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(23 hr ago) According to Lei Feng. In the PC era, Intel does not produce personal computers, but many models use Intel chips. But in the era of smart phones, it is another situation. In the end, Intel turned its attention to the Internet of Things. At the 2018 Intel IoT Summit, Thomas Lantzsch, senior vice president and general manager of Intel's IoT business unit, said that in the Internet of Things, Intel is more optimistic about autonomous driving, after the acquisition of Mobileye...
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(3 day ago) Beijing time on September 21st news, Wall Street investment bank Jefferies today released a report that due to the serious shortage of Intel processors, competitor AMD's market share is expected to increase from the current 10% to 30%.
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(3 day ago) In the early morning of September 22, Beijing time, Wall Street analysts were worried about the shortage of Intel processors, which they thought might last more than a quarter.
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(4 day ago) Access: Intel 8 Generation Core Windows 10 Shenzhou. com "upgrade winning combination" Intel introduced U.2 Optane 905P SSD (960-GB / 1.5-TB) performance aspects of the Optane 905P can reach 575k / 550k random read and write. And the I / O delay of less than 11 Ms, the current market leader.
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(7 day ago) This is particularly evident in share prices and market capitalization. In just a few years, Nvidia has achieved the legend of 10-fold shares, rising 16.4 times in five years, 36.1% so far this year (YTD), and slightly less than AMD's 5-year gain (6.8 times), but this year's performance, even in all technology stocks, has been one-sided (177.6%) compared with Intel's 5-year rise of only 0.98 times, YTD. Even the yield of -2.73%.
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(8 day ago) Access: Intel's eight-generation Core + Windows 10 China Netcom "upgrade winning combination" However, the M.2 specification of the 905P has not yet been sold in the market, Intel retail pioneers also appeared on the user's inquiry stickers. In response, the official reply stated that the M.2 specification 905P will be available in most e-commerce channels at the end of October.
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(8 day ago) Interview: Intel 8 Generation Core Windows 10 Shenzhou. com letter "upgrade winning combination" Intel-Nanjing University artificial Intelligence IPCC Center opening ceremony, Nanjing University artificial Intelligence School of artificial Intelligence Dean Zhou Zhihua said: "this time the two sides of the joint Not only contribute to the research of artificial intelligence technology, It has also provided the conditions for the Institute of artificial Intelligence of Nanjing University to cultivate talents with outstanding software and hardware engineering capabilities, thus further promoting the popularization of artificial intelligence. We hope this innovative artificial intelligence algorithm and solution can drive more application deployment.
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(9 day ago) Visit: Intel's eight-generation Core + Windows 10 China Netcom "upgrade winning combination" Specifically, Intel's discount mainly appears in multi-core product orders below 1,000, even the discount rate is up to two-digit percentage, it can be said to retain small and medium-sized customers Strong signal.
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(10 day ago) Access: Intel Eight-Generation Core Windows 10 Shenzhou letter "upgrade to win the combination" development will also rewrite the driver UI and functional changes, add game optimization, game advertising and other features, sounds somewhat similar to NVIDIA's GFE.
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(10 day ago) Visit: Intel's eight generations of Core + Windows 10 China's online letter "upgrade winning combination" on this issue, Intel sent us a statement on the supply of processors in the second half of 2018, as follows: "This year, customer demand situation The continued improvement has driven the growth of Intel's business lines, bringing our revenue forecast for 2018 to $4.5 billion in January.
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(11 day ago) Access: Intel 8 Generation Core Windows 10 Shenzhou. com letter "upgrade winning combination" Z370 chipset in the official series belong to the Kaby Lak PCH-H 200 series, and Z390 and the recently released B360 H370 chipset from the original Cannonlake PCH-H chipset, the true 300 series, The process is 14 nm and the Z 370 is 22 nm.
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(12 day ago) On September 12, Nanjing University and Intel announced the establishment of the Intel-Nanjing University Artificial Intelligence Joint Research Center. The two sides will further strengthen cooperation in artificial intelligence technology innovation, personnel training and ecological construction. Zhou Zhihua, Dean of the Academy of Artificial Intelligence of Nanjing University, and Song Jiqiang, Dean of Intel China Academy, attended the opening ceremony.
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(17 day ago) On the next generation of processors, Intel has no new architecture and new process processors due to the 10nm process delay, but AMD will launch the 7nm process Zen 2 architecture processor next year. Currently, there are internal training materials to remind channel investors to process AMD next year. The performance may exceed Intel's performance.
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(19 day ago) Intel Eight-Generation Core Windows 10 letter "upgrade winning combination" We mentioned earlier that although the overall price of the box version of Eight-Generation Core is a little more expensive than the previous generation, the Eight-Generation Core processor in the distribution did a miracle before. The price of the core i7-8700K wafer was just around 2200 before the low price, and the price of the Core i5-8400 was as low as a thousand yuan for less than $600 for the core i3-81004 core.
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(19 day ago) It's more than two months since Brian Krzanich, a former CEO, submitted his resignation after an office romance with employees, and with no real progress in finding a CEO successor, Intel seems to have decided to break the 50-year tradition of looking outside candidates for the first time. .
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(21 day ago) Access: Intel Eight-Generation Core Windows 10 Shenzhou letter "upgraded the winning combination" but may have received an official warning from Intel that it deleted some of its more sensitive videos last night. But it is still possible to confirm that the Intel Core i7-9700K can be overtaken to the level of 5.3GHz, depending on the thin, single-tower air-cooled radiator of Kyushu Fengshen Xuan Bing 400. It appears that the previous limited edition Core i7-8086K was a scalpel test.
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(21 day ago) Access: Intel's eight-generation Core + Windows 10 China Netcom "Upgrade Winning Combination" core, frequency and backward compatibility with the 300-series motherboards are exactly the same as before. Let's analyze the performance below. Geekbench 4 has no comparative value for processors of different platforms (such as mobile phones and desktops). In the vertical view, the previous generation i7-8700K (6C12T, 3.7/4.7GHz) single core is about 6000 or so. About 27,000 or so...
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(23 day ago) In the AMD system, the best sales are Ryzen 7 2700X, Ryzen 5 2600 and Ryzen 5 1600. The second-generation thread ripper TR 2990WX, which was listed soon, also contributed some sales. Considering the price of 13,999 yuan, the niche is inevitable.
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(23 day ago) Access: Intel Eight-Generation Core Windows 10 letter "upgrade winning combination" in order to prevent graphics and display frame rate not synchronously appear in the picture tearing Nvidia presented the G-SyncCU AMD presented the Freesync.
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(23 day ago) This week Intel released the new U-series of the eighth-generation Core processor (formerly known as Whiskey Lake) and the Y-series (formerly Amber Lake), which is Intel's first optimized for thin and light notebooks and 2-in-1 product connectivity. Series products.
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(24 day ago) Interview: Intel 8 Generation Core Windows 10 Shenzhou net letter "upgrade to win combination" however, what is unexpected is that the supply of 14nm capacity has not kept pace with demand, citing industry chain sources. This also began to affect the main PC manufacturers in the second half of the overall shipment.
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(25 day ago) Access: Intel 8 Generation Core Windows 10 Shenzhou letter "upgrade to win combination" in addition to the competition of AMD,NVIDIA, Intel also mentioned that it would support Adaptive Sync technology, now three years later, Intel has not been specifically implemented. Executives at the company said they would support Adaptive Sync technology, only to show that GPU hasn't upgraded its toothpaste in the past two years.
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(25 day ago) At this week's North American Open Source Summit, Linux stabilizer Greg Kroah-Hartman attacked Intel's approach to disclosure of Maltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.
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(25 day ago) Access: Intel 8 Generation Core Windows 10 Shenzhou letter "upgrade to win" Intel until January 3 this year officially announced Meltdown and Spectre
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(25 day ago) Visit: Intel's eight generations of Core + Windows 10 Shenzhou network letter "upgraded winning combination" AnandTech deliberately inquired and found things a bit complicated. Ghosts and blown holes have been continually being explored. They are not as simple as two vulnerabilities. They have at least six different variants. Intel's recent new products can only immunize some of them at the hardware level. The rest still depends on firmware and system. patch.
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(26 day ago) On August 29th, during the IFA exhibition, Intel officially released six new generations of Core processor products, including the U-series Whiskey Lake and the Y-series Amber Lake. The new products are mainly for mid-range notebooks. Computer, thin and light notebook or 2-in-1 tablet notebook.
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(26 day ago) Access: Intel 8 Generation Core Windows 10 letter "upgrade to win combination" recently released a new H310C, the biggest feature is the native installation of Windows 7 system to meet the needs of many nostalgia parties, but unexpectedly, It retreated to 22nm.
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(27 day ago) In addition to the appearance material upgrade, internal specifications have also been significantly upgraded, equipped with Intel's latest announcement of Whiskey Lake's eighth-generation processor, users can choose 8GB or 16GB of memory according to their own needs.
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(29 day ago) Access: Intel's eight generations of Core + Windows 10 China's online letter "upgrade winning combination" but this time, Intel's bulk processor prices have increased, Core i5-8400 has more than 1,300 blocks, not much difference from the boxed price The price is really gone.
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(31 day ago) From the official progress point of view, they will produce 10nm energy by the end of next year, but it is not so fast for analysts, and Intel's craftsmanship will last for a long time, and it is possible to fall behind 5-7 years. It is precisely because of Intel's delay in manufacturing process and AMD's progress in new processes, Rosenblatt analyst Mosesmann raised AMD's target price to $30 on Thursday, with 40% upside.
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