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(11 hr ago) Librem 5 focuses on the user's experience in terms of privacy and free use, with features such as default disable tracker, default privacy protection, and layered security. Now, Librem 5 has officially opened for pre-sales. Officials say users who make payments before January 31 can enjoy a proprietary “early bird price” that is $50 less than the pre-sale price, or $599.
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(3 day ago) Ali sister guide: a long-awaited start! Ali Mama officially announced a heavy open source project - the deep learning framework Euler. This is the first deep learning framework in China that is open source after large-scale application of core business. This open source, Euler built a large number of algorithms for users to use directly, the relevant code can be downloaded on GitHub.
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(3 day ago) Purism said it will be the first open platform smartphone to use end-to-end encrypted communications. Librem 5 is expected to be officially released in April 2019. The release date is expected to arrive, and the official has recently published a series of updated instructions to announce the development of Librem 5.
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(4 day ago) Ali Mei Guide: Recently, Alibaba officially released the open source address of Mars, a distributed scientific computing engine. Developers can access the source code on Github and participate in the development.
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(4 day ago) At present, a number of mobile apps owned by Facebook have built-in Spectrum components. The image processing library provides one-stop services for image processing tasks (cropping, scaling, transcoding, etc.), reducing file size, and improving reliability.
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(5 day ago) DDMQ is a distributed message queue based on Apache RocketMQ. DDMQ has been widely used internally and has been running stably for more than two years. DDMQ provides low latency, high concurrency, high availability and high reliability message service for drip trips, including online booking, orange garments, maps, finance, intelligent driving, intelligent transportation and takeout, etc. At the level of 100 billion, the overall service availability exceeds 5.9.
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(5 day ago) Web Assembly is a Web Assembly Language Standard born in 2018. It is used to solve the problem of low performance of JavaScript. It is also the first widely recognized virtual machine standard.
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(9 day ago) What is the best platform for managing code, working with team members, and acting as an online resume to demonstrate personal code writing skills? Ask any data scientist who will let you go to GitHub. In recent years, GitHub has changed the way we host and even write code as a truly transformative platform.
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(10 day ago) On the 11th, Cloudera officially issued a document announcing the formal completion of the merger, and the new company name uses "Cloudera". Arun Murthy, co-founder of Hortonworks and current chief product officer at Cloudera, said in the article:
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(11 day ago) Recently, the Peking University Language Computing and Machine Learning Research Group has developed a new Chinese Word Segmentation Toolkit, pkuseg, which has the following three characteristics: high accuracy of word segmentation. Compared with other word segmentation toolkits, when using the same training data and test data, pkuseg can achieve higher accuracy of word segmentation.
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(11 day ago) One is community-led. This model has the characteristics of independence and high efficiency. Consensus is an important prerequisite. Daily decisions such as functional development and release are not top-down, but community-centric. The second is dominated by the company. Open source software in this mode is mostly controlled and funded by the company in which it works, and is usually used to accelerate development and ensure that customer needs are met.
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(11 day ago) Confluent CEO Jay Kreps recently announced that some components of Confluent Platform will be changed from Apache 2.0 to Confluent Community License. The main reason for the change is similar to previous Edwards and MongoDB.
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(13 day ago) Nouveau is an open source driver project for Nvidia graphics cards, built by a group of developers to restore Nvidia's proprietary Linux drivers through reverse engineering. Last August, users submitted a Chromium bug number 876523:
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(14 day ago) In fact, NSA has already shared the tool with other government agencies. In 2017, WikiLeaks first exposed GHIDRA in Vault 7. The information came from internal documents of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
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(16 day ago) The past 2018 has been a "bumper year" for AI and machine learning. We have seen more and more influential machine learning applications developed and applied to many areas of real life, especially in health care, finance, speech recognition, augmented reality and more complex 3D video applications.
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(17 day ago) Facebook recently released the "2018 Open Source Review of the Year" to summarize and demonstrate some key data. In 2018, Facebook opened a total of 153 new projects, with more than 94,000 new commits and 257,000 new followers.
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(18 day ago) They will release small updates every one to two months. Version 2.10.10 will be released in January/February 2019, which will adopt faster layer group rendering, intelligent shading of Bucket Fill tools, and other usability improvements. They also plan to release unstable versions.
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(22 day ago) Heartblood, a high-risk vulnerability in the OpenSSL encryption library OpenSSL project in 2014, has made the world aware that some little-known open source projects are critical to the integrity and reliability of the entire Internet and other infrastructure. The Linux Foundation then launched the Core Infrastructure Initiative. (CII) initiative to fund open source infrastructure projects including OpenSSL.
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(22 day ago) A few days ago, the foreign media juliareda reporter Julia Reda published a free and open source software audit project (FOSSA) running in the EU.
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(25 day ago) Facebook artificial Intelligence Research Institute (FAIR) recently announced the first open source full convolution speech recognition toolkit wav2letter. Based on the full convolution method, the system can train end-to-end neural networks more than twice as fast as other frameworks. In their blog, they made a detailed introduction to the open source.
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(28 day ago) As you can see, this should have been a normal blue button, and the snow effect above is one of Ant Design's Christmas eggs today. As we all know, Ant Deign has a large number of user groups, and the final effect of this "egg" is like a "poisonous egg". It is a disaster too. In the end, many of the frame users have been put to the pit. A large number of front-end developers have gone to Ant Design's GitHub warehouse to leave messages and Tucao. The core maintenance personnel of Ant Design face the sudden doubts and Tucao of users.
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(30 day ago) Most machine learning tasks—from natural language processing to image classification to translation and a host of other tasks—depend on gradient-free optimization to adjust parameters and/or hyperparameters in the model. To make parameter/hyperparameter adjustments faster and easier, Facebook created a Python 3 library called Nevergrad (
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(32 day ago) In the afternoon of December 21, according to iThome, Taiwan's technology media, Facebook's Oculus VR team opened up the DeepFocus framework on Wednesday to provide instant blurring rendering with different focal lengths, which can be used instead of VR headwear devices to create more realistic visual effects.
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(32 day ago) Note: Open source software has established a complete business model and ecology. However, with the changes in external policy environment, business model, capital pressure, and competitive situation, the open source methods and software control rights of many well-known software have undergone major changes. Companies with stronger business value conversion capabilities have greater opportunities to control and develop these important key software, which is worthy of consideration and reference from domestic software industry startups and investment institutions.
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(34 day ago) Recently, Berkeley RISE Lab has opened up a real-time distributed analysis system Confluo for multi-data streams, which is not only a network monitoring and diagnosis framework, but also a time-series database and publishing subscription message system.
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(36 day ago) Recently, at the open source year-end ceremony held in open source China, the open source project TARS won the Best Original Open Source Software of the Year award. When it comes to microservices, people often mention Spring Cloud and Service Mesh.
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(36 day ago) On the 15th, Confluent announced that it would modify the open source license for some components of its platform, switching from Apache 2.0 to Confluent Community License. The new Confluent community license allows users to download, modify and redistribute code free of charge, similar to Apache 2.0, but not as a SaaS product.
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(37 day ago) Facebook AI Research (FAIR) is an open source NLP modeling framework PyText. PyText is a deep learning NLP modeling framework based on PyTorch.
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(38 day ago) Jeff Bailey of the Android development team said: "AOSP has been around for more than a decade, but everyone's understanding of the project is usually limited to the Android team and its partners." Many of them are rooted in business needs, and we hope to show interesting things at the press conference, but have not fully considered testing the code and other things in more public places.
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(39 day ago) According to Github blog, the number of new users registered by Github in 2018 is the sum of the first six years. There are currently 100 million code Repositories on Github. Towards the end of 2018, Github officially sorted out some of the most active new open source projects of the year.
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