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(13 min ago) The program uses the free flow mode, is working with local operators, the consumption of users use Wikipedia traffic out of the normal traffic billing. With the decline of the flow rates, plus outside Europe and how users do not access to Wikipedia, which are greatly reduced. Therefore, Wikipedia will close the "Wikipedia Zero" program, the official also said that does not rule out the possibility of cooperation with other partners.
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(1 hr ago) According to Japan's Kyodo News reported on February 19th, Olympic sponsors China business enterprises Alibaba group for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, held in the Winter Olympics in Pingchang Korea cut the operation cost of the Olympic publicity initiatives, including the use of cloud technology, IT system to ease traffic congestion. The Alibaba concluded with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) last January to the top sponsor agreement in 2028.
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(2 hr ago) The day before Google's most popular email program Gmail joined the Go family, the new Gmail Go MB Gmail is only 9.51, compared to the normal version of 20MB is reduced by half, but on the function and the original Gmail are basically the same, multi account support, automatic classification, automatic classification of inbox spam and other Gmail features all support.
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(2 hr ago) From Reddit | Editor's Heart of Machine Heart Today, AAAS organized a question and answer session on reddit. Google, Microsoft and Facebook AI Labs answered many of the questions and questions Including quantum computing, privacy, cutting-edge research, pseudo-artificial intelligence.
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(3 hr ago) February 19 news, Tencent QQ today announced the Spring Festival "lucky red envelope" data, 210 million users Spring Festival pumping 1.79 billion QQ lucky red envelopes, a total of 3.4 trillion steps away, equivalent to about 2.24 billion kilometers, the equivalent of Earth to Mars Between the 20 round trips.
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(3 hr ago) React Native, a popular Facebook-developed JS library, and Yoga switched to MIT licensing. MIT licenses are relatively loose open source licenses with few restrictions on use and are GPL compliant.
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(3 hr ago) This is not over, and now QQ statistics out of New Year's Day - the first three days of the lucky QQ big data. Data show that a total of 210 million users involved in lucky red envelopes, pumping a total of 1.79 billion lucky red envelopes, including cash and card coupons. Draw QQ lucky red envelopes users walked a total of 3.4 trillion steps, equivalent to about 2.24 billion kilometers, you can travel to and from the planet Mars 20 times.
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(4 hr ago) If you are a technology investor who has just experienced a market turmoil, you may have noticed a subtle change. Take a look at the list of big winners since the market rally on February 8 and you'll find a list of celebrity companies 10 years ago.
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(5 hr ago) Microsoft released the fifth preview of Visual Studio 15.6, which includes the Preview SDK Build 17095
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(5 hr ago) Microsoft recently announced on its official blog that its free and cross-platform code editor Visual Studio Code is included by default in the Anaconda distribution. Python users can now easily install Visual Studio Code while installing Anaconda to provide a great editing and debugging experience and Microsoft has also tailored its own functionality for Anaconda users.
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(5 hr ago) Combined with the current multi-party news, Apple has indeed cut the iPhone X orders this quarter, which also makes a lot of supply chain manufacturers quite uncomfortable, especially for Samsung. It is reported that, because Apple cut OLED orders, Samsung is now looking for new customers around to sell excess capacity.
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(5 hr ago) Although the main building of Apple's Apple Park has been completed for a long time, afforestation and renovation work has been under intense work, but it is not far away from putting 100% into use. Because Apple has recently changed its corporate contact address to One Apple Park Way, this means that the park has become Apple's "main battlefield."
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(6 hr ago) The company helps trainers record 360-degree video with special cameras and turn them into virtual experiences for training with VR helmets. Derek Belch, CEO of STRIVR, said: "They do snow-mount training without actually going up the snow-capped mountains.
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(6 hr ago) Not talking about "sesame seeds open the door," but in the spring sunshine of blue sky in Sanya, Bihaiyinsha, Ma Yun said that businesses like Alibaba, "must participate in the development of this treasure in Hainan." This morning, Ma Yun, chairman of Alibaba Group Board of Directors in Hainan accepted an interview with Hainan Daily said that "Alibaba are" full of expectations and full of hope.
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(6 hr ago) He won a Google-O'Reilly open source prize in 2006. On a personal blog, Markham said on a personal blog that recent scans show an increase in the rate of tumor growth in his body, a number of new symptoms and a deteriorating health, and he and his family are currently considering radiation therapy.
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(8 hr ago) Unwittingly, the block chain has been strong "kill" the game circle, the block chain virtual pet hit the "first gun".
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(8 hr ago) There are about 44% Snapchat users aged between 18 to 24, while the proportion of Facebook only 20%2 Sept. 19, "the guardian" recently published article said that the United Kingdom and the United States is expected there will be more than 30 million and 25 years old young users leave the Facebook this year, the social network is what will face this problem? In the eyes of young people, there are many reasons.
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(9 hr ago) The third quarter of the total of 8 sets, 50 minutes per episode, themes "instruments" and "the banquet", "kitchen" and "snacks" and "snacks" and "food" and "time", "fusion", the "apparatus" "." "fusion" is the three new theme direction.
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(9 hr ago) Summing up the known news, Asustek's new ZenFone 5 series will include the ZenFone 5 Max5 (Asus S / X00QDU / Zenfone 5 Liteite), as well as a new model that uses the bangs screen but is unknown.
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(10 hr ago) Get 80% stake to ensure NXP support the completion of the acquisition of the company's trading, Qualcomm and its advisers have been working overtime to find the final purchase price reasonable. In order to resist the $121 billion offer offered by the company to the company, Qualcomm wants to buy a bid to buy NJI.
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(10 hr ago) According to the official website, Beijing flicker silver singularity Technology Co., Ltd., founded in April 2014, is the first Internet credit evaluation company in China. The Wecash flicker, which is developed, is a large data credit evaluation platform. Bizarre silver relies on data mining analysis and machine learning technology to achieve rapid and accurate credit evaluation.
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(11 hr ago) Chain get App Note: February 17, 2018 Lunar New Year's Day two, gathered Qtum quantum chain Shuai Chu, distributed capital Shen Bo, Long collar capital Cai Wensheng, real Ge Xu Xiaoping, the famous investors Xue Manzi, Chen Weixing, the Weixin group, such as the capital Yi Lihua and Lily Wang Muyan, conducted a deep discussion and controversy on the blockchain, and the contents of the debate were sorted out and spread out, which triggered a great impact ...
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(11 hr ago) Tencent "front-line" found that as of February 18, iOS games selling list, "eat chicken" games in the TOP10 has occupied three seats. Among them, Tencent February 9 just beta two "eat chicken" hand tour "Jedi survival: stimulation battlefield" and "Jedi survival: the attack of the army," one or two, NetEase's "Wilderness Action" in fifth Bit.
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(12 hr ago) According to a report by Qutee, a research firm dealing with games and technology, most people do not care about the micro-transactions in the game. The report passed more than 10,000 surveys, covering more than 450 topics, nearly 2000 comments, discussing the views of today's game player for the game industry.
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(12 hr ago) Now hackers have released a video demo to exploit this vulnerability, Switch fully loaded to run the Linux GUI desktop, load the KDE Plasma environment, etc., in the video, including multi-touch gestures (zoom), Wi-Fi network loading hardware The drivers seem to run well on the Linux desktop and run a 60-frame OpenGL demo, though Bluetooth and JoyCon support do not say whether it's supported or not.
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(12 hr ago) She is 54 years old. From birth she was trapped in a small three-tier city of millions of people with almost no travel except on business trips and brief trips; at the age of 20 she found a fairly decent job and started at 23 " Improvise "marriage; then, life is so child, husband rolled down.
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(13 hr ago) Spring Festival holidays have been a few days, do not know if you have any good to eat? Friends circle these days is almost food, cute baby videos and sights photos brush screen, people envy envy. I do not know if you noticed that the message from the four friends above was sent out in Russia.
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(13 hr ago) Yesterday, Intel expanded its bug bounty program to catch more problems, such as widespread meltdowns and possible CPU bugs, but the plan is too trivial for some chip users.
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(13 hr ago) According to Reuters, Facebook plans to send its verification postcards to all advertisers sponsoring the U.S. presidential election through USPS. The so-called verification postcards means that advertisers must provide Facebook with a special code to prove that they are in the United States.
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(13 hr ago) The game has been online for nearly 3 months, last night the official announced the "glorious mission" annual big data! Can not think of being out of vehicles on more than 35 million people, accounting for a total of 4.8% of the total number of eliminated. It seems that we are all courier drivers are old ah!
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