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(52 min ago) Today, the two major mobile payment applications, WeChat and Alipay once again "fight apart". In the morning, Wechat announced that during the period from January 21 to February 21, personal Wechat could experience the red envelope on the customized cover. In the afternoon, Alipay officially announced the long-awaited 2019 Spring Festival.
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(52 min ago) On January 21, IDC, a market research institute, recently released market share data for China's public cloud companies in the first half of 2018. According to the report, Aliyun ranks first in China's market share, equivalent to two to nine combined. IDC data show that Aliyun public cloud market share reached 43%, ranking first in the Chinese market, and largely abandoned domestic competitors.
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(53 min ago) Roskomnadzor said: "Facebook and Twitter gave formal replies to our request to store personal information of Russian users on local servers. However, they did not specify the actual implementation status or when the request would be implemented.
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(1 hr ago) Baidu Cloud's edge computing capability is gaining more and more international attention. Recently, on the open source community GitHub, Baidu Cloud Intelligent Edge's star number surpassed Microsoft's for the first time.
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(2 hr ago) From the time zone conversion, it can be seen that this corresponds to Barcelona's local time of 2:00 a.m., which is obviously unreasonable, or the explosion is wrong, or LG's choice of strategy is the way that South Korea and Europe are not synchronized. Compared with last year's G7 ThinQ released in May and launched in June, this year's group of 555 mobile phones apparently accelerated the pace.
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(3 hr ago) Visit: Huawei Mate 20 series carries the "revolutionary matrix photography system" to continue the advantages of the big bottom, especially Mate 20 Pro reaches 1/1.7 inch. There are also Leica three-lens system, which are 40 million pixels wide-angle lens (equivalent focal length 27 mm/aperture F1.8), 20 million pixels ultra wide-angle lens (16 mm/F2.2), 8 million pixels triple-light zoom lens (80 mm/F2.4).
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(3 hr ago) Visit: Huawei Mall 1, Joseph Waring of Mobile World Live: How did your experience in the army affect your management style in Huawei? Now Huawei is facing more censorship around the world. To what extent do these links between Huawei and the military affect Huawei's future? Ren Zong:
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(3 hr ago) According to Huang Zhang's information, Meizu Note 9 has a 48-megapixel rear camera, which will be the first 48-megapixel mobile phone of Meizu. Huang Zhang's previous interaction with Meizhou revealed that Sony IMX586 was not so fast, so the Meizhou Note 9 may be equipped with 48 million Samsung GM1.
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(3 hr ago) Many flagship aircraft use 12 MP, which is much better than 13 MP, he said. The commonly used 12MP is 1.25um/1.4um/1.55um, while the commonly used 13MP is 1.12um. Patterned text shows that 1/2 inch light-sensitive components, the bottom of the first level of crushing people.
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(3 hr ago) Although the RAZR name did not appear in Motorola Mobile's registration, the design has striking similarities with its iconic RAZR V3 phone, especially the thick jaw at the bottom of the device. The biggest change is that inside the phone, the old combination of screen and button has been replaced by a long folding screen, which matches the details of the screen reported previously.
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(3 hr ago) According to an article posted by Le Video Network, Holgos Le Video New Generation Cultural Media Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, has received a "Reimbursement Notice" issued by Beijing Liberal Arts Lease for a total amount of 97.949 million yuan. Up to now, Le Video New Generation has not paid the aforementioned amount due.
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(4 hr ago) "China's Snapchat (which is what "multi-flash" looks like) is an old topic - short video instant messaging, and has long been considered a potential "post-00 social" product in China. Snapchat is also one of the few. China's failed C-side unicorn product (has landed on NASDAQ in 2017).
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(4 hr ago) (Doodle inventory video) Celebrate the festive season, Doodle and us "嗨"! It’s a holiday, a holiday! Baidu Doodle is also a child who loves to join in the fun, traditional festival, wearing a new dress and wearing a new hat, to add to the festival.
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(4 hr ago) The hard disk is equipped with a 1TB HDD, but it has its own NVMe M.2-2280 slot to expand the SSD. i3-8121U may be seen less, it is Intel's first 10nm process processor, Cannon Lake architecture, dual-core four-thread, TDP15W, 4MB LLC cache, base frequency 2.2GHz, core frequency 3.2GHz.
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(4 hr ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) This attack bypasses the PAC system on the iPhone XS Max, but the same thing can be done on XS and XR. After breaking the PAC system, security researchers can more easily develop jailbreak tools for iOS 12.1.2, but this will not happen very quickly.
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(5 hr ago) Tencent Technologies News, according to foreign media reports, for a long time in the past, Amazon has been making every effort to rebuild the consumer goods market in its own way, from providing consumers with more product choices to slashing prices, to sharply shortening delivery time.
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(5 hr ago) With Augmented Reality, the annotated world can exist. Users and companies can add virtual information to objects and places in the real world, and other AR users can benefit from knowledge and experience. According to foreign media reports, Microsoft recently announced a new patent related to Holo Lens, which can let other drivers know how bad their driving skills are.
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(5 hr ago) Interview: The problem is Huawei Mall. If foreign countries really block technology, domestic companies will not survive? One of the hot topics on the Internet is Huawei's Kirin processor, which uses the instruction set of ARM. If it is disabled, what will Huawei's ARM processor do? This is unlikely to happen, but Huawei has been granted a permanent license to design an ARM processor on its own.
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(5 hr ago) IT Home News Jan. 21 Microsoft was once considered the biggest enemy of open source. Now that times have changed, Microsoft has shown itself embracing open source by acquiring GitHub. A new message suggests that Microsoft may be more open source community friendly than it can imagine.
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(5 hr ago) Interview: Apple Online Store (China), however, today, the Chaoxue team said that ESIM numbering involves a lot of security-sensitive information. Without a good solution to security, it is impossible to land on the public service. Our laboratory just verified the feasibility.
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(5 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - Home page at present, Microsoft official did not announce the official opening time of the store, but quoted foreign media MSPU to report that the interior decoration of the store will end in April this year, which means that it is very likely to open sometime this year.
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(8 hr ago) In fact, on CES 2019, AMD brought a number of blockbuster products, including the world's first 7-nm game graphics card Radeon VII (Radeon 7), performance-to-standard RTX 2080, released on February 7.
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(8 hr ago) Recently, microblog digital blogger @Hackl0us published a long article questioning Tencent's self-developed new generation of competitive shooting netizens, "Infinite Rules" (ROE) to collect shadowsocks service configuration information, which may involve server IP address, user name, password, port and other privacy information.
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(8 hr ago) Today, Tencent Public Relations Director Zhang Jun said in a microblog photo, "The new version of Weixin Red Pack for the Spring Festival can be customized by enterprises, which is a goose factory". It is understood that enterprise Wechat administrators can customize the Wechat red envelope cover in the background of enterprise Wechat management from January 10, and click "to customize".
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(8 hr ago) If a fish drinks water, he knows how cold and warm he is. As for the change of economic situation, there are a group of people with the label of Tencent who are more agile than Tencent's own "steering wheel". They are Tencent employees who are engaged in the wave of entrepreneurship. Unlike Alibaba employees, who are called "disciples of Ma Yun", Tencent employees often call themselves "old penguins" and each other "alumni".
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(8 hr ago) In November 1, 2018, Baidu CEO Robin Li announced at the Baidu world conference that it would donate 500 fundus screening machines to China's poverty-stricken counties and plan to cover 56 million people with eye disease risk.
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(8 hr ago) At the meeting, some journalists asked: China's economic changes have worries, which aspects of these worries come from? How many are trade frictions with the United States? Foxconn laid off workers on a large scale before the Spring Festival. Can the 4.9% unemployment rate accurately describe the unemployment situation in China? Ningjizhao responded that since the second quarter of last year, Sino-US economic and trade frictions have begun to emerge.
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(8 hr ago) Today (January 21) to March 1, the Spring Festival Games officially opened in 2019. Recently, the Guangzhou Shenzhen inter city railway announced: today, passengers do not have to buy tickets in advance, open the Alipay applet on the phone, you can directly brush yards into the station, forget your ID card does not matter. This also means that a mobile phone can take the train as convenient as sweeping yards and taking the bus and subway.
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(9 hr ago) Recently, a video about the European mobile phone brand has caught fire on YouTube. The video is a program called "Story Behind the Back" launched by a foreign self-Media company, which summarizes how the European mobile phone brand plays today.
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(9 hr ago) Gamelook reported that in early January 2019, the Korean game market was hit by earthquakes recently by Chinese manufacturers. Kim Jong-soo, founder of the three local giants, announced that he would sell 98.64% of NXC, which is owned by his wife, while NXC, the parent company of Nexon, owns 47.98% of Nexon.
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