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(2 hr ago) Since the upgrade of iOS 10, unlock my iPhone is becoming more and more difficult. In the past, I can simply draw right, then enter the password, this gesture I have used many times that it has already become a muscle memory -- but iOS 10 to transform this familiar place into a new information panel.
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(3 hr ago) This afternoon, millet staff exposure of a screen shot of millet 5S, from the screenshot point of view, millet 5S desktop icon appeared on the two level menu, which means that millet 5S will support Touch 3D function. Now, millet staff @ God was strong Steven and released a screen shot, the screenshot shows the application of millet millet 5S also appeared two menu, which once again confirms the millet 5S will be equipped with Touch 3D statement.
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(3 hr ago) Reporter Brian Krebs well-known security website KrebsOnSecurity has relaunched, this time hosting provider to Google from the Akamai line during the handover, its IP address has been resolved to, now it used to belong to Google IP
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(5 hr ago) Recently, Google released the latest version of the machine learning system, through the identification of the contents of the image, with the corresponding text, the results reached the best in history. Google has TensorFlow on the open source of this achievement. Since 2014, Google has been committed to this project, and now this algorithm to describe the image's accuracy rate has been as high as 93.9%.
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(6 hr ago) Every step of WeChat which is the mobile Internet online news benchmark, on the evening of 22 small programs on the Internet there was a grand carnival, like everyone thought it was time to rely on this wave of Dongfeng WeChat counter attack.
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(6 hr ago) After experiencing the unprecedented scale of the recall and the unprecedented unity of the global airline to disable the order, the Samsung Note Galaxy 7 visibility is probably also reached an unprecedented level of history. One time announced the recall of 2 million 500 thousand phones, a direct result of the loss will be $about one billion, but this does not include the potential of the value of the brand image impairment.
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(6 hr ago) According to foreign media reports, although Samsung announced the recall of 2 million 500 thousand Note Galaxy 7 shows its user security considerations, but it is clear that the company in the past to return to the glory days before you need to go a long way.
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(6 hr ago) With the gradual approach of the new millet fall conference, the new machine has also been exposed millet frequently. It can be said that the upcoming release of a part of the product has been identified, when the millet 5S and Plus 5S two new machines will meet with us. Now millet official burst of an important new feature of the new machine, millet 5S will be equipped with capacitive fingerprint identification.
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(6 hr ago) Apple has just launched Apple Watch Series 2 smart watches, two patents but the latest revelations that the technology company and a new idea, maybe one day in the future, we will see them appear in the new smart watch products.
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(6 hr ago) Recently, Google released the latest version of the machine learning system, through the identification of the contents of the image, with the corresponding text, the results reached the best in history. Google has TensorFlow on the open source of this achievement.
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(11 hr ago) We previously wrote, many large companies are interested in the development of UAV delivery ", such as Google, Amazon, DHL, sf. It chose Zhejiang Anji a village of new business test, the UAV loading is more than a dozen newspapers, took off from the local basketball court Hanggai town government, reaching seven village, which lasted 15 minutes.
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(11 hr ago) Last week, the 31 year old Romania hacker Mircea-Ilie Ispasoiu was sentenced to 10 years in prison in the United States, the hackers use malicious software attacks in the United States and a number of companies from their networks to steal a large amount of data.
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(11 hr ago) September 25th news, before the explosion of the Samsung Note 7 countries line two times, the Jingdong has not made a positive response. And Samsung and ATL battery suppliers to jointly investigate the product claimed that the external heating lead, that is, human. Now there are friends broke the news that he was a Samsung Note 7 also exploded, this is the National Bank of 7 Note third fried, the product is purchased at Suning mall.
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(11 hr ago) After a period of 5 months of careful planning, and finally in September 19th the day turned into the most intuitive sales: more than 4 billion 480 million yuan. And the number is growing rapidly as the activity time is prolonged. Music is quite proud of this, its chairman and CEO Jia Yueting also in real time to update the latest micro-blog record.
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(11 hr ago) Another PC era of popular products will exit the stage of history. Prior to the day, the NetEase announced that the NetEase forum will stop service in October 19th. "China business newspaper" reporter had tried to contact the NetEase, but did not get a response.
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(11 hr ago) Apple has just launched Apple Watch Series 2 smart watches, two patents but the latest revelations that the technology company and a new idea, maybe one day in the future, we will see them appear in the new smart watch products.
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(14 hr ago) One day in July 2014, a group of people come from Apple Corp IBM Cooper said the headquarters located in the state of California. The purpose of their visit is to implement the business program (APP creation partnership APP) before the implementation of the company announced by the company.
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(14 hr ago) If the time back to five years ago, I'm afraid no one would have thought that a "millet" brand, will completely change the China intelligent mobile phone industry, has let the bloody kill. August 2011, the first official release of millet phone, the world's first dual core 1.5GHz phone, and the price as long as 1999 yuan, but only online sales.
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(14 hr ago) Samsung is currently busy with the global recall of Note7 Galaxy smart phones, and has shipped 500 thousand units to the U.S. market for replacement of the Note7 Galaxy new machine. While the European market and consumers may need to wait for a longer time, Samsung executives have revealed that Samsung in the end of November to restore sales in Europe Note7 Galaxy.
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(14 hr ago) With Microsoft to open up new data center, the company is committed to the use of more renewable energy, and plans to 2018 will be renewable energy utilization rate increased to 50%, to 2020, will increase this number to 60%. Microsoft is currently the number is 44%.
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(15 hr ago) The camera module maker LG LG Innotek impact on the global intelligent mobile phone by slowing growth in the second quarter of this year, their operating losses of about $30 million, but due to the release of Plus iPhone 7, LG Innotek's revenue will rebound.
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(15 hr ago) Google cloud services will be used for bank test data block chain technology in recent years, IBM, Microsoft and Amazon are competing for customers in this area. GFT, a consulting firm, said in a statement on Friday that the Royal Bank of Scotland has used Google's servers in a series of data blocks for the new test, which is used for currency settlement and settlement.
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(1 day ago) At the beginning of September, Baidu's chief scientist Wu Enda announced that the company's artificial intelligence platform for open source "Baidu brain," the bottom of the depth of learning platform Paddle.
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(1 day ago) Because of the serious vulnerabilities in the latest Windows journal, Microsoft last month to push the KB3161102 patch after XP cut off some diary functions, many users of the Windows system has bid farewell to the diary. What is the vulnerability to Microsoft is determined to completely stop so by own application code?
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(1 day ago) September 24th news, TCL group recently through a wholly owned subsidiary to $50 million acquisition of U.S. Wireless Novatel company's MIFI (smart mobile hotspot devices and mobile broadband) business.
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(1 day ago) Beijing time on September 24th news, IBM has always had a dream, the development of a computer, it can make decisions like a man, with intelligence. Recently, IBM research has made a major breakthrough, it is closer to the goal.
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(1 day ago) September 24th news, WeChat public platform gave WeChat public platform guide in the official WeChat public number push. Guide to a very detailed presentation of the WeChat public platform custom menus, message management, web development, WeChat WeChat store, WeChat customer service, shake the 15 week broadcast to guide the development.
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(1 day ago) Opera is certainly one of the most popular Android intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer browser. The application has millions of downloads and 4 star rating in the Play store. Now, Opera announced, will launch an update for the Android version of Opera, provide a redesigned user interface, the interface follows the design specification of Google to develop materials.
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(1 day ago) In September 20th, Mozilla officially launched the Firefox 49 had to repair two major bug, it was postponed for a week, and today a new version is released, which fixes some problems causing browser crashes, the new version is launched multithreading function (e10s Electrolysis support) the second phase of the launch last month, Firefox 48 is included, but the default is not enabled.
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(1 day ago) On September 23rd news, recently, a netizen "alarmist" brain hole triggered widespread discussion on "things behind". "My Alipay more than 70 thousand, WeChat more than 20 thousand, if I accidentally died, the money will be how to deal with (my family does not know the money) today?" Alipay's announcement to answer a lot of people's doubts:
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