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(13 day ago) 外媒Intercept给出了一条这样的报道,引得国内用户广泛关注,谷歌计划在国内推出符合中国法律规定的搜索引擎,最终版本会在6个月后上线,事实真是这样吗?
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(13 day ago) Last weekend, China's electrical appliance manufacturer Skyworth asked for a lot of counterfeit Skyworth products, and reserved the right to file a lawsuit against the matter. On July 19th, American diaper maker Daddy’s Choice filed a lawsuit in New York, accusing the company of deliberately allowing the sale of counterfeit Daddy’s Choice products.
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(7 min ago) On August 15, 2018, Y Combinator (hereinafter referred to as YC) announced that China was the first country to do business outside the U.S. market. At the same time, it announced that Luc was the founder and CEO of YC China, with full responsibility for the development of YC business in China, and was the dean of YC Research. He will be fully responsible for YC's business and strategic development in the Chinese market.
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(8 min ago) Nowadays, sweeping payment has become the "standard" posture for our daily shopping, but it still depends on mobile phones. And brush payment means that we can complete all kinds of payments when we forget to bring mobile phones.
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(8 min ago) Its core configuration is 6.2-inch 2246 × 1080 bangs, with a Qualcomm 636 processor, with 6GB memory, two 64/128GB storage, a 16 million 5 million AI dual camera, and an AI background virtualization algorithm with a battery capacity of 3,000 mAh.
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(11 min ago) On May 18, Baidu announced through an internal letter that Luqi, president and chief operating officer of the group, could not continue to work full-time in Beijing due to personal and family reasons and would cease to hold the above-mentioned post from July, but would continue to serve as vice-chairman of the group. Since then there have been rumors about the fate of Lu Qi after his departure, Tencent and BitContinent have been legendary about Lu Qi's fate.
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(40 min ago) The Motorola Z3 features a Qualcomm Cellon 835 processor with 6GB memory 128GB storage, 8 million pixels in front, and a battery capacity of 3,000 mAhs, supporting 15W turbo charging. It is worth mentioning that Motorola has built a battery module for the motorola Z3, with a capacity of 2220mAhh, providing additional warranty for the Z3.
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(41 min ago) The launch of the Rulong series has attracted a lot of fans'attention and love, but do you know that such a successful Rulong series had hit a wall at the beginning of its launch? In an interview with Edge magazine recently, the creator Yue Nai Yong first talked about the past: at the beginning of the series, he showed his games to Microsoft and Nintendo, but the two giants said they were not interested in his work, even Shi Jiamei did not like "Rulong".
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(55 min ago) IP game changers are facing many challenges, especially the classic IP like "Soul Door" and loyal fans are generally entering the society. Their rich experience makes them more demanding on the quality of rival game products. In June 17, the mobile debut of the series, Return, was launched. This innovative work, developed by Tencent Tianmei Studios, has been running steadily for more than a year, with a high DAU and content updates, making it almost a rival in the horizontal shooting category.
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(1 hr ago) KFC Hangzhou the Mixc KPRO restaurant from September 1st last year on line brush payment, this is Alipay brush face payment for the first time commercial pilot. At present, there are 23 KFC stores in 11 cities supporting brushing payment. On July 2, the lotus plus boutique life supermarket in Anhua Hui, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, was selected for the first time to implement face-brushing payment, and then on July 20, the face-brushing payment was extended to all 44 outlets in the southern part of the lotus flower market.
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(1 hr ago) According to foreign media reports, Google has decided to step into the backyard of Amazon and Microsoft and pitch in Seattle, a new technology center. According to a statement made by property developer Paul Allen, Vulcan Inc., its investment and project management company, plans to build a new 12-storey building in the north of the city and around the South Lake Union next year, and search engine giant Google will become a tenant.
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(1 hr ago) However, Tencent has fallen by more than a third since its peak this year after a huge jump from late 2016 to early 2018, bringing its P/E ratio back to 38 times. Some investment bankers have analyzed that Tencent's early gains were huge, and the Hong Kong stock market as a whole fell after the synchronous adjustment; on the other hand, as the most heavily paid sector of Tencent's game is facing growth pressure, since the "King Glory" no one follow.
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(1 hr ago) Intel today revealed a new set of processor vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to steal information stored on computers or third-party cloud devices, foreign media reported on August 15. In January, many researchers discovered the loophole and reported it to Intel, including three different variants.
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(3 hr ago) Although the gap in the volume of the entire communications industry continues to expand, and even the "big horn" volume deviation, but China Mobile announced that it is struggling to survive the most difficult time. 1. During the year, the income from general service was stabilized, and the income from general services accounted for a significant rebound in the whole industry. On August 9, China Mobile announced its financial report for the first half of 2018.
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(3 hr ago) Despite this, the results of American medical students have risen steadily, and they do not know why they have to pay $60,000 in tuition per year. Medical students who learn how to save the dying are skipping classes. They did not attend lectures by famous doctors at Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, etc., but watched the video site YouTube.
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(3 hr ago) If your notebook or tablet is expensive and easy to scratch, use The Spec's internal bag to keep your device new even after years of use. In addition to being able to fit into full-size (13-inch-15.5-inch) notebooks, The Spec computer bag can also be used to load iPads, cables and other electronic accessories into the side pockets.
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(3 hr ago) CAPCOM, a veteran game maker, has had a tough time these two days, with its share price falling and a sudden crisis in the Chinese market. Even worse than it is for Chinese players, who have experienced the agony of "hope in the present but cruelly shattered" and are reluctantly taken to shore by the tide.
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(3 hr ago) Apple's iPhone is still the most expensive smartphone with an average retail price of $724, up 20% from a year earlier, according to Counterpoint Research, a market research firm, which released its ASP ranking for the second quarter of 2008.
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(3 hr ago) August 15 news, according to the media "Changgeng Technology" news, the former vice president of Alibaba Pictures, Ali "three outstanding public relations" Yang Lei has recently been recognized by the company, early retirement. After the time was free, Yang Lei first drove his car to the western part of the country, flying the dream that had been longing for a long time. In this regard, Alibaba confirmed the news to TechWeb, Yang Lei has been approved by organization for early retirement.
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(4 hr ago) Amazon said in a blog post that the Alexa Auto SDK simplifies the integration of Alexa with in-vehicle infotainment systems. Alexa Auto includes source code and libraries in C++ and Java that enable vehicles to handle audio input, establish connections with Alexa, and handle all Alexa interactions.
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(4 hr ago) User research in the game, is quite aimed at the role of guns, even the power of the bullet also needs to be able to hit the target in order to play power. Reasonable and accurate research results are of great value to product R & D and user experience.
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(4 hr ago) Recently, a fantastic horror game has gained popularity on several domestic and overseas video platforms, with more than a million viewings per video, and surprisingly, Baldi's Basic in Education and Learning is just a demo, and its full version is currently in Kickstarter. Platform public funding.
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(4 hr ago) Amazon responded that most of the orders were delivered on time. The company said last year's "extreme weather" resulted in "a small number of orders" were not delivered to customers on time. In the UK, Amazon charges 7.99 a month or 79 a year for the next day's Prime membership service.
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(4 hr ago) Google's new Android 9.0 Pie isn't without its problems. Many users have reported that Android Pi affects the phone's fast-charging capabilities, and even Google's own flagship phone, Pixel XL, has reported similar problems.
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(4 hr ago) LEVEL (300104.SZ) rose sharply in early morning trading and closed its trading. As of noon closing, LEVEL was up 0.22 yuan, or 10.14 percent, at 2.39 yuan, covering more than 480,000 hands. 14, Hengda health (00708.HK) issued a notice to announce the progress of FF91 vehicles.
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(5 hr ago) According to CNBC, Apple is developing a custom health chip to process biological data collected by its supporting devices. "We are looking for sensor ASIC architects to help develop new sensors and ASIC sensors for future Apple products," Apple's Health Sensor Hardware Team announced a job offer on July 10.
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(5 hr ago) Samsung today officially launched the 5G baseband Exynos Modem 5100, using a 10nm process, Samsung said this is the world's first full compliance with the 3GPP standard 5G baseband.
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(6 hr ago) Li Bin: You don't have to be at the end of the year, Wei will be able to make a bet on each product, bet you a Xiaopeng G3, bet on one ES8. The bet of Li Bin and He Xiaopeng is the most critical delivery problem for the entire new car industry. On the other hand, it is also the survival problem that the new car company can continue to go on.
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(6 hr ago) After the disclosure of the Weilai prospectus, many people questioned Wei’s continued loss, “the listing is only for the money”. In fact, it takes a lot of money to build a car. In the past few years, it was almost all invested. Only after it was sold, will it start to have revenue.
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(6 hr ago) Access: Intel's eight-generation Core + Windows 10 China Netcom "upgrade winning combination" Note that the above NUC only includes power, chassis, processor, motherboard, etc., memory and hard disk need to add. The memory supports dual-slot DDR4-2400, maximum 32GB, hard drive optional 2.5-inch SATA/SSD, M.2 2242/2280 SSD and up to 32GB Intel GT.
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