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(11 hr ago) Chain get App Note: February 17, 2018 Lunar New Year's Day two, gathered Qtum quantum chain Shuai Chu, distributed capital Shen Bo, Long collar capital Cai Wensheng, real Ge Xu Xiaoping, the famous investors Xue Manzi, Chen Weixing, the Weixin group, such as the capital Yi Lihua and Lily Wang Muyan, conducted a deep discussion and controversy on the blockchain, and the contents of the debate were sorted out and spread out, which triggered a great impact ...
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(2 day ago) On February 15, 2018, the Helsinki City Luggage WeChat applet was released at the Helsinki Spring Festival Temple Fair. This new application will provide Helsinki's Chinese travel information to nearly one billion Chinese WeChat users.
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(5 day ago) Valentine's Day, in the WeChat chat dialog box to send a message containing "love you Oh" message, there will be a mysterious expression of friends, full of love, to give you an understanding of help.
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(5 day ago) Visit: Aliyun recently Android version WeChat upgraded to 6.6.3, the official update log only one "fixed a number of known issues," and WeChat official public number "WeChat School" made an explanation of the update: The new version of the repair Vulnerabilities that can affect user security.
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(5 day ago) February 13 news, WeChat official recently released news that the violation of online activities in the circle of friends to carry out restrictions. After some activities were handled, we continued to violate the rules or changed domain names to evade restrictions on friends, while WeChat conducted more stringent treatments.
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(5 day ago) According to domestic media reports, recently, Ali Security Orion Lab and Pandora Labs found a major loopholes in WeChat - WeChat Clone loopholes. It is learned that an attacker need only send a message, you can completely clone the victim's WeChat account and chat history, and even to achieve the WeChat wallet payment, and steal private information.
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(7 day ago) Free weekend is not fun? Spring Festival 7 days free single uninterrupted It is reported that the upcoming "Spring Shake" is launched in January, "Weekend Shake" an upgraded version of the activities from the weekend extended to 7 days a day for the New Year can be waived. From February 14 to February 20, users can participate in the "Spring Festival Shake" by using WeChat to pay over $ 2 for the online business entities.
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(7 day ago) On the news of February 12th, the footsteps of the Spring Festival are getting closer and closer, and many people are now returning home and preparing for the new year. Before the Spring Festival is to eat dumplings, fireworks, to see the Spring Festival evening, now is to lead the red bag, red bag, red bag. Alipay and WeChat have opened a new era, now the Internet enterprise Gexianshentong, also began to join the red war, our users can enjoy.
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(8 day ago) On February 11, the WeChat team released a notice last night saying that WeChat has an anti-brush screen mechanism for the transmission of links. Recently, some companies found that there is a bypass mechanism to conduct malicious irregularities and confrontational acts on WeChat, including but not Restricted to bulk domain name or the domain name into pictures and other forms of brush volume. For such behavior, WeChat team will carry out related processing.
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(8 day ago) Rule Definition: Malicious breach and confrontation refer to subjectively objectively and objectively implementing agreements that violate such protocol rules as the "WeChat public platform operation specification" and "WeChat external link content specification", including but not limited to the following forms: 1 , Repeated violations many times: Violation is still processed after the use of similar or other forms of continued violations.
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(9 day ago) The last time, WeChat and headlines have successively released favorable profit-making policies for content creators. But this time, limiting the number of account signings may not be great for many individuals and organizations. On the morning of February 10, WeChat and the headline successively announced new restrictions on account registration. Both of them mentioned that this is an adjustment made under Article 7 of the Provisions on the Administration of Information Services for Public Accounts of Internet Users. With immediate effect:
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(9 day ago) The following is the original announcement of the WeChat public platform: According to "Internet users account information services management regulations," Article VII: "Internet users of public account information service providers should be on the same platform for the same platform to register the number of public accounts set a reasonable ceiling" In order to implement the relevant policies and regulations and build a healthy and orderly content ecosystem, under the guidance of the Internet information content authorities, in order to effectively fulfill the platform's main responsibilities and further strengthen account management, with immediate effect, the registration of public numbers will be adjusted as follows:
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(9 day ago) WeChat games jump hop hot, will soon be the New Year, is not ready to PK friends and relatives? Click on the homepage "Multiplayer" of the "Jumping" game, and "Invite Friends" to the WeChat group. When the friends in the group click the invitation card to join the "Room", you can jump together.
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(10 day ago) Every year before and after the Spring Festival is the high incidence of online gambling. WeChat said that for the online gambling, WeChat team has been maintaining a zero tolerance attitude. It has adopted a series of continuous measures to fight, and will maintain a high pressure strike during the Spring Festival. On the one hand, WeChat said, we will strictly review and clean up the illegal information that may be included in the platform, according to user complaints.
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(11 day ago) Every year before and after the Spring Festival are the high incidence of online gambling. The WeChat team today announced that it will stick to zero tolerance for online gambling and has taken a series of sustained crackdowns to maintain a high-pressure strike during the Spring Festival.
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(11 day ago) This also means that WeChat is moving towards multiple accounts, seamlessly switch over. For some users, this eliminates the need to leave the current account, re-enter the inconvenience of another account and password. Of course, this function does not reach similar to the QQ, you can hang two numbers at the same time double open, but "false double open" WeChat can record your two accounts, but the two accounts can not log in simultaneously to receive messages, only Choose one of them and log in as a "hide" one.
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(11 day ago) And the hammer Smartisan OS "Onestep" can quickly share, send text, pictures, files and so on, greatly improve the efficiency of operation. It is reported that the two functions can not be used, because WeChat is upgraded to Android 6.6.2 version of the chat session, page reconstruct special custom, leading to the user in the use of the portal and Onestep, the system can not obtain any text content for intelligent analysis.
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(11 day ago) February 7, with the Spring Festival approaching, weixing's Spring Festival activities are also revealed. This year, WeChat will focus its attention on the offline. Through innovative interactions such as "nearby offers" and "rocking music", it will bring innovation to users in the light of the miniaturization of small programs Interaction and discount surprises.
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(12 day ago) At present, WeChat brand rights protection platform has entered 4 continents, covering 18 countries and regions, accumulating 186 brands, and over 400 brands at home and abroad are subject to continuous protection. The WeChat rights platform has covered more than 80 commodities related to life, such as clothing, clocks, bags, shoes and boots, sports products and so on. To 2017 new small procedures, fake WeChat without mercy, the recent 976 "fake, high imitation" small program to be permanently banned.
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(13 day ago) From the exposure of the screenshots, the new version not only supports the two-way deletion of good friends, but also supports the group of friends group display functions, like micro-blog's focus group. In addition, the WeChat group also has an upgrade, mainly to increase the "group administrator" function. According to previous reports, WeChat is also testing another unusual and practical new function. Voice messages can drag the progress bar directly, and then play it from the corresponding location. What do you look forward to most of these new functions?
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(13 day ago) In February 6th, WeChat announced that it had permanently banned 976 counterfeit and high imitation small programs and restricted interception in registration, certification and auditing.
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(14 day ago) Due to the deepening of the contradiction between the two languages, Zhao used a lot of words to insult and abuse in WeChat. He attached the photos to Zhang's photos and sent them to his friends circle, which brought great pressure to Zhang's life and work.
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(17 day ago) WeChat yesterday released the latest 6.6.2 version for iOS platform, adding the account switching function, can be regarded as the official version of "WeChat double open", although there is no third-party multi-open function so convenient, but at least do not worry about being blocked.
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(18 day ago) Send and receive voice messages are the most basic and core functions of WeChat, but sometimes there are some inconvenient places. For example, if the other party sends a voice message for nearly 1 minute, you can only listen honestly In the middle, if you mistakenly touch other places or switch to other applications, you must start from scratch, which is a waste of time. Well now, with the progress bar, you can listen where you want to hear.
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(19 day ago) January 31, WeChat iOS version released the latest version 6.6.2, WeChat in this version of an important update: Support for adding two permanent login account locally, after the addition of a key switch login. At the same time, the new version of WeChat also supports users in the settings, the "Discovery" page management.
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(21 day ago) According to foreign media reports on January 28, WeChat started allowing users to bind overseas credit cards, a move that would benefit foreigners who live in China but do not own local bank credit cards and increase Tencent's share of China's mobile payment market .
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(21 day ago) WeChat theme phone shell has two: WeChat red envelope models and make money, complete micro-channel implanted. The former under the red appearance, there is an open button, like New Year's essential WeChat red envelopes. The latter is a few mahjong, one of them rich.
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(23 day ago) Finally do not have a third party to open more WeChat account with more open functions WeChat 6.6.2 finally added the account switch function, the function is hidden in the "I → Settings → switch account" into this function can add one more micro letter account number. When the user switches accounts, another account automatically exits.
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(24 day ago) For example, to Hong Kong, Maucao, Japan and South Korea's new Matai, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Germany and other 13 countries and regions, as long as the package before the departure to buy traffic packages, direct landing card will be able to access the Internet. Through WeChat wallet - mobile phone recharge - more services will be able to buy WeSim card, more countries and regions are gradually opened.
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(25 day ago) January 25, the WeChat team released a bulletin saying that from the mobile application sharing app to WeChat's applet page, the user access supports opening the source app. At the same time, developers can customize the title bar area outside the applet menu.
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