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(10 min ago) Access: the entire registration process for the Apple online Store (China) is also very simple. If you are currently using Apple News, you just need to make sure the system and application are running the latest version. IOS 12.2 or above is required on iPhone and iPad for use.
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(41 min ago) The ongoing study in Germany will require a total of 24 participants to stay in bed for two months. Volunteers will lie in a slightly tilted position so that their legs are slightly higher than their heads, reducing blood flow to their limbs. When astronauts spend a long time in space, their muscles pay a huge price.
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(1 hr ago) Tencent Technologies News, according to foreign media reports, like tens of millions of people around the world, Fortnite games keep Reed Hastings, the owner of Netflix, a video streaming service, up all night.
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(1 hr ago) Editor's note: Amazon has hired more than 150 PhDs in economics in recent years, probably the largest employer in the private sector, after institutions like the Federal Reserve with hundreds of economists. Amazon's intention is to use the expertise of economists to improve the efficiency and profitability of the company, so as to further enhance the core competitiveness of the company.
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(1 hr ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) 1. What is Apple Card Apple Card? Apple Card is a credit card service launched by Apple. It can be used only on the iPhone, but also can handle physical cards as traditional credit cards to support Apple Pay.
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(1 hr ago) Professor Xie Hui, National Key Laboratory of Robotics Technology and Systems, Harbin University of Technology, released a news on May 25 that a magnetic micro-swimming robot has been developed for cancer diagnosis and treatment. The results are expected to provide an effective solution for high-efficiency targeted drug delivery and early diagnosis in vivo imaging in cancer treatment.
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(1 hr ago) In the live broadcast, this passage of "lights out time" is the longest, it seems that the scene is moving more laborious. As one of Apple TV's many content partners, Sesame Street really brings us a surprise.
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(1 hr ago) Software Engineer Kevin M. Gill processed data and space images for NASA, providing a color-enhanced pebble image that really helped the greyer stones stand out. The original images of Curiosity on March 23 and 24 show the rocks from different perspectives.
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(1 hr ago) The warning from the world's largest chipmaker highlights that memory chip prices will fall sharply below expectations as the smartphone market stagnates. The global economic slowdown and trade situation have exacerbated this situation, affecting the semiconductor market demand, which has always been Samsung's big profit.
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(1 hr ago) Tencent's major shareholder, Naspers, a South African company, plans to spin off part of its Internet business and list it on the Pan-European Exchange in Amsterdam. The largest South African company said Monday that it would create Europe's largest listed Internet group.
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(1 hr ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) launched five service platforms in two hours, including news, credit cards, games, TV and original content streaming media. Almost every product has enough attraction to make people eager to try; almost every service has entered a new market area, bringing new competitive impact.
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(1 hr ago) "We need to remain open, resolve our differences and contribute to our hopes and dreams," Apple online Store China said at an on-demand, on-demand (pictured via:Apple Insider) Oprah conference.
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(1 hr ago) This requires collecting data through Google Analytics and making it more useful to publishers, especially when it comes to understanding different segments of the audience and whether they are likely to become paid subscribers. "It's turning raw data into business intelligence and operational insights," says Amy Adams Harding, head of Google Analytics and Revenue Optimization and Publisher Development.
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(2 hr ago) Boeing has developed a space launch system, a very powerful rocket that will help NASA achieve its future space ambitions. Boeing plans to complete SLS research and development by 2020, but the project has been delayed many times, posing a threat to NASA's lunar mission next year.
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(2 hr ago) NASA says the problem is related to the types of space suits currently available on the International Space Station. After a successful spacewalk with Hague on Friday, McClain realized that she was best suited to wear a medium-sized fiberglass upper shell. However, only one of these medium-sized spacesuit components can be used for the upcoming space walk.
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(3 hr ago) Visit: Before the launch of Apple's online store (China), Apple fell 0.8%, and US stocks fell 1.8% at the beginning of the session. Roku, a video streaming platform that competes with Apple's latest streaming services, hit a high of 6%, while Naifei rose 0.53%.
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(3 hr ago) Visit: Apple's online store (China) Apple Arcade is put in front of us. In the fall of 2019, Apple Arcade will be launched in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, and will enter the App Store as a new tab page, in iOS, Both macOS and tvOS are available.
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(3 hr ago) On March 25th, FF and the ninth city jointly announced that they will jointly establish a joint venture company and reach an agreement in production, manufacturing, operation and sales to join the Chinese luxury intelligent Internet electric vehicle market. The primary goal of the joint venture company is to exclusively produce and sell the new brand V9 of the Internet Smart Luxury Electric Vehicle under Faraday Future in China.
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(3 hr ago) The power of graphic reading: Apple News+ had high hopes for Apple News before today's press conference, and it has already ranked first in its class. Apple News+, an updated and enhanced version of Apple News, adds magazines, newspapers, and numerous digital publications, including time magazines, fashion magazines, entertainment magazines, and geosciences, to bring you more than 300. Magazine/newspaper...
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(7 hr ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) Just pick up the iPhone to sign up, get a virtual card in one minute, the initial partner can choose Goldman Sachs and MasterCard (global), and then start to experience the data with the smartphone Integration capabilities, Apple Card can easily check the balance, quota and details, unlike the traditional credit card bills, all of which are graphical, you can see the business information in graphic form, and even locate on Apple Maps The place of consumption.
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(7 hr ago) This article was first published in the Hangtong Society, and the original article was not authorized to be reproduced. Hangtong News WeChat: lifeissohappy Weibo: @航通社航通社 author Book Air was sent to Beijing on March 26 at the end of last year, Microsoft announced that it will abandon its own EdgeHTML kernel and convert Windows 10's built-in default browser Edge into The same Chromium kernel is used with Google Chrome.
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(7 hr ago) Visit: Apple's online store (China) experience, Apple TV has also made many improvements. For example, when watching a movie, you can skip the title directly and go straight to the feature. Users don't have to jump around in various apps when switching programs, because Apple TV itself has a large number of content providers.
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(7 hr ago) At the recent launch, Apple announced that the new Apple TV app will be rolled out to third-party smart TVs and streaming devices this spring, opening up new Apple TV experiences to new users by expanding the range of devices available.
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(7 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - Home "Someone is using an online platform to show the darkest side of humanity" "Ultimately, we need to develop a principle-wide, comprehensive and effective approach to industry-wide approaches." Microsoft President Brad Smith said in a blog post on Sunday that "the best way to pursue this goal is based on the existing approach and introduce new concrete steps.
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(8 hr ago) Appearing after Apple New+ is the Apple Credit Card Service Apple Card. Apple Card can be seen as Apple's positive move in the payment field after Apple Pay. At the press conference, Apple announced that Apple Pay's 2019 transaction volume is expected to reach $10 billion.
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(10 hr ago) Before ITC issued a new ruling, Apple said "If there is no Intel baseband iPhone sales that support 4G networks, then Intel will lose its competitiveness in the 5G era." Apple stressed that "Intel only dares to compete with Qualcomm in the baseband field. American business."
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(11 hr ago) Google project manager Katja Minitsenka said that Devon Island is a barren land in the Canadian Arctic, with a polar climate and a sinister terrain, the largest uninhabited island on the planet. However, the factors that make the island uninhabitable are also indispensable for the scientists and researchers working there. It is the closest to Mars on the planet's climate and landscape. Now anyone can visit Mars on Earth in the streetscape. .
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(11 hr ago) The court rule issued by the Eastern District Court of California on March 22 showed that Doyle Rivers, a former Intel R&D manager, was asked not to own, use or disclose any confidentiality related to 3D Xpoint/Optane products, including his personal work.
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(11 hr ago) The following is the full text of Cheng Wei Weibo: The fact that Master Chen was killed has made me extremely angry. I have already appointed Liu Qing to represent me and all my colleagues in the company. I will visit Master Chen’s family in Changde and hope to do my best to help. Thanks to the police for the fairness of Master Chen and his family, we will continue to work hard to protect the safety of life and property of drivers and passengers.
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(11 hr ago) Active change - you can understand this strategic change of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. When the old strategic thinker Ma Yun gave Alibaba a tone, he also painted a circle for Aliyun.
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