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(54 min ago) Weixin Payment launched the "electronic red envelope" function in 2014, which greatly promoted the early success of the mobile payment service in China. WeChat said that by the end of 2017, its active user volume in Malaysia was 20 million.
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(2 hr ago) Open and open WeChat Wallet - access to urban services - select social security services can be queried. Using Weixin to bind social security cards, it also takes only three steps: enter Weixin City Services - set up your city, and select Social Security - Electronic Social Security Card Services - into the card binding page, press the prompt to successfully bind the cards.
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(1 day ago) In August 2016, Hike received $175 million in the Series D financing of Tencent and Foxconn, and entered the Unicorn Club for $1.4 billion.
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(3 day ago) In addition to the official update log, the new version of WeChat as usual has a number of hidden updates, such as the group administrator function, iOS, Android new version are quietly joined, group members reach or exceed 40 people, you can see the group owner in the group attribute And administrators, each group can be set up to 3 administrators. The group administrator's abilities include: group chats of more than 100 people can modify the group name, publish group announcements (@owners), remove group members, set the group entry method, and confirm the group application.
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(4 day ago) On August 16, IKEA and Wechat jointly announced in Shanghai that the world's first commercial widget for IKEA's cooperation with Wechat will be officially launched on August 27. IKEA IKEA Flash Shop will be sold as a POP UP STORE concept kit on a regular basis over the next nine months.
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(5 day ago) In addition, iPad users can finally use small programs. According to the latest data released by Wechat yesterday, the number of active applet users has exceeded 200 million, and it is bound to take a new step forward after supporting the iPad tablet. There are also other recent updates to WeChat, iOS.
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(11 day ago) Support to view the "My Applet" add data 1. Log in to the WeChat public platform and view it in the data analysis module: 2. Use the small program data assistant to view the relevant data details: 3. Since the base library version 2.2.4, the user starts from When the main bar of the bar applet and the applet taskbar enter the applet, the developer will get a unified scene value ("My applet" and "Recent use" will be merged, no longer distinguish).
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(13 day ago) According to Weixin, more than 200 "pornographic, vulgar" violations of small procedures have been dealt with, and its ban, rectification warnings. More than 300 small procedures for illegal gambling and gambling have been put in place, and inspections and interception have been carried out in audit and online operation.
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(13 day ago) In August 8th, WeChat paid the climax of "8.8 Smart Life days", sending millions of copies to the users and the most "plump" cash packets in history.
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(13 day ago) The battle between Alipay and WeChat payment has become more and more fierce. On August 8th, there was another good show. Alipay sends a red envelope of up to 100 yuan per person to the foreign exchange rate, and WeChat pays at home.
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(14 day ago) On August 7, the WeChat public platform recently announced that it will eliminate false data from unnatural reading such as machines from August 8. Previously, the media revealed the “single-printing” gray industry on the WeChat public account. The amount of text reading was 15 yuan per thousand, and the share was shared 40 times for 40 yuan, attracting active WeChat fans for 500 yuan and 20 yuan. , "Follow" virtual high...
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(16 day ago) Recently, Tencent responded to the "WeChat second real-name certification". WeChat payment did not guide users to the second real-name authentication in any form. We hope that users will not be convinced of the second-name real-name authentication requirements and links disseminated by SMS and other channels, beware of being deceived. .
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(16 day ago) 1. The decoration shop chooses the style of the store, its own image, the decoration of tables, chairs, lights, containers, etc., and decorates the shop into what you imagine. 2. Click on the "sales" → "organize menu" on the shelves to select the shelves for the shelves. As a pocket cafe, you can only put up to 5 items.
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(16 day ago) As various P2P Internet financial platforms have exploded, the relevant cooperative enterprises have also fallen into an unprecedented dilemma, especially the two famous names in the router industry, which were completely dragged into the abyss by the 0 yuan purchase, and the polar route is on the verge of bankruptcy. Entangled.
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(16 day ago) At present, Feixun's public number is no longer accessible and cannot be searched, but the official mall and other accounts are still there. On the evening of August 3, the official website of Feixun issued an announcement. For those consumers who purchased Fiji products and held products that have not yet paid K-code products, the third-party Internet cooperation platform that originally used the Fibonacci products to redeem K-codes has not been normal. Redeem the K code, through the official website of Feixun or Feixun Mall APP, for the consumer who holds the K code and uses the Feixun product, the K code will be exchanged to the Feixun Mall C...
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(18 day ago) Over there, Alipay launched the “City Week” event, and every day from August 1st to 8th, it has the opportunity to get a red envelope of up to 4888 yuan, as well as a repayment of red envelopes, a ticket for 1 year, a one-year movie, and a year of 38888. Yuan pension, Youku cool 30 years VIP, Taobao shopping cart empty, flying pig 1 year free ticket and other benefits.
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(19 day ago) The users who have paid the binding credit card through WeChat will automatically open the credit card integral function. After consumption, they will get the corresponding integral, and the time of the account is based on the bank integration rules. The user uses WeChat to pay for the credit card, which will get the same integral as the entity card, and can also query the integral through the credit card integral reminding function.
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(19 day ago) Beijing, August 1, Xinhua News Agency: Wechat Credit Card Payment Procedure Fee, Internet products "wool" era gone forever? Xinhua News Agency reporters Hu Linguo, Yan Zhihong, Sun Shaolong charge anxiety - the next charge is what the project "there are 4 credit cards on hand, all bound WeChat payment automatic repayment, although 0.1% rate is not high, but I decided to abandon WeChat paid."
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(20 day ago) Wechat has issued an announcement on the previous WeChat. From August 1st, WeChat credit card repayment will be charged 0.1% per transaction fee, which means that we will charge a handling fee for WeChat credit card tomorrow.
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(23 day ago) Now that it has been coordinated with Tencent Inc, WeChat pays access to APP, which is the four payment channel in the future. According to official data, the progress of two-dimensional code has reached a maximum of more than 1 million 70 thousand passengers per day, and the cumulative number of stations has exceeded 51 million passengers.
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(23 day ago) The Beijing News (Reporter Yan Jianfei) Starting today, the QR code can be paid by WeChat. The reporter learned that in order to provide more convenient subway travel services, all traditional banks and third-party payment methods will be supported in the future.
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(25 day ago) At the end of last year, WeChat Security Center issued the "Announcement on Regulating WeChat Personal Accounts to Release Investment Proposals and "Recommended Shares" Related Service Information". It is clear that the release of investment advice or "recommended stock" behavior for individual accounts must be regulated in strict accordance with relevant national laws and regulations.
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(25 day ago) WeChat said that recently, it has received a large number of complaints that when some users publish investment advice or "recommended stock" information, there are still some of them, including and not limited to the following illegal and illegal activities: 1, adding users or pulling users to join WeChat groups through counterfeiting identity and other forms. The company, which continues to publish information on advertising harassment in the stock recommendation category, claims that it can accurately predict the rise and fall of individual stocks, and through earning fees for service fees, expert guidance and consulting fees, selling stock speculation software and courses, and selling the vip stock speculation membership group. Or through the so-called "cooperative dividends" and other forms of profit, fake so-called insider information and market analysis.
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(26 day ago) The elderly have become an important part of WeChat users, and their usage habits are also significantly different from those of young people. In July 25th, the Tencent Research Institute and Professor Zhou Yuqiong of Shenzhen University jointly released the report of "the old people's domain: the old people's Micro letter life and the family WeChat back feeding", and let us have a certain understanding of the status of the old people using WeChat.
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(28 day ago) In June 20th, the 6.7.0 version of WeChat was launched, and the subscription number was revised. It will no longer be displayed in the form of a list, but will be displayed in the form of feed flow. Some have questioned the decline in the rate of message reading, but WeChat officials say it is completely nonexistent, the actual test efficiency will increase, and the bad public number will be quickly removed by the user.
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(29 day ago) In fact, at the end of June this year, Tencent’s official public letter WeChat 110 had reported on the matter. According to the People's Procuratorate of Changzhou Economic Development Zone, the legal representative of the company, Huang, explained that due to the small memory of the function machine (the old man machine), Tencent WeChat software could not be installed or downloaded on the function machine.
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(29 day ago) Recently, the WeChat public account has sent a case about some users encountering “Village WeChat”: their “WeChat” always receives some small advertisements. What is going on?
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(29 day ago) Grace Yin, the director of WeChat's international business operations, summed up Tencent's strategy at the RISE conference in Hongkong earlier this month: where there are Chinese tourists, which is our goal. This is a wise strategy, simple and clear, and highly maneuverable.
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(30 day ago) Because I was particularly able to eat when I was a child, and my parents’ salary was not high, it also made Wang Zhizhi add a lot of burden to the family. “Then I can’t afford to eat at home, eat too much, my dad and my mom earn a month. One hundred and eighty dollars, (I) one person will eat poor at home.
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(32 day ago) Just concluded the Russian World Cup, unlike the first team star's collective departure, Chinese enterprises are advertising their respective skills to seize the C position. You must remember a Chinese brand, whether it is the vivo of 100 million US dollar endorsement of the world cup, the "Hisense TV China first" in the grey area of the advertising law, or the Vatti from the early stage to the end, from the cold to the "full refund of the French championship".
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