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(5 hr ago) External solid-state drives based on U17 master are expected to go on sale next year (via AnandTech). It is reported that the PS2251-17 master supports two NAND flash channels, 16 CEs, flash memory including 3D TLC and 3D QLC, and has Toggle 3.0 or ONFI 4.0 interfaces.
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(1 day ago) PCIe 4.0 hard disk is also the best breakthrough for AMD to push PCIe 4.0 technology. At present, two companies, Cluster and Huirong, have launched the main control of PCIe 4.0. Among them, PS5016-E16 of Cluster has the most complete technology and the highest performance. The dual-core CoXProcessor processor supports eight channels and 32 flash chips with 800MT/s interface data rate, and its continuous read-write performance can reach 5GB/s and 4.4GB/s, compared with PCIe. 3.0 X4 increased by 43% and 33%.
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(1 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China's official mall, Windows, also repaired some of the feedback received during the internal preview phase in today's version update. Support 32-bit WebView on 64-bit hosts and disable status bar and development tools.
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(1 day ago) (via AnandTech) In order to double the effective bandwidth, PCI-Sig implements PAM 4 (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) signaling in PCIe 6.0, instead of NRZ coding scheme, and also uses the low delay forward error correction (FEC) additional mechanism.
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(2 day ago) Now, Gigabyte is the first to officially release its own PCIe 4.0 SSD product, and the model is called "AORUS NVMe Gen4 SSD". GIGABYTE PCIe 4.0 SSD uses the PS5016-E16 master solution of GroupLink Electronics, manufactured in 28nm process, with eight flash channels, supporting 32 memory particles per channel, and taking PCIe 4.0 x4 system bus, providing 8GB/s of sufficient memory. Bandwidth and support for NVMe 1.3...
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(3 day ago) "You can hardly measure how much damage you have done to the administration of justice by abusing trust," Judge Joan Ericksen said at Friday's sentencing hearing. Over the years, ArsTechca, the foreign media, has been following the actions of Hansmeier and his business partner John Steele.
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(5 day ago) (via AnandTech) At Computex 2019 earlier this month, Huirong presented a prototype M.4 NVMe SSD called Agylstor. It is based on SM2270 master control scheme of SMI, has three pairs of ARM Cortex R5 cores, supports 2KB LDPC error correction, and has 16 NAND channels.
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(6 day ago) (The title map via AnandTech) Gigabyte hopes that the X570 Aorus Master will be accepted by the average consumer, but it is priced at $349 (2415 RMB). As a flagship motherboard, the X570 Aorus Master offers four DDR4 memory slots, up to 128GB capacity, and three PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2 slots (with separate auxiliary heat sinks) and six SATA interfaces.
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(6 day ago) With the advent of the digital age, IT systems have become an integral part of the normal functioning of human society. In the near future, technologies such as smart manufacturing, 5G and artificial intelligence will become important engines for the development of productivity, and human society will face an unprecedented wave of digitalization.
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(9 day ago) Technologies, the development of customized security mobile phone IntactPhone. They are equivalent to the Sith and Jedi in Star Wars. The entrepreneur's name is Shalev
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(11 day ago) Among them, MAP1001 supports PCIe 3.0 x4, and can mount multi-type, multi-brand flash memory chips such as 3D MLC/TLC/QLC. Performance, MAP1001 can achieve up to 3.5GB / s sequential read speed, 3GB / s sequential write speed, 800K IOPS random read speed and 600K IOPS random write speed.
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(12 day ago) Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, Hybrid Robotics Lab, have been working on a biped robot called Cassie Cal, which can now "ride" on its legs on campus. Scientists say that "suspension shoes" are like self-balancing skateboards cut in half.
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(13 day ago) (AntoTech) In addition, Bodi has equipped the first PCIe 4.0 SSD with the proper cooling solution, and spent some time to adjust the firmware of the group to find better performance, power consumption and durability. balance.
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(13 day ago) Plateau moles don't feel the pain of Natal ants'bites. They usually live together in underground caves. Photo source: Dewald Kleynhans, University of Pretoria
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(14 day ago) On May 29th, the IEEE (International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Communications Branch banned Huawei employees from serving as reviewers of their academic journals. It caused an uproar in academic and industrial circles. The “review of the manuscript” incident triggered domestic scientists. With the fierce opposition from academic organizations, Peking University professor Zhang Haixia, the Chinese Computer Society, and China's top ten professional societies all protested.
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(14 day ago) The balloon car that World View is testing uses the company's Stratollite system. The idea behind it is to create a device that functions like a satellite without the need for expensive rockets to launch into orbit. World View's balloon system is designed to float leisurely between 50,000 and 75,000 feet, and they can hover over the same ground for up to two months.
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(15 day ago) Huirong PCIe 4.0 SSD master is expected to arrive in a few quarters (via AnandTech) In recent years, Huirong (SMI) has occupied a place in the SSD main control market, providing SM2262EN for high-end products, mainstream platform The SM2263XT / SM2263G, and the SM2263EN for entry-level 3D QLC platforms.
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(16 day ago) CCF, adhering to the concept of "membership composition, membership governance and serving members", has made great progress in the past ten years. It is highly respected by the industry and highly recognized by members. It has a wide influence in the field of computing technology in China. It also maintains close cooperation with several influential international organizations.
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(17 day ago) Visit: Huawei Mall To this end, the IEEE has asked the US Department of Commerce to explain the applicability of export control regulations in IEEE publishing activities. Currently, the IEEE has received relevant instructions. According to the new information, employees of Huawei and its subsidiaries can participate in peer review and editing of the IEEE publishing process.
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(17 day ago) On Thursday, May 16, 2019, the US Department of Commerce imposed export controls on Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and its 68 subsidiaries. The IEEE then issued a statement of compliance and stated that if the US government further explains the use of export controls in peer review, the IEEE will update accordingly.
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(19 day ago) Japan's PCwatch website reported that Realtek Ruiyu (commonly known as Little Crab) launched RTS5762 master during the Taipei Computer Exhibition. Before that, they launched two PCIe masters, RTS5760 and RTS5761, but they used 55nm technology, which had high calorific value, resulting in low frequency and performance of less than 1200MB/s, while RTS5762 master upgraded to 28nm technology with higher frequency, so the speed also increased to 35. 00MB/s.
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(20 day ago) On May 29th, the circle of friends was screened by a message: IEEE (International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) mail exposure, will prohibit Huawei employees as reviewers. On the morning of the 30th, the IEEE issued an official statement in English and Chinese to admit it, but claimed that it had "a slight impact on IEEE members worldwide."
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(20 day ago) Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 NVMe SSD uses standard M.2280 specification, Toshiba BiCS 496 stacked TLC flash memory, capacity 1TB or 2TB, performance up to 5.0GB/s, 4.4GB/s for continuous reading and writing, random reading and writing 750000 IOPS, 700000 IOPS, but the calorific value is significantly increased, covering the whole copper radiator.
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(20 day ago) I was shocked to learn that the Communications Society (ComSoc), a member of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE), recently sent a notice to the editor-in-chief of the Journal of IEEE and through the editor-in-chief to the editorial board, requesting that employees from Huawei be prohibited from participating in academic evaluation activities such as reviewing manuscripts.
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(21 day ago) (via AnandTech) Although PCIe 4.0 has just appeared on consumer-grade motherboards (AMD's Acer Dragon 3000 processor/X570 chipset), PCIe 5.0 has the theoretical bandwidth of PCI Express hardware in just two years. Doubled once.
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(21 day ago) From the day before yesterday, there are already three manufacturers of GALAXY, Gigabyte, and pirate ship pushing PCIe 4.0 hard disk. The main control they use is from the group. Before the group chairman Pan Jiancheng also talked about their cooperation with AMD. The problem with the PCIe 4.0 hard disk was that the group invested $16 million to develop a new generation of E16 masters.
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(21 day ago) According to the data, Zhang Haixia is a professor of information science and technology at Peking University and chairman of IEEE NTC Beijing Branch. In her letter, Zhang Haixia said that an old friend of the president-elect of IEEE and a senior member of IEEE were shocked to hear that IEEE had participated in the "US-Huawei Ban" (US-Huawei ban) and replaced all Huawei-related reviewers. This goes far beyond the scientific and technical guidelines (Base line).
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(22 day ago) Compared to the old models released last year, despite the thinner m15 / m17 case, it is equipped with a new glass trackpad, the latest 9th generation Core processor from Intel, and the latest GTX and RTX from NVIDIA. Unique.
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(23 day ago) In terms of appearance, the MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus motherboard adopts the traditional red and black color scheme. The chipset, M.2 slot and CPU power supply module cover the large heat sink. In the upper right corner of the motherboard are four DDR4 memory slots, and the CPU power supply is 8+4 pin.
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(23 day ago) Asthma is a common chronic airway inflammation, often leading to recurrent wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, cough and other symptoms, seriously affecting the quality of life of patients. According to the Global Asthma Report, the incidence of asthma is about 4.3%, which means that about 334 million people worldwide have varying degrees of asthma. It is expected that by 2025, this number will increase by 100 million to 434 million.
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