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(12 hr ago) The NASA has called the Medusa gully layer "a pile of mysterious erosive deposits". Researchers have proposed several possible explanations for the formation of this sedimentary structure, including ice rich sediments or volcanic sedimentary deposits.
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(2 day ago) When space meteorite hits the surface and explodes, it destroys the stability of the slope and triggers an avalanche, known as the slope of the slope. NASA explained in a press release: "The crater itself is only 5 meters wide, but its length is 1 kilometer.
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(3 day ago) (the picture comes from: NASA) in order to unravel the mystery, the research team led by Seiichi Nagihara searched for several boxes of NASA missing tapes, which recorded three years of temperature readings. The good news is that they finally found it in eight years.
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(4 day ago) This simulated image shows the gradual darkening of the Opportunity. According to the atmospheric opacity, the researchers classify the dimness caused by sandstorms into different levels. The numerical unit is tau. On the left side, when tau is 1, the sun at 3 or 4 pm is still clearly visible and bright. The higher the right tau is, the highest is the right one. At this time, the sun is only a weak spot.
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(5 day ago) NASA stated: "This historic flight has enabled the United States to further normalize the operation of drones in the airspace used by commercial and private pilots." The aircraft is operated remotely by ground pilots and is equipped with a series of high-tech systems. Can help it fly and avoid collisions in the air.
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(6 day ago) "Now we see Mars as a place where we used to have life," Green said. "It will get better and better." Mars is more like the earth than any other planet in the solar system, making it the second planet that humans may live in. There are many natural beauty on this planet: a Grand Canyon, which is almost the width of the United States, and a volcano with the size of Arizona.
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(6 day ago) It is reported that the B-15 iceberg separated from the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica in 2000. At the time, it was 296 km long and 37 km wide. It soon split into many smaller icebergs, but most of them had already melted. Currently, they are more than 37 km wide and can be There are only four icebergs tracked.
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(6 day ago) This peculiar product consists of three components: magnetic nanoparticles, such as iron oxide, and a special coating that prevents particles from gathering together; and water based or oil based liquids. The magic of ferrofluid is that users can move from a distance with simple magnets without using pumps or wires.
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(6 day ago) The crater itself is a fuzzy circular area, and the oblique line of the dark matter is far away from it. This black area is a slope, the result of an avalanche triggered by a meteor impact. NASA said: "when dry dust" avalanche "stays on the dusty Martian hills, it produces slope stripes.
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(11 day ago) Although it is not enough to show that there is life on Mars, these discoveries are undoubtedly good omens for future Mars surface and underground exploration missions. The two new discoveries were published in the June 8th issue of science. Organic molecules are composed of hydrocarbons, and may also include oxygen, nitrogen and other elements.
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(12 day ago) The imaginary map of the Juno's Jupiter detector is that in the course of arrival, a pair of helium valves in the propulsion system failed, resulting in the failure of the task control to be carried out accurately, preventing the spacecraft from entering the original 14 day elliptical orbit. After being trapped in a very odd 53 - day orbit, the Juno can also pass through the deadly radiation of Jupiter, and any previous task is more close to the clouds.
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(12 day ago) However, after a few months, the New Horizons detector was once again awake and ready to bring some new photos to the scientists. The detector is currently "cruising" near the Kuiper Belt, a hollow disk-shaped area where the solar system is close to the ecliptic plane outside of Neptune.
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(13 day ago) NASA's New Vision probe flew Pluto in July 2015. At Tuesday's local time, it "wakes up" from the dormant mode and prepares to fly to the next target celestial body: Ultima Thule on the edge of the solar system.
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(13 day ago) However, a few days after NASA announced the new drilling technology of the Curiosity probe, the agency announced that it would hold a press conference on Thursday local time to reveal something special. As usual, the agency is very secretive about what it finds, and will not discuss everything until Thursday.
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(13 day ago) Currently, four teams of scientists are working on the concept of an ambitious space telescope to study four different telescope designs - HabEx, LUVOIR, Lynx and OST. So far, the team does not need to consider any cost caps to design their tasks. The cost may exceed 5 billion US dollars and may even reach nearly 20 billion US dollars.
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(15 day ago) The solar wind (diurnal layer / heliosphere) is illustrated to study the protective "bubble" of the diurnal layer, and NASA decides to explore through a new task to better understand the impact of its mechanism on the deep space environment and future exploration tasks: in a series of proposals received at the end of last year, the interstellar mapping and acceleration of NASA The IMAP project stands out.
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(15 day ago) The NASA IMAP mission will study how the heliosphere protects the solar system, including the earth, called the heliosphere, which is produced by the sun, which is composed of charged particles and the sun's magnetic field. The heliosphere helps protect the earth and other celestial bodies of the solar system from being attacked by space rays, blocking some of the high-energy cosmic rays from interstellar space.
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(16 day ago) When she lives in space, she must also master a subtle process: how to use the toilet in space. According to Dr. Whitson, being a member of the International Space Station research team is not only satisfactory but also exciting. But she also admitted that she would not miss the bathroom that cost $ 19,000. The official name of the toilet installed in the orbital laboratory is the waste and sanitation finishing bay.
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(21 day ago) According to foreign media SlashGear, NASA (NASA) recently introduced its new Exoplanet Travel Bureau (exoplanet travel agency), a new component of the Exoplanet Exploration website, which enables anyone to "visit" an alien world.
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(22 day ago) NASA's exoplanet exploration project is based on the JPL jet propulsion laboratory base, and California wants to change it to the exoplanet space travel agency Exoplanet Travel Bureau. Through the current accumulated space data and telescope images, scientists have simulated the surface of these exoplanets, and interested readers can access the site.
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(25 day ago) "The purple sun". Source: NASA. "Blue Sun". Image source: NASA. At the beginning of this month, NASA also released a photo showing the activity of the sun's magnetic field. At the extreme ultraviolet light of the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), the sun shows a mysterious cool blue tone, and the "Blue Sun" shines brightly.
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(25 day ago) NASA has always focused on returning to the moon. Until recently, the agency has been committed to the "resource Explorer" mission to the moon, but suddenly announced the cancellation at the end of April. The agency quickly clarified that although the complete "resource Explorer" would not be sent to the moon, its instruments would still be sent to the moon.
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(25 day ago) From the photos taken, the new percussive drilling test penetrated about 2 inches of the target, which is called "Duluth". NASA pointed out that the image was taken by Mastcam of curiosity, and the image has been enhanced in white balance and contrast.
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(26 day ago) In May 5th, the "insight" was launched by Atlas V 401 rocket from vandenfield Air Force Base in California. At present, the "insight" detector is wrapped in the parachute. Yesterday, the spacecraft changed its flight path for the first time. This action is called orbital adjustment operation, and will be conducted at most 6 times until the guided probe lands on Mars.
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(26 day ago) Because placed in unsafe locations for human beings, remote cameras will periodically shoot incredible rocket images. Surprisingly, the location of the burned camera is not even the closest distance that Ingalls placed the camera. Ingalls wrote on Facebook: "I have many other cameras closer to the launcher than this, and they are all safe.
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(26 day ago) In May 24, 2011, NASA officially announced the end of the Spirit rover project. It's like calling, if you wait a long time, the phone is still silent, then at a moment, no matter how reluctant the heart is, you have to put the phone down and hang up.
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(27 day ago) On the track, two vehicle-sized GRACE-FO satellites will be 137 miles (220 kilometers) apart, which is roughly the distance between Los Angeles and San Diego. This configuration is critical for measuring changes in water on Earth. When the first GRACE-FO detector passes through a large area of ​​mass, like a huge underground aquifer, its gravity will pull toward the satellite, and the distance from the trailing spacecraft will change.
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(28 day ago) Space Propulsion 2018. The existing space flight propulsion technology needs to consume amazing fuel, so EM Drive is a very attractive idea. You only need to enter the electromagnetic wave and it can push you into space like magic. German scientists have created their own EM
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(28 day ago) According to QZ Beijing time on May 22nd, since the space shuttle's decommissioning in 2011, the US astronauts did not orbit the earth with their own spacecraft. Two American companies are racing to change the status quo: SpaceX and Boeing.
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(28 day ago) The global trend from 2002 to 2016 is based on the information provided by the NASA GRACE satellite. The study confirmed areas where water resources have risen or declined significantly during the 14-year period, and confirmed that changes in 14 areas were mainly caused by human activities, compared with only 8 due to climate change. NASA
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