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LeTV(乐视网)News list

(1 day ago) FINANCIA News Agency, January 18, Le TV announcement, March 7, 2014, the SFC issued approval documents, the company purchased 100% of Huaer Film and Television.
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(3 day ago) As of January 15, 2019, Mr. Jia Yueting owned 96,203.27.47 million shares of the company, accounting for 24.11% of the company's total share capital, of which 86,555.87.14 million shares had been pledged, accounting for 21.70% of the company's total share capital. His 96,203.27.37 million shares were frozen and frozen by judicial departments such as the Third Intermediate People's Court of Beijing.
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(4 day ago) According to the announcement of Le TV Network, Guotai Jun'an intends to dispose of Jia Yuetang's pledged shares, which may lead to Jia Yuetang's passive reduction of 33.378 million shares. All members of the company and its board of directors guarantee that the information disclosed is true, accurate and complete, and that there are no false records, misleading statements or major omissions.
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(4 day ago) On January 14th, the company received the “Notice on the Disposal of the Pleasure of the LeTV” under the name of Jia Yueting from Guotai Junan. Guotai Junan intends to pass the judicial saleable frozen secondary market within 90 natural days from December 27, 2018. The centralized bidding transaction method shall be used to dispose of the underlying securities shares pledged by Mr. Jia Yueting, and the number of shares disposed of shall be subject to the final disposal result.
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(10 day ago) In response to previous inquiries from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Le-Rong-Xin responded that Le-Rong returned 901 million yuan of Renminbi to the People's Livelihood Trust through self-financing, and its source of funds had nothing to do with Jia Yuetang, Le-Rong Holdings, its affiliates and listed companies. In response to the problem of collection of arrears, Le TV said that by preliminary statistics, up to now, the merger scope of listed companies is about 2.84 billion yuan of receivables of major shareholders and their affiliates.
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(16 day ago) LeTV (300104.SZ), which is deeply mired in liquidity crisis, is doing everything possible to ease the company's operating difficulties. On the evening of January 2, announced that the company and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Horgos LeTV, New Generation Culture Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Leestar New Generation”), Horgos LeTV Film Co., Ltd. Called "Horgos LeTV"), Tianjin Jiarui Huixin Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as &ldquo...
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(17 day ago) Finance Associated Press, Jan. 2, Le Video announcement, recent media reports, "Hengda and FF reconciliation!" Jia Yueting's Spring is Coming?"And other related content, the company does not know about Faraday Future's long-term strategic planning, future production and sales, nor directly or indirectly holds any rights and interests in Faraday Future, and has no equity relationship or any cooperative relationship with Faraday Future.
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(22 day ago) On the evening of December 28th, LeTV (300104.SZ) announced that LeTV, Lele Interactive and Beijing Pengyi were the respondents and involved four lawsuits (arbitration). The applicants were Shenzhen Dexin and Beijing North. Jiaoshang, Shanghai Chuangyi, Shenzhen Qianhai, the case was introduced to investors in April 2016 for LeTV Sports.
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(24 day ago) SSE News (Reporter Luo Min) announced that according to the company's enquiry of China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd.'s share pledge and judicial freeze details, it was informed that 3.3 million shares of the company's major shareholder Jia Yueting were deconciled on December 24, 2018. The deconstructed shares accounted for 0.0827% of the company's total share capital.
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(24 day ago) Jia Yueting replied in the e-mail, "On December 26, Mr. Jia Yueting received a letter from the company, and his 3.3 million shares of LeTV held by the holder of the Oriental Securities held a pledge operation on December 24th.
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(28 day ago) On the evening of December 19th, LeTV (300104.SZ) announced that it will not include the original holding subsidiary Lerong Zhixin Electronic Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Le Rongzhixin) in the company's financial statements on the disclosure date of the announcement. Scope of consolidation.
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(31 day ago) announced that it will no longer include the original holding subsidiary Lerongzhixin Electronic Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. in the consolidated financial statements of the company. On December 6, announced that Tianjin Jiarui has increased the proportion of new registered capital of Lerong to 46.0504% and became the first major shareholder of Lerong.
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(31 day ago) On December 6, 2018, announced that Tianjin Jiarui Huixin Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tianjin Jiarui”) has changed its shareholding in the sale of the company. The proportion of registered capital increased to 46.0504%, and the first major shareholder of Lerong was Tianjin Jiarui.
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(37 day ago) On the evening of December 13, announced that three core executives, including the general manager, had resigned collectively, and that the creditors, including the former “White Knight”, had taken turns to collect debts from LeTV.
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(37 day ago) The company's board of directors recently received resignation reports from General Manager Liu Shuqing, Vice President Yuan Bin and Director Li Yuhao in the evening announcement of Le TV Network (300104) on December 13. Liu Shuqing resigned as the general manager of the company due to the adjustment of personal work arrangement. He decided to appoint Zhang Wei as the general manager of Lexus Network. Zhang Wei was previously the CFO of Lexus Network.
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(37 day ago) The company's board of directors fully respects the personal wishes of Ms. Liu Shuqing, Mr. Yuan Bin and Mr. Li Yuhao and accepts their resignation applications, according to Le TV. Ms. Liu Shuqing resigned as the general manager of the company and still served as the chairman of the company. Mr. Yuan Bin and Mr. Li Yuhao no longer held any positions in the listed company.
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(40 day ago) On December 7, Ali's judicial auction network platform put up the auction information of all the shares held by Lexus Holdings in the era of wealth, with the bottom price of the auction exceeding 2.3 billion yuan. In June 2016 and August 2016, Lexin Holdings Co., Ltd. was granted 30% and 70% equity of Shanghai New Experience Vocational Co., Ltd. twice, and completed 100% control of Beijing Fortune Times Real Estate Co., Ltd. with a capital contribution of 1.01 billion yuan.
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(43 day ago) In addition, the applicant also applies for a ruling that the respondent shall bear all the cost of the case's blanking and property preservation. The company said it would actively respond to the lawsuit in order to avoid damage to the rights and interests of the company and small and medium-sized shareholders caused by the above violations and protect the interests of the network. According to CTV, if CTV wins the lawsuit, its rights and interests as well as the interests of minority shareholders are protected, and the company is exempted from any liability for compensation and repurchase, the company's contingent liabilities will be relieved, which is conducive to the subsequent production and business recovery; if CTV loses the lawsuit, CTV will assume repurchase and other liability for compensation. Debts, etc.
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(44 day ago) As of December 6, 2018, Le TV could not repay Tianjin Jiarui's loan of 1.29 billion yuan in November 2017 and the remaining interest of 0.55 billion yuan; as of December 6, 2018, Le TV could not repay the principal and interest of China-Thailand profitable loan advanced by Rongchuang Real Estate Dai Le TV, totaling 1.914 billion yuan.
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(46 day ago) responded to the fact that LeTV’s assets of nearly 100 million yuan were frozen by the court. On December 4th, stated that the “Civil Ruling” relates to the amount of the non-listed company that ultimately needs to bear the amount of the guarantee. The final legal liability of the listed company is subject to the decision of the authority.
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(46 day ago) On December 4, Lexus Network (300104) announced that it had recently received the "Civil Decision" from the First Intermediate People's Court of Beijing. The applicant was Tianhong Innovation Asset Management Co., Ltd. and the respondents were Lexus Network, Lexus Interactive Sports Culture Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Pengyi Asset Management Center (Beijing). Limited partnership.
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(47 day ago) Recently, a reporter from the Securities Daily learned from the civil ruling of the First Intermediate People's Court of Beijing that the Court has recently decided to seize, seize or freeze the property of the three Lexus Departments, which is worth 9.022 million yuan.
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(49 day ago) FINANCIA News Agency, Dec. 1, the reporter learned that yesterday, Hongxin Asset Management Co., Ltd. applied to take protective measures against property valued at 9.022 million yuan of Lexu Network, Lele Interactive Sports and Beijing Pengyi Asset Management Center, which has been approved and implemented by the court. The court will seize, seize or freeze the applicant's pleasure. Net, Lele Interactive Sports and Beijing Pengyi Asset Management Center's property worth 9.022 million yuan.
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(51 day ago) As of November 28, Jia Yueting owned 98.27 million shares, accounting for 24.64% of the company's total equity.
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(54 day ago) Xinjing News (chief journalist Zhao Yibo) on November 26, Xinjing News reporters learned that because of a financial compensation case involving former public relations, Lexinet was again classified as a dishonest executee (commonly known as "Lao Liao") in recent days. This afternoon, people from Le Video Network told Xinjing News that they would conduct verification.
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(58 day ago) From January to September 2018, the company attributed to the net assets of shareholders of listed companies - 365 million, and to the net profits of shareholders of listed companies - 1489 million. If the company's net assets are negative in 2018 after auditing, there is a risk that the company will be suspended from listing.
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(61 day ago) On November 19, Letv (300104) held the fourth interim general meeting of shareholders in Beijing in 2018 to deliberate on the adjustment. Ratification of the types of daily related party transactions in 2018 and the motion concerning the scope of related parties and the proposal on signing the resolution of the partners' meeting of Letv Xingen M & A fund.
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(61 day ago) Earlier on November 15, announced that it received the "Notice of Collection of Loans" issued by Beijing Zhongtai Chuangying Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., involving more than 1.9 billion yuan. said that it is unable to obtain cash support in the short term, and the operating difficulties of listed companies due to lack of funds cannot be directly and effectively lifted.
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(65 day ago) E company news, Le TV Network (300104) November 15 evening announcement, recently, the company received Beijing Zhongtai Chuangying Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. issued a "loan collection notice". Up to now, the company has been unable to repay the loan and interest of Beijing Zhongtai Chuangying Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. on time, totaling 1.914 billion yuan.
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(66 day ago) Le Video Network Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Le Video Network" or "Company") has disclosed "New Accumulative Litigation and Arbitration Since the Last Disclosure" for 12 consecutive months in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Shenzhen Stock Exchange Growth Enterprise Stock Listing Rules". Supplementary Disclosure Notice of the case (Bulletin No.:
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