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(1 day ago) GPLv2 and LGPLv2.1 are two more ancient open source protocols, and both are widely adopted. When GPLv3 is released, it provides a termination method, which provides developers with the opportunity to repair problems in the license.
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(2 day ago) Remember the Zapcc compiler? A compiler designed to reduce compile time is now officially open source. Zapcc is a C++ compiler based on LLVM/Clang. Since 2015, it has been working hard to make itself a faster C++ compiler than Clang itself.
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(2 day ago) Zapcc, in order to be faster than other C++ compilers, takes the approach of caching some of the compiler's structure on the server, greatly speeding up the compilation process. Zapcc released the v1.0 milestone version last year and announced it this week.
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(4 day ago) BIND can now compile against the libidn2 library to add support for IDNA2008. Named now supports the "root key sentinel" mechanism. The dnskey-sig-validity option allows the signature of the DNSKEY RRsets to be overwritten.
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(5 day ago) The Openstack foundation is undergoing transformation, and the community is changing from open source cloud platform to open source infrastructure. Openstack consists of a variety of open source cloud infrastructure components, a few examples, from Ironic to Neutron and Nova.
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(7 day ago) Rice University's research team will introduce PlinyCompute at this week's SIGMOD International Conference on data management. Every exhausted programmer tries to implement complex objects and workflows on the "big data" platform such as Spark, thinking 'is there a better way?' Computer scientists from the Pliny project of Rice University funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) believe that...
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(7 day ago) Original English text: 11 Open-Source Frameworks for AI and Machine Learning Models
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(8 day ago) Information security engineers, network security products, and related technologies and processes need to cost a lot of enterprise costs. For most enterprises, they tend to reduce the cost of this part, so many developers will first choose free open source security tools.
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(8 day ago) In this article we will inventory 10 IT security toolkits that you should know: 1. For several generations of IT security professionals, Nessus realized that the vulnerability of the network began with Tenable's Nessus. Nessus is the most popular vulnerability scanner and is currently the third most popular security program.
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(9 day ago) Recently, a new generation of speech recognition models, DFSMN, is open to the new generation of speech recognition models, DFSMN, at the Alibaba's Dharma Machine Intelligence Laboratory, which has increased the accuracy of global speech recognition to 96.04% (the data test is based on the world's largest free speech recognition database LibriSpeech).
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(9 day ago) English version: We 're in a brave, new post open source world open source has changed the world, and the world has also returned to open source. We are now in the golden age of open source, but with the exponential growth of open source, there are many challenges to be solved. The winter of open source is approaching. It seems that it is not an alarmist viewpoint.
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(9 day ago) English version: We 're in a brave, new post open source world open source has changed the world, and the world has also returned to open source. We are now in the golden age of open source, but with the exponential growth of open source, there are many challenges to be solved. The winter of open source is approaching. It seems that it is not an alarmist viewpoint.
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(9 day ago) Machine learning development has far exceeded the complexity and challenges of traditional software development. Now, Databricks open source MLflow platform is expected to solve the four major pain points.
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(11 day ago) Visit: Alibaba Cloud Server adopts the new DFSMN model for smart audio or smart home devices, which is 3 times faster than previous generations of deep learning and training, and the speed of voice recognition is increased by 2 times. Ren Lei, a famous speech recognition expert and professor at Northwestern Polytechnical University, said:
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(13 day ago) Although there are many video group chatting products on the market, they have been doing quite poorly on Interoperability until Google recently announced that G Suite will be allowed to integrate CISCO, Polycom, Skype for Busniness and other three parties.
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(13 day ago) Recently, the Alibaba Dharma Machine Intelligence Laboratory launched a new generation of speech recognition model DFSMN to increase the global speech recognition accuracy rate to 96.04% (this data test is based on LibriSpeech, the world's largest free speech recognition database).
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(22 day ago) The organizer of the Student Open Source Conference is the Open Source Workshop. The founding communities include CONTINUE of Chongqing University, the TUNA Association of Tsinghua University, the Open Source Software Association of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, LUG of the China University of Science and Technology, the Open Source Association of Southwest University, LUG of the Postal Service, Beiyou Internet and Open Source Community.
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(27 day ago) In the past month, Mybridge has selected Top 10 from 250 machine learning open source projects. Mybridge AI compares the new projects and major projects released during the period, then measures the quality of the projects based on multiple indicators, and eventually generates the ranking of these projects, hoping that you can find interesting projects to inspire you.
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(27 day ago) Author: Nikita Shirokov and RanjeethDasineni billions of people around the world are using Facebook services, for which our infrastructure engineers have developed a series of systems to optimize traffic and ensure fast and reliable access for everyone.
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(28 day ago) A loophole. Does this finding mean that open source components are not secure? Obviously, it does not mean that open source does not mean safer, but open source means that it is more likely to become more secure.
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(30 day ago) After six years of iteration and precipitation, Tencent Tencent Server Web (hereinafter referred to as TSW), the company-level operation and maintenance component, was officially open sourced today. TSW is a front-end developer for WEB, to improve the efficiency of problem-based positioning. It provides a Node.js infrastructure for cloud capture, holographic logging, and anomaly discovery.
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(34 day ago) The author stated that the project originated from a joke and was related to Ben Galassi. He also believes that most people have used Windows in the 1990s, and that more people recognize the Windows standard design pattern. The reason why Windows 95 style draws into iOS.
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(35 day ago) With the rapid development of AI technology, various theories and practices emerge in an endless stream. It is rapidly changing almost every area of ​​our lives from how we communicate to the means used for transportation. As a developer or learner, before choosing to build a machine learning application, selecting one from many open source projects should be a daunting task. Recently, some netizens have summarized eight of the best open source AI technologies on the blog. Learning developers point the way.
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(35 day ago) AsteroidOS is an open source smart watch system based on Google Wear OS (formerly called Android Wear). AsteroidOS developers said: "When I first started this project, I never imagined that this project will have today's scale and stability to be able to use it everyday.
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(46 day ago) After the publication of its dissertation, the Go program has made significant progress. For example, the open source chess program LeelaZero has also defeated professional top players. It uses four 1080 TI GPUs. It is said that someone has begun to use the Go program to cheat.
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(46 day ago) Enclave is an emerging technology specification, or a special execution environment, whose code is protected in the operating system kernel and ensures that even users running with root privileges cannot extract information or impair their integrity. .
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(46 day ago) CIS states that an attacker can use this security hole to install programs on the PC, view, edit, or delete data, or create new user accounts with full access rights. The good news is that there is currently no report on the security of the vulnerability, and the solution is simple, as long as you upgrade to the latest version.
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(47 day ago) In May 2nd, the Facebook AI Research (FAIR) official web blog announced the open source AI Weiqi robot ELF OpenGo (including the source code and a trained model). The robot was developed based on the ELF platform and defeated 4 top 30 chess players in the world.
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(47 day ago) According to Lei Feng, the work was mainly inspired by DeepMind's work. Earlier this year, FAIR launched the work, expecting that the Extensible Lightweight Framework (ELF) developed on the basis of its intensive learning research will reproduce the recent results of AlphaGoZero.
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(47 day ago) Google published the open source container runtime gVisor. Google calls gVisor lighter than VM, but at the same time maintains a similar degree of isolation. The core of gVisor is a core that runs as a common non privileged process, supporting the vast majority of Linux system calls.
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