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(20 hr ago) The Internet and new technologies have brought special escalation in the criminalization of telecommunications networks. The threat source of cybercrime has become a major hidden danger in the security of computer information systems and the management of cyberspace. On January 14, at the 2018 Guardian Program Conference sponsored by Tencent, the Tencent 2017 Research Report on Network Burglary Sources was officially released. This is the first comprehensive study on the development trend of network blackouts and threats behind China. As well as professional reports on combating governance and the application of law ...
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(21 hr ago) As the world's leading toy maker, LEGO was born in Denmark in the 1930s. Founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen was a carpenter who put together two Danish words "Leg Godt" to create "LEGO".
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(1 day ago) According to industry sources, Tencent golden red envelopes have already done many scenes. They are very mature. So they can launch this year's product of "red packets war". They are ready to promote all kinds of resources this Spring Festival. For example, the Tencent may have an entrance to gold in WeChat's wallet, but the location is still not fixed.
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(1 day ago) Zhao Yue, general manager of China Unicom big data Co., Ltd., and Li Xuyang, head of the Tencent security anti fraud laboratory, signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both sides. It is reported that the signing of the agreement will deepen the cooperation between China Unicom and the Tencent Inc in the field of large data. The two sides will combine their respective advantages, set up a joint laboratory data, resources aggregation, cross platform data in data mining, network security technology, industrial chain integration, research and development of related technologies; joint development of related products in the telecommunications security and financial fraud etc....
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(1 day ago) Yesterday, China Unicom Big Data Co., Ltd. and Tencent signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. The two sides will cooperate in such fields as information security and financial anti-fraud on the big data. It is reported that the signing of this agreement will deepen the cooperation between China Unicom and Tencent in the field of big data.
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(1 day ago) On the same day, Tencent also released the Tencent 2017 Research Report on Internet Blackspot Threat Sources, summarizing the five major characteristics of current cybercrimes: First, internationalization and gangs of blackcasting relocated some of their personnel overseas, exploiting the loopholes in foreign policy and laws across borders Crime avoid evasion; second, intelligent, network black technology upgrade, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies are the concern and application of black production gang; third platform, more and more upstream to provide technical support and reduce the cost of downstream crime ; Fourth, industrialization, network dark industry put on the coat of technology companies ...
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(2 day ago) Riding to work to go to work, with the hungry point takeaway, buy fruit in the daily excellent fresh, receive the courier with the network of rookie, get off work with the Amoy ticket to buy movie tickets, public comments on the hot restaurant to find, do not wait with the delicious Row number, grab the male god's concert tickets on the barley online, usually brush to know when to pass, a little sick on the good doctor online advice, want to change the house can be on the chain home network ... ...
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(2 day ago) January 14, "During the year 2017, the" Keepers Program "helped public security organs to crack 160 Internet major cases, arrest more than 3,800 suspects, involving a total of 3.2 billion yuan, involving the illegal acquisition of 100 personal information of citizens More than 100 million.
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(2 day ago) Recently, some institutions and individuals under the banner of cooperation with the banner of Tencent under the banner, engaged in tokens issue or transaction-related activities. Tencent blockchain is a completely independent development of the bottom of the blockchain technology, has been committed to building a blockchain open service platform to solve the problem of trust between commercial enterprises. Tencent blockchain has never been involved in any form of token issuance or transaction-related activities, nor has it cooperated with any agency.
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(2 day ago) In recent days, the Tencent said some organizations and individuals are engaged in the activities related to the issuance and trading of the tokens with the banner of cooperation with the Tencent block chain. The following is the full text of the statement: Tencent block chain is a fully self developed block chain underlying technology, and has been committed to building block chain open service platform to solve trust problems among business enterprises.
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(3 day ago) V2EX community user posting said that flax security log shows Visual Studio installer installed Tencent computer housekeeper. File MicrosoftAzureComputeEmulator-x64.exe was replaced by Tencent computer housekeeper installation package. The installation package is usually replaced by the carrier hijacking, and the use of https is generally considered a hijacking method.
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(4 day ago) The day before, in the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Interdisciplinary Science Research Institute (RIIS) sponsored by the number of fir Technology Co. Ltd. Co "modern operational research development seminar", Tencent AI Lab (Tencent Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) director Dr. Zhang Tong published a wonderful speech.
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(4 day ago) When users discover psoriasis advertisements, as long as they scan small ads through Tencent mobile housekeeper, the background will automatically identify and mark psoriasis fraud calls, and report location information to remind other users to be careful. And every successful mark of a fraudulent phone call, the user will get a public charity to help save the children of congenital heart disease.
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(5 day ago) In December 18th, Tencent Inc launched the credit sub service officially. It launched the first batch of two cities in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Today, third regions have been opened, which is Jiangsu province. It is reported that Tencent credit achieves five individual dimensions of performance, security, wealth, consumption and social interaction, and uses Tencent comprehensive technology evaluation to get personal credit score.
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(5 day ago) Editor's note: in November 21, 2017, Tencent's stock price reached HK $430, or 2.38%, and its market value reached HK $40845 billion (about 522 billion 900 million US dollars), which exceeded Facebook to become the fifth largest market value company in the world.
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(5 day ago) Ma Huateng Ma Huateng Ma Huateng, this dress is a huge change for the low-key Ma Huateng, we learn from the media Pony Ma looks very elegant, slightly shy. And at this annual meeting, Pony Ma hip-hop is full of hip-hop, making the many young employees feel kind.
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(5 day ago) From the official information provided by the Tencent, credit eligible benefits include: credit amount, the amount borrowed money, credit Tencent exclusive, free of charge, credit privileges, promotions and so on. For example, the launch of free and Tencent Credit Insurance Services Division based in Shenzhen housing rental platform, meet the Tencent credit score of 650 points or more (up to 850) of the tenants to buy free credit and insurance, enjoy free deposit occupancy; and provide default protection, to ensure the performance of both parties through the credit system, the construction of power the integrity of the community.
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(5 day ago) A close look at the list of the most valuable companies in Asia will find that Chinese and Japanese companies continue to dominate. The market value of Tencent increased by $261 billion 400 million in 2017, with a total market value of $493 billion 300 million. Tencent stock has increased significantly in the new year. According to the closing price of Hongkong in January 9th, the technology group's market capitalization is about 539 billion dollars, which has narrowed its distance from Facebook and Amazon.
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(6 day ago) Tencent plan required, in addition to excellent jingle robot 1MORE motion headset and other partners, the show is also working with Tencent jingle Guoguang electric, Changhong, TCL and other partners signed a strategic cooperation agreement. At present, companies with strategic cooperation with Tencent include smart hardware, smart home and automatic driving.
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(6 day ago) December 1 last year, Tencent officially announced the agent "Jedi survival" national service, also introduced two "Jedi survival" official tour, respectively, the United States produced the studio day "Jedi survival: the attack" and "Jedi survival: Stimulate the battlefield. "
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(6 day ago) Today (January 9th), another Tencent company sent the news about IPO. Sina finance news, according to media reports IFR's Reuters, Tencent to invest in the Macropodus network science and technology limited company plans will be in IPO this year, raising $3~4.
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(6 day ago) In January 9th, the "applied clone", a mobile attack threat model, was officially disclosed. Tencent safety Xuanwu laboratory and know Chuang Yu 404 laboratory have published and presented this important research achievement at the joint research conference.
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(6 day ago) "I Caixian, I am happy," Wang Sicong, a headmaster microblogging, brought out the first outlet in 2018. January 3, is the 30th birthday of Wang Sicong, the night he announced that he will come up with 100,000 yuan for a Top Assembly app as a bonus, and said:
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(6 day ago) At the end of November last year, Tencent Binhai Building officially opened, Shenzhen Binhai Tower is a "Internet building" products, is a "interconnection, cooperation, user experience" in one of the intelligent building.
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(6 day ago) 3D sound effects are not strange to many game lovers, such as the shooting of guns in the CS, the slight footsteps of the enemy, and so on. In the past, these details are based on the game development engine. It has a very realistic effect, but it is not universal, such as the 3D real-time voice can not be realized.
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(7 day ago) January 9, Tencent today opened at 441 Hong Kong dollars, compared with yesterday's closing price rose 0.55%, setting a record high. Morgan Stanley released the 2018 Internet Industry Outlook Report, the target price of Tencent (00700) raised from 480 yuan to 500 yuan to reflect the rising space in mobile games, the most cattle scenario target price of 653 yuan, compared with yesterday's closing Market price is still 50% increase.
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(7 day ago) January 4, 2018, Jingdong and social shopping guide and e-commerce platform jointly announced the beautiful group will set up a new joint venture. The joint venture will focus on operating the e-commerce platform in WeChat social ecosystem to provide consumers with a wealth of product choices and to explore and lead the model innovation in the field of social e-commerce.
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(8 day ago) The hot development of online games, "Dungeon and Warriors" and "Arad's Wrath" copyright complaint once again raised the industry's concern about the copyright of the game. First Financial 1 ℃ reporter to retrieve the Chinese referees and other databases database was informed that the domestic online games industry, "cottage" continued to appear, 5 years, the resulting civil and criminal cases have been.
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(8 day ago) Beijing January 7 morning news, "The Times" reported that Tencent ready to negotiate business cooperation with MySQUAR matters, may also be invested in the company. MySQUAR is a social networking company from Myanmar listed in the United Kingdom.
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(9 day ago) Recently, these two mobile games announced at almost the same time "advance test is about to open," when the official from all channels have been scheduled users randomly selected a number of lucky players to open this pre-qualification test! And two mobile games release Pioneer test instructions are exactly the same:
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