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(7 hr ago) Standings and scoreboards allow you to keep an eye on support team scores and popular scores. The recent events allow you to understand which of the most recent games are available. It is easy to plan which team will burst into the night; the latest report on the latest situation in the express course will allow you to quickly fill in if you miss the game.
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(16 hr ago) On Friday, efforts to become a chat product called WeChat, the "most respected internet company," caused controversy. A large number of users said that at about 7:00 that evening, the micro envelopes had killed their accounts and prompted that “The WeChat account should use WeChat plug-ins, unofficial clients, or emulators are restricted from logging in [...]” and this restriction cannot be lifted.
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(2 day ago) Recently, several consumers have reported to the "Daily 315" column and the Sina Black Cat Complaint Platform that they are users of Hammer Nut Pro 2 mobile phone. After updating the new version Wechat pushed by the app store, these users have found out that they have found in WeChat. The important data and chat history are all lost.
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(2 day ago) 618, Some people are happy and some people worry that for the struggle to deal with “merchant rights”, the larger threat may not be business rights protection, but WeChat may support the flow of Jingdong - WeChat on-line "commodity" search, presented Search results are from Jingdong, users can jump to the "Jingdong shopping" applet.
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(3 day ago) Although the NBA finals have come to a close, the WeChat group's abuse of "riding bravery war" has become a hot topic of all information platforms. At a time, all kinds of theme WeChat "curse group" emerge in endlessly, such as "millet HUAWEI mutual spray group", "eat chicken pesticide each other" and so on, the flower style swears sweeping the whole network.
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(4 day ago) Take "cat grain" as an example, click the first commodity to enter, appeared the Jingdong small program purchase page, and at the same time at the edge of the price, the "search for a random return of users" hints. Jingdong 618 is about to come, and it can not help speculation that this will bring more traffic to the annual Jingdong day of the store, and it also foreshadowed WeChat's further offensive in the e-commerce field.
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(4 day ago) After quantifying the quantum of new media companies operating 981 micro-signals in the short term, rising from 2 billion to 3 billion, it dropped to 3.2 billion after two months.
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(4 day ago) Sean Ellis comments on the growth of social products at home and abroad. But mature social products like Facebook and WeChat still hold true.
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(6 day ago) The ever-changing changes in technology circles impact many ancient industries. Hotels are one of them. In recent years, digitalization and intelligence have become popular words in the lodging industry. New and old hotels are facing challenges in terms of mode and concept. But digital transformation is not easy, especially international chain hotels, they tend to be relatively cautious, because even a few minor changes, but also lead the whole body.
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(6 day ago) In June 11th, the WeChat payment service conference was held in Changsha, and WeChat announced the opening of the "new capability of digital marketing for the service providers", which provided the service providers with the advertising marketing management engine for businesses.
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(6 day ago) With the arrival of the hot June and the time to enjoy the sunshine beach again, I believe a lot of small partners have bought a long flight ticket, a trip to go. But when it comes to the outside world, how can you do it without traffic? Today, WeChat launched WeChat Go Sim Card in order to gracefully make friends in the circle of friends.
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(6 day ago) "We only accept cash and do not accept any third parties and credit cards," Chen Genji's attendants in Hongkong, "net red restaurant", have repeatedly said to the mainland tourists. The "taxi driver" beside the restaurant still declares in advance, "can't support WeChat or Alipay."
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(7 day ago) Author A Chan (Jason Ng), originally from the WeChat public number "maybe" today, found that WeChat had lost 10 dollars for me. I had a bet with a friend last year that the WeChat iOS side had not returned to praise this year, and the result was restored today, so I was beaten.
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(7 day ago) WeChat is now a national application that everyone can't live without, but since WeChat (proclaimed) insists on not keeping user data, the preservation and synchronization of chat records is always a big problem, and if it is lost, it is quite troublesome.
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(7 day ago) When installing a new version of WeChat at the Hammer App Store, it will be prompted with "Signature inconsistency" and "May result in data error or loss." In fact, in the past month or so, when the Hammer Shop can update applications, it will often have similar prompts. Therefore, many people do not care, or the general people are completely unable to read and understand them.
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(8 day ago) 1. Shi Hua Jun “Knowing Flower Monarch” is a flower and grass recognition applet, with the baby coming out, and suddenly there is a “Mama, what is this beautiful flower called famous paper?”, I believe most of the old iron will meet Such as iron gray, hee hee ... hee hee ... hey ... ... or go home and ask your dad it ... ...! Well, it is time to reveal the correct posture! First, click on “Search” in the WeChat → “Discovery” → “Small Programs” and enter “Know Flowers” ​​to install this small program called “Know Flowers”.
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(9 day ago) Netizens who have not yet joined the "mutual spray group" are still very anxious, asking everywhere. It began in a match between knights and warriors in June 7th, in which the Knights lost again, and 0:3 was behind. The fans of the Cavaliers were excited and began to express their views on the game. Some of them made the fans of the warriors unhappy.
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(9 day ago) As the saying goes, "radish cabbage, each has their own love", everyone has their own preferences, but because they like, others do not like to open the spray, it is not too rational.
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(10 day ago) On the morning of June 8th, for a number of self media accounts on WeChat's platform, "today's headlines are the first to kill WeChat", the headlines today say they have never banned WeChat, micro-blog links, and micro headlines support skipping WeChat and micro-blog outside the chain, but the headline does not allow it to be inserted in the article or video. QR code。
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(11 day ago) Female models selling wine pictures (left) and captured pictures (right) Scam gang routines upgrading business department (responsible for romance) using the model group's photos or videos disguised as females, adding "wealth by searching nearby people" After a friend, about 10 days for a cycle, according to the script layer set: initial acquaintance - in-depth exchange - business illness - killing cooked, fraudulently obtained trust and goodwill of the victim, the ultimate deceive the owner spent high prices to buy wine.
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(12 day ago) Create a public account with an invitation to acknowledge the account and fill in the micro message to create invitations in the appreciation function. Through the invitation of the public number, you can enter the "appreciation account" applet to fill in the information, and you can finish the creation. When the public numbers are sent out with the appreciation articles, after creating the appreciation account, click the avatar and add the public number in the "receivable public number".
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(13 day ago) The nation’s first WeChat payment x-taste smart bakery has been opened in Beijing, and using WeChat payment can complete the entire shopping process in just 3 seconds. Pick the bread and hand it directly to the AI ​​self-service cash register. Whether it is a croissant or a small egg tart, WeChat pays the AI ​​auto-identification to immediately and accurately identify their type, quantity, and price.
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(16 day ago) Earlier today, the Tencent issued a statement that the Beijing Haidian District people's court immediately initiated a formal prosecution of Beijing bytes Beating Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing microsowing horizon Technology Co., Ltd., demanding a claim for RMB 1 yuan, and asked the two companies to make an open apology in their own news media platform.
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(16 day ago) Among them, there were 4 cases of "hurricane 5, No. 10, No. 13, No. 20" and other 4 crimes against the "network of friends" in a unified net collection. 13 of the criminal gangs were knocked out and 1310 suspects were captured. It is reported that these groups use model photos to disguise as women, specifically targeted for men, by setting virtual positioning, searching for "nearby" people to net "fishing", adding friends from WeChat, chatting with the owner, after making the trusting of the host and becoming friends with the man and woman, through the misery of the fictional family.
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(17 day ago) 1, browse web pages / articles can be reduced to floating windows because the system design is different, and the way of operation on iOS is not the same. In the new version, when you browse the web content and public articles, you can choose floating windows at any time in the upper right corner menu, reduce the current page to a floating round window, and then return to the WeChat home page to chat or brush the circle of friends.
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(17 day ago) After opening the products of Taobao or Tmall, the function of "generating the naughty password" in the sharing is gone. Instead, the picture sharing function is replaced, and there is a special label "save the picture when WeChat and QQ share". After the recommendation sharing platform below, it will automatically save a picture with a two-dimensional code in the system album. The default password is copied by default.
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(18 day ago) This article is authorized to turn from the public number "ID:shensing". The author is Lu Shushen, the original title "a brief history of WeChat development: the inevitability and contingency of WeChat's success".
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(19 day ago) Isn’t the electricity merchants going to sleep? Late at night, Xiaomi also found that some friends were discussing things and seemed very anxious. After sending some inquiries, Xiaomi discovered the newly released new regulations on the WeChat official website - "Weixin External Link Content Management Specification."
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(20 day ago) In order to protect the privacy of users and optimize the WeChat external link experience, the WeChat team has further upgraded the relevant rules of the WeChat External Link Content Management Specification. The new regulation will take effect on May 29th.
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(20 day ago) After the approval of the opening of the free payment of the successful, in all marked "brush code switch" or "the gate machine support the card and the brush code switch", open the APP in the car code, scavenging can be directly in and out of the station. Originally registered friends on Metro metropolis APP, you only need to open APP and enter your home page. Click the WeChat payment on the upper right corner as the default payment method. Next time you take the subway by train, the system will automatically deduct the payment from WeChat.
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