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(1 hr ago) Google is not only the best technology companies in the United States, is also the nation's best employers, as it provides an enviable salaries and benefits for employees. On the job site Glassdoor, Google employees 4.4 Star Rating (full class 5 star), Google CEO Sandahl · Pichardo Iraq (Sundar Pichai) is the highest score of CEO.
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(1 hr ago) WhatsApp co-founder Jane Qom (Jan Koum) in 2014 sold the company Facebook, after this transaction, Qom joined the Facebook board of directors.
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(14 hr ago) Statistics China Internet Network Information Center recently released show that as of June 2016, the total number of Internet users in China reached 710 million, Internet users under the age of 19 accounted for 23% of all Internet users, which is below the age of 10 years more than 20.59 million Internet users. Compared with the end of 2015 data, 10 children under the age group accounted for increased Internet penetration in the low age continue.
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(15 hr ago) August 25, 1991, Finnish computer science student Linus Torvalds (Linus Torvalds) inadvertently friend mentioned his new stuff: "I build a free and open source operating system.
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(15 hr ago) According to South Korea "Electronic Times (ETNews)" reported that Apple has begun to OLED iPhone choosing partners, including raw materials, components and partners, according to estimates from the beginning of May next year will be the official production partner components and raw materials.
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(15 hr ago) The European Commission asked Apple and other large multinational companies pay an overdue story continues. Wei Feng network news, according to the Wall Street TheStreet media reports, after the accusations by the United States Treasury, the European Commission quickly to respond, claiming that they offered to let Apple and other companies in Europe are not overdue tax requirements for US companies.
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(15 hr ago) Google's latest Android 7.0 (code-named Nougat Nougat) official version on the same day on the line. To include Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player and Pixel C, including many Google equipment for the first push.
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(15 hr ago) Samsung today officially announced the National Bank version of Galaxy Note7, in order to meet Samsung Galaxy Note7 also designed a brand new Gear VR device.
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(19 hr ago) In 2014, with start-up companies in Whatsapp posture over a year after the launch, Mark Zuckerberg and his company invested $ 19 billion to buy. At that time, WhatsApp Jan Koum one of the founders of the claims, the acquisition will not affect the privacy of its customers safe, WhatsApp is still the world's most secure means of communication.
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(19 hr ago) MIUI first update 8 has officially push, but has also given millet MIUI MIUI 7 and 8 control the appearance of FIG. From the appearance of the directly given, in addition to the home screen, in fact, MIUI 8 changes is still very rich.
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(19 hr ago) Yesterday, Apple has stopped verification iOS 9.3.3, which means that has been upgraded to iOS 9.3.4 users can not downgrade iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak is achieved through, so iOS 9.3.4 jailbreak it far away from us? Recently named one of China Min Zheng jailbreak developer seems to tell us ...
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(19 hr ago) Galaxy S7 and S7 edge has been released a few months, the recent downward trend in sales. According to foreign media reports Androidcentral August 25, Samsung are working together to Best Buy (Best Buy) Group, launched the powder version of Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.
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(20 hr ago) Yesterday (25) 2016 Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum held in Xi'an Xia Jifeng, Baidu founder Robin Li, chairman and CEO to attend and to "the next act of the Internet" in the title speech.
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(20 hr ago) Unmanned recently occurred in the field a few things: several Tesla accident caused by the autopilot technology, Tesla and Mobileye announced "break up", Intel, BMW and Mobileye cooperation, Delphi and Mobileye cooperation.
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(20 hr ago) Obviously, the Chinese mobile phone market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, millet has been with the low-cost strategy is unlikely to dominate the market. As China's leading smart phone market has been, millet in the second quarter has been "reduced" as the fourth-largest smartphone maker, came in front of them were, Huawei, OPPO and Vivo. The reason behind this is due to not pay attention to the layout of millet offline sales channels.
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(20 hr ago) Recently because of medical advertising and advertising gambling problem and was ordered rectification of Baidu in the absence of any explanation quietly removed the ads and other Bitcoin virtual currency. China is the largest Bitcoin exchange market, more than 90% of Bitcoin transactions in China. Although the central bank believes that bitcoin is not real money, but it also studied the block chain technology issue its own virtual currency.
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(21 hr ago) MBack first contact with this feature time, should be pink, like most charm - charm blue note2 last June when released. You can put it this way, there mBack function a good solution to the problem complicated operation Android phone has been criticized, greatly enhance the user experience, so that users can be like IOS Android system is so "a key unrivaled in the world."
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(21 hr ago) August 26, according to CCTV reported recently in Jinan railway station, a young man lied college students to lose ground to the travelers' purse borrow cash, then pay back the money transfer Alipay. After the visitors a helping hand, found it to be a hoax.
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(21 hr ago) According to a study conducted at Stanford University and Baidu, humanity lost in typing speed voice recognition software. Baidu's chief scientist Andrew Ng said the speech is more natural human communication.
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(21 hr ago) Whether you Google search "Copy China" or "Copy from China", presented the results in front of you are foreigners (mainly Americans) written by Chinese enterprises, especially Chinese Internet companies how to copy the United States, rather than how others imitate China The product.
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(21 hr ago) After several months of continued "reign of terror", Baidu recently finally "quiet" a lot. The thought that Baidu will "cling" a few days of calm, the results did not expect it to come back to a recreation of the "big news":
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(21 hr ago) After more than a year after deliberation, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority ( "HKMA") is issued in yesterday announced the first prepaid payment instruments (SVF) license.
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(23 hr ago) Apple plans to launch iPhone in next year's flagship model for the first time without using the Home button design. According to "Bloomberg" news that the next generation iPhone will incorporate a technology called FeliCa, which is a technique developed in Japan for Sony Mobile "pay per click" (Tapto Pay) standards.
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(23 hr ago) Mozilla security engineer April Knight released a project called Observatory, designed to provide you a similar to SSL Labs, High-Tech Bridge and other scanning services Free website security scanning tools.
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(23 hr ago) Currently, Metro Line 1 Most sites have installed the tickets terminals, Line 2, Line 4 is gradually installation is expected to become fully operational in mid-September. Use the following manner: opening Alipay "urban services", there is a "metro ticket" option to see the Metro Line 1, Line 2, Line 4 all sites.
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(23 hr ago) Researchers at Princeton University on the Hot Chips Symposium, held this week announced a 25-core processor Piton. The chip is designed for data centers and programs designed to run in parallel, with a strong scalability, can be used to build more than 8,000 integrated chips to build more than 200,000 core data center systems.
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(23 hr ago) Microsoft recently announced a new garage project Cache, which is a collection of important information tool, and cross-device synchronization information - including text, images, web pages, documents, reference materials and notes, you can create groups based on project, client, task or idea to organize content.
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(1 day ago) Since the second half of last year OPPO, vivo two brothers, blue and green sales meteoric rise, since the first two quarters, more like an irresistible trend, millet and Lenovo fell far behind, followed by Huawei sales rankings, becoming the domestic mobile phone market second and third.
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(1 day ago) Microsoft for the Xbox One Preview project released a new version --rs1_xbox_rel_1608.160824-1140 today. After the upgrade, France, Germany, Italy and Spain also won the Cortana voice support.
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(1 day ago) Nokia now makes mobile phones for many years, but now it is the king of network communications equipment. Of course, referring to Nokia, more people think or mobile phone, it is a feeling, too many people the first phone from Nokia. The biggest good news is that the recent Nokia has confirmed, will soon re-entered the mobile space, the fastest in the fourth quarter will be released "Nokia" brand of smart phones and tablets, it is expected to be three to four.
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