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(18 min ago) This year's North Film Festival has been invoiced for more than half a month, and as the official ticketing platform for the North Film Festival's official ticketing platform, the ticket has also earned enough traffic. Seven seconds of stealing the Batman ticket, 10 seconds of stealing the centennial Bergman package, 14 seconds of stealing the Jurassic Park ticket... 14 seconds, 400 packages were all sold out.
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(23 hr ago) Reading: April 16, the Commerce Department's Web site banned U.S. companies from doing any business with ZTE for seven years.ZTE violated a 2017-year settlement with the U.S. government, the statement said.At the time, the US government accused ZTE of illegally exporting to Iran and North Korea.The imposition of this ban by the United States does not circumvent the implementation of a global law, the Wassenaar Agreement.
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(1 day ago) Even so, the FCC has stated in a previous draft that the review by Congress showed that Huawei and ZTE may pose security threats. Just a day before, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued an announcement stating that because ZTE had made false statements to U.S. officials, the U.S. government banned U.S. companies from selling sensitive components to ZTE for a period of 7 years.
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(1 day ago) In April 15, 2014, with the help of China's local partners, Century Internet, Microsoft announced its Office 365 cloud service officially landed in China. Before that, Microsoft's Azure cloud service has also entered the Chinese market through the Internet of the century. With this announcement, Office 365 has become the only international productivity cloud platform landing in China, and has become the first cross platform and cross device productivity tool in China.
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(1 day ago) Tencent technology news, according to foreign media reports, the Federal Communications Association (hereinafter referred to as "FCC") voted on Tuesday approved a new proposal, designed to prevent U.S. mobile operators to use federal subsidies to buy HUAWEI and ZTE and other Chinese products.
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(2 day ago) (Figure: Loss of 5G leadership may affect a country's economy) Analysys Mason believes that after China and South Korea, the United States and Japan can also gain global leadership in the 5G field. This study marks the latest progress in 5G technology.
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(2 day ago) In the evening of April 16, U.S. Department of Commerce officials disclosed that because of violations of U.S. regulations, U.S. companies were banned from selling components to Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer ZTE in the next seven years. US Department of Commerce officials stated that according to the agreement at that time, ZTE promised to dismiss 4 senior employees and punish 35 employees by reducing bonuses or penalties.
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(2 day ago) Tencent Technology reported its results for the first quarter of 2018 on Monday.After the results were released, Netflix CEO Reed Hastingser, Chief Financial Officer David Wellsn, Chief content Officer Ted Sarandoson, Chief Product Officer Greg Petersand Vice President of Finance and Investor RelationsSenior executives, including Spencer Wang, attended the analyst conference call.
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(2 day ago) Yesterday, UBS issued a report saying that the price of the 5.8-inch iPhone X in 2018 will start at 1099 yuan, which may make many people unhappy. However, the bad news does not stop there. UBS made it clear in its second report that Apple’s dominance in China has ended.
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(2 day ago) The reporter of “Link” magazine recently conducted an exclusive interview with Kaifu Li, CEO of Innovation Workshop. Kai-Fu Lee is betting heavily on machine learning technology, and China has now taken the lead in this area.
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(3 day ago) Sina Technology interviewed related parties in this regard, trying to explore the reasons behind the departure of executives. In the picture, the left three are CFO Yao Yao, the right one is Zhou Hongyi’s wife Hu Huan’s CFO Yao Yao’s departure, and Zhou Hongyi’s attendance at public affairs shows public information. Yao Hao is a Chinese CPA. Before and after 2000, she used to be the chief financial officer of Sohu. He joined 360 as the financial controller in 2006, was promoted to vice president of finance in 2008, and became the CFO of the joint chief financial officer of 360 in May 2012.
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(3 day ago) On April 14th, Ghibli’s official Chinese WeChat issued the “Ghibli’s Official World Statement”. According to the sources, the only officially authorized exhibition website in Japan, Ghibli Studios, is the “World of GHIBLI in China” operated and maintained by Shanghai New Chuanghua Cultural Development Co., Ltd. Formally launched.
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(4 day ago) Recently, Mr. Liu Guanzhong said in an interview that “the Red Dot Award is a business establishment to cheat on the Chinese people’s money.” The Red Dot Award official responded today and the platform also expressed its own views on this. The details are as follows:
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(5 day ago) China Unicom 2G users do not need to panic. China Unicom responded on the official Weibo on April 13th that China Unicom is indeed promoting the frequency reduction of 2G networks in an orderly manner. Its main approach is to promote 2G customers' consumption upgrades to 4G networks.
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(5 day ago) Author: Liang Chen he deliberately blocked the IP address of the Web page, it is because fear of small mineral pool DDoS attacks - all public pools mine, generally suffered from such attacks: a large number of legitimate requests take up a lot of network resources to To achieve the purpose of network.
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(6 day ago) On April 3, the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office released a list of China-Taiwan tax investigation products, which will involve China’s export of US$50 billion. From the announcement list, the scope of taxation is aimed at China's advanced manufacturing and technology fields.
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(7 day ago) The following is a summary of Wendrows’s article: Last year, when I talked with many Chinese executives about their experiences in Silicon Valley, their consensus was disappointing. An executive said: “Frankly, I don’t know Silicon Valley. What can boast.
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(7 day ago) According to the Nets’ current valuation of US$2.3 billion, Cai Chongxin’s acquisition exceeded US$1 billion. This is the largest investment from China in NBA history. Cai Chongxin has also become the first Chinese boss in the history of the 51st team in the Nets. However, since this is Cai Chongxin's personal investment, the team will not be renamed as "Brooklyn Taobao" or "Brooklyn Tmall" as the Chinese Handcuffs hope.
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(7 day ago) Note: fitness industry is the representative product of "consumption upgrading". After satisfying the material needs, people began to pursue a healthier physique and more body shape. Though fitness is also a business of "selling anxiety", but nothing sports is not a bad thing. This industry report, from the gym, the user, the next three of today's China fitness industry, together have a look today, what kind of people are spending money on line iron.
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(7 day ago) KGI securities analyst Guo Mingji issued a document called today, Apple Corp is facing the biggest challenge in recent years, but the challenge is not from the hardware products, but the rapid China mobile phone manufacturers in the software service. Guo Mingji said that from some cases, it is not hard to see that Apple has gone a step behind in hardware and software development, which will cause serious consequences for Apple's software and hardware innovation strategy.
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(7 day ago) On April 12th, two people familiar with the matter said to Reuters this week that Tesla plans to start producing Model Y SUV from November 2019, while at the same time, it plans to start manufacturing in China in 2021. However, some people believe that the new plan in Tesla may also make a large consumption of the company's resources and capacity.
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(8 day ago) According to South Korea, "Asian economy" website on April 10th citing "Korean Daily" reported that in 2018, the global big data market size is estimated to be $150 billion (about 944 billion 310 million yuan), as of 2020 is expected to expand to $210 billion (about 1 trillion and 300 billion yuan).
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(8 day ago) Note: From the B station to iQiyi, why can't China's video site become Netflix? There are three reasons for the conclusion: unable to pay membership fees as the full source of income; unable to form an industry monopoly; unable to make a global streaming media The platform makes the number of subscribers in overseas markets exceed the number of local users.
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(8 day ago) In 2018, China's aerospace industry launched an unprecedented intensive space launch. It is estimated that the whole year's mission can reach 35 times, including a series of major projects such as long march five, Beidou three and Chang'e four.
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(8 day ago) Electric car manufacturer Tesla CEO Elon Musk in individual Twitter is related to the China further opening up and reduce import tariffs on cars reported: "this is a very important step Chinese, avoid a trade war would bring benefits to all countries."
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(9 day ago) Tencent Technology News, this week, Apple released a new red version of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which is Apple's initiative to raise funds for charitable organizations. Apple has released many red special editions in its history. According to the latest news from foreign media, on Tuesday local time, Apple officially launched a new mobile phone booking, and the delivery time of various countries is also announced.
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(9 day ago) The back-to-back dragon and tiger list shows that the agency has become the main force of sales, selling the top 5 four institutional seats and selling a total of 190 million yuan. Spring Plumbing Duck Prophet, Lansi Technology said that the primary reason for the decline in company performance is the overall weak demand for consumer electronics products.
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(10 day ago) China has a total of 18 technology brands with a total value of US$249.4 billion, accounting for 17% of the total brand value of the list. Among them, Alibaba ranked first in China, and Tencent and Huawei entered the top ten. The list of all Chinese brands and rankings are as follows: No. 13:
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(10 day ago) “This is a good policy. Whether it is a generic drug or an innovative drug, being able to enter the Medicare reimbursement list and eventually enter the hospital is the core. To truly achieve import substitution, it is to reimburse only generic drugs that pass the conformity assessment on Medicare reimbursement. In response to an interview with First Finance, Zheng Weiyi, chairman of Nanjing Yingnuo Pharmaceutical, said, "Since your generic medicine is already the same as the original research medicine, only if the insurance reimbursement system stipulates that China's generic medicine can really do a good job of import substitution. Can become a reality.
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(10 day ago) The results show that in 2018, the number of 5G effective connections is only 100,000, and in 2019 it can reach 12 million. From 2021 onwards, the number of 5G equipment will be in an eruption trend. Among them, users in China and North America will be the main force.
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