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(2 hr ago) Forbes Online recently wrote that in recent years, China's Internet companies out of their own way, leading the world in concept, so the US companies have begun to learn from Chinese products, Facebook Messenger platform launched the "real-time game" function is Micro letter of tribute.
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(2 hr ago) According to CNET reports, October 1, 1958, the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) began its official operation. Since then, the space agency has achieved many milestones, including the Apollo moon landing, the Skylab space station, and the space shuttle. CNET selected the ten most awesome achievements.
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(2 hr ago) In February of this year, Google is responsible for smart watches executives have to the media portrayed wearing a beautiful blueprint for the equipment market. "The user's wrist will be a great place to play out the power of Google to help people in their daily lives," said David Singleton, an executive.
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(2 hr ago) Recently, the Japanese Sony company once again into the assets of the storm. Sony Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SHE"), the price of 9.9 billion yen sold to Shenzhen Oufei optical technology company (002456.SZ, hereinafter referred to as "Ophelia").
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(2 hr ago) "The use of the first day there is no sound of the phenomenon of the handset, and then is a very strong current sound, so that the ear is very uncomfortable." Recently, Qingdao, Ms. Fan to the letter network reflects their new purchase in the Apple official website value 7188 Iphone7 PLUS element in the course of the use of the handset several times the sound similar to the explosion.
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(4 hr ago) How to accurately predict the location of the earthquake? The University of California's Earthquake Laboratory hopes to turn everyone's cell phone into a monitoring point. In February, a seismologist at the University of California at Berkeley released a small app called MyShake.
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(5 hr ago) By the Chinese pharmacologist Tu Yo Yo and her team developed artemisinin drugs is still the world's leading antimalarial drugs, successfully saved the lives of millions of people. December 1, online published in the United States Cell ("cell") magazine, a breakthrough study shows that this drug may also be able to save hundreds of millions of diabetics.
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(5 hr ago) "Artificial intelligence," a term commonly associated with technology companies, is now on the syllabus of some business schools. Some of the world's leading business schools, such as INSEAD, Harvard Business School, Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Business, and MIT Sloan School of Management, have recently added artificial intelligence courses to their MBA programs.
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(9 hr ago) Recently, if you open the new version of 12306 will find the home page revision, an increase of "late", "warm service", "starting time", "about car" four function buttons.
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(20 hr ago) Although the BlackBerry has been with the smart phone manufacturing business say goodbye, but it does not fit loyal fans, so the BlackBerry decided to give fans the last gift: a landmark QWERTY keyboard with a BlackBerry. Last month, CEO Cheng Shou-jung confirmed in an interview with Bloomberg: "I have promised to leave the last physical keyboard to the user BlackBerry, the machine will soon come out."
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(20 hr ago) At least half of the team members will be fired in the near future, and the hardware team is told to stop developing, and no more Solaris, Solaris, Solaris, and Solaris will be removed to prevent the proliferation of plenary sessions, an anonymous source said. The final version of the operating system will be 11.4.
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(1 day ago) The news of the small program has been published for three months, the industry is looking forward to this may affect the industry's ecological pattern of the product will be what, especially now most companies are facing weak growth, increasing user access costs, But the conversion rate of the lack of business gradually reduced.
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(1 day ago) Next week, Microsoft will open the annual "12 Days of Deals" trip. During the event, the mall will offer a wide range of offers and gifts, including Surface, Lumia, Xbox, and virtual reality and wearable devices.
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(1 day ago) Artificial intelligence has been in a variety of scenes have been small but solid progress, such as digital assistant. But for people with disabilities, does not mean that they will be insulated with technology, such as Microsoft Office applications will usher in a new feature - for the blind description of Word (document) and PowerPoint (presentation) images.
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(1 day ago) Google has always wanted to eliminate Flash, and use HTML5 technology instead. With the release of Chrome 55, Flash's death is a step closer. After this update, many sites will enable HTML5 (not Flash) by default.
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(1 day ago) Microsoft has suspended the release of the Windows 10 Insider Preview for testers with Fast / Slow Ring, as the company is gearing up for future updates.
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(1 day ago) The MSCS (Tencent Service Engine) is an open source framework for developing and operating distributed back-end services on a cluster of inexpensive machines.
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(1 day ago) December 3, due to Shanxi Province, Changzhi Medical College Hospital, a subsidiary of peace in the consultation of female doctors in the course of a sudden man stabbed by a medical wounded incident, clove Park and Baidu conflict and escalating conflict.
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(1 day ago) Alibaba has always been a social knot, early Ali Want, Yahoo relationship, and later launched contacts, nail, in addition to Ali has also invested heavily in Sina microblogging and the main "stranger dating" of the street. During this period Alipay also frequently force, from Alipay red envelope to the living area, and then to last year's Spring Festival "professional blessing", including the launch of the "campus diary" and some time ago "ant forest" ...
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(1 day ago) Domestic scientists have found a way to eliminate any virus, the news shocked the world, which in the end is what? The South China Morning Post reported that the latest issue of Science published a paper describing an experiment conducted by a research team at Peking University, which was praised as a "revolution" in the field of vaccines.
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(1 day ago) Yoky Matsuoka, a robotics expert who has just joined Apple in May this year, has left the company's health program. After joining Apple, Yoky Matsuoka led the team including HealthKit tracking software, medical care platform CareKit, specifically for medical researchers to build the software infrastructure ResearchKit, and related machine learning algorithms.
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(1 day ago) DigitalGlobe's new high-resolution earth-imaging products and service providers have returned the first images of the Earth, and Google users can see a clearer world through Google Maps.
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(1 day ago) Apple has recently upgraded the app store to add a feature that allows users to shop directly from Apple Watch. App Store upgrade version number is 4.1, the user can use other iOS devices to log on Apple's website to find the goods, and then directly on the Apple Watch to complete the payment. Purchase of goods is limited to a variety of accessories such as mobile phone casing and headphones.
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(1 day ago) Microsoft is working to make Windows 10 users to use the Edge browser, but all of these efforts seem to have not paid off. According to NetMarketShare 11 months of statistics, Microsoft Edge browser market share is far behind all competitors, worse, compared to October, Microsoft Edge browser market share is even falling.
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(1 day ago) Things also from the microblogging talking about a microblogging users broke the news of female students suffered a naked loan threat, naked information was peddled. At that time, "naked loan" and other words are not familiar with, but it involves a well-known lending platform - borrowing treasure.
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(1 day ago) Recently, a secondary school in Guizhou, "students need to bring the toilet toilets card," the wonderful new rules caused users hot, @ Duyun broke the news that the most popular, the brand a class, public use, not lending, students need to be allocated during school With the brand, or can not go to the toilet.
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(1 day ago) Yesterday, CCTV Finance "China Financial Report" in the program "looking for intelligent pioneer" talked about the smart manufacturing, independent core manufacturing / industrial power topic, a case triggered the media attention.
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(1 day ago) In March this year, Li Shi-shi, Google AlphaGo Go man-machine war triggered global attention in the Baidu 2016 search ranking in the "top ten science and technology event" third, the degree of concern can be seen.
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(1 day ago) Recently, an article entitled "human will no longer need glasses! Canada Black & 8 minutes permanently restore eyesight! 2017 listing!" article maxed out the Internet. Simply summarize this rather suction eye: a text named Garth Webb Canada optometrist invented the bionic crystal for treating myopia, just need to it put into the eyes, you can destroy the myopia in the world ", eliminate glasses".
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(1 day ago) From yesterday morning, Wang Jianlin's itinerary and Wang Xiaochuan of the valley of commitment book in the circle of friends scraper. But had to sigh: the same is a business big brother, a four-point morning to climb up the world map to fly, the time gap is no gap; and the other is also leisurely in the provision of updating, and a provision is a week ... ... Sure enough People than popular dead.
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