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(6 day ago) Ding Lei's reply is as follows: I just went to understand: a product because of a large number of reports, by the competent department off the shelves. This report, I told you clearly, is not the behavior of NetEase games. Such a simple thing, unexpectedly in a short period of time a large number of "black public relations" to play, to "Netease game report" point of view of our splashing dirty water, serious damage to the image of Netease games, we will not tolerate this, will be investigated to the end.
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(10 day ago) Beijing time on August 10 morning news, NetEase (NASDAQ: NTES) yesterday announced the second quarter of 2018 financial report, affected by the earnings report, NetEase opened shares fell 6%, closing at the close, Netease shares fell 27.75 US dollars, reported 225.22 US dollars, The decline was 10.94%.
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(10 day ago) Based on non-GAAP, net profit of RMB 2.725 billion ($412 million), down 21.5% year-on-year. According to the NetEase, the company will buy back U.S. depository receipts in a total amount of not more than $2 billion in a total amount of less than $2 billion in the period of no more than 12 months since November 16, 2017.
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(11 day ago) Tencent Technology News, Netease released the second quarter earnings report as of June 31. According to the financial report, NetEase's net revenue for the second quarter was US$2.461 billion (16.284 billion yuan), up 21.7% year-on-year; net profit was US$318 million (21.07 billion yuan), down 41% year-on-year. After the revenue exceeded expectations, NetEase's share price rose more than 3%.
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(19 day ago) Beijing News (reporter Liang Chen) in July 31st, NetEase first disclosed the financial situation of cloud computing business for the first time. The head of the business, vice president of the NetEase and executive director of the Hangzhou Institute, Wang Yuan, told reporters that it is expected that this year's cloud computing business will achieve balance of payments.
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(19 day ago) [The recognition and recognition of cloud computing services in the domestic market has been continuously improved, and it has begun to be fully applied in depth. It has initially formed a public cloud service provider including Internet companies and software companies such as Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, and Jingdong.]
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(19 day ago) To enter South Korea is a new way for domestic hand tour to face the monopoly dilemma of domestic Tencent NetEase giant, and the key to this way is the competitiveness of domestic hand tour in the harsh competition.
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(54 day ago) If you shop online for a million yuan worth of valuable goods and suddenly see shoppers evaluating that the goods are not good, what would you do? It's definitely an immediate return, right? If you do not receive the goods, you will immediately return them. Will you still need to bear the cost?
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(67 day ago) Gamelook reports/NetEase has a big wave and wants to build a headquarters building in Shanghai, and it is possible to settle in a team of over 2,000 people. On June 12, Shanghai Yizhi Network Technology Co., Ltd. won the 188S-Q-1 block of WS5 unit in the south extension section of Huangpu River in Xuhui District with the reserve price of 1.96 billion yuan. The property of the block is commercial office, and the transaction floor price is 25500 yuan. Yuan/ping.
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(69 day ago) Tencent news, according to foreign media reports, the NetEase (NASDAQ securities code: NTES) announced on Monday that the company will add 1 billion US dollars to the existing stock repurchase project, with a total size of $2 billion.
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(74 day ago) On June 4th, Apple's annual WWDC conference was held in San Jose, USA. This conference did not release hardware (if the strap counted). Therefore, Apple focused on the software, except for iOS 12 which is claimed to be half the speed. Apple also released Augmented Reality Development Kit ARKit 2.
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(75 day ago) Recently, the domestic cross border import retail business platform NetEase koala Hai announced that it was renamed "NetEase koala", announced to enter the comprehensive electricity supplier market. With brand renaming, "NetEase Kola" brand new brand logo and brand new Slogan - "my good world" will also be online in the iOS, Android and web.
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(94 day ago) Since late last year, Netease and Tencent have waged a fierce battle around the "eat chicken" game. Recently, the two plants respectively released the financial report for the first quarter of 2018. Comparing these two financial reports, we can see the subtle differences between the two parties.
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(94 day ago) On May 17th, Beijing Time, NetEase (Nasdaq:NTES) announced its first quarter earnings report for 2018. According to the financial report, Netease's net income for the first quarter of 2018 was RMB 14.173 billion (approximately US$2.26 billion), a year-on-year increase of 3.9. %; Based on non-US GAAP (Non-GAAP), the net profit was RMB1.337 billion (US$213 million), which was a decrease of 69.2% compared with the same period of last year.
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(95 day ago) NetEase (NASDAQ:NTES) today announced its unaudited financial results for the first quarter of March 31, 2018. The data showed that the NetEase's net income in the first quarter was 14 billion 173 million yuan ($2 billion 260 million), an increase of 3.9%, and a net profit of 752 million yuan (120 million US dollars), and a 69.2% decline over the same period.
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(95 day ago) Beijing time May 17th morning news, NetEase (Nasdaq:NTES) today announced the first quarter of 2018 financial report, and also announced its share repurchase progress: by March 31, 2018, NetEase had bought back about 1 million 240 thousand shares of ADS, a total of about $376 million.
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(95 day ago) On May 17th, NetEase (NASDAQ:NTES) announced today the unaudited financial performance of the company for the first quarter ended March 31, 2018. According to statistics, NetEase's net income for the first quarter was 14.71 billion yuan (US$2.260 billion), an increase of 3.9% year-on-year; net profit was 752 million yuan (US$120 million).
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(95 day ago) One, the NetEase strictly selected wireless charging mobile power source (YPA1-8000) open the box to open packaging cartons, items including wireless charging mobile power *1, manual *1, data line *1. In appearance, the forehead part of this product is a black translucent window with a digital tube showing the percentage of residual electricity, the percentage next to a less accurate "galvanometer", and the slippery edge of the whole white fuselage edge.
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(104 day ago) Unlike To C products, To B needs to face more complex business needs, and IM can be deployed to internal systems quickly due to its light weight, so as to eventually become a Wechat under a corporate office scenario. "To achieve the purpose of occupying B-side traffic.
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(107 day ago) This translating egg's packaging has a black overall design. The design is simple. There is only one product on the front of the product. It is intended to highlight the mellow shape of the product itself. The exterior part of the product is opened and savored. On the back of the package is product information, which is marked with a smart speech translator, model number GTA07.
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(108 day ago) The Tencent made "the Tencent", Baidu made the "intelligent revolution", Liu Qiangdong made "oral", Ali and Ma Yun's books have become a model of success, filled with every angle of the airport bookstore. By contrast, on 2000, on Nasdaq, the $34 billion 200 million NetEase President Ding Lei did not have any book about himself or NetEase, and it was like a different sort.
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(130 day ago) The morning of April 10th, micro-blog introduced the "micro-blog user DBD_CN China murder district official micro-blog released micro-blog said," fifth NetEase "personality did not get the" dawn "to clarify the previous NetEase brand licensing, game announcements, misleading" fifth "personality" won the "dawn" to developers authorized "argument.
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(131 day ago) Two years ago, Netease strictly selected consumers in a controversial ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) model: "A good life, not so expensive."
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(132 day ago) On April 5, Tencent Music Entertainment Group said in a statement issued by Tencent Music Entertainment Group that the issue of regulation is aimed at the release of songs related to NetEase and other artists due to copyright issues.As NetEase's cloud music repeatedly infringed and exceeded the scope of the license during the copyright transfer and cooperation, Tencent Music, as the copyright agent, and Jewell reached a consensus, and suspended the negotiation of cooperation and cooperation with NetEase cloud music.NetEase cloud music required to make rectification, the resumption of authorization to negotiate.
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(135 day ago) It seems that from time to time, Tencent and NetEase will have to go through a matter of music copyright. This time the issue seems particularly serious. Recently, Tencent Music issued a statement stating that due to repeated infringements of NetEase Cloud Music during the period of transfer of licenses, it is currently suspended to authorize cooperation negotiations.
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(135 day ago) On April 5th, Betta and Tiger tooth successively canceled the live section of Netease's newcomer Touring the Fifth Personality. In response, Netease claimed that it was due to the “friendship” intimidation.
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(135 day ago) A few days ago, the foreign website torrentfreak found that "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds" has sued the local courts in California for IPR's "Wisness Action" and "Terminator 2" infringement of intellectual property rights.
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(138 day ago) On April 1, NetEase and Yaduo announced that they had reached a strategic cooperation, and the "sleep music", "sleep music" by the two sides, was officially opened in Chengdu's Jinjiang District, the first Hotel Theme below the line of NetEase cloud music.Yuan Foyu, general manager of marketing department of NetEase Company, and VP Conway of Yaduo Market attended the opening party of the hotel.
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(138 day ago) Regarding the reason for the cancellation, the explanation given by Netease Cloud Music is that “The copyright expires and the contract renewal fails.” In 2013, Tencent Music purchased the exclusive copyrights of Jewel, Warner, Fumao, YG, and Sony. Later, after not allowing the purchase of exclusive copyright, Jewel gave Tencent exclusive rights to its copyright. In other words, if you want to use Jewel Music's works on other platforms, you need to obtain a license from Tencent Music.
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(139 day ago) April Fool's day, the NetEase under the cloud frame works of Jay Chou boarded the hot search, micro-blog comments a groaning.after, many love friends pretend to uninstall App: "NetEase can strive for gas ah, in addition to the comments you really have nothing......"
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