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(59 min ago) April 28 evening, the Chinese Internet financial company "letter and rich" officially landed on the NYSE, stock code "XRF", the issue of 10 million shares, the issue price of 6.0 US dollars, raised 60 million US dollars, the opening price of 6.65 US dollars , Compared with the issue price rose 10.8%. According to the opening price and the total share capital calculation, the letter and the market value of $ 420 million.
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(59 min ago) Despite the helpless Li Jongrong was still being held, last year suffered a serious impact of Note 7 mobile phone Samsung Electronics in 2017 began to produce a dazzling transcripts.
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(59 min ago) As Apple's main agent, Foxconn this time really want to go to the United States to do the investment, but the details have yet to be finalized. Friday, Hon Hai Precision Group Chairman Terry Gou said in an interview outside the White House: "We plan to invest in the United States a series of investments.
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(10 hr ago) Qualcomm said on Friday that Apple will not be paid for the first quarter of 2017, the sale of mobile phones to Qualcomm royalties. Qualcomm is the world's largest manufacturer of smart phone chips, Apple's mobile phone is the main chip suppliers. In January this year, apple sued Qualcomm, Qualcomm accused of charging exorbitant royalties on chip, and refused to return the commitment to return $1 billion royalties.
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(10 hr ago) April 28th, the Shenzhen Consumer Council involved in the investigation of HUAWEI flash door, and announced the latest developments. Specifically, the Shenzhen Association said in a statement, starting from the exposure of the latest progress of HUAWEI door, the Consumer Council on behalf of consumers into the investigation, and announced that the latest research results: as of now, HUAWEI P10 series mobile phone false propaganda and batch production quality problems found.
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(10 hr ago) According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on April 27th, Microsoft finally fixes word security vulnerabilities. The Word risk vulnerabilities allow hackers can take advantage of the insertion of malicious software on the word links in the document, and no sound to monitor and control the user's computer.
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(11 hr ago) Foreign media reports that Google has created its own artificial intelligence chip, in addition to Google, in fact, many technology giants are in this area to do the layout. 25 years ago, Yann LeCun had created a "ANNA" artificial intelligence chip, but was not accepted by the mainstream.
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(11 hr ago) Today (April 28), China Central Television Financial Channel heavy planning "for China Industrial endorsement" - China Industrial Promotion Summit held in Beijing. Empty talk about the country, hard work.
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(11 hr ago) As the QQ sector "king", QQ members, and online games, advertising together, Tencent "financial resources" the most important source. Among them, QQ super membership is the strongest king, 20 per month, to provide the value-added services countless.
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(11 hr ago) Japan's Sony operating profit will surge by 73.2% in 2017 fiscal year, the highest level in nearly 20 years, according to Sony Electronics on Friday, as the image-sensing business recovers from earthquake losses and strong demand from smartphone makers.
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(12 hr ago) After several built-in application testing and tuning, Microsoft released a new version of the music application Groove, and in this version of the application of improved color gradient visual effects. In Windows 10 stable version 10.17032.10331.0, the application uses a translucent and fuzzy visual effects, these two visual effects are expected in September upgrade version of the official put into use.
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(17 hr ago) "I took a HTC D10w show to the unit, several people asked me what brand, I said it was HTC, the results are to see a look of loss, finally have a know, even to A 'this brand is still alive' ... ... "This is a bowel powder on the author helpless Tucao.
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(17 hr ago) NASA has been very concerned about air quality, they have used plants to clean air and oxygen research has been carried out for decades, Arizona State University researchers to develop a plant with the future of biological technology.
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(17 hr ago) In December last year, the Ministry of Culture issued the Notice on Regulating the Post-Supervision of Online Game Operation and Strengthening the Name, And extraction or synthesis probability "triggered a wide range of gamers attention.
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(17 hr ago) Blackberry announced its own design of the last mobile phone BlackBerry KeyOne will be listed at the end of May, which to the Canadian pre-order delivery time is May 18, in Canada and the United States listed on May 31.
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(18 hr ago) Baidu (Nasdaq: BIDU) today unveiled its unaudited financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year ended March 31, 2010. The report shows that Baidu's first quarter total revenue of 16.891 billion yuan (about 2.454 billion US dollars), an increase of 6.8%; first quarter net profit of 1.777 billion yuan (about 258.1 million US dollars), down 10.6%.
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(18 hr ago) April 28, a drop trip today announced the completion of a new round of more than $ 5.5 billion in financing to support its globalization strategy to advance and invest in cutting-edge technology. It is the core vision of the development of the world's transportation and auto industry through active international deployment, which is the leader of intelligent transportation technology. Drop in the field of urban transport to form a leading large data technology capabilities, products and experience that will bring value to the global market.
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(18 hr ago) As the world's three major giants of science and technology, Amazon, Microsoft and Google in the cloud service market ups and downs for decades. Although the Amazon AWS occupy the global cloud services market nearly half of the country, but this did not affect Microsoft, Google and so on its fierce chase. In the morning, Amazon, Microsoft and Google parent company Alphabet released the previous quarter earnings, which the industry's three companies in the cloud service revenue and growth expressed strong concern.
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(19 hr ago) Windows mobile phone status we all know very well, of course, Microsoft is also very clear, in the latest quarterly earnings even did not mention the mobile phone business. Microsoft observers Paul Thurrott posted on Twitter, saying that Microsoft plans to bid farewell to the mobile phone business before the end of the fiscal year, that is, by the end of June.
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(19 hr ago) Google has announced that anyone with a personal Google account can create a new course in Google Classes that was only available to users of the Google App Education Edition and only discussed and operated.
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(20 hr ago) This year in March, the Amazon Echo Look camera first exposure. At the end of April today, Amazon officially released this can listen to but also "take pictures" of the "private partner" - Echo Look.
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(20 hr ago) In the past few years, the software giant Microsoft involved in the hardware business, but also spent the acquisition of Finland's Nokia mobile phone business. However, according to foreign media news, Microsoft hardware business suffered major setbacks. Surface business in the first quarter revenue plunged a quarter, Microsoft seems to have to consider the introduction of new products.
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(20 hr ago) April 28 news, Netease Agricultural Netease Wei Xin announced the completion of 160 million yuan A round of financing, by the US group comments, innovation workshop leader, Jingdong strategic investment. It is reported that the financing will be mainly used for the promotion of Netease flavor mode of reproduction. In addition, the wind capital, shiny venture, Paradise Silicon Valley also participated in this investment.
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(21 hr ago) April 28, Mokai cycling "drying out" a transcript: Since March 29, a comprehensive settled in the WeChat "Jiugongge" since the Mokai cycle in April, the number of active users in the chain than the growth rate of more than 200%, an additional 24 million registered user.
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(21 hr ago) The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today adopted an Apple application of the "dual-band antenna wireless charging and communication system", the patent describes a long-range wireless charging technology, in the future one day, This charging technology may appear in the WiFi router, and for the iPhone and other devices for wireless charging. The patent mentions that power can be transmitted over a data antenna.
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(21 hr ago) According to the Re / code website report, Apple is still developing Apple Pay personal transfer function. This feature allows users to quickly and secure money to other users, like WeChat, Alipay the same. Apple Pay transfer function will be the fastest line this year, allowing iPhone users to quickly complete the electronic transfer.
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(21 hr ago) Nike's latest Apple Watch, Apple Watch NikeLab officially on sale today. We can buy in Nike Isetan, Nike Lab store and Apple Watch store in Tokyo Department store.
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(21 hr ago) The world's largest browser Chrome is a strong push to reform, to expand the scope of the HTTP site unsafe warning logo. From the beginning of Chrome 56, Google began to HTTP site in the address bar marked unsafe exclamation tips, the result is that the number of these sites account password login reduced by 23%.
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(23 hr ago) Earlier this week, Microsoft released Windows 10 for Release Preview channel Mobile creator update, although the official support for this update only 13 sets of equipment, but the company said non support equipment in joining the Release Preview channel can continue to receive updates.
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(23 hr ago) Chinese how many software developers, there is no authoritative statistics, but the data can be a reference to international research firm IDC released in 2014: in 2014 the world has 11 million professional software developers, Chinese accounted for 10.1% of 1 million 111 thousand, according to the benchmark estimates, the current Chinese software developers at least in more than one million.
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