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(3 day ago) Recently, Tencent Licai has optimized the automatic recharge function of the phone bill, which makes it easy to set the amount and date of monthly automatic recharge for yourself, parents and the other half. And before October 31st, the first recharge will be awarded an incentive. At present, the recharge amount of the phone bill supported by the company is 30/50/100/200/300/500 yuan, and each item has a discount, ranging from 0.03 yuan to 0.5 yuan.
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(6 day ago) I turned over the calendar, and September 30 coincided with WeChat's launch of the "Little Video" feature for four years. All said that tools, content-oriented social margins for fish, social orientation to other waters. Why haven't we done short videos on WeChat for four years? WeChat is not just a communication tool. WeChat public platform is the country's largest self-media platform.
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(9 day ago) The contents of the announcement show that the “exclusive expenses” of the shareholders of the company that have been paid by the company to the target company in the framework agreement amounted to RMB 100 million. The parties to the agreement confirmed that the shareholders of the target company should return it in full within 10 working days after the signing of this agreement. The company and the shareholders of the target company shall be refunded according to the respective collection amount. The following is the content of the announcement of the Leo shares: related articles: the public number of 2.3 billion to buy actually has two can not open the exchange letter of concern
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(12 day ago) Jinan Intermediate People's Court WeChat public number reported on October 9 that the public Liu operated a high-end gift shop and rented a lobby on the first floor of a hotel in Jinan as a business place, with a rent of 50,000 yuan a year. However, the two parties did not sign a paper lease agreement, but an agreement reached through WeChat.
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(13 day ago) Author|刘荻青编辑|Anxin Beijing time on October 7th news, WeChat father Zhang Xiaolong and Chinese golfer Li Wutong in the European Tour-Dunhill Links Championship in the professional-amateur match (professional golfer and amateur golfer partner The competition won the championship and became the first Chinese team to win the world's top golf tournament professional-amateur match.
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(13 day ago) Today, Weixin released the "2018 National Day Long Holiday Wechat Data Report", focusing on the Chinese people's homes and travel during the National Day. From Sept. 30 to Oct. 6, 21 million micro-credit users across the country chose vacation homes. Their micro-credit campaign was less than 100 steps, 56% of which were young people after the 80s and 90s.
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(13 day ago) For example, during the National Day holidays, as many as 12 million micro-credit users walked less than 100 steps in any given day, accounting for 56% of them in the 1980s and 1990s. Guangdong is the province with the largest number of households, with as many as 2.1 million micro-credit households choosing to live, followed by Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang and Liaoning.
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(17 day ago) However, after entering September, the download volume of bullet SMS ushered in a cliff-like decline. During the period, Bullet WeChat has been updated several times, and even introduced Alipay's red envelope function and added 6 sets of emoticons. But it didn't make much difference. Isn't it possible to fly a text message? After the bullet SMS wireless scenery, it was mentioned above. Bullet SMS was short on the other functions and it ushered in a good start. At one time, VCs that invested in bullet messages were queued up in Paris.
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(17 day ago) After receiving the report, the police immediately verified and found a criminal gang that used AI technology for online gambling through big data analysis. On March 23, the police in Nanshan District jointly dispatched various police officers to various districts in Shenzhen to carry out a unified network arrest operation. On the spot, 15 members of the gambling gang were arrested, and a computer, mobile phone, account book and related electronic evidence were seized, and the amount of gambling funds was initially verified. 430 million yuan.
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(21 day ago) Every year, 10.1-10.7 is China's National Day Golden Week holiday. In fact, on National Day, not only Chinese people are excited, businessmen all over the world can not resist the excitement, from the government, to tourism institutions and ordinary businesses, have been ready to meet from the Chinese tourists "boom buying" craze.
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(22 day ago) On September 26, Shanghai Pudong International Airport joined hands with Wechat Payment and Space Information to launch Wechat Senseless Payment Parking Service and PVG Electronic Invoice Wechat Small Procedure in P1 and P2 garages. Users can automatically identify the license plate information through the exit of the garage, and enjoy the non-parking "senseless payment" experience of "no access card, no exit code scanning".
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(23 day ago) Today, Wechat's "functional direct" is officially open, and the distance between businesses and users can be a step closer: Users will search for functional words on Wechat, and the search page will show the relevant services of the small program, click on the search results, can go directly to the small program related services page.
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(23 day ago) These vendors can open up, there are already some small programs used in the "functional direct" capability, users can search for functional words directly related services. Two types of businesses on the platform can be opened: 1. Businessmen related to existing keyword services can configure keywords, such as "express"; 2. Businessmen without keyword coverage can apply for new keywords, we welcome businessmen from different scenarios to join in; of course, you need to meet the following conditions:
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(23 day ago) When the police pushed open the door of a hotel room in Xu Bi, Meili District, Sanming City, the suspect Lai Mou was awakened. He was sleeping in the shed, but he opened the hotel with the sweat and blood money of his workmates to enjoy. It was unexpected that the police came to the door so quickly. Faced with the interrogation of the police, he quickly confessed his act of breaking the law.
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(25 day ago) Specifically: First, open the new version of the "Subscription Number Message" and you can see that a new entry "Frequently Read Subscription Number" appears at the top of the subscription number stream. In this column, you are over the past period of time. Frequently opened subscription number. At the same time, the top ranks in the regular reading column are the subscription numbers that you have not yet read.
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(25 day ago) On the afternoon of September 26, with the support of the People's Bank of China and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, WeChat Hong Kong Wallet announced that it would be the first Hong Kong stored value payment instrument licensee to provide Hong Kong users with mobile payment services in the Mainland.
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(25 day ago) From October this year, Hong Kong users using the latest version of Wechat will be able to buy high-speed rail tickets, take taxis and enjoy good food in the Mainland. When the user pays, Weixin Hong Kong wallet will automatically be required to pay the amount of RMB, converted to the corresponding amount of Hong Kong dollars, the user can pay through the balance of the wallet, the bonded credit card or bank card in Hong Kong dollars.
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(25 day ago) This time, WeChat has made more than ten changes in size, including the subscription number stream, applet, look, search, and expression packs. It can be said that in many respects, important changes have been made.
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(26 day ago) When entering text in the chat window button, long press the pop-up menu to add a line feed option, suitable for selecting the Enter key to send a message when the text is wrapped. As always, the new version also has a lot of changes that have not been publicly mentioned. The most obvious thing is that the list of subscription numbers has been revised.
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(32 day ago) But recently, Weixin Finance Communications launched a current product, nearly a year of annualization as high as 6.83%, is more than twice the yield of Yue Yu, nearly six months of annualization is as high as 7.4%, even comparable to P2P. It is understood that the product is provided by Taikang Pension Insurance Co., Ltd., mainly invested in fixed income assets, belongs to low-risk and stable products, not insurance, with the money fund belongs to Yue not much difference.
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(32 day ago) Apple recently updated their product line. Can you afford it? Naturally, we can afford to buy Apple products in China. In addition to the official website is the main e-commerce platform, and after the launch of the new Apple added another online channel-the official WeChat public number "Apple."
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(33 day ago) Recently, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority announced the launch of the Fast Payment System (FPS) and named it "Fast Speed". WeChat Pay HK (hereinafter referred to as "WeChat Hong Kong Wallet") has taken the lead in accessing FPS. Through a series of system upgrades, Hong Kong users are provided with 24/7 instant payment service.
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(34 day ago) This is the second self-media acquisition that has been a public concern in the A-share market since 2018. On September 11, Leo shares announced that it will acquire a 75% stake in Suzhou Mengjia, a content marketing company of WeChat public account, for RMB 2.34 billion. This news came out, causing market attention. Subsequently, Leo shares received a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange requesting to disclose the details of Suzhou Weigao's current operation of the WeChat public account.
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(35 day ago) In 1970, Dongfanghong 1 sent Dongfanghong into space, and 48 years later, there's a chance for your voice to travel around the universe. Starting September 14, Wechat joined hands with the Eighth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group and Read Poems for You to collect poems and pronunciations from around the world through the Wechat Space Poets program.
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(36 day ago) Netizen's exposure of WeChat friends circle "shooting with micro-vision" promotion entrance TechWeb test did not find the entrance click this option from the circle of friends can directly jump to micro-vision video capture, the video link posted to the micro-view can choose to share to the circle of friends. Currently, videos taken by Microvision cannot be displayed directly in the circle of friends, but in the form of links. Friends need to copy the link to the browser to open the video.
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(37 day ago) On September 14th, WeChat launched the “WeChat Space Poet” small program, teamed up with “China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Eight Hospitals” and “Reading Poems for You” to collect poetry voices from users around the world. Among them, the voices of the first 50,000 poems that have been validated by WeChat wisdom technology will be included, and the Long March 4th series carrier rocket will be launched into space.
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(37 day ago) At present, a WeChat group can only be up to 500 people, and the QQ group is only 2000. When you join a 2000-person QQ group, you have already felt the terrible "information explosion." What would happen if a 1.3 billion WeChat group was built?
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(39 day ago) From September 12th, the “Beijing One Card” WeChat program was put into trial operation. All the more than 500 bus lines in the six districts of Tongzhou, Changping, Shunyi, Miyun, Daxing and Pinggu, and more than 5,000 buses have been opened on WeChat. The program scan code ride function, before the end of the year, some urban bus lines will also be piloted.
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(40 day ago) After a rare silence for a month, the WeChat applet finally ushered in new features, and "Cloud Development" was officially opened. The cloud development function has been added to the applet developer tool. With it, developers can quickly launch and iterate the small program without having to build the server themselves, which greatly saves development cost and speeds up development.
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(46 day ago) In November 2010, Zhang Chaoyang, who had not appeared for a long time, seemed very excited. In the office of Sohu Shanghai Huaihai Zhong Road, wearing a double-row black coat, he made a phone call in front of all the reporters, and then loudly told everyone: "Wang Leehom also wants to open Weibo in Sohu."
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