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(13 hr ago) The new e-commerce platform, which has been in existence for three years, has been extensively updated, and the previously submitted prospectus has been updated to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A lot of plans to apply for listing on the NASDAQ Global Select section, code: PDD.
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(1 day ago) In July 16th, the "DN.A network literacy class" held by the Tencent Social Research Center and the China Science and Technology Museum was held at the China Science and Technology Museum, which is also the starting project of the Tencent program. The program aims to work for children through collaboration with government departments, universities, experts and third party structures. It provides a wealth of interesting network literacy courses and learning tools, and helps and guides children to build scientific and healthy Internet habits.
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(3 day ago) It is understood that the program aims to provide children with rich and interesting network literacy courses and learning tools through collaboration with government authorities, universities, experts and third-party organizations, and advocates listening, arranging, companionship, etc. Governments, businesses, society, families, and schools work together to help and guide children to establish scientific and healthy online habits and grow healthily in the digital age.
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(5 day ago) (original title: Tencent is the IPO harvester? Stock market "roller coaster" or "halo effect" since the second half of 2017, the wave of Internet listing is still advancing. According to statistics from Nandu correspondents, nearly 20 China Internet Corporation listed applications for US stocks and Hong Kong stocks in the first half of 2018.
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(7 day ago) This article is reproduced from the public "Alfa workshop" (ID:alpworks). In recent days, in addition to the listing of Hong Kong stock (HK:01810), another heavy event is to be split into the US market by Tencent music.
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(7 day ago) Tencent has been pushing the WeChat applet for a while. The WeChat applet can indeed replace the APP to a certain extent, and it can indeed be regarded as a step banner of Tencent. In order to promote small programs, Tencent has spared no effort, not only constantly improving the development platform of small programs, but also developed a lot of WeChat applets. For example, the earliest "jumping jump", the fire spread all over the country, and suddenly the WeChat small program's signboard was played.
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(7 day ago) SCMP published an article saying that sharing bicycles is the new front for China's two big internet giants to fight against the dominance of e-commerce. Both Alibaba and Tencent have bet on the sharing bike market to move consumers to their respective ecommerce circles.
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(8 day ago) At present, the world cup is being held in full swing. As the top event of the football game, the world cup has become the biggest IP in the near future. At the same time, the newly established central broadcasting and television station this year distributes the copyright of the world cup new media for the first time, and has also brought a new threshold for the number of domestic fans watching this year.
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(8 day ago) Today, the Tencent computer housekeeper issued a reminder: the fast wave software family is generally locked in the user's home page, can not be unloaded, pop-up ads, on the user's desktop to create shortcuts and other rascal behavior. Tencent Royal View Threat Intelligence Center monitoring found that the fast wave series software suddenly abnormally active, abnormal networking behavior obviously increased, the monitoring data show that the software affected by the software family about 500 thousand.
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(8 day ago) The Tencent and Intel, the weGame special version of the Hades Canyon NUC, is mainly different from the ordinary version. It adds weGame's logo and some patterns to the skeleton and bone pattern at the front panel. Although it looks nice, I think the original skull and bones had an egg... In fact, the NUC itself is a branch. With the replacement of the positive panel, the so-called special edition is still very simple and crude.
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(8 day ago) In July 2016, cool dog, cool Chinese music group and QQ music announced the merger, the new combination of future IPO road has already had signs. After six months or so of integration, Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) officially landed on the stage.
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(8 day ago) Tencent's music platform for record companies, this recovery has helped them regroup after years of decline. Previously, the disappearance of physical media and the free download site destroyed the recording industry. At the beginning of this century, the advent of iTunes and the launch of legitimate download options did not help to withstand the decline of the recording industry.
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(8 day ago) Tencent Technology News, according to Bloomberg News, Tencent Holdings plans to divest its online music business and listed in the United States, this is the latest signs of the long-suffering record industry is making a comeback. The move will allow US investors to bet on the Chinese music streaming service market, bringing new vitality to industries plagued by piracy.
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(9 day ago) Today, the Board of Directors of Tencent Holdings Limited announced that it is submitting a proposal to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for the spin-off of its online music and entertainment business through the independent listing of registered public offerings on the US-listed stock exchange.
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(9 day ago) At present, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has confirmed that Tencent can carry out the proposed spin-off. At present, the proposed spin-off is subject to the approval of the relevant authorities for the listing and trading of Tencent Music Securities and the final decision of the Tencent Board and Tencent Music Board. The actual Tencent music spin-off listing has long been rumored.
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(11 day ago) The "Jedi survival" state service officer today announced that a "Jedi survival" has been seized by 141 suspects and the amount of more than 5000 million yuan, which is the largest criminal gang case in the country.
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(11 day ago) There is no absolutely perfect thing in the world. The gains and losses of Tencent are nothing but the legacy of the 3Q war eight years ago. In 2010, the 3Q war opened the Tencent's open strategy and changed from "dog day Tencent" to "most respected company".
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(11 day ago) It was the Sigma building that was gathered in the Tencent media team. The small hall of one or two hundred people was full of people. Zhang Yiming is small and thin, and the gas field is not strong, but in his speech, he reveals his confidence in his own views. He talked about the idea of ​​today's headlines, the power of machine algorithms, and the famous assertion: "The algorithm has no values, as long as the user feels good, that is good."
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(12 day ago) It has the ability to sniff out the odors of all kinds of financial crimes in the big data Ocean on the Internet, and to give early warning. Some of these names are overbearing and mysterious. Finally, we all agree that Ling Kun can best reflect its characteristics: sensitive and powerful.
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(12 day ago) The US team and many spells, the two most powerful Tencent unicorns this year, announced that they would be on the market. But to the United States group and more than a lot of stock book to look at the book for a long time, always feel bad: according to the reason, there is a Tencent blood transfusion, the two enterprises only do not need urgent, is listed.
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(12 day ago) Recently, there have been a lot of companies listed on the market, especially some Internet companies in the Mainland, which started the third wave of listing. "Listing" has become the annual keyword of the Internet this year without any surprise.
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(12 day ago) Since the Tencent invested in fish fighting and tiger teeth successively in March this year, the watershed of the live platform of the game has been formally built, which has opened a huge gap with the second line broadcast platform. In May 11th, tiger tooth officially landed on NASDAQ to become the first live game, and the fighting fish was also released for many times.
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(13 day ago) Ma Huateng made the above statement at the unveiling ceremony of the Lingbi Financial Security Big Data Platform and the Financial Security Supervision Technology Laboratory jointly held by the Shenzhen Financial Office and Tencent. “How to effectively identify financial innovations and illegal financial activities in the Internet environment, and discover new types of financial risks in a timely manner? How to effectively integrate mixed and cross-regional financial activities into the regulatory system? How to implement financial risks continuously and dynamically Accurate warning?” Ma Huateng believes that in the face of new challenges, it is necessary to continuously improve the “technical content” of financial supervision...
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(14 day ago) More people are just telling the story between themselves and Q's pet: "my husband's Q pet was sent by his predecessor, and now it has not been divorcing with his predecessor's Q." "That year, skipping classes and going to Internet cafes was to celebrate Q's birthday." "When I was little, my father could not bear to give me pocket money. Q spoiled it for 10QB.
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(14 day ago) Titanium Media News July 3rd news: According to the media "IPO knows", Tencent Music plans to secretly submit IPO application documents to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on July 6, officially launching the US listing process. The IPO's lead underwriters are Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, and the conservative pricing range offered by investment banks is $29 billion to $31 billion.
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(15 day ago) On the morning of July 2nd, the news reports on the new round of financing in Himalaya's Tencent and next year's listing in Hongkong, Himalaya responded that there was no exact listing plan and time arrangement, and a new round of financing with Tencent was not true.
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(15 day ago) Recently, Tencent Wealthlink has fully upgraded the fund's fixed investment service for the first time and launched the “Love Set Investment” area. With multiple advantages such as convenient operation, abundant products, automatic buy-in at regular times, and quick and flexible redemption, Tencent Wealth Management Limited hopes to provide users with lazy-style financial services, which will make it easier for investors to manage their money. In addition, all users of the investment plan will be unified through the "Love Sets" management, you can achieve better planning and management.
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(15 day ago) Access to the event: Tencent Cloud Southwest Sales Center 1. Target audience: Tencent Cloud official website registered and completed real-name certification for domestic station users can participate (except for collaborators); 2. Activity rules: 2.1 Event offers cannot be superimposed with other offers , can not use vouchers; 2.2 single user limited configuration of 20 units; 2.3 cloud server series:
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(15 day ago) On July 1st, Tencent expressed its appreciation to CCTV for its supervision and tips on bad network and illegal information. The QQ security team has continued to crack down on all kinds of illegal activities including violence and gambling. Once the QQ group and account involved in the incident are verified and permanently closed, they will not be tolerated.
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