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(27 min ago) Specifications, Mijia laser projection TV 4K projection screen resolution reached 4K level (3840x2160), supporting 3000:1 original contrast, HDR10 decoding, using peak photoelectric new ALPD3.0 laser fluorescence display technology, red light ratio of 16-18%, in line with the International Telecommunication Union Rec.709 standard, more colorful.
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(27 min ago) According to the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO) trademark list published earlier this month, Apple's "iPod Touch" trademark protection was approved to extend to "portable devices for playing video games; handheld game handsets" under International Class 28 (games, toys and sports goods).
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(27 min ago) According to foreign media Neowin, Google is considering ending its news service in Europe in response to the Copyright Directive of the European Union. EU regulators are still discussing the directive, and if the law is enacted, online platforms, including Google and Facebook, will have to pay publishers for using excerpts from their articles in news search results.
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(27 min ago) Interview: The announcement of Apple Online Store (China) marks that Apple Pay has successfully entered 74 of the top 100 U.S. retailers, with 65% of all retailers in the country. According to Apple, its payment system has been launched in some Target stores, and 1850 stores across the country will support the payment solution in the coming weeks.
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(28 min ago) Visit: Microsoft Surface products purchase portal At present, Microsoft Surface series of removable keyboard accessories provide excellent input experience through thin physical mechanical structure (different from touch keyboard, non-real mechanical keyboard). Microsoft hopes to build a new picture of input experience through a new patent. The patent was approved in January 2019. Microsoft described a light mechanical structure in the patent. Integration of tactile feedback structure - "haptic element / module" program..
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(58 min ago) According to Flickr, the company launched new lobbying areas in the fourth quarter, including search technology, criminal justice reform and international tax reform. In lobbying for U.S. government spending, Google has been at the forefront of major companies. Google declined to comment on content other than documents.
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(58 min ago) Starting April 16, users will be able to start Chat on the Web version of G Suite that can use the classic Hangouts function, but the latter can not replace the Hangouts function at present. Between April and September 2018, before the closure of Hangouts in October, some Hangouts functions will be migrated to Chat.
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(58 min ago) Recently, PAIZA, a Japanese IT job-hunting website, launched a web game, "The Engineer's Dead World Lives Together with the Man-made Man", which shocked people. The game's story is set in the near future world, the world's IT engineers suddenly died because of the mysterious virus, so the order of the world suffered a heavy blow, the world is about to be destroyed.
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(1 hr ago) Since 2016, Jingdong UAV has been operating normally in eight provinces in China, with a flying distance of more than 120,000 kilometers, which is at the top level in the world. Now, the Beijing-East UAV has also opened the way for overseas expansion.
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(1 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - First let's talk about hardware. Lenovo Unidell, Acer and Lenovo have launched seven Windows 10 devices for the education market, which are Lenovo 100e Lenovo 300E (2-in-1)*** * Lenovo 14W Acer TravelMate B1 (B118-M),* Acer TravelMate Spin B1 (B118-R/RN),* Acer TravelMate B1-141 * Dell Latitude 3300 for Education Lenovo 300E (2-in-1)*** Very interesting equipment.
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(1 hr ago) Tencent Technologies News, according to foreign reports, IBM on Tuesday released the company's fourth quarter and full-year financial report for fiscal year 2018. According to the results, IBM's fourth quarter revenue was $21.76 billion, down 3% from $22.543 billion in the same period last year; its net profit was $1.951 billion and its net loss was $1.054 billion in the same period last year.
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(1 hr ago) Baidu closed Tuesday at $160.39, down 6.4% from the previous trading day, with a market capitalization of about $55.9 billion. On the evening of January 22, an article titled "Baidu is dead" was brushed from the Media News Laboratory. The article accuses Baidu of more than half of its search results pointing to Baidu's own products, especially Baijia, which is full of a large number of marketing and poor quality content, and also leads to a substantial decline in the quality of Baidu's search results.
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(1 hr ago) The U.S. Department of Labor has accused Oracle of using two methods to discriminate against women and people of color in companies. The first involves the initial salary set at Oracle based on the previous salary of these employees; the second involves "guiding" these employees into the lower-paid career direction.
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(1 hr ago) Due to the natural limitations of Internet of Things devices, Canonical has decided to limit the number of updates. By reducing the number of update packages, this means that security update packages have smaller capacity and fewer updates. In order to help enterprises start and run Ubuntu Core faster, Canonical and Dell, Qualcomm and other companies cooperate to start equipment certification.
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(1 hr ago) Recently, the results of the 230-day-late change of the board of directors and the election of the chairman of Gree Electric Appliances finally came out: there is no suspense, and Miss Dong, who is over 65 years old in seven months, will continue to serve as chairman and president. Zhang Yuliang, the 62-year-old chairman of Greenbelt Holdings (600606.SH), who also broke the limit of the "service period" of state-owned enterprises to achieve re-election, was finally no longer lonely.
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(1 hr ago) According to Foreign Media The Verge, NASA is replacing an astronaut on Boeing's first manned space mission. The mission will use Boeing's CST-100 Starliner manned spacecraft to transport astronauts to the International Space Station. NASA announced Tuesday that astronaut Eric Boe will no longer be on mission due to unclear "physical reasons".
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(2 hr ago) As you can see, the Java-related framework has occupied a large part of the list as always, and with the rise of AI technology in the past two years, more artificial intelligence open source projects have been born. Both companies and individuals have produced a number of excellent open source projects in this field, and these open source projects are gradually being followed and used by more developers.
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(2 hr ago) On January 22nd, French regulators imposed the first GDPR fine on Google, amounting to 50 million euros (about $57 million) – the first major penalties imposed on US technology giants since the 2018 GDPR regulations came into effect.
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(2 hr ago) Tencent Technology News, the three major US stock indexes opened lower on Tuesday and collectively closed down. At the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 301.87 points to 24.404% to 24404.48 points. The S&P 500 index fell 37.81 points, or 1.42%, to 2632.90 points. The Nasdaq Composite Index fell 136.87 points, or 1.91. %, to 7020.36 points.
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(2 hr ago) Qualcomm’s lawyers have admitted that Apple’s iPhone industry has nowhere else to buy key 4G chips when the mobile phone industry transitions to 4G.
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(2 hr ago) Visit: Angus Sullivan, head of retail banking at Apple Online Stores (China) Fubon Bank, said banks have heard many users want Apple Pay's request, which has led to a partnership with Apple.
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(2 hr ago) Large dedicated buttons in the tweet box make it easier to add emoji emoticons, and the updated trend section is displayed on the right side of the page, making it easier to see who is participating in the conversation. These changes, as well as the way the desktop version of Twitter is condensed from three columns into two columns, should make it easier to read and send tweets.
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(2 hr ago) Recently, foreign media Windows Latest exposed a new patent application from Microsoft. This patent is about how to improve the Surface keyboard to reduce the thickness of the keyboard while still having a better feel.
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(2 hr ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) This news is good for Qualcomm. Qualcomm is responding to the allegations that the company's near-monopoly market position is forcing handset manufacturers to pay fixed, excessive chip licensing fees. Recently, the dispute between Apple and Qualcomm is getting worse.
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(2 hr ago) The official did not really tell us how the wood entered the delicious chicken pieces, but said that the food “may be contaminated by foreign materials, especially wood.” This can not help but imagine the mixture of wood and chicken in the manufacturing process. Although the US Department of Agriculture marked the recall as a “high” health risk, the announcement also pointed out that virtually no one was sick because of eating wood.
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(2 hr ago) Visit: Huawei Mall predicts that in 2018, Huawei's production volume increased by 30% with its diverse product types and self-developed chip products. In the Chinese market, which was previously dominated by Apple, Huawei’s share is also increasing. The agency believes that Huawei will continue to maintain its position in the Chinese smartphone market in 2019, while focusing on emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, Brazil, and South America.
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(3 hr ago) The total capacity is still 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, four options, respectively, with 51MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB LPDDR4 cache, and the write life is still 150TB, 300TB, 600TB, 1200TB, five-year warranty, equivalent to allow every three Write once in a day.
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(3 hr ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) Of course, using the latest iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR can add a lot of color to your work, thanks to the innovations that new devices bring to photography.
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(3 hr ago) Analysts surveyed by FactSet had previously estimated a profit of $4.82 per share and revenue of $21.73 billion. IBM said it expects adjusted earnings per share in 2019 to be "at least $13.90" and analysts forecast $13.80. IBM's earnings and prospects exceeded Wall Street's expectations, and its share price soared 5% after the close, after the stock fell 1.1% during regular trading hours to close at $122.51.
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(8 hr ago) Previously, the plan allowed Miami customers to place orders with Starbucks. The delivery company said that coffee has become one of the most sought-after beverages, with orders for beverages increasing by more than 255% last year. The expansion of Starbucks in Ubuntu's catering service was carried out after the success of the Miami test in autumn 2018, Ubuntu said.
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