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(2 day ago) 2018 is the first year of the block chain, major manufacturers have launched their own blockchain products, Baidu also brought a "Leetster", the same blockchain energized, each has a unique gene. Once you have a dog, your relationship with it will always be recorded on the blockchain, and no one can change it.
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(2 day ago) It is noteworthy that driverless cars are considered as a master of artificial intelligence technology, representing a higher level of technology, due to be attached to the daily more attention. With the influx of related businesses, self-driving cars are slowly into people's lives. So, now far from the human hand to hand over the steering wheel, how far? Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Opened Guangzhou Wuzhu Bridge from Fifth Ring Road in Beijing In July 2017, Li Yanhong, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Baidu, took a ride on the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing and received a ticket and sparked controversy.
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(3 day ago) Video:
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(5 day ago) Tencent Technology News, Beijing on February 14 (US Eastern Time on February 13), Baidu announced fourth quarter and full year 2017 unaudited financial report. Baidu revenue for the quarter was 23.6 billion yuan (about 3.62 billion US dollars), an increase of 29%, of which mobile revenue accounted for 76%; net profit of 4.2 billion yuan (about 639 million US dollars), with the previous year An increase of 1% over the same period.
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(5 day ago) According to foreign reports, Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) revealed in its Q4 2017 earnings report on Tuesday that its online video subsidiary, IQI, had submitted a prospectus to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Manual Form F-1, planned for initial public offering on the U.S. securities market. Baidu is expected to remain the controlling shareholder of iQIYI following the completion of its IPO.
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(8 day ago) It is no surprise that the two sides have come to the stage of tearing and biting each other today. Some may say that the rise of today's headlines is just a hole in Baidu's unsecured fence, but it should also be noted. New user needs always have to be met. Now MAU DAU is close to 200 million users, with a stable valuation of around $20 billion. More importantly, today's headlines are growing rapidly in many areas, and question-and-answer products like Wukong. Video products watermelon video, shaking sound, micro headlines, small volcanic video, are quite popular, the headlines of the river rising.
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(9 day ago) Following the previous wave of unruly agents after the end, the key moment in the integration of Baidu takeaway seems to have a new change in the situation, and thus set off the waves also wave after wave. February 8, "China Times" reporter learned from Baidu Hung informed sources were informed that Baidu take-away has begun to abolish some city channel manager, renamed the program also put on the agenda, and many executives left the low profile.
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(10 day ago) February 9, the former general manager of wireless Baidu Yue Guofeng released a circle of friends said, "7 years, graduation. Wishing wolf plant. Goodbye," announced the resignation of Baidu news.
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(10 day ago) 36 Krypton February 9 hearing, targeting the recent rumors of Baidu takeaway to be renamed, hungry What public relations responded to 36 krypton said: "Baidu takeaway brand name retained for 18 months, the future will be based on the actual situation and strategic layout to adjust the arrangements, Baidu Take-away since the establishment of high-end line to take the differentiation of positioning, after the renamed Group will continue to implement the dual-brand strategy, which will focus on the high-end market, dig quality, with further information will inform everyone.
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(11 day ago) Recently, it was revealed that Baidu has launched a "blockchain pet project"-Leeds Dog. In short, it is based on blockchain technology to keep pets, and conduct pet transactions and other operations.
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(12 day ago) The battle between Baidu and the headlines and former financial media Luo Changping continues to escalate. Recently, in response to Baidu's lawsuit, Luo Changping responded, "because micro-blog first disclosed Baidu's" grey headed operation "in the near future. It has hurt my reputation repeatedly, and I will take legal measures to safeguard rights.
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(12 day ago) Followed by Chang-Bo Luo Bo said: "Halo, Baidu actually first told me that I have not played a lawsuit, just to experience a judicial process.In addition, Baidu looked at me too rich, the investigation of journalists debut, Not afraid of all the family is not enough ah! "Soon, Baidu official micro" this Baidu PR "made microblogging Luo Changping made two questions:
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(13 day ago) Fei Xun TV box T1 plays the main role of listening to your voice box, equipped with Baidu DuerOS artificial intelligence voice search engine, wants to see what is directly said out, the elderly and children can easily start. Configuration, Fei Xun box T1 uses 64 bit eight core processor, supporting 4K playback, carrying 2GB memory and 16GB flash memory, supporting 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4, supporting Dolby sound effect.
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(13 day ago) NetEase science and technology news February 6th, Baidu encyclopedia announced that in 2018, Baidu encyclopedia will cooperate with Spain to jointly build a large digital museum project covering more than 400 Spanish museums.
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(13 day ago) Since August 24th last year, after the Hunger announced the merger of Baidu's takeout, Baidu's takeout immediately fell into a situation of "internal and diplomatic difficulties." A series of internal and external problems have pushed it step by step to the cusp of the storm and even to the center of the whirlpool. On the one hand, there is resistance from internal business integration, and how to place agents. Standardized assessment goals and the core city of Beijing regional management exchange and other issues.
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(13 day ago) Recently, Deep 8 Jun heard some rumors in the industry that Baidu Finance is seeking as much as 2 billion U.S. dollars in financing. Investors may choose to acquire Baidu's shares in Baidu Financial Services Group or choose to acquire new shares in the sector It is reported that this financing transaction is expected to be completed in April.
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(13 day ago) Except, expected. Today's headlines and Baidu spate of war of words, last week upgraded to courtesy, headlines today announced on January 29 Baidu will unfair competition filed a lawsuit. Behind this is actually the defensive battle of the first entry in the content today, as well as the continuing deepening damage to the headlines today by the giant encirclement and suppression.
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(14 day ago) Luo Changping microblogging in response to the complaint was Baidu, saying "Baidu this issue of public relations issued a number of attacks on the paper, has caused harm to my reputation, I will take legal measures for rights." Luo Changping said Baidu has neither the heart to accept criticism from outsiders, There is also no intention to correct bad behavior, a network of oligarchs without value will only be lost in business pressure.
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(14 day ago) Baidu said this afternoon it will prosecute Luo Changping, and claims 5000000 after. Luo Changping microblogging microblogging responded that "Baidu this issue of public relations issued a number of attacks on the paper, has caused damage to my reputation, I will take legal measures to safeguard their rights." The following is the "Baidu PR this microblogging" Mr. Luo Changping finally spoke.
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(14 day ago) Luo Changping said he would voluntarily be a Baidu supervisor, admission, collection, verification, exposure and all the bad behavior related to Baidu, and welcomes all parties to provide clues. Earlier this morning, Sina Technology learned from Baidu that Baidu has filed a lawsuit to the People's Court of Haidian District, Beijing, prejudging the right of reputation to release the Baidu Post, Of the former financial media Luo Changping sued the court, requiring them to immediately delete the infringing information, a public apology and compensation for the loss of a total of 5 million yuan.
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(14 day ago) Bianews found out today that Baidu has launched a blockchain electronic pet game called Leeds Dog. According to the game page, Leeds Dog is a "digital dog enabled by Baidu's blockchain technology." Cannot be modified and destroyed ".
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(14 day ago) February 5th afternoon news, today, "hundred head war" has new development. Sina science and technology learned from Baidu, Baidu has recently filed a lawsuit to the Beijing Haidian District people's Court, in order to infringe the right of reputation on the grounds. Luo Changping, a former financial media person who had previously released information through Weibo, such as "Baidu set up to do business, five months' end of the year award," and other information, called on him to immediately delete the relevant infringing information.
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(15 day ago) What kind of Let's dog? The official homepage shows "Free Adoption Blockchain Digital Dogs," which offers 10 pet dogs in various shapes for adoption, each with its own unique gene. According to the webpage, each Leeds dog is crowned with eight appearance features of body type, pattern, eyes, eyes, mouth, belly color, body color and pattern color. Each feature has two different attributes: rare attribute And common attributes.
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(19 day ago) Summary is completed, then take a closer look, Baidu responded that what was said. 1, "things are you pick, but loopholes too much" Baidu believes that "one hundred wars" began in the "beginning of the month," made a five-year-end bonus "microblogging broke the news, and the initiator of the news is today's headlines .
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(19 day ago) Today's head v. Baidu, saying its use of monopoly advantages of "unfair competition", Baidu denied; analysis that the core issue is the entrance of both sides dispute January 29 evening, today's headlines said in a statement, headlines today will sue Baidu because of its The use of monopoly advantages of "unfair competition" behavior.
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(20 day ago) Today's noon, today's headline official website published six articles, which directly refer to the "black public relations" and "unfair competition behavior" of Baidu, mainly around the two points announced last night that Baidu will formally Sue.
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(20 day ago) Last night (January 29th), today's headline issued a statement that today's headlines will prosecute Baidu, because its "unfair competition" behavior is made by monopolistic advantage.
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(20 day ago) The Pengli for sorting second Qi "headlines today website, Baidu in the red warning," reminder: this page because the service is not stable may not be normal access". This is the "unfair competition" of Baidu's monopoly advantage in the use of the domestic search market today.
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(20 day ago) In the evening of January 30, in response to allegations of "unfair competition" claimed by the headlines today, Baidu responded by denying the allegations and said that the recent series of vociferous voices in today's headline originated from "anxieties in the development of the dilemma."
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(20 day ago) "Baidu takeout" platform system was illegally invaded, more than 4900 million yuan has been tampered with, under a single number covering many parts of the country, the number of more than 100 people, the direct consumption of more than 30 million loss. Beijing Youth Daily reporter was informed yesterday morning that the People's Procuratorate of Haidian District, Beijing, on suspicion of theft, approved the arrest of Zheng.
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