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(53 min ago) It is understood that the first bill aims to create an easy, consistent and simple legal environment to support the development and application of blockchain technology in the United States. The second act clarifies that cryptocurrency miners and multi-signature service providers do not need to be registered as “currency transfer service providers” because they do not fully control investor funds, but simply help verify network integrity and use numbers Users of assets provide greater security.
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(2 hr ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) on the upgraded version of the wireless charging, Apple's official website also confirmed this: iPhone XS uses a glass backplane, supports wireless charging, and charging faster than the iPhone X.
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(3 hr ago) A few days ago, Aifan gave a detailed review of Apple Watch Series 4 (hereinafter referred to as Series 4). Unfortunately, there are two major new features that have received much attention, one is electrocardiogram (ECG) function, the other is drop monitoring.
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(4 hr ago) Access: Windows, Microsoft's official mall in China, is hidden by default and needs to be widened to see it. It should be noted that energy consumption is presented in the form of ratings (very low, low, high), not quantitative data, but it is enough.
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(6 hr ago) Meguiar expects revenue to reach $7.9 billion to $8.3 billion in the first quarter of fiscal 2009, compared with $8.45 billion widely expected by Wall Street analysts. Last week, J.P. Morgan said Intel's shortage of chips was "deteriorating" and would have a maximum impact of 7% on PC sales in the fourth quarter.
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(6 hr ago) Apple has succeeded in turning a consumer electronics product into a luxury item, with the latest release of the iPhone XS series priced at 12799 yuan, 1.5 times the average monthly wage in Beijing last year. Some people shouted that this year's Apple would not be enough enough to get two pieces of kidney.
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(6 hr ago) The Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong High-Speed Railway is an important part of China's high-speed railway network, with a total length of 141 kilometres, 115 kilometres in the mainland. The Guangzhou-Shenzhen-North Railway and Futian Railway will be opened to traffic at the end of 2011 and the end of 2015, respectively. The Hong Kong Railway is 26 kilometres long. The construction of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong
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(6 hr ago) Bing's official blog recently announced the launch of Bing AMP viewer and Bing AMP cache, enabling Bing's mobile search results to directly support AMP pages, thus providing users with a faster mobile browsing experience.
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(6 hr ago) GitLab 11.3 has been released, and the most noteworthy update is the support for Maven central repository. It also includes support for Code Owners, Protected Environments and epic forecasting. These functions help to automatically control the environment and code, and further improve efficiency for Java developers.
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(7 hr ago) Visit: Alibaba Cloud - 50% discount on the purchase of enterprise-class servers for the first time. Ali is a large customer of hundreds of chips for self-developed chips. There are two main types of chips that Ali wants to develop, one is embedded neural network processor ( NPU), the other is the chip on the end.
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(7 hr ago) Access: Apple's online store (China) hardware configuration battery, iPhone XS Max with 3174mAh battery, is the largest in the history of the iPhone, and supports faster wireless charging than the iPhone X.
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(7 hr ago) According to foreign media reports, virtual images in the user's field of vision are a major factor in making mixed reality (MR) convincing and immersive. Many MR systems use a MEMS mirroring system for laser scanning to form an image, but because the resolution of the image depends on the speed of the emission and laser guidance, this makes the formation of high resolution images extremely difficult.
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(7 hr ago) Apple's latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have entered the market, and various reviews of these two new models are beginning to appear. Although the evaluation of technology products is subjective in nature, many media and evaluators have come to very similar conclusions from the results of the early iPhone XS evaluation.
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(7 hr ago) Since 2005, Alipay has launched the “You dare to pay me to pay” user protection plan, and until now, it is also promised to be stolen. At present, Alipay's loss rate is less than 5 million, and theft is a small probability event. If stolen, you can get full payment.
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(7 hr ago) The Google Project Zero security team publicly disclosed a remote code execution vulnerability affecting the Microsoft Jet database engine on September 20.
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(7 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - Home A Microsoft representative said that the site was purchased to meet the growing demand for online and cloud services, to explore new opportunities to support business operations, and the company will continue to increase in Virginia. Investing, but no more details to share.
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(7 hr ago) Steve Teixeira, general manager of Microsoft's Windows development ecosystem, recently consulted on Twitter for further improvements on Windows 10 system native applications such as Notepad/Calculator.
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(7 hr ago) Apple recently released the 2018 iPhone lineup, the latest iPhone XS series has just entered the market, iPhone XR has not yet opened the booking, but rumors about the iPhone next year have begun to appear.
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(17 hr ago) Now Microsoft is launching the first phase of AMP browsing and rotation service deployment, in Bing's news rotation page, you can see some pages with AMP lightning icons, which means that the page has enabled AMP technology.
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(17 hr ago) Solves the problem of evaluating Windows compatibility status to help ensure compatibility of all Windows-updated applications and devices. Resolved the problem of diagnostic pipes for devices registered in Windows Analytics when the CommercialID registry key "HKLM Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies DataCollection" existed.
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(17 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - Windows Recently, Microsoft announced that the RedStone code, which has been in use for many years, will be replaced by the new 19H1, 19H2, and 20H1, and the October 10 update, which will be officially released next month, will be the last one. The system version of the RedStone code.
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(17 hr ago) Artificial intelligence is significantly accelerating the pace of factory automation, taking over daily work such as customer service or telemarketing. Compared to low-wage workers in developing countries, artificial intelligence is cheaper to do these jobs and will do better over time.
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(1 day ago) A week after Apple's fall launch, the iPhone XS series finally had its day of sale yesterday, with many users "hitting" the new iPhone yesterday, including iFixit.
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(1 day ago) On September 21, the Commerce Department website announced that INVT of the United States launched a 337 investigation into LTE and 3G compatible mobile communication devices. An exclusive survey by a reporter from the Financial Associated Press found that INVT in the United States is actually the Sun Company of Yingweiteng (002334.SZ), a domestic listed company.
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(1 day ago) Apple's most expensive phone, the iPhone Xs, was unveiled Thursday, but unlike its predecessors, this year's new phones are no longer hard to find, and there aren't a lot of fruit powder on the spot. Even if you order online, you can get it in stock in a week or two.
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(1 day ago) In November 2008, Groupon was founded. Ten years later, its imitator group expanded its business boundaries to become a platform giant for pan-life services, listed in Hong Kong. Groupon, the pioneer of the group buying model, has long lost its aura, suffered severe stock price declines and business contractions, and lost its position as a market leader.
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(1 day ago) Tencent Technologies News, according to foreign media reports, Qualcomm's share price has quietly risen 50% in the past few months, and its market value has regained $100 billion. After getting rid of the malicious takeover of Broadcom, the chip giant seems to be starting to burn again.
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(1 day ago) Volkswagen plans to work with HP and GKN to produce a structured, large-scale 3D printing technology as early as next year. The technology allows the powder and binder to be built layer by layer, then sent to sinter, eventually forming the finished part. This method is different from the conventional 3D printing process of laser melting powder.
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(1 day ago) Visit: Huawei Mall On the evening of September 22, Huawei consumer Yu Chengdong and glory president Zhao Ming interacted on Weibo to break the rumor that glory will be independent. Zhao Mingfa Weibo said that the glory mobile phone was established more than four years ago, and it is changing and growing with the acceleration of youth. Whether it is the glory of the "Young People's Science and Technology Tide" positioning, or the consistent Huawei and glory dual brand strategy, it has been fully verified by the market.
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(1 day ago) Recently, Baidu map held a press conference. Before the arrival of the two festivals, the Baidu map based on the artificial intelligence deep polishing is ready to go, ready to cheer for the upcoming Double Golden Week trip.
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