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(5 hr ago) Access: Intel again won some orders for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X with the XMM 7480 baseband processor after Intel's eighth Generation Core Windows 10 Shenzhou letter "upgraded the winning combination."
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(6 hr ago) Access: Intel 8 Generation Core Windows 10 letter "upgrade winning combination" about the 8-core Coffee Lake processor has a lot of news before, but the Pcbuildersclub website explodes this material much more than before. The first is the release time for the next generation of processors, which is only known as the autumn release, but there is no time to say that the message they received was that Intel had an NDA date.
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(1 day ago) Raja Koduri met Jim Keller at Intel Israel Haifa laboratory a day, and my friends met to look very happy. Raja Koduri also praised Jim Keller to join Intel for less than three months, but it was very efficient and happy, working with him as if "the performance ratio of every watt is 25 times higher".
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(1 day ago) The Dhyana processor originated from the cooperation agreement between AMD and China Haiguang Group in 2016. AMD licenses the high-performance X86 architecture to Chinese companies with a license fee of 293 million US dollars. The Dhyana processor is a product of cooperation between the two parties, mainly for the server market. It can be said that it is a modified version of AMD EPYC processor in China.
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(3 day ago) Intel today announced that it will acquire a company called eASIC, and the transaction will be completed within the next month. Details have not been disclosed. eASIC develops FPGA design tools for "structured ASICs."
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(3 day ago) Some specifications include: 8th generation Intel Corei 3-8100 processor (6MB cache, up to 3.6 GHz), 4GB DDR4 2400MHz memory, up to 32GB (extra memory sold separately) 3.5 inch 1TB 7200 rpm SATA hard drive tray loaded DVD drive (read and Write to DVD ...
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(5 day ago) After 3DMark, the GeekBench 4 test database also appeared in the next generation Core i7-8565U, an SB50 from Lenovo, confirmed as 4 core 8 threads, the base frequency is 2.0GHz, and the core frequency dynamic acceleration is up to 4.6GHz. There is also a 8MB L3 cache.
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(6 day ago) After the two major security vulnerabilities of Meltdown and Spectre were discovered, the vulnerabilities in Intel processors began to appear, especially the ghost vulnerabilities.
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(6 day ago) Intel released a total of 13 mitigation measures to address potential security risks on Tuesday. Includes patches for Spectre v1 (Ghost Vulnerability, Bypassing Boundary Storage) variants and bugs where local users can read BIOS and administrator passwords from memory leaks (CVE-2017-5704, affecting 4~7 generation Core platforms) .
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(7 day ago) Now the Skylake-SP Xeon extensible family supports six channel DDR4 memory, with up to 2 memory bars per channel, up to 12 single paths, and the maximum capacity 1.5TB - AMD EPYC has been supported to the eight channel, 2TB.
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(7 day ago) The Intel Extreme Edition CPU reputation was launched when the "Crysis" was released, and the Core 2 Extreme Edition became famous. The special status of the Francois Piednoel netizen is that he is a former Intel chief engineer responsible for performance and system architecture.
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(7 day ago) Intel will not find the right CEO for the first half of the time, the 50th anniversary celebrations to be hosted by temporary CEO Bob Swan, today (July 9th in the United States) they dug out the time capsule buried 15 years ago, this is one of the activities to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the year, the big guess Intel's time capsule has what Baby!
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(7 day ago) However, with a careful review of Martin's resume, he only worked in Intel for 1 years and 9 months (December 2016). He had been in the UK Imagination company for 25 years, and was the executive vice president of PowerVR R & D, a major contributor to the PowerVR graphics IP.
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(8 day ago) From the high end to the low end: first, the server market's SP family, now Skylake-SP, Cascade Lake-SP after Q3 this year, Copper Lake-SP after Q3 next year, and Icelake-SP for 10nm processes in Q3 2020.
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(10 day ago) A report earlier this week said Apple had decided to abandon its use of Intel's "Sunny Peak" 5G modem in its 2020 iPhone. However, Intel today dismissed the report.
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(11 day ago) As legal proceedings against Qualcomm remain unsolved, apple is considered to be leaning to Intel on the iPhone baseband order, with a small proportion of the Intel baseband in the previous iPhone phone, and it is said that the Intel baseband will reach 70% in 2018, which is a good profit for the Intel company, especially in the coming time. The 5G era.
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(12 day ago) Tencent Technology News, July 5 According to foreign media reports, Intel will not provide baseband chips to Apple's iPhone smartphones in the future. Intel has just confirmed that the company has stopped developing some of the 5G communication baseband chips that were originally planned to be used on the Apple iPhone.
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(12 day ago) Calcalist said that Apple has been described as a key customer and driving force for 5G mobile modems, highlighting how much this business adjustment has had on the chip giant: Intel executives mentioned in the newsletter that the company has been Apple Informed that it will not use the mobile modem chip they developed on the next generation of mobile devices.
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(12 day ago) Raja Koduri sent a picture on Twitter recently. He went to Intel's lab in Haifa, Israel, and saw the staff of the local lab, including Jim Keller, who were formerly acquaintances. After working with AMD for many years, Raja is responsible for AMD's GPU business. Jim Keller is responsible for AMD's CPU. During his tenure, he was mainly involved in the development of the Zen architecture. In 2015, his predecessor title was AMD's chief architect.
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(13 day ago) News distribution (Mei Jun cameraman air force Christian Conrad / photo), Intel Shooting Star system integrated hardware and software solutions that can be used in a safer, quiet and cleaner way to replace fireworks and smoke pollution, causing fire or damage risk.
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(13 day ago) After deep digging, Intel's latest eight-generation Core family spec sheet, there are actually these seven products, and there are detailed specifications, even more in the clouds. I5-9600K: 6 core 6 threads, 3 levels of cache 9MB, clocked 3.7-4.5GHz, GT2 core graphics, 350-1150MHz, memory DDR4-2666, thermal design power 95W.
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(13 day ago) In a statement, Google said to Bryant that it expressed gratitude for her contribution to Google’s work and we wish her the smooth future. Business Insider reported on the departure of Bryant's departure earlier.
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(14 day ago) Although some people speculate that the successor of the eighth generation family may be 10nm IceLake, others think it will become a part of Coffee Lake Refresh. Interestingly, all six of the six core CPU, mentioned in the document, belong to the Coffee Lake S code, belonging to its "eighth generation Intel core processor series", unlike the ninth generation that has been expected, all of which seem to have confirmed this.
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(14 day ago) Nevertheless, the contrast between Ryzen 5 2600X and 2600 is not so obvious. The core of the physics six is the two generation dragon chip, which sells roughly the same price as the previous generation. Many of the first generation of CPU have disappeared from the Mindfactory shelves, perhaps because retailers have opened the discount sale.
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(15 day ago) In the competition history of Intel and AMD, AMD has always been the weak side. No matter the size of revenue or product R & D and production, the gap between the two sides is great. In most cases, the AMD is pressed by Intel. However, in the decades of competition between the two sides, the "fighter" AMD has also made important contributions to the innovation and development of the processor, and the words of Intel will be overturned by the AMD.
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(15 day ago) After being banned from exports by the United States, the Guangzhou Supercomputing Center upgraded the Tianhe 2A supercalculation using a domestic Matrix-2000 acceleration card, and improved its performance from 54.9PFLOPS to 97.9PFLOPS. Tianhe 2 is a supercalculation at the Guangzhou Supercomputing Center in China. It uses the Intel Xeon E5-2692 12 core processor and the Xeon Phi 31S1P acceleration card, with a total of 3 million 120 thousand cores and the whole power of 17808 kW.
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(15 day ago) Visit: the apple online store (China) reports that Apple has not yet made a final decision, because it is not easy to reach a broad consensus among the two companies on the product roadmap, technology development, and cooperation efforts. The baseband of MediaTek has attracted much attention. It is mainly based on the Helio M70 5G baseband at the Taipei computer exhibition in June, based on TSMC 7Nm technology, with a peak rate of 5Gbps.
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(15 day ago) Should you be a brand or product in advertising? Many people think that American corporate culture will not be as tearful as Chinese companies. In fact, direct business friends are their normal state, but most companies will not use such low-level means, blackmail smearing their opponents, the consequences are serious, not as good as Directly in the past.
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(16 day ago) FanlessTech first exposed a new generation of NUC, code-named Bean Canyon, a total of five series, are integrated 8 generations of Core low-voltage processors, but the suffix number "9" sharpen nuclear enhanced version. The model number is as follows:
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(18 day ago) Digitimes quoted industry news that HP, DELL, Lenovo, Acer and ASUS have been unable to launch a new generation of CPU notebooks in the second half of 2018. The main reason is that the new product of Intel is released late and is not up to the peak season of this year.
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