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(10 hr ago) Take i5-8600K for example, which was generally $280-300 a few weeks ago, and now has dropped to about $257 in major e-commerce channels, keeping the recommended retail price flat. The situation of i7-8700K is basically the same, gradually returning to the MSRP interval of 359~370 US dollars.
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(1 day ago) Intel will give priority to first-line manufacturers such as HP, Dell, and Lenovo, giving priority to high-priced CPUs, or winning large-scale purchase orders from the government and education departments. Intel Q4's quarterly reduction of 2 million processor supply is mainly for the DIY market, which is expected to cause motherboard shipments to decline by 10-20%. However, DIY vendors are not able to take care of the situation when they are out of stock, and Intel has to take care of it. Large customers and important orders.
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(2 day ago) AMD has also promoted the VESA Standards Organization to develop the Adaptive Sync standard as part of DisplayPort standard, with wider product and game support and lower cost and price.
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(3 day ago) Spectre, Meltdown, Forestadow, etc., and patches that patch or mitigate the impact of the vulnerability have a significant impact on performance. The main change in 4.20 is the implementation of STIBP for Intel's Hyper-Threading-enabled processors (representing Single Thread Indirect Branch)
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(3 day ago) Over the years, Intel has established itself as a reliable supplier of cellular modems. Although most of the company's revenue from modems comes from independent modems sold to Apple's iPhone product line, Intel also said its portfolio targets for modem battalions include "tablets, personal computers and Internet of Things devices".
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(3 day ago) According to this timeline, Cascade Lake-SP will be released in the fourth quarter of this year, but will be divided into two waves, the first batch only has XCC multi-core part. Intel's current server chips have three different cores, XCC up to 28 cores, HCC up to 18 cores, and LCC up to 10 cores. In other words, the first batch of platforms on the next generation shipped only 20-28 core high-end models.
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(4 day ago) Digitimes quoted supply chain sources as saying that Intel will reduce the processor supply in the DIY market in order to protect the processor supply in the notebook and server market. Industry insiders say that the supply of DIY processors in the Q4 quarter is as high as 2 million. Supplying 6 million processors, which means a 25% reduction.
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(5 day ago) In the era of dual-core Pentium D, people look scornful when they hear that glue is multi-core. But today in 2018, not only AMD is using glue multi-core technology, but Intel, which last year also used glue multi-core technology to attack AMD EPYC processors with its shortcomings such as high latency and poor performance, has also launched glue multi-core 48-core processors this year, and will have more glue in the future. Nuclear technology is flourish.
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(5 day ago) In November 14th, Intel Artificial Intelligence Conference (AIDC 2018) was held at the China World Trade Center hotel in Beijing. This is Intel's third AI conference in China, and the first time Intel is dedicated to developers and technology communities.
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(6 day ago) At the first AI Developers'Conference held in Beijing, Intel officially launched the second generation of Neural Compute Stick 2/NCS 2, which is still only the size of U disk. It enables developers to develop and deploy deep neural network (DNN) applications more intelligently and efficiently to meet the needs of the new generation of intelligent devices.
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(6 day ago) Intel announced the new NCS 2 product at the AI Developers'Conference in Beijing. For example, Peter Ma combines the early NCS with microscopes and laptops to create a device that can observe bacterial contaminants in water.
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(6 day ago) Raja Koduri also said that it will be Intel's main R&D center, which can help the development of graphics technology and realize Intel's ambitions in computing hardware and software with the industry leading edge of Bangalore (India Silicon Valley).
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(7 day ago) In the morning of November 13, Intel announced the XMM 8160 5G multi-mode baseband for mobile phones, PCs and networking equipment. According to Intel, the baseband was launched more than half a year earlier than originally planned.
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(9 day ago) In August, Intel announced the Cascade Lake-SP processor at the Hot Chips conference, the next generation of superpower. However, the technical parameters announced at that time were few, and even the specific model information was not known.
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(9 day ago) Among them, the top model of the whole department is Xeon Platinum 8280, 28 core, 2.7GHz, and power consumption 205W. The most popular models are Xeon Bronze 3204, 6 core, main frequency 1.9GHz, and power consumption 85W.
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(13 day ago) CDK Global also said the company's current CEO Brian McDonald (Brian MacDonald) will leave, just over a year before he takes office. Kozac, 58, served as Intel CEO. between May 2013 and June 2018.
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(13 day ago) However, the federal and state governments can still force companies to adjust their data privacy policies, or even demand compensation from companies. This week, Intel has begun discussing the draft with members of Congress. For Silicon Valley technology companies, it would be a great victory to avoid civil action.
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(14 day ago) The Cascade Lake AP is 3.4 times more powerful than the AMD Epyc 7601, which shut down the AMD chip's hyperthreading during testing, on the grounds that
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(14 day ago) Following the launch of the iPhone XS in September, Apple held another press conference on October 30th to update products that have not been updated for a long time, such as Macbook Air and Mac mini. Of course, a new generation of iPad Pro has also been released. In addition to the changes in the appearance of the screen, the A12X Bionic processor is also worthy of attention.
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(15 day ago) Visit: When Apple released the iPhone XS/XS Max in September, the A12X Bionic processor, the world's first 7-nm processor in Apple's mouth, was frequently mentioned and even revealed a game of Apple's chess during the whole event.
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(15 day ago) Reddit user ingebor has been regularly announcing sales and sales data of AMD and Intel processors on Mindfactory, a German e-commerce platform. Although it is only a business platform, the latest data has arrived in October this year. Here are sales and sales of AMD and Intel processor on Mindfactory e-commerce in October. Data.
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(15 day ago) But Intel points out that the goal of E-2100 is to increase productivity and security. One of the key differences is the support for software protection extensions (SGX). The security zone allows full encryption of data in memory and across-bus transmission to prevent malware from making any observations outside.
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(17 day ago) An attacker can use Hyper-Threading technology to run a malicious process in parallel with a legitimate thread, stealing a small amount of data from a legitimate process, and allowing the attacker to reconstruct the encrypted data that is legally entering the city. The only requirement for this type of attack is that the malicious process and the legitimate thread must run on the same physical core, but this is not difficult.
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(17 day ago) You may have heard that operators are starting to talk about 5G coming soon. Although no operator has officially launched the technology, according to foreign media Fast Company reports, Apple plans to introduce 5G technology into the iPhone in 2020.
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(17 day ago) Fast Company, a well-known business magazine in the United States, quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Apple plans to launch a 5G iPhone in 2020 and use Intel's 8161 modem. This phone will be Apple's first product to support the 5G standard.
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(19 day ago) Access: Apple's online store (China) graphics performance, claims to reach the Xbox One S level. Obviously, the simplest and most measurable measure of performance is running points. A running score for the suspected new iPad Pro appeared in the GeekBench 4.3 database.
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(20 day ago) It is well known that Apple has always been reluctant to disclose the specific model of the processor when it releases new Mac hardware. Apple's release of the 2018 MacBook Air on October 30 followed this trend.
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(20 day ago) Pride non-volatile memory is based on 3D Xpoint technology and shares memory chips with the current Pride SSD to compensate for the data immutability and large-capacity features that traditional DDR4 memory does not have. A single maximum of 512GB can be used with Xeon Scalable processors.
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(21 day ago) Among them, TSMC was selected as the only designated Intel OEM partner. As a result, Intel's own 14nm pipeline will ensure the supply of Xeon and core processors. However, when asked by the media, Intel refused to respond to market rumors.
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(21 day ago) The service is known as "travel as a service" and is expected to begin commercial operation in 2022. Champion Motors will be responsible for the operation and control center of the fleet. The Israeli government has accepted the plan and will support it by sharing the infrastructure and transport data it needs.
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