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(21 hr ago) On April 19th, the Gift E-Commerce Platform Gift announced that it had completed a RMB 100 million C1 round of financing. Wen Chenghui, the founder and CEO of the gift, said that this round of funding will be used for gift iterations and marketing promotion of small programs. They hope to seize the brand mentality of consumers in a short period of time and cultivate “gift-giving”. Usage scenarios and spending habits.
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(1 day ago) In the WeChat group, the information in the group is not as good as X, but in November 2017, Lee released his dissatisfaction from public affairs in the group, and used bad language for the general manager of the company, he (male). Yang Mou as secretary, after seeing the persuasion of Lee, and in the group issued a "person, less vengeful, remember good" link.
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(2 day ago) In September last year, Tencent obtained the insurance agency license approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. The main body of this micro-insurance was the micro-minor insurance company approved at that time. Tencent said that "micro-medical insurance" as the first premium health insurance product launched by Tencent's first holding insurance platform, the price must be truly close to the people, everyone can afford it. The mini-vehicle protects the driver, rides the car, and rides the Mobike bicycles with maximum coverage of 200,000.
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(3 day ago) Each person can be predicted once, and the forecast cannot be changed after it is submitted. The forecast activity is as of 12:00 on April 16. Accurately predict scores, and divide 50,000 bonuses to receive permanent skin. Many people may be curious. How many of these 30 top-level jumpers have achieved their best historical results? Do not know, look surprised.
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(6 day ago) For example, a few days ago, I pretended to be a public relations manuscript written by PR PR. It contained a lot of tweets about today’s headlines. Some people really think that I’m a fast-paced PR. Out of curiosity, I specifically asked why the headline PR exploded. Although I know that the headline was recently slammed by the regulators, it is reasonable to say that the public relations pressure at this level has nothing to do with the busyness of the public relations department. As long as we do a good job of party building, government agencies communicate, and then adjust the product, basically There is nothing wrong with it.
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(7 day ago) Recently, the beautycam beauty camera launched by Mito company has launched the WeChat applet, which can be used to create high-value passports online in one second. The results are quite good.
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(7 day ago) On April 12th, at the “Internet +” summit in China, Ma Huateng said that Tencent was testing internal and external WeChat and private WeChat interoperability. Ma Huateng said that in the past, company employees used their private WeChat to communicate with customers. However, after the employees left the company, all of the company’s customer relationships were taken away. After the communication was completed, customer resources will all be deposited in the company's WeChat. View, update and maintenance are not affected by the flow of people.
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(7 day ago) WeChat CAITONG sent me a text message today, and told me that "finance and communication Monetary Fund also supports credit card, and the fee is free."
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(8 day ago) Headline, WeChat, and Weibo Self-inspection Increased Today On April 11th, the Beijing News reporter tried to share the video in the voice, quick hand, watermelon video, and volcanic video to the WeChat circle of friends, but only after opening the WeChat circle of friends. Can see a string of URL links. After sharing to WeChat or WeChat friends, clicking the share icon does not open the video page, but only the text description and URL link.
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(10 day ago) On the afternoon of April 9th, the headline of the article “Who Recorded a Good Life” offended him? ” It is said that some people have received a black copy of their short video platform vibrato in the near future.
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(14 day ago) If the user pays more than 500 yuan for the static code, it will jump to the middle page, prompting the user to identify the dynamic code; at the same time, the information of the object to be paid will also appear in the middle of the payment page for the user to further confirm. It should be noted that the old version of WeChat can still pay more than 500 yuan directly through static code.
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(15 day ago) WeChat pays more than 500 yuan after the static code is paid. The consumption will jump to the middle of the page for several days. The experience test conducted by the online news reporter will reveal that if the consumer pays a fee of 500 yuan per day for static scans, the WeChat payment will exceed 500 yuan. Consumers provide dynamic codes for payment, ensuring that users can continue to pay.
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(15 day ago) On April 1, the central bank’s new regulation on the static code limit of 500 yuan was formally implemented. The new regulation states that consumers scan static code payments every day, and the cumulative amount of transactions on the same day by the same customer bank or payment institution should not exceed 500 yuan to ensure the safety of third-party mobile payment users.
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(15 day ago) In April 4th, WeChat officially became the sponsorship brand of China's outstanding professional golfers, Li Haotong, Dou Zecheng and Lin Xiyu. This is the first time that WeChat has been sponsoring cooperation with professional golfer, unveiling the sport in the name of brand sponsor. While promoting the Chinese players, it will further enhance WeChat's awareness of users both at home and abroad.
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(16 day ago) Some netizens are drying out WeChat District login failed solution: we recommend that players first close WiFi, log in with traffic, and then open WiFi for games, and some problems will be solved. In response, the Royal glory team has announced that some players have responded to the login anomaly of WeChat area. The problem has been positioned and is being urgently repaired. The Tencent game official says it is a temporary problem and has been resumed in succession. But it does not explain the specific reasons.
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(17 day ago) You surely have the habit that every time you download a new app, you will choose to log in using WeChat. But with too many app bundles, management is a headache. Open "WeChat" - "I" - "Settings" - "Accounts and Security."
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(17 day ago) In April 2nd, WeChat game "jump and jump" was released and updated, new props and skins were added, and personal homepage and ranking were also optimized, providing news and gift tips.
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(18 day ago) If you choose to keep, you can continue editing the last time you enter the editing interface. Send the following link to your friends, click to download v6.6.6 beta version. "
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(20 day ago) Beijing time on March 28th, Silicon Valley frontier technology education uni-data Xuecheng platform (Udacity) in cooperation with WeChat, WeChat officially launched a small program to develop nano degree project ", WeChat also for aspiring students small developers to provide up to 1 million yuan scholarship, allowing developers to more easily learn the basic threshold. The development of skills of small programs.
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(20 day ago) “Unmanned retail is the only industry in which all people, goods, and entire chains are digitized in all offline scenes. Mobile payment plays a key role in this.” March 30th, Bai Zhenjie, Director of Wechat Payment Industry Operations 2018 Smart unmanned retail conference. On the 29th, WeChat became the president unit of the No Dealer Branch of the China Department Store Business Association.
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(20 day ago) At the 2018 WeChat Open Class Pro site, Zhang Xiaolong once said, “We ourselves have used WeChat and have experienced a very inconvenient point. We WeChat was stuffed with information from various jobs, so sometimes we Internally, he also said, "Can we transfer work information to the company's WeChat?" Now, through the company's WeChat and WeChat messaging capabilities to open beta, all this will be solved.
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(22 day ago) It is reported that the WeChat financing through the screenshot is used to return the credit card to the credit card without taking out the money fund. At present, 4 banks (China Merchants Bank, ICBC, communications bank, Guangdong Development Bank) support the highest 1 million yuan repayment, and other banks will gradually liberate. The repayment limit is 50 thousand yuan.
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(25 day ago) You can see that you can share the jitter video link in your friends circle, you can see it from your friend circle interface, and WeChat friends can't see the video link by sharing a friend's circle. But Bianews found that the chattering and video sharing links are still visible in private and group chat interfaces.
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(30 day ago) The rise of WeChat applets is not only arrogant Apple, but also anxious domestic mobile phone brands. On March 19th, the 21st Century Business Herald reporter learned that Xiaomi, ZTE, Huawei, Jinli, Lenovo, Meizu, Nubia, OPPO and vivo nine mobile phone manufacturers will jointly launch fast application standards. Its purpose is to empower developers to expand the future of the scenario and access it in a standardized way.
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(33 day ago) The following are the WeChat official announcements Original: Good news, first reported, the gospel of the public number operator to - the WeChat public number automatic logout mechanism is about to go online, 210 days of inactive non-certified public accounts will be automatically logged out. Will directly improve its occupancy of users and platforms, such as nicknames and micro-signals, to meet the needs of small partners who do not log off their accounts for long periods of time.
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(33 day ago) On March 17th, the WeChat official announced that it will launch the automatic logout mechanism of WeChat public number. The non-certified number that is inactive for 210 days will be automatically cancelled. The official stated that it will directly improve the situation of its resources such as nicknames and micro-signals occupying users and platforms, and meet the need of small partners to log out of long-term non-use of accounts.
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(34 day ago) At the time of the arrival of 315, the female writer 66 who had previously been exposed to rotten fruit in Jingdong but was not properly dealt with in 2015, once again aimed the muzzle at Jingdong, triggering a new round of tears.
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(35 day ago) Today is March 15 International Consumer Rights Day, the new upgrade of "12315" Mini Programs also officially launched.
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(35 day ago) New line 12315 Mini Programs joined "electronic map" the function, the user sees the uneven preparation complaint, but does not know the enterprise registration name, may click the choice directly in the electronic map, the system will determine the enterprise automatically, and matches the jurisdiction authority. In a variety of needs, "intelligent recommendation", "intelligent solution" function, according to history big data can automatically recommend processing units for users, as well as quick response to user consultation.
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(36 day ago) Looking for opportunities for blockchain riches: the anxiety and fantasies of ordinary people appear repeatedly in the headlines of the "blockchain" news, many of the big guys or "shake the flag" or a tense discussion, Let the issue of "block chain" not only for the big guy and practitioners, but also affect the nerves of ordinary people.
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