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(10 hr ago) The first generation of Xiaomi was released in 2011, and the mobile phone ID design was completed by Xiaomi's internal hardware team from Motorola. The mobile phone production was started by Foxconn and Inventec. The mobile phone operating system uses Xiaomi's MIUI operating system modified according to the google open source android system source code.
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(11 hr ago) Tencent Technology News, August 16 news, affected by the external market, the Hong Kong stocks A-share market opened lower today, the Xiaomi Group listed on the Hong Kong stock market, fell more than 3% in early trading, and hit a record low of 15.52 Hong Kong dollars.
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(1 day ago) Millet was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 6, breaking its first day, and its share price has risen since then, once exceeding HK$22. But it didn't last long. In August 2nd, it fell below the issue price again.
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(1 day ago) 36 krypton news, after the opening of Hong Kong stocks today, millet once again fell below the issue price. As of 9:44, millet group reported HK $16.36, or 4.66%.
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(1 day ago) Core configuration, Xiaomi MIX 2S Jade Art Edition uses 5.99 "2160 × 1080 display screen, with Qualcomm Celldragon 845 processor, equipped with 8GB memory 256GB storage, battery capacity of 3400mAh.
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(2 day ago) Beijing time On the morning of August 14, Wei Lai Automobile submitted an IPO (IPO) prospectus document to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) today. According to the prospectus, Weilai Auto plans to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “NIO” and plans to raise up to US$1.8 billion.
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(2 day ago) "The air-conditioning industry has a cold year. From the beginning of September of the previous year to the year of August of that year, it is called a cold year. The industry often starts in March and April and launches new products. In April and May, the merchants sold a lot of goods to the day of June. A hot sale will be sold immediately, and it will be late until July. The sales will basically end in August and September." Yang Gang, who has been working as an agent for many years in the air-conditioning circle, introduced this.
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(2 day ago) Xiaomi Group will cooperate with Shanghai Songjiang District Government and Lingang Group to build a 100,000 square meter Xiaomi Ecological Chain Industrial Park in Lingang Songjiang Science and Technology City. The East China Headquarters of Xiaomi Ecological Chain and the Xiaomi (Shanghai) Industrial Design and Research Institute will officially settle in the G60 Science and Technology Corridor.
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(2 day ago) Xiaobian recently received the most questions from netizens: "QC4+ charger and QC3.0 charger, who fills Xiaomi 8 faster?" With the same question, Xiaobian bought a millet 8, ready to charge once. Speed ​​comparison, but before the test, introduce Xiaobian to make a simple out of the box (only the small partners who want to see the results can skip the unpacking part directly).
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(3 day ago) The millet Q2 had a 29.7% market share in India in 2018, a clear advantage over the 23.9% share of the second-place Samsung. According to the IDC report, millet shipped as many as 10 million mobile phones in India, with a year-on-year growth of 107.6 percent.
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(3 day ago) It is reported that the new machine is jointly developed by millet and Dunhuang Research Institute. Its inspiration comes from the natural gem color of Dunhuang murals. After 324 days, nearly a thousand color tests, it breaks through the material limitation and injects traditional color into the precise ceramic back cover of 0.45mm at the thinnest place, so-called "the color era of opening ceramic mobile phones".
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(3 day ago) After Xiaomi (01810.HK)'s share price repeatedly fell below the issue price, the outside world began to re-examine the star company. When it comes to Xiaomi's mobile phone sales model, most people's first reaction is “hunger marketing”. Xiaomi's online marketing from the Internet to the gradual development of offline stores, “out of stock” has always been a key word, and it is necessary to grab new mobile phones from the front. Out of stock, now there is a physical store "Millet House"...
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(5 day ago) Xiaomi bracelet 3 NFC version uses 0.78 inch OLED display screen, the resolution is 128 × 80, can display 24 Chinese characters. WeChat QQ, calls and other content information at a glance. And Xiaomi bracelet 3 NFC version upgraded the step algorithm, more accurate step algorithm so that every step count.
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(7 day ago) 39. 6 times P/E ratio makes Xiaomi get rid of the “hat” of hardware company. The hardware company represents Apple’s P/E ratio of 16.1 times. Even if Apple now wins the title of “Trillions of US$1” in the technology industry, its P/E ratio is only 22.49. Times, the company's representatives with a price-to-earnings ratio of nearly 40 times are Tencent and Ali. From the perspective of price-earnings ratio, Xiaomi is very much like an Internet company.
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(8 day ago) Millet 45W power adapter (CDQ02ZM) white appearance, part of the body and wire parts are separated, the plug can be folded. The appearance of the 65W power adapter (CDQ07ZM) is also white. The body is separated from the wire and the plug can be folded.
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(8 day ago) We should create a better environment for development, attract and gather a number of competitive and innovative advantages, to better serve the overall situation of the development of the country and to better participate in international cooperation and competition. The millet group in Shanghai layout of financial technology, Internet of Things and industrial design, and Shanghai industry and technology development direction is highly consistent.
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(9 day ago) And Xiaomi Max 3 is equipped with a large battery of 5500mAh. The official introduction of Xiaomi Max 3 can continuously play local video for 17 hours or play games for 10 hours or local music for 233 hours. The measured long standby time reaches 474 hours.
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(10 day ago) In addition, Xiaomi is also preparing to enter the high-end smartphone market in India. Mr. Jia said that millet raised $4 billion 500 million through IPO last month, 30% of which would be used for core R & D, 30% for the networking platform, 30% for international expansion and 10% for miscellaneous expenditure.
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(10 day ago) Manu Kumar Jain, head of the India company, says millet will draw a large amount of money from its IPO financing for the development of India's business, especially to build its Internet service ecosystem, invest more start-ups and build the Internet of things services for the India market. Millet is also preparing to enter India's high-end smartphone market, which it has so far avoided.
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(11 day ago) Samsung has finally regained the crown of the Indian smartphone market after being suppressed by millet for two consecutive quarters, according to Counterpoint. Counterpoint's report shows that Samsung's share in the second quarter was 29%, which was slightly better than that of millet 28%.
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(13 day ago) Official introduction, Xiaomi notebook Pro GTX version creatively designed the CPU performance enhancement mode, when the discrete graphics card is not started, by adjusting the CPU's Turbo frequency characteristics, it will bring more than 20% performance improvement for heavy office users, the office experience can be 7 Substitute standard notebooks are comparable.
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(13 day ago) On August 2nd, Xiaomi, the “first stock of young people”, fell back to the issue price of HK$17/share after the price stability period ended. It even broke in the intraday trading. Investors who have taken a roller coaster ride can't help but ask, saying "good" double the market, is there still?
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(14 day ago) In August 2nd, the stock price of the millet group dived, the stock price fell to 17 Hong Kong Hong Kong dollar issue price, the lowest 16.96 Hong Kong dollar, nearly 5%, the market value of HK $383 billion 400 million, less than a month's time of listing in July 9th.
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(14 day ago) Recently, more news came out that Lei Jun, millet CEO, defined the IPO as "unsuccessful", and millet's CFO week may be funded to leave. In the evening of August 1st, millet responded exclusively to sina finance, saying that the rumor was "false." the next week, Sina micro-blog said it expected to meet with everyone in the mid-term performance.
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(14 day ago) Recently, the international market research institute IDC released the latest global smartphone market report in the second quarter of 2018. In the second quarter of this year, the global shipment of Xiaomi mobile phone was 31.9 million units, up 48.8% year-on-year, ranking first in the top five brands. .
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(14 day ago) Before the millet notebook official once released a picture, hinting that the new millet notebook named Pro 2, which speculated that the millet notebook Pro 2 may carry GTX 1050 independent graphics card. GTX 1050 is an introductory GTX graphics card based on the Pascal architecture published by NVIDIA in October 2016 with a core code named GP107-300, with 640 stream processors, 32 grating units, 40 texture units, and a core baseline frequency of 1354 MHz.
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(15 day ago) In the past July, net lending continued to explode. In this case, Lei Jun's millet and P2P had a dispute. However, just recently, the P2P of his flagship stock went wrong again.
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(15 day ago) Visit the purchase page: Xiaomi 8SE full-screen smartphone as a reference, Xiaomi 8SE 4GB 64GB price for 1799 yuan, 6GB 64GB for 1999 yuan. The Xiaomi 8SE is defined as the "small screen flagship", and its first Qualcomm Cell-Dragon 710 processor, which uses the same 10nm process as the Celldragon 845, has a run of 170000.
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(16 day ago) Visit: HUAWEI mall "according to the plan, we think it will come out at the end of this year, but I didn't expect it to break out in the middle of the year." The "result" mentioned by the glory is more the result of sales level. The latest data from Sano shows that the glory with 28 million 390 thousand sales of fifth in the domestic market is the only one of the top pure Internet mobile brands.
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(16 day ago) In fact, the performance of millet stocks in early July is very bright, despite a short break, but the stock price still rose more than 20%, the return is good. But in July 18th, after more than 21 yuan, millet stock fell some of the decline, in July, 19-24, 4 days in 4 days, fell 14%, today (July 31st) fell nearly 6%, at the closing of 17.6 yuan.
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