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(1 hr ago) This requires collecting data through Google Analytics and making it more useful to publishers, especially when it comes to understanding different segments of the audience and whether they are likely to become paid subscribers. "It's turning raw data into business intelligence and operational insights," says Amy Adams Harding, head of Google Analytics and Revenue Optimization and Publisher Development.
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(11 hr ago) Google project manager Katja Minitsenka said that Devon Island is a barren land in the Canadian Arctic, with a polar climate and a sinister terrain, the largest uninhabited island on the planet. However, the factors that make the island uninhabitable are also indispensable for the scientists and researchers working there. It is the closest to Mars on the planet's climate and landscape. Now anyone can visit Mars on Earth in the streetscape. .
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(19 hr ago) Foreign media SlashGear pointed out that this feature is still in its early stages, so even people in the same position may not be able to experience it. Android Police guessed that the service was related to the user's Local Guide level.
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(22 hr ago) Last week, Google released a game-oriented platform for players, Google Stadia, at the Game Developers Conference, which provides the best 4K, HDR and 60FPS gaming experience for users of all kinds of devices over the network. Before we heard that Google Stadia uses graphics chips from AMD, what about other hardware configurations?
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(1 day ago) Lei Feng network AI technology commentary: Everyone knows that Google brain is Google's scientific research department, led by legendary Jeff Dean (his miracle is widely circulated on the Internet), Google brain in quantum computing, artificial intelligence, computer theory and Algorithms, computational graphics, computer hardware, etc. have made a lot of academic achievements, and they also actively try the application of AI technology, such as detecting natural disasters, using AI to assist traditional scientific research, etc. (visible Google research results 2018 Year-end summary)...
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(1 day ago) Albert Vaca Cintora, maintainer of KDE Connect, complained that he couldn't reach Google's real person and said he contacted them before Google's policy took effect but did not respond and explain.
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(1 day ago) Google has opened a Kubernetes native CI/CD framework, Tekton. Tekton is a powerful and flexible native Kubernetes framework for creating CI/CD systems. By abstracting the underlying implementation details, developers are allowed to build, test and deploy across cloud environments or local systems.
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(2 day ago) Features include: Workpiece Management: Storage, Management and Protection of Workpieces, while Tetkon Pipeline can work well with other third-party tools. Deployment pipelines: Deployment pipelines are designed to support complex workflows, including deployment across multiple environments, Canary deployment and blue/green deployment.
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(2 day ago) Any change in the two companies could have a huge impact on Pinterest's own business. The financial document shows that in the first quarter of 2018, the keyword landing page of Pinterest was deleted from Google search results.
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(2 day ago) Google Chromium exposes a vulnerability that can read personal data from Android users. The vulnerability was discovered by Positive Technologies researcher Sergey Toshin in December last year. After reporting it to Google in January this year, Google has provided patches for users of the Android version of Chrome.
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(2 day ago) A separate extension menu function is currently being tested in the Canary channel, and users of this version can experience this feature in advance by enabling the "Extensions Toolbar menu" flag in the parameter settings. Google pointed out that there may be some changes in the design before completing this feature.
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(3 day ago) Nowadays, Twitter PWA no longer uses Bing translation service to translate tweets. It now uses Google translation service. No matter which platform you use Twitter on, you will notice this change. The only exception is, which still displays the Microsoft logo when you click on "translate tweet".
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(3 day ago) Holi filters are currently only applicable to videos already recorded by users, so they can not be used in real-time chat. However, users can share their videos with friends of Google Duo after they have finished making them. Indian Colour Festival is one of the three major festivals in India. It is held on the full moon day around March every year.
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(4 day ago) According to foreign media Kotaku, Phil Harrison, head of Google Stadia, confirmed that Stadia streams 1080P and 60 frames of games on Google Cloud Platform and recommended 25MB/s network speed.
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(5 day ago) In an unsigned opinion, the US Justice dismissed the San Francisco Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and asked him to re-examine whether the plaintiff had sufficient legal basis to file a lawsuit and whether they were actually harmed by Google. In the case, Google was charged with violating the 1986 Privacy Act on Electronic Communications.
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(5 day ago) On March 20th, US technology giant Google was sentenced to a fine of 1.49 billion euros ($1.69 billion) by the EU antitrust agency for stifling industry competition in the field of online advertising.
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(5 day ago) She also promised to investigate Spotify's complaint against Apple's App Store and said she was "interested" about Facebook's possible anti-competitive behavior. In this round of investigations, there are also some new law enforcement agencies involved. The EU countries' privacy regulators also have the right to impose a 4% annual fine on the relevant companies when they violate the new EU data regulations.
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(5 day ago) Google's secretly developed Fuchsia operating system for three years seems to be built specifically for mobile and desktop devices, with a real-time kernel and a unique interface. Earlier, we already know that Fuchsia will welcome support for languages ​​such as Google Dart and Apple Swift.
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(5 day ago) Node.js is called "server-side JavaScript", a development environment that lets JavaScript run on the server side, essentially encapsulating the Chrome V8 engine. Well-known application development framework Electron is based on Node.js, which allows developers to build applications directly using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
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(5 day ago) The user can enter a short single-line melody with only two measures of length and change the music's keys and their rhythm. You can also download synthesized MIDI files or share them with your friends. The graffiti also includes some hidden surprises, such as clicking the mini amp on the right side of the keyboard to upgrade the instrument to a synthesizer of the 80s.
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(5 day ago) In November 2010, Google reached a settlement agreement with the plaintiff in the lawsuit, providing approximately $8.5 million in funding to Internet privacy and policy organizations. In 2013, the lower court approved the settlement. But then, the settlement agreement was opposed by some people and went to the Supreme Court.
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(5 day ago) The European Commission, the European Union's anti-monopoly body, today decided to impose an anti-monopoly fine of 1.49 billion euros ($1.69 billion) on Google's AdSense advertising service, citing unfair advertising contracts. In a statement, the European Commission said: "Google has abused its market dominance by imposing restrictive provisions on contracts with third-party websites to prevent its competitors from placing search advertisements on these websites.
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(5 day ago) On Wednesday, the European Union's antitrust regulator imposed a fine of 1.49 billion euros ($1.69 billion) on Alphabet subsidiary Google for blocking competitors'online search ads through unfair advertising contracts. After the European Union's fine decision, Google pledged to make further changes.
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(5 day ago) As early as 2016, the European Commission accused Google of blocking third parties using its AdSense service from displaying search ads from its competitors. This is the third antitrust lawsuit Google faces in the European Union. In June 2017, the European Commission ruled in the Google Shopping antitrust case that it had decided to impose a fine of 2.42 billion euros ($2.7 billion) on Google because of its preference for its own service in search results.
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(5 day ago) Netease Technologies News March 20, according to foreign media reports, Google executives said Tuesday that Google will encourage Android users to choose their favorite browsers and search engines. Google is seeking to address EU antitrust concerns and avoid new sanctions.
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(5 day ago) A person familiar with the matter told Reuters last week that Westag is expected to announce a third penalty for Alphabet's Google, which is related to anti-competitive behavior of Google's AdSense advertising service. Last year, Weistag imposed a record 4.34 billion euros ($4.91 billion) fine on Google for using its popular Android mobile operating system monopoly to block competitors, such as illegal restrictions on Android device manufacturers and mobile operators.
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(5 day ago) At the ongoing GDC (Game Developers Conference) in 2019, the Google Ads and Google AdMob teams responsible for Google's advertising business released a set of advertising-related game industry solutions, including pre-registered advertisements, interactive application advertisements, intelligent segmentation of advertisements for different types of players, etc.
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(5 day ago) From 9 to 5 Google, they got two screenshots provided by Google developers for Chrome's translation team. From the "Explore" and "Options" in the lower left and right corner of the screenshots, and the three buttons marked "1", "2" and "3", it can be seen that the UI seems designed specifically for functional machines without touch screens.
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(5 day ago) Recently, Google opened up the Sandboxed API (sandbox API). The project, which runs on Linux, is an in-house tool that Google has been using in the data center for years to protect developers from malicious user inputs and vulnerabilities.
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(5 day ago) Mojo Vision is a fairly low-key augmented reality startup that has completed a $58 million B round of financing, although it has yet to disclose the products or services it is building. Investors include Gradient Ventures, Advantech Capital, HP Tech Ventures, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital, Bold Capital Partners, LG Electronics, Kakao Ventures and Stanford StartX.
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