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(4 day ago) Tencent Technologies News, according to foreign media reports, Korean lithium battery manufacturer LG Chem announced on Thursday that it will set up a joint venture with Chinese automobile manufacturer Geely Automobile Group to produce batteries for electric vehicles. The joint venture plans to ensure 10 gigawatt-hours of battery capacity per year by the end of 2021.
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(5 day ago) On the evening of June 12, Geely Automobile Holdings Co., Ltd. announced that its subsidiary, Shanghai Huapu Guorun Automobile Co., Ltd., entered into a joint venture agreement with LG Chem to establish a joint venture company, which is principally engaged in the production and sale of electric vehicle batteries. LG Chem, the largest chemical company in Korea, is principally engaged in, among other things, the development, production and sale of electric vehicle batteries.
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(7 day ago) LG Display is the only company that can produce OLED TV panels on a large scale. At present, OLED TV brands on the market, such as Sony, Panasonic, Skyworth and Hisense, all come from LG Display.
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(27 day ago) Apple's online store today launched a new LG UltraFine 4K display to replace the delisted LG 4K/5K UltraFine display. The new 23.7 inch display has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is lower than the 4096 x 2304 pixel resolution of the previous 21.5 inch 4K version, but it also falls into the 4K display category.
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(28 day ago) LG said its commitment to combating global climate change is unwavering. LG is adopting a gradual approach to reducing carbon emissions in its global workplace, while more UN CDM projects are underway, reflecting LG's strong commitment to environmental sustainability leadership.
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(32 day ago) Sprint announced that the two devices will begin accepting reservations tomorrow and will begin shipping on May 31. If purchased through Sprint Flex, the LG V50 ThinQ 5G costs $24 a month, while the HTC 5G Hub costs $12.5 a month.
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(44 day ago) Previously DxOMark announced the LG V40 ThinQ's rear camera rating. The overall score is 94 points, of which the score of the photo part is 98 points, and the score of the video part is 87 points. According to the test summary published by DxO, the G8's photo score is one point higher than the LG V40 ThinQ, mainly due to the enhancement of autofocus (AF), noise and blur.
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(47 day ago) The aircraft debuted at the World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC2019), the biggest highlight is to support 5G network, is LG's first 5G mobile phone. The report pointed out that although the local 5G service in Korea has just started, the 5G mobile phone experience is still not perfect.
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(57 day ago) The Gram 17 is LG's first notebook with a 17-inch screen and is the thinnest of the same size notebooks. The LG Gram 17 is equipped with a 17-inch screen with a resolution of 2560*1600 instead of the 1080P screen currently used in the industry.
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(58 day ago) The LG V40 ThinQ is LG's flagship launch in the second half of 2018 with three rear cameras. The main lens includes 12 million main lens (aperture is fx1. 5) 16 million extended angle lens (aperture is f / 1. 9) 12 million long focus lens (aperture = 2. 4), which supports 4K video shooting.
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(59 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) 4K and 5K UltraFine monitors were designed by LG in collaboration with Apple for the 2016 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro models, the first third-party display to support Thunderbolt 3.
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(68 day ago) The article believes that at present, the first batch of 5G equipment is landing in the US market, for Apple, there will no doubt be no small pressure, or can launch a similar iPhone product, or watch the dominant position. In the US domestic market, the iPhone currently has a market share of 47%, Samsung ranks second, and LG and Motorola share 12% and 6% respectively.
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(73 day ago) According to the Refinitiv I/B/E/S survey, 21 analysts on average expected the company's operating profit for the quarter to be 808 billion won. LG Electronics said its revenue for the quarter may fall 1.4% to 14.9 trillion won, below market expectations of 15.3 trillion won.
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(79 day ago) Image from According to the list of trademarks published by the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on March 29, 2019, LG has registered a total of 7 Trademarks, and these trademarks should be related to these new features.
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(90 day ago) At the CES exhibition held in January this year, LG showed a 4K resolution, curly 65-inch OLED screen that can be fully rolled up without watching TV. This curly TV is named LG Signature OLED TV R9 (OLED65R9PUA), also known as LG Roled.
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(96 day ago) The 17-inch LG Gram is priced at $1,700 and features a 2560*1600 resolution display. The case is slim and lightweight. It has a full-size backlit keyboard and a sized touchpad built into the bottom of the device.
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(99 day ago) Like other products on the market, Gram 2-in-1 has 360-degree hinges and can be used as laptops and tablets. It has a 14-inch 1080p IPS touch screen, covered with Corning gorilla 5 glass, built-in 8th generation Intel Core processor, as well as up to 16 GB of memory and SSD storage space, built-in 72 Wh batteries, lasting 21 hours, weighing 1.145 kilograms (2.5 pounds), and equipped with Wacom AES 2.0 pens.
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(100 day ago) AirPlay 2 can easily transfer audio and video content from Apple devices to LG TV, while HomeKit will add a lot of control functions of iOS system. With HomeKit, users can turn on and off TV directly through the control center, change input and so on.
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(103 day ago) In addition, LG TV users will also receive fixed updates, including the addition of Amazon Alexa support and the addition of Google Assistant. AirPlay 2 support will allow users to push videos, music, photos and other content directly on the iPhone, iPad and Mac to the TV, as well as lock the screen in real time.
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(113 day ago) Its biggest highlight is the front 3D TOF lens, which supports 3D face recognition, the world's first front-end TOF lens phone. Not only that, LG G8 ThinQ supports finger vein recognition, which is the world's first smartphone to support finger vein recognition, which is officially referred to as “Hand ID”.
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(116 day ago) LG says it expects to provide its valued customers with opportunities globally to experience higher levels of convenience when using LG devices. This year LG's positive strategy and drive for excellence will enable LG to surpass its competitors and bring voice-enabled AI assistants and related products to more families.
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(116 day ago) As one of the first features associated with G8 Thinq, LG announced that it was using the REAL3 sensor developed by Infineon and that the same 3D sensor was also used in ASUS Zenfone AR Tango Augmented Reality Project. Now LG Innotek, a semiconductor company owned by LG, has announced the mass production of such modules for smartphones.
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(120 day ago) In particular, in conjunction with the V50 ThinQ, there is also a dedicated accessory – a flip-top display. LG revealed that the V50 ThinQ will become a dual-screen device after the connection. However, LG emphasizes that dual-screen connections and foldable screen phones are different in form and concept. For the latter, they have no commercial plans yet, because the price is too high and the market space is too small.
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(121 day ago) In addition to MY 855, LG V50 ThinQ also has built-in MY X50 modem. It is worth mentioning that Android Central reports that the LG MWC2019 launch will not only launch V50 ThinQ, but also G8 ThinQ, which is also a smartphone equipped with MWC2015 flagship platform.
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(124 day ago) According to the statistics, global LCD shipments increased by 10% in 2018, reaching 151 million units, while BOE's shipments were the highest, reaching 37.3 million units, while LG followed closely with 34.5 million units. It is worth mentioning that the industry chain also emphasizes that global LCD display shipments will continue to climb in 2019, mainly because Panda and ZTE are also working in this field, and pricing will be more radical.
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(125 day ago) More importantly, the LG G8 ThinQ will be equipped with a front-end TOF lens that supports 3D face recognition, which is most likely the world's first front-end TOF+ Snapdragon 855 flagship phone. In terms of price, according to the information shared by the reddit community, the price of the LG G8 ThinQ is 1199.99 Canadian dollars (about 6100 yuan, 6GB + 128GB version).
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(127 day ago) LG G8 ThinQ Rendering Map According to the information shared by Reddit community netizens, LG G8 ThinQ retail price is Canadian $199.99 (about $6170.1). In addition, the picture shows that this year LG will launch 128GB version, while last year's $750 LG G7 only has 64GB version for consumers to choose.
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(131 day ago) The ToF sensor works by reflecting infrared light from the subject and can be used for 3D object recognition. This allows for safe face unlocking and more accurate background blurring in self-portrait portraits, and possibly with various AR applications. The sensors in the G8 ThinQ are based on Infineon's REAL3 chip.
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(135 day ago) Foreign media said in the report that the number of 5G base stations owned by LG Uplus in South Korea is much higher than that of its competitors SK Telecom and KT, which is more than 3,000 higher than them. LG Uplus will continue to increase the number of 5G base stations. Their plan is to cover major cities in South Korea at the end of this year. In order to promote this plan, the CEO of LG Uplus announced the investment plan last month...
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(137 day ago) (via: LetsGoDigital) In addition, the document also discloses which models will be equipped with the battery, TL-T41 is compatible with the "Project Alpha" device. In contrast, the current generation of LG G7 is equipped with only 3000 mAh batteries.
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