a question, "when does the official subsidy start in the end? Why is there so much outflow now? version?"
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(17 hr ago) "Although the company is in a very difficult situation, the company's board of directors and management will do their utmost to protect the right of 80,000 employees to work legally and the legal interests of the family of 80,000 employees."
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(18 hr ago) Meizu’s soul figure, Huang Zhang, seems to be absent in late April in the middle of April when Meizu’s senior titles and new products were released. Just on the eve of the 15th anniversary of the launch of the flagship, Meizu executives fight. On April 15th, Zhang Jia (director Gavin Zhang) of Meizu Technology stated publicly on Weibo that he “does not agree” with Meizu CMO Yang Hao. Afterwards, Meizu expelled Zhang Jia.
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(18 hr ago) On April 24th, Didi traveled today to hold a conference on “torrent sharing and sharing smart travel” to establish a torrent alliance to build a platform for auto operators. According to reports, the alliance aims to unite upstream and downstream partners in the entire industrial chain of the automobile and share the revolution in the automotive industry with sharing, intelligence, and new energy.
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(19 hr ago) In recent years, technical support fraud has become the main method of stealing personal information of users. In addition to traditional mail, forged websites, and various false alarms, hackers also use malicious software and unsolicited telephone calls to carry out malicious activities. . However, foreign media ZDNet said that this situation will only get worse in the future.
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(20 hr ago) On the 23rd, Google's parent company, Alphabet, announced its first quarter financial report this year. The results were not surprising. The search giant still maintained growth. Both the key financial indicators of revenue and profit exceeded market expectations, and profits soared 73% year-on-year to US$9.4 billion.
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