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(7 day ago) High purity electronic hydrogen fluoride is a kind of fine fluorine chemical. In semiconductor manufacturing process, it is mainly used to remove unnecessary chemicals that adhere to chemical vapor deposition furnace after film deposition, plasma etch, etched grooves or pores after photoresist pattern, which is a very important raw material in semiconductor production. Japanese companies occupy the main share in this field.
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(7 day ago) Visit: At the CEATEC 2019 exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, Wandai exhibited two programmable robots, ALGoroid and Zeonic.
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(12 day ago) The LG V50S ThinQ uses a 6.4-inch OLED water drop screen with a resolution of FHD and a aspect ratio of 19.5 to 9. It can be transformed into a dual-screen device through Dual Screen accessories, which looks like ZTE AXON M (effect as shown in the figure below).
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(13 day ago) [TechWeb] on October 9, Korean LCD panel maker Le Jin showed that (LG Display) was working with Harold (Harrods), a London department store, to display its huge transparent OLED display in its department store windows between October 7 and 28.
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(13 day ago) In addition to the show, LG and Harold will join forces to launch the latest OLED TV,. All models will use panels from the South Korean company.
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(16 day ago) On October 2, local time, Hiber System first appeared on Tesla's list of subsidiaries in the Canadian Federal Lobby Registration Official Document. Last year, Hiber System received $2 million from the Canadian National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) to build a complete high-speed lithium-ion battery production system in Mount Richmond, Ontario, Canada.
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(16 day ago) Tencent Technology, according to foreign media reports, the world's largest supplier of organic light-emitting diode panel LG display said on Friday that the company has laid off nearly 1/4 of its executives. This is part of a restructuring campaign to normalize the company's financial position.
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(17 day ago) In order to speed up the transition of product portfolio, that is, from LCD product line to OLED product line, LG Display has merged TV panel development team with other mobile and IT teams, thus reducing the scale of LCD business.
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(19 day ago) Figure via TechSpot) LG chose Sanitation as another selling point for Tone Free true wireless earplugs because its portable charging and receiving box also supports unique UV sterilization. In this way, Tone Free can provide a unique disinfection experience like a toothbrush between the two uses of the user.
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(26 day ago) LG Chemical will supply Tesla with a battery of NCM 811, the first time LG Chemical has provided a power battery to an electric car, the report said. As to why the NCM 811 battery was used, industry insiders said that the Shanghai-based plant mainly produces the popular Model 3, while the high energy density of the NCM 811 maximizes the mileage of the model, which coincides with Tesla's desire to prove to Chinese consumers that the locally produced Model 3 has industry-leading mileage.
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(28 day ago) By running LGSVL simulator on Unity Simulation, the pursuit of joining the ranks of "ordinary consumer goods" for driverless cars can be realized more quickly. The solution allows developers to speed up training by running different real-world environments at one time using precise sensor models.
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(28 day ago) In August, Tesla agreed to buy batteries from LG Chemicals. Initially, the company will use batteries for Model 3 produced by Shanghai's Super Factory 3 (Tesla's first plant outside the United States), which will then be used for Model Y.
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(29 day ago) According to industry news on the 19th, LG shows that it is considering closing the 4.5-generation flexible OLED E2 plant in Pozhou, Gyeonggi Province. It is said that production may stop this year. E2 is LG's first small and medium-sized flexible OLED production plant with a capacity of 20K per month.
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(33 day ago) Earlier this year, Mark Gurman, a well-known whistleblower, said Apple was expected to introduce a laser-based 3D sensing camera for the iPad Pro Refresh as early as the spring of 2020, according to the rumored iPad Pro Refresh (map via MacRumors).
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(34 day ago) According to the previous information of foreign media exposure, LGGPad5 adopts 10.1-inch FHD display screen, with Qualcomm Xiaolong 821 processor and 4GB memory 32GB storage. The foreign media pointed out that, although Snapdragon 821 is a QUALCOMM flagship chip, due to its early release time, there is a large gap with the latest flagship chip.
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(40 day ago) The 27-inch display has a resolution of 1080p, a brightness of 400nits, a contrast of 1000:1, a visual angle of 178 degrees and a gray scale response time of 1ms. In terms of color, it can display 16.78 million colours, covering 99% of the sRGB gamut. It also meets the VESA Display HDR 400 standard, which supports HDR 10 format.
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(43 day ago) high-purity electronic grade hydrogen fluoride is one of the fluorine fine chemicals, which is mainly used in the process of removing unnecessary chemical substances, plasma etching, etching grooves or holes after the photoresist is patterned after the film deposition in the semiconductor manufacturing process, It is a very important raw material in semiconductor production, and Japanese companies have a major share in this field.
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(46 day ago) Judge Middleton of via ZDNet Cho Mu-Hyun said that two consumers bought LG's TV in 2013, but less than a year later they encountered screen burning problems. When two consumers sought a solution from LG, the other side prevaricated with LG's warranty terms.
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(47 day ago) In forwarding tweets, Twitter user Jindong Lee said that the LG G8X is the name of the aircraft in the international market, and the aircraft is called LG V50s in the Korean market. There is not a lot of news about the aircraft. According to the previous renderings, the front of the LG G8X is a water drop screen, 6.2 inches, QHD+ resolution, OLED or LCD panel is unknown.
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(47 day ago) LG relies heavily on Japanese printing company DNP and the aluminum-plastic film produced by Showa Denko KK, which is used in lithium-ion batteries. According to SNE research data, the two companies account for 70% of the global battery film market share.
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(49 day ago) (Figure: LG, via SFlashGear) as an 8K TV, it needs to provide at least the physical resolution of 7680-4230. In addition, it has to be in line with the information display measurement standards (IDMS) of the International Display and Measurement Committee (ICDM).
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(54 day ago) As part of a new component of the LG ThinQ application, this feature will use artificial intelligence to monitor device operation and address issues such as temperature drops or poor circulation. The user is warned immediately after the problem is discovered. The Proactive Customer Care program is the first to land in the European market, equipped with drum-type washing machines and bottom-freezer refrigerators, and will enter the US market next year.
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(55 day ago) LetsGoDigital, a Dutch technology blog, points out that the patent was released on August 9, 2019, and then entered into the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) database.
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(55 day ago) The Whale Browser can perform multiple tasks simultaneously on one screen. It supports split screen mode and adjustable split screen. It can browse two websites in the same tab, which may be especially useful for work professionals. Features. LG said that the Whale Browser has a new dimension that can be moved quickly and easily between two browsing screens.
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(56 day ago) While losses continue to expand, LG Display also announced that it will reinvest 3 trillion won (about 17.6 billion yuan) to expand the capacity of the 10.5-generation OLED panel factory in Paju, South Korea, to consolidate its leading position in large-scale OLED panels.
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(60 day ago) TESLA, an electric vehicle manufacturer, has agreed to purchase batteries from LG Chemicals for use in electric vehicles produced by Shanghai Super Factory, according to foreign media reports on August 23.
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(62 day ago) The trademark was submitted by LG on August 2, 2019. Although the document itself does not indicate any information about the phone, the trademark does prove its existence. According to legend, the G8x ThinQ smartphone is equipped with a Mirosaur 855 processor, 6GB RAM, a water drop notch on the top of the screen, a fingerprint sensor on the front display screen, two cameras on the back, and an LED flash.
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(69 day ago) (Title via Slash Gear) Previously, LG usually released G-series flagship smart phones in the first half of the year, and then introduced V-series new products in the second half. But this year, the company has launched LG G8 and V50 ThinQ at the same time, triggering new doubts about its second half planning.
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(70 day ago) Korea Telecom’s peak downlink rate is 751 Mbps and SK Telecom is 639 Mbps. The research firm said that the LG Uplus' 5G rate combined with its reliability and low latency makes it superior to its competitors in the early stages of 5G deployment.
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(72 day ago) The front of the G 8X is a water drop screen, 6.2 inches, QHD resolution, OLED or LCD panel is not available. Four physical keys are arranged on the box, and according to convention, in addition to power and volume additions and subtractions, the other is used to exhale the Googe Assistant.
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