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(1 day ago) According to Threat Post, although Apple is trying to fix this vulnerability, the new finding is that "synthetic clicks" can still work in certain situations. You can use 'synthetic clicks' in malware to bypass security tips that must be approved by the user before allowing specific activities to occur.
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(3 day ago) In the month before Apple launched iOS 12, Android 9 Pie landed on Google Pixel phone. Both have a long string of new features and improvements, but who is better than anyone? Now let's take a look at the contrast between iOS 12 and Android 9 Pie.
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(5 day ago) According to Gruber, Field has now joined the "Titan program" dominated by Bob Mansfield. As everyone familiar with Apple knows, Mansfield was Apple's senior vice president of hardware engineering, and retired to take over the company's plan in 2016 from Steve Zadesky.
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(5 day ago) Yan Ning's group: Structural basis for the recognition of Sonic Hedgehog by human Patched1Hedgehog (Hh) signaling pathway is a classical pathway in developmental biology, which plays an important role in embryonic development.
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(6 day ago) Sina Finance Wei Tianyi The first anniversary from New York may be short-lived for most startups, but for MoviePass, this year is a tough and long journey. Only a year ago, MoviePass just launched a 10 yuan monthly movie package, which once caused a sensation in the industry. It is considered to be the Netflix model of the cinema, which is expected to subvert the traditional film industry.
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(6 day ago) Bluetooth speaker party Android 9 Pie allows users to match 5 Bluetooth devices at most, and can seamlessly switch between these devices. If there is a call, Google means that Android P will automatically route to any Bluetooth speaker or the pairing can handle the audio accessories of the call.
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(6 day ago) In terms of specifications, AirSelfie2 upgraded to a 12 million pixel camera (first generation only 5MP), with a 16GB microSD memory card (up to 4 times) and a 5 minute extension (3 minutes for the first generation).
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(7 day ago) Among the prototypes currently in operation, the iEV X is only 78 cm wide (30.7 inches) and 160 cm long (63 inches) in single-passenger mode. When carrying other passengers, the car can be extended to 190cm (74.8 inches), allowing a folded second seat to be built behind the driver.
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(7 day ago) According to the news released by Google in the official website, the latest version of Android is named Android 9 Pie, and the alias Pie inherits the tradition of Google named Android with desserts, and the initials P also follows the alphabet sequence.
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(8 day ago) Android Pie is a major update to Android, and first of all, Pie brings a new Android dashboard that allows users to know the time they spend on the device, which is similar to the screen time function of Apple.
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(9 day ago) In the press release, Monica Suk, a senior marketing manager in Xinjiang, said, "like other things in our backpack, the UAVs have become the daily accessories of the consumer level. We work with Line Friends to further explore this concept, to tell and share excitement, and to become part of everyday life.
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(13 day ago) The Trident submersible with its buoyancy block is designed to bring the diver to a maximum depth of 50 meters (164 feet). It is equipped with twin engines that provide up to 12kg of thrust, allowing the user to trigger two set speeds of 3.6 km/h and 7 km/h through finger triggering.
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(20 day ago) Topographical maps of the study area The interface between ice and water, or between ice and water-saturated sediments, produces bright radar emissions. The Mars Advanced Radar for SubSurface and Ionosphere Sounding (MARSIS) on the Mars Express detector is the device used for the RES experiment.
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(21 day ago) Compared to Echo, Maverick not only promises better audio quality, but also has a higher level of material selection (such as leather). The company claims: Designed by a team of experienced musicians and engineers, Maverick is a 20W stereo speaker system with two active and dual passive drive units for a true experience that enriches the entire room.
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(28 day ago) AirSelfie2 offers four silver, black, gold and rose gold colors, with an updated 12 million pixel camera (85 °field of view) for high-definition photos and videos. It also increased battery capacity by 50 percent (total flight time to 4 minutes and 30 seconds) and 16GB of built-in storage space, and ushered in a new version of iOS / Android app.
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(30 day ago) NVIDIA announced the main information of the Jetson Xavier development platform on the official Youtube channel on July 10, including parameters, appearance, interface, performance and so on. Jetson Xavier consists of two modules, the calculation block (100x87x16mm) and the carrier board with integrated Xavier chip. The carrier board has various I/O interfaces and pre-installed heat sinks.
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(35 day ago) GF formally announced the 22FDX process in July 2015, the largest feature of the world's first realization of 22nm FD-SOI (fully depleted insulating silicon), still using a planar transistor, which is much less complex and cost less than 16/14nm.
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(35 day ago) Visual Studio 15.8 Preview 3 Adds Multi-Caret Editing
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(40 day ago) Visual Studio Code 1.25 has been released, and this version has shifted the functions of several preview phases announced last month to a stable stage. Such as the Outline view function, the grid editor layout (can be used to customize the vertical / horizontal layout), adjust the location of the debug toolbar (floating, fixed or hidden debugging toolbar).
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(47 day ago) The two versions of the CD-ROM drive (top) and no CD-ROM (below) are a ASUS X470-I Gaming ITX Mini motherboard, with the processor marking the sharp Dragon 3 2200G 65W, the sharp dragon 52400 65W, the sharp dragon 5 2400GE/ sharp Dragon 3 2200GE 35W, all four core, all integrated Vega GPU.
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(50 day ago) This version mainly increased the correction of security problems, and made some adjustments to serious problems. Security recommendations have been released separately and are available when available. After this release, Debian's security and distribution team will no longer be updated for Debian 8.
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(54 day ago) Previously, Rechargeable Charger Network has conducted live coverage of this charger, and now this charger has arrived at the charge head net editorial department. The following will be brought out of the box and tested by Xiaobian. First, the appearance of the charger The innergie of NEIDA's charger uses a white box. The front window design can directly see the approximate appearance of the charger.
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(58 day ago) The long-term support for the Debian GNU/Linux 7 “Wheezy” series was previously May 31, 2018. From June 17th, 2018, Debian GNU/Linux 8 "Jessie" will no longer receive routine security updates.
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(60 day ago) Some analysts also pointed out that with the maturity of a quantum computing technology, the blockchain can be easily decrypted. The highly respected geopolitical analyst George Friedman believes that the technology behind the Bitcoin blockchain will become "out of date" one day.
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(64 day ago) According to foreign media Techspot, the world's largest social network, Facebook, announced a new feature on Monday as a single "destination" to reflect the past moments that users share with their friends and family.
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(67 day ago) 1 Professor Sun Xin Pulmonary neuroendocrine cells amplify allergic cells. Lung neuroendocrine cells (PNEC) are a rare type of cells.
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(67 day ago) Other languages in front of the list include the: C #o Rao JavaScript script, PHPU, Swift, Arduinoo, RubyNine Assembly, and
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(68 day ago) Ron Jeffries Says Developers Should Abandon AgileRon Jeffries, one of the founders of extreme programming (XP) and one of the signers of the Agile Manifesto, published an article in the blog that advocates that developers should give up "Agility", that is to say they should stay away from "false Agility" or "black". Dark Agility "...
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(70 day ago) Santiago Gass ó, head of NASA's Goddard Earth Sciences Technology And Research program, said: "in the 1980s and 1990s, if you wanted to see the California coastline without cloud cover, you had to count the movement of the clouds and the time when satellites reached the sky over the region.
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(82 day ago) With apple finally supporting wireless charging in iPhone X/iPhone 8/8 Plus, a series of wireless charging accessories are gradually becoming popular. The use of wireless charging accessories gradually extends from family and office to vehicle and travel.
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