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(18 hr ago) When Diane Greenejoined Google in 2015, her first task was to assemble the company's fragmented cloud computing program and build it into a real business.
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(1 day ago) In an interview with foreign media CNET recently, Google’s security director stated that Android is now as secure as all competitors’ operating systems, including iOS. David Kleidermacher is Director of Security at Google’s Android, Play Store, and Chrome OS divisions. He was at Mountain View, a California search giant, in May 2017. He said:
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(1 day ago) SambaNova co-founders Kunle Olukotun (left) and Rodrigo Liang (right) On March 16, according to foreign media reports, the venture capital division of Google’s parent company Alphabet has just completed a US$56 million investment in a start-up named SambaNova.
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(2 day ago) Google is adding some important accessibility information to the map to let users know if they can get a wheelchair navigation route. The company stated that the extra data is useful not only for wheelchair users, but also for anyone with mobility issues, including parents pushing baby carriages. Starting from London, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston and Sydney, wheelchair accessible routes are increasing, and as Google cooperates with transportation companies to gather the necessary information, there will be more routes.
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(2 day ago) Google today released the Android Security 2017 annual review report, which is the company's fourth attempt to publicize the various security aspects of Android and its flaws. One of the most interesting learnings in the report was the detection of 60.3% of potentially harmful applications (PHAs) through machine learning.
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(2 day ago) It wasn't long before he became London, then the most prestigious American banker in the world's financial capital, and helped build an international reputation for the United States. The business empire built by him included J.P. Morgan and Cohn, now known as J.P. Morgan and.
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(2 day ago) Who is more secure on iOS and Android? I believe that even Android users will vote for their own vote, but the current Android security chief does not think so, he claimed that Google's operating system security is no worse than iOS, only better!
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(2 day ago) Google Lens went live last May and is considered the future of search. Different from the traditional search method for inputting keywords, users only need to pick up the camera, and Google can automatically search for content related to the camera object. For example, aiming the lens at the cover of the book, the user can then know where to buy the book in the vicinity, as well as publishers, user reviews, and the like about the book.
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(2 day ago) In the official blog post released on Thursday, Google once again emphasized the importance of terminal security for businesses. Because of this, Chrome Enterprise was released with AirWatch in August of last year and became an important partner for enterprise mobility management (EMM).
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(3 day ago) The detection was done through a service called Google Play Protect, which is enabled on more than 2 billion devices (running Android 4.3 and later) to continuously scan Android apps for malicious activity.
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(3 day ago) Google has opened the API Google Maps APIs Gaming interface for game developers, which is convenient for global game developers to create more AR/MR games based on real location AR/MR.
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(3 day ago) Image courtesy of windowsarea The company does not explicitly use the Microsoft productivity suite. Tom Enders, CEO of Airbus, said: “We expect to complete the migration of 130,000 employees for a maximum of 18 months, but our team has already worked out a sound plan for proper migration.
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(3 day ago) The founder of Google, Alphabet CEO Larry Page, has officially unveiled an ambitious project he has invested in, a driverless flying electric taxi called Cora.
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(3 day ago) French finance minister Bruno Le Maire said on Wednesday that France will take Google and apple to court, because they unilaterally stipulate the contract terms when signing contracts with French start-ups and developers, and there is abusive trade practices.
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(5 day ago) In 14 years, Google acquired Nest, the largest acquisition of an energy technology company. Nest introduced a thermostat (lowly thermostat) and made it desirable and exciting. This is the first smart home product that lets utility companies think "customers may really care about these things."
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(5 day ago) The latest rankings show that Apple slipped from fifth last year to twenty-ninth, while Google fell from eighth to 28 last year. It is worth mentioning that Apple had been in the second position in 2016. Harris Poll CEO John Gerzema said that apple and Google ranking may be the reasons for the decline is that they are not able to launch enough eye-catching products like in the past year, such as Google Google maps and Google docs etc....
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(5 day ago) If you can train AI to predict the NCAA Crazy March Basketball Championship, you will have a chance to get a high bonus from Google! In a blog post published on Monday, a Google development proponent with the same name of Chairman Eric Schmidt of Alphabet wrote:
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(5 day ago) The Google Art & Culture project allows online exploration of more than 850 museums, archives, and works of art, artifacts, and more from organizations around the world that collaborate with the Google Cultural Institute. Google introduced two cool and cool art and cultural applications/experiences, Art Palette and Life TAGS.
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(6 day ago) In the smart watch market, Google modified the Android code and launched the watch operating system "Android Wear". Compared with the apple watch, the system has a weak influence. According to the latest news from foreign media, Google may be renamed the operating system, the new name "Wear OS".
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(6 day ago) Artificial intelligence has quickly become an integral part of the development strategy of various scientific and technological companies. Because of this, many big companies are starting to buy AI start-ups. The number of AI start-ups for mergers and acquisitions has grown four times, from 22 in 2013 to 115 in 2017. Among them, Google and Apple bought the most AI start-ups.
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(7 day ago) In order to make Google Assistant more practical, the company finally opened up custom command permissions to third-party products. As a result, a large number of manufacturers can easily invoke Google Voice Assistant in their smart products and use additional commands to bring a more powerful experience.
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(8 day ago) The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) confirmed on Friday that it is investigating the unauthorized launch of four satellites by satellite maker Swarm Technologies in January this year.
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(8 day ago) In the era of mobile Internet, Google and Facebook launched the AMP and “press quick reading” service, and provided the news webpage to the mobile phone at the fastest speed, gaining praise from consumers.
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(8 day ago) In this year, held in Losangeles at the annual meeting of the American Physical Society, Google put a big move, released the world's first 72 qubit quantum computer general Bristlecon, 1% low error rate, flat deals with Google before the 9 qubit universal quantum computer. The processor not only helps scientists to explore quantum simulation, but also can be used in quantum optimization and quantum machine learning.
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(8 day ago) Beijing time on March 10th morning news, on Friday, Google's parent company Alphabet's automatic driving company Waymo announced that it will in the city of Atlanta, Georgia launched an unmanned project, a plurality of data center is the company's driverless trucks will deliver the goods to Google.
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(8 day ago) Google's high-air ball project Project Loon guided its balloon formation to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria last year to provide basic Internet services to more than 200,000 residents. How can it navigate to a specific place? IEEE Spectrum published an article discussing how its navigation system works.
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(9 day ago) Based on existing web technologies, the project only uses a subset of HTML, making AMP HTML documents (also known as web pages) run quickly in all modern browsers. In Google’s accelerated mobile page project announcement, the team revealed plans for the future launch of these web standards.
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(9 day ago) Each balloon has a solar powered pump that moves up and down by releasing or adding gas. In the pump's help, the balloon can enter or leave the intermittent wind in the stratosphere. To create a navigation system, the Project Loon team to understand the movement of stratospheric wind.
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(9 day ago) For more than two years, Google decided to step out a major step on the AMP project. Why does Google launch AMP? As mentioned above, AMP is an open source project; its code is stored on the famous programmer community Github, which can be downloaded at will.
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(9 day ago) English text: Why I Quit Google to Work for Myself For the past four years, I worked as a software development engineer at Google. On February 1st, I resigned. Because they refused to buy me a Christmas gift.
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