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(3 day ago) As a SONY full picture micro single A7M2 user, every time I use it to take pictures, I can not help but sigh. However, when I got a new product of SONY, SONY electronic paper, it was hard to say this again.
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(4 day ago) The machine still uses 18:9 full screen, like Xperia XZ2, the upper and lower borders of Xperia XZ3 are wide, which also allows enough space to plug two speakers. Hardware specification: SONY Xperia XZ3 is equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 processor, equipped with 6GB memory, which may provide 64GB/128GB two kinds of storage capacity. According to convention, SONY will release Xperia XZ3 at the September IFA exhibition.
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(5 day ago) Sony's Xperia XZ2 Premium rear 19 million 12 million Motion Eye dual, equipped with a 1 / 2.3 Exmor RS mobile sensor, supports 960 frames of hyperslow-motion video.
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(9 day ago) It is worth noting that SONY is not taking the consumer reader route now, but is taking another route to take the big screen business route. This month, SONY introduced its electronic paper flat products (DPT-RP1) to China for the first time, and launched the Chinese system to open an emergency purchase order at Jingdong at a price of 5666 yuan.
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(10 day ago) Another change is that the Sony Xperia XZ3 is relatively thin, with a size of 153 x 72 × 10. 1mm and a weight of 183g. Sony Xperia XZ2 has a three-circumference size of 153 × 72 × 11.1mm and weighs 198g.
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(11 day ago) Sony Black Card RX100 VI Compared to the previous RX100 series, the Sony Black Card RX100 VI has significantly increased its zoom range. The camera's built-in ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T* 24-200mm F2.8-F4.5 large zoom lens combines the commonly used 24-70mm and 70-200mm focal lengths in one unit, in order to keep the black card RX100 VI compact and portable. Features, this RX100 VI uses a newly designed lens...
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(12 day ago) From Sony's official website information, XZ2 Premium's measurements are 158x11.9x80mm, weighing 236g (much more than 189g of Mimi 2S millet), quite heavy hand. It is estimated that it is related to the structure of double-sided glass material + metal middle frame.
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(12 day ago) The RX100 VI comes with an upgraded version of the BIONZ X image processor and a new fast hybrid autofocus system. The latter can perform 315-point phase-detect autofocus, Sony claims it can lock the focus within 0.03 seconds, and the AF point covers about 65% of the picture.
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(19 day ago) According to the official introduction, the new limited version of the PS4, the use of PS classic dark blue color, with the golden logo PS icon, the design is brighter and gorgeous. In addition, the matching DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller also used the same deep blue as the host, and the touch board also carefully printed delicate gold graphics, matching with the host to complement each other.
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(20 day ago) Similar to the cracking process, the most recommended method is to modify the DNS to use the browser to load Henkaku. The main difficulty lies in the users of the following versions of 5.05 firmware, mainly 5.0x/4.7x how to successfully upgrade to 5.05.
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(24 day ago) Speaking of SONY, in addition to "SONY Dafa good", many SONY fans certainly know the "uncle's smile", but unfortunately, Hirai Yifu has recently unloaded the position of the SONY group CEO, the new CEO name is Yoshida Kenichi Lang, and after he took office, he also announced the future of SONY's future development. Plan, many content is amazing, such as the camera market to defeat Canon, the future not to rely on hardware to make money, 2021 released PS5...
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(25 day ago) Yoshida Noriichiro said that to continue and strengthen the smartphone business will push down costs, and intend to integrate production, spare parts procurement and sales with other products such as TV sets. He also said that 5G communication technology is likely to be added to all products. According to SONY's operating profit target as of the 2020 fiscal year (March 31, 2021), the SONY mobile communications business will realize the operating profit of 200-300 billion yen at that time.
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(26 day ago) MP-CD1 has a larger 5000 mAh battery, but it can only last 2 hours after it is full. The added weight is actually to make way for the new projection system. The laser beam scanning (LBS) system is used on CL1A, while CD1 is the DLP technology of Deyi. It is said that the brightness of intelligent is comparable to that of ANSI 105 lumens.
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(26 day ago) The handle is designed with 4 piano keys on the back, which can customize the button attributes and disassemble. In addition, two side buttons named "Sax" (Sax) are added, including S1 and S2, ergonomic design to make the grip very comfortable, the same two buttons can customize the key properties, all keys can be disassembled and replaced, the handle panel can also be disassembled to create the player's own favorite Style.
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(26 day ago) In addition, custom BML Live Wallpaper will be on June 26th bilibili's 9th Anniversary and will be on line at the PlayStation PSN China Store. Bilibili Macro Link (BML) is a large-scale offline offline party brand created by B station. Among them, BiliBili World (BW) is an offline event.
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(26 day ago) Users can also synchronize their work with their mobile phones while using companion apps on Android and iOS. If the user needs to place work on a larger screen, the DPT-CP1 can be connected to the projector, the user can also perform real-time editing while mirroring to the screen, and other functions are very common, such as panning and zooming the document and automatically rotating.
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(26 day ago) Sony's game and network services division (where the PlayStation business is located) is expected to dominate. It has become one of the world's leading online services, with annual sales exceeding one trillion yen, PlayStation monthly active users exceeding 80 million, and PS Plus members reaching 34.20 million. Sony's goal is to expand the PS Plus user base.
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(28 day ago) The morning news on May 21, Beijing time, Sony Corporation did a good job in the hardware business. Kenji Yoshida, who took over as CEO of Sony in April this year, will announce a three-year plan on Tuesday that will significantly increase Sony's reliance on game subscription and entertainment revenue.
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(28 day ago) This is a structural transformation of a company based on strong manufacturing capabilities. Sony has popularized transistor radios and brought Walkman Walkman and Sony TVs to the world – these are considered to be the best electronic products for decades.
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(29 day ago) Simon surrounds the abbreviation "znver1" architecture, which is AMD's first-generation Zen processor. In fact, it has long been rumored that the PS5 will continue to use AMD's semi-custom chips. In the case of Jaguar's already aging, the succession of star product Zen is almost a natural thing.
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(31 day ago) In addition to allowing new headset products to support Google Assistant, Sony also promised to upgrade its existing products to have the same functionality. The firmware is now available. Software update 2.0 for the WH-1000XM2 and WI-1000X is now available and both in-ear and neckband headphones will be optimized for Google Assistant.
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(38 day ago) In the knives test session, the Sony Xperia XZ2 is equipped with Corning's fifth-generation gorilla glass. Visible scratches are found under Moh's Hardness Grade 6 cutter. The back is also Corning's fifth-generation gorilla glass. Scratches, but the middle frame and fingerprint recognition area were not spared.
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(39 day ago) Among the three vendors that have been warned, Sony is the first to respond. They said that they will change the description of the warranty-related regulations. For example, change the "Warranty rule does not apply to equipment that has not been used by SIE-authorized products." "Warranty rules do not apply to equipment that has not been damaged due to products not authorized by the SIE"; change the "Warranty rules do not apply to equipment whose warranty seal is changed or removed" to "Warranty rules do not apply to self-opening Damaged equipment."
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(43 day ago) It is understood that ALON is a transparent aluminum material, and unlike our common aluminum cans, it looks as transparent as glass. ALON has a Mohs hardness of 9, which is 4 times that of quartz glass and 85% of sapphire. It can be used to make bulletproof glass and explosion-proof windows. When used to make lenses, scratch resistance can be improved.
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(45 day ago) SONY SL-E portable SSD size is 47*11*80mm, heavy 50g, using USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C interface, with 240GB, 480GB and 960GB three kinds of capacity, continuous reading speed is 540MB/s, write speed 520MB/s, the shell is aluminum alloy material, the surface has anodizing process, there are a large number of similar fin design, it should be designed. It is to strengthen the heat dissipation of the product.
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(51 day ago) Stock price performance: Chart: Sony's stock price closed down 0.79% today Sony's opening price on the Tokyo Stock Exchange is 5453 yen. As of Friday's close, Sony's stock price fell 43 yen, to close at 5,400 yen, a decrease of 0.79%. In the past 52 weeks, Sony's stock price was as high as 5,738 yen and the lowest was 3,735 yen.
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(52 day ago) Below I love the audio network to lead everyone to dismantle this real wireless noise canceling headphones to see how it plugs in the most compact features. First, the Sony Sony WF-1000X "noise beans" unpacking Sony high-end headphones carton packaging, a small white one in the middle of a Sony WF-1000X headphones, seems to indicate that this pair of headphones is different Primary and secondary headphones.
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(60 day ago) On the appearance of SONY's new No. 7 battery, the new SONY battery has a blue coat and the "Silver Ring" on the top is used as a new sign language. At present, some network channels are mainly sold in the early SONY No. 5 /7 rechargeable battery, using the orange / silver design, basically in the 3~5 yuan.
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(61 day ago) However, Kotaku, a leading gaming media, said the situation was not so optimistic, with the tip saying it would be 2020.The statement also fits in with an interview with CEO Andrew House, a former Sony Interactive Entertainment executive, who said "the life cycle of a home mainframe will be longer."
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(61 day ago) Sony has a lot of experimental products that seem to be "useless". It's like a glass tube speaker, a projector that can be operated on a projected plane, and there has been a silent update over the years, even if it doesn't Still sticking to the electronic paper tablet device.
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