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(15 day ago) Source: 15% of the shares of the company have not yet been settled. The action of Dong Mingzhu, the representative of the management of electric appliances, inevitably brings the association to the outside world. Many observers believe that there is a possibility that the management of the electric appliance company, represented by high alpine or Magnolia and Dong Mingzhu, will be able to share the shares of the company.
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(38 day ago) According to media reports on the 10th, Gree Electric Co., Ltd. teamed up with five enterprises, such as Zhuzhou China Motor Company and Yinlong New Energy, to jointly invest in the establishment of Guochuang Energy Internet Innovation Center (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., which is a local energy Internet innovation center in Guangdong Province.
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(44 day ago) Then, taking into account the family condition, Dong Mingzhu has paid him 100 yuan. 'At that time, the department was in a mess, the system was re-established, and the staff were very demanding,' said Mr. Dong. 'One of the staff was transferred from Shaoguan, and the economic conditions at home were not good. At that time, a month's salary was about $600, I had a lot of food from the house in the morning (what I did), but the company said it was not allowed to eat, and that day, I just came back from the outside, and about 10 seconds later, the bell rang...
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(44 day ago) The two institutions are Zhuhai Mingjun Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) under Gaochun Capital, and the partnership with GENESIS FINANCIAL INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED, a subsidiary of Houpu Investment Co., Ltd. Consortium.
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(45 day ago) [TechWeb] On the evening of September 2, Gree Electric disclosed the progress of equity transfer. There were two intentional transfer directions to Gree Group to submit the application materials for the transfer, and paid the corresponding contractual deposit in full, namely: Zhuhai Mingjun Investment Partnership (hereinafter referred to as "Ming Jun Investment"), and a consortium of Grids of Equity Investment (Zhuhai) Partnership (hereinafter referred to as "Golden Material") and GENESIS FINANCIAL INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED.
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(45 day ago) In any case, "Electric Jun" hopes that our world's best air conditioning industry (which is not blown, more than 80% of the global air conditioning is made in China), in the healthy competition, under strict self-discipline, to further grow into the world's most reliable air conditioning brand manufacturer.
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(45 day ago) Liu Buchen, an analyst in the home appliance industry, told the Associated Press that the dispute between the two sides reflected the anxiety of the entire air-conditioning industry. From the perspective of the entire industry, the virtual standard energy efficiency is a dysentery in the industry, and it has been repeatedly banned. Since virtual standard energy efficiency can bring benefits, many companies are willing to take risks, and this requires more stringent supervision by market regulators.
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(46 day ago) Li Mingjing, a screenshot of Weibo, said, "After our verification and verification, we confirmed the recall of air conditioners from the Griffith brand when they were exported to Saudi Arabia. If you have any doubts about our verification results, please publish the specific model and relevant evidence of the recall of Gree brand air conditioners due to inefficiency.
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(48 day ago) At 23:23 on August 30, Li Mingjing, deputy director of Gree Electric's Legal Department, responded to the official microblog of Gree Electric Appliances, responding to the president of Oaks Home Appliances Business Unit. For any unqualified products, anyone and any enterprise have the right to supervise and report at any time. Welcome to supervise .
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(51 day ago) [TechWeb] On August 28, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric Appliances, said in Beijing that the 1 billion bet with Lei Jun was over and everyone knew it. I don't want one billion. I want to gamble with Lei Jun for another five years. Responding to Lei Jun, chairman of Millet Group, he said, "I think I can try it." In this regard, the industry for millet and Gree's next five years of sales speculation.
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(74 day ago) In this issue, CCTV Financial's "Dialogue" program invited the chairman of China Post, Hegang Group and Gree Electric to be listed. At the scene of the recording of the program, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric, revealed that Gree was almost acquired by a foreign Fortune 500 company in his early years.
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(75 day ago) Among the 129 Chinese companies on the list, 77 ranked higher than last year, and 13 were listed for the first time, accounting for more than half of the total number of new companies, most of which are private enterprises. Among them, Gree Electric Appliances, Xiaomi and other companies are listed for the first time. This issue of "Dialogue" invited the chairman of China Post, Hegang Group and Gree Electric to be listed.
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(115 day ago) June 25 news, in response to the report of Ox air conditioning, yesterday, the public of Gree Electric issued a document saying that the fight will be to the end. On June 10, Gree Electric reported to Ox in its official micro-blog real name that the energy efficiency ratio and refrigeration consumption power test of Ox air-conditioning multi-model products were not qualified. In fact, as early as early as this year, Gree had reported to various departments the suspected fraud of Oaks.
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(119 day ago) 1, air conditioning energy efficiency rating how to look at the air conditioning performance level that is the energy efficiency ratio of air conditioning, is the ratio of rated cooling capacity and rated power consumption. Our so-called air conditioning refrigeration energy efficiency ratio (EER) is the name for energy efficiency, that is, the comparison between rated power consumption and rated cooling capacity.
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(122 day ago) "Today we are here to study the documents of the seven ministries, which also gives us more confidence. We are both supervised and supervised. We welcome to be supervised, but we also have the obligation to promote the civilization of the market. We should also pick up our weapons and defend them. The rights of ordinary people and consumers.
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(122 day ago) Sina Finance and Economic Law asked Gree Electric today held a special event on the "Green Efficient Refrigeration Action Plan" jointly issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and other seven departments. The program puts forward requirements for the market energy efficiency level of household air conditioners, multi-connection and other refrigeration products. At the event, Dong Mingzhu said, "This important document issued by the seven ministries and commissions has sounded the alarm for bad enterprises in this new period. Good enterprises should feel their mission and responsibility more.
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(126 day ago) From the column chart of the ranking table, there is a big gap between the sales of Gree Air Conditioner and Oaks Air Conditioner. The length of the column chart is only about half of Oaks'length. However, the length of the column chart can not prove anything because no specific figures are published in Jingdong. June 6, Gree Electric released a "Report Letter on the Production and Sale of Unqualified Air Conditioning Products by Ox Air Conditioning Co., Ltd." on its official micro-blog, publicly reporting that there is a big gap between some Ox air conditioning products and their publicity and nominal energy efficiency.
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(127 day ago) At around 9:30 on the evening of the 10th, Gree Electric again made a sound, issued a report on the relevant products, and said that sufficient evidence has been prepared for the supervision department to read, and will be announced to the public according to the situation. The confrontation between the two major air-conditioning companies has attracted the attention of the regulatory authorities.
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(127 day ago) After Gree reported, the report said that Oaks executives did not sleep all night, studying how to deal with them. Aux said that while the 618 air-conditioning sales season is approaching, Gree adopts derogatory means, which is an obvious unfair competition. For Gree’s report, the company has reported the case to the public security organ and will file a lawsuit with the judicial authorities to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the company and maintain the normal order of the market.
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(127 day ago) Related article: Gree: Some administrative agencies have failed to test the first condition of Oaks air-conditioning. Gree Oaks is hard-headed. What facts should the masses of people know? Gree dismantled the Oaks air conditioner in public. It said that it may deliberately imaginary energy efficiency. Oaks: Gree directly fights against local enterprises. In the national righteousness, regardless of Oaks' response, Gree: Has been submitted to the State Administration of Market Supervision to supervise the detection of Gree's report to Oaks. Fighting competitors or defending rights for consumers?
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(128 day ago) According to the Zhejiang Radio Zhejiang Voice official microblogging @Zhejiang Voice June 11 news, in response to Gree report Oaks air conditioning performance issues, Oaks proposed three major points of doubt. First of all, Oaks accused Gree of maliciously guiding public opinion, the essence of which led to unfair competition.
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(128 day ago) Gree clarified the original intention of the report and talked about the cause of the report. Li Mingjing, Vice Minister of Legal Affairs of Gree Electrical Appliances, said that Gree received feedback from consumers and investors that Ox air conditioners were cheap but consumed a lot of electricity. In order to clarify this situation, Gree did some market tests.
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(128 day ago) The reporter learned that at present, the special investigation team composed of the two-level market supervision departments of Zhejiang Province and Ningbo City has already been in place, and relevant investigation work has begun. CCTV financial reporters continue to track! What is the latest response from Oaks today? Regarding the question of whether Gree has unfair competition, what does Gree say? Oaks:
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(128 day ago) What is the concept of more than 200 watts? In an hour, you may need to spend more than 200 watts of electricity. On that day, if you drive 24 hours, it may be close to five kWh, and it will be 4.8 kWh. The following is a record of the media meeting: Reporter: We took the video and introduced ourselves when we talked in front.
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(128 day ago) It is said that many consumers have feedback to the company that the Oaks air conditioner has the problem of low price but high power consumption. For this reason, the company has found through its own laboratory and third-party quality inspection agencies that the products of the competing Oaks do exist and promote it. The nominal energy efficiency value is large, and the energy efficiency ratio and the cooling power consumption test conclusions are all unqualified.
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(129 day ago) We have noticed that the incident has aroused the concern and anxiety of consumers and the attention of relevant regulatory authorities. We look forward to drawing a conclusion as soon as possible. At the same time, it calls on relevant operators to always establish the concept of "consumer first", to provide consumers with reliable products and services, and to protect consumers'legitimate rights and interests.
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(129 day ago) Gree Electric wrote in its report letter that after Gree's own laboratory and commissioned a professionally qualified third-party organization to test and verify, the energy efficiency ratio and refrigeration consumption power of the following eight models of air conditioning products in Ox were publicized. The difference of nominal energy efficiency values is large: KFR-25GW/NEW 3, KFR 35GW ≤ NFI193, KFR 25GW ZC2, KFR 35GW HFY 3, KFR 35GW new 3, KFR 25GW NFI19 3, KF 26GW Neg1 3, KFR 35GW ≤ ZC 2, KFR 35GW HFY 3, KFR 25GW NFI19 3, KFR 26GW NNEA1 3, KFR 35GW ≤ ZC 2.
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(129 day ago) The full text is as follows: On the afternoon of June 10, 2019, the State Administration of Market Supervision noticed the report letter of Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. on the production and sales of unqualified air-conditioning products of Oaks Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. The bureau has paid great attention to this. It has notified the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Administration on the afternoon of the same day to investigate and verify the situation as soon as possible, and will dispose of it according to the results of the investigation and verification according to the law, and promptly disclose it to the public.
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(129 day ago) On the evening of the 10th, the official microblog of Oaks released the "Aussie Air Conditioning Statement on the so-called report letter of Zhuhai Gree Electric Co., Ltd." said that "Gree is neither a consumer nor a national regulatory authority, and it claims that consumers report to our products. Obviously unreasonable, unreasonable, and full of loopholes.
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(129 day ago) The following pictures are all from Gree Electric Weibo: related articles: Gree reported that Ox Air Conditioner: Energy Efficiency Ratio and Refrigeration Consumption Power were not qualified Ox Air Conditioner responded to Gree Electric Report: There was no problem with the product Gree reported to Ox in real name: Dong Mingzhu had not only digged people but also stolen technical Ox official response: Gree reported to the public security organs that Gree had reported the case to Gree. Gray Air Conditioner: Obligation to Feedback to Relevant Departments
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