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QualComm(高通)News list

(4 day ago) From the era of 3G network, Qualcomm charges the royalty fees in accordance with the price of the whole machine. In the view of these disputed people, we have already purchased Qualcomm's Xiaolong chip. Why do we still have to pay the patent fee separately? Such a business model seems to be hard to understand.
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(4 day ago) During July 10-11, US time, Phoenix Net Technology and other media came to San Diego, California, to visit the global headquarters of wireless communication technology and semiconductor giants that have been established for 33 years. Adjusting the patent fee for 5G mobile phones "Qualcomm is a company that continues to invent and innovate. Every smart phone has Qualcomm's invention.
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(4 day ago) Although it will not be known what kind of naming, it is certain that it will support Bluetooth Bluetooth V5.0 and support the next generation of true wireless Bluetooth new technology TWS Plus. TWS Plus (Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Plus) true wireless technology is a new generation of true wireless Bluetooth headset connection, developed by Qualcomm Qualcomm, the leader of the current true wireless Bluetooth headset industry...
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(6 day ago) The report on Qualcomm stripped server has never been confirmed, and Qualcomm has been silent on this issue. Now, another high-ranking figure has left Qualcomm, so that one ticket to eat the melon crowd is even more Qualcomm on the Centriq product line.
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(7 day ago) Qualcomm, which is in the mobile field, announced its intention to enter the server market at the end of 2014 to build an ARM-based server chip. The Qualcomm Data Center Division (QDT) was established and the first 48 was demonstrated for the first time in two years. The core server chip, the Centriq 2400 series was officially released at the end of 2017.
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(7 day ago) Now, Dileep Bhandarkar, vice president of technology at QDT, has also left. He is the soul of Qualcomm's Falkor ARM server architecture design. Bhandarkar himself and Qualcomm did not make any public statements about the departure, and people only heard about "Pre-Qualcomm" at the recent SemiCon West 2018 Semiconductor Exhibition.
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(15 day ago) Foreign media have reported that China's regulatory authorities have not yet approved the purchase of NXP semiconductor by US $44 billion. The acquisition of NXP is a key link for Qualcomm to diversify its strategy outside the saturated smartphone market. Qualcomm issued a takeover offer to NXP semiconductor in October 2016. NXP is one of the largest manufacturers of automotive electronics in the world. If successful, the acquisition will become one of the largest transactions in the semiconductor industry.
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(16 day ago) Qualcomm said in an official announcement that the current situation in the mobile phone industry to remove 3.5mm headphone ports is becoming more and more common. Consumers are increasingly demanding the ability to listen to wireless headphones for a whole day. Therefore, the company has specially developed this SoC. The QCC3026 not only consumes significantly less power, but it is also a more economical choice for manufacturers.
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(16 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) recalled the incident. Qualcomm filed a patent infringement complaint with Apple before the preliminary decision was expected to be conducted in September. The final result is to determine how much Apple will pay for the Qualcomm chips used on the iPhone.
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(17 day ago) In this class action suit, consumers accused Qualcomm of violating the antitrust laws and hoped that San Francisco district court judge Lucy Koh would block the company from applying for any import ban that might prevent Apple from using Intel chips. Qualcomm has filed a patent infringement complaint with the US International Trade Commission (ITC), and a preliminary ruling on one case is expected to be announced in September.
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(18 day ago) Cristiano R. Amon, president of Qualcomm, the US chip giant, told in an exclusive interview at the Shanghai Global Mobile Conference on June 27. Qualcomm expects 5G data terminals to be released in some markets in December, and the OEM (contract manufacturer) working with Qualcomm will launch fully 5-gigabyte smartphones in March next year.
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(20 day ago) Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 reference design notebook However, everyone's interest in Snapdragon 850, apparently no new generation of "Dragon 1000 SoC" large. After all, whether it is the Snapdragon 835/850, none of the Snapdragon 1000 is more suitable for laptop users seeking performance.
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(21 day ago) Foreign media previously reported that Chinese regulators have not yet approved Qualcomm’s acquisition of NXP Semiconductors for US$44 billion. The acquisition of NXP is a key part of Qualcomm’s strategy to diversify beyond the saturated smartphone market. Qualcomm issued a tender offer for NXP Semiconductors in October 2016.
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(21 day ago) In these two days, "middle-aged IT man", a hot phrase for the past two years, was once again popular because of the incident of the employees of Qualcomm headquarters in the United States. On the evening of June 17, there was an incident of staff jumping from a building at Qualcomm headquarters in San Diego, United States. David Wu, an engineer of Chinese descent, jumped off the sixth floor of the headquarters building and died instantly.
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(22 day ago) The world daily reported on his British home page. Under his name, he wrote "ask yourself what you can do for the society". The signature column quotes a passage from the Bible as self encouragement: many who get, who are asked more, who are paid more, and who ask for more.
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(23 day ago) The patent dispute between apple and Qualcomm has lasted for a year, and the two sides have been deadlocked over the amount of patent fees that Apple should pay for Qualcomm. At last, Apple's side can't sit down today. They have submitted petitions to the US patent and Trademark Office, questioning the effectiveness of Qualcomm's four patents in the dispute, and requiring the four patents to be invalid, so that the patent fee will not be paid.
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(24 day ago) I took out my cell phone, opened the hotspot, connected the computer to a hotspot, and the computer was out of power... The above are some of the scenes that I actually encountered. Many times, due to the needs of the work, it is still difficult to complete most of the work by only using mobile phones to edit text. .
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(25 day ago) "many Chinese colleagues were surprised by the suicide of David Wu, who was very optimistic when he was fired," the report said. David Wu is gentle, rarely speaks at the company, and doesn't have deep feelings with his colleagues. Besides, his children have gone to high school.
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(25 day ago) Informed sources said that the details may also change before the launch of the release. Representatives of Xiaomi, China Mobile and Qualcomm declined to comment. A person who answered the phone at the Shenzhen SF office refused to transfer the call. Bloomberg previously reported that Xiaomi has set a clause for the IPO of up to US$6.1 billion in size, with IPO pricing ranging from 17 to 22 Hong Kong dollars. Xiaomi investors reportedly plans to issue 2.18 billion shares in the IPO.
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(27 day ago) In October 2016, Qualcomm announced the acquisition of NXP semiconductor. After nearly 20 months, this opportunity to become the largest trade in the history of semiconductor industry is still in the process of delay. The deal needs to be approved by 9 countries' antitrust regulators around the world, and the only one that has yet to be approved is the only one in China.
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(27 day ago) ITC's lawyer suggested that judge Thomas Pender judged that Apple infringed one of Qualcomm's three patents—battery energy-saving technology. However, the lawyer also stated that in order not to lag behind China, iPhones that use Intel chips and support next-generation 5G technology can enter the United States.
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(27 day ago) Foreign media reported last week that Chinese regulators have not yet approved Qualcomm’s acquisition of NXP Semiconductors for US$44 billion. The acquisition of NXP is a key part of Qualcomm’s strategy to diversify beyond the saturated smartphone market. Qualcomm issued a tender offer for NXP Semiconductors in October 2016.
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(29 day ago) According to technology blogger AppleInsider Beijing time June 16th, Intel has begun to produce a modem for the new apple iPhone, which is said to be suitable for a variety of mobile communications technology and can make different versions of apple iPhone out of the high pass modem chip.
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(29 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) Qualcomm filed a complaint against Apple about 1 years ago, asking ITC to prohibit the import of iPhone carrying Intel baseband chips in the US. Baseband chip helps mobile phone connect to mobile communication network. In Friday's trial, ITC officials said Apple infringed a Qualcomm patent related to power saving technology.
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(31 day ago) China is the last of the nine countries that must ratify the agreement. However, an official of a Chinese regulatory agency had previously stated that the transaction has "difficulty to resolve." Related articles: Looking forward to China's green light for mergers and acquisitions Qualcomm and NXP stocks rose in response Bloomberg: Historically Qualcomm’s acquisition of NXP’s situational optimism pass Qualcomm met with Chinese officials this week: Acquisition of NXP’s transaction is expected to be approved
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(32 day ago) On the morning of June 13, Beijing time, Qualcomm’s president said that the company is not ready to abandon its plan to develop a processor for the data center. As the largest mobile phone chip maker today, Qualcomm launched some server chips using ARM architecture last year. The move will directly compete with Intel, the leading company in the field, which currently accounts for about half of its revenue from servers and other "data center" chips.
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(33 day ago) Apple recently became a frequent guest in the courtroom, whether it was the Samsung patent case for eight years or the recent MacBook or Apple Watch user class lawsuits that kept them busy. However, the most troublesome issue is the patent dispute between Apple and Qualcomm. As of now, both parties have filed 50 lawsuits in 16 jurisdictions in 6 countries, but none of them can reach a settlement.
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(34 day ago) Tencent technology news, according to foreign media reports, after more than a year of malicious accusations and a series of litigation and counterclaims, the size of a multi billion dollar legal dispute between apple and Qualcomm is about to look at the eyebrows.
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(35 day ago) This week, the U.S. Department of Commerce and ZTE reached a new settlement agreement. Although the latter paid a considerable price, including huge fines and adjustments to the operating landscape, ZTE could return to normal operations and avoid further losses. .
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(39 day ago) Tencent Technologies News, a descendant of Qualcomm's founder, Paul Jacobs, has long been chairman and chief executive of Qualcomm after he resigned from Qualcomm and announced he was buying Qualcomm and delisting it. According to the latest foreign media, Jacobs recently set up a 5 G technology company and invited many of Qualcomm's old departments.
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