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(3 day ago) Access: Aliyun - First purchase of enterprise-class servers to enjoy a 50% discount new perception: a more comprehensive perception of the car, covering the vehicle, tire pressure and other aspects; based on face recognition to build a FaceID, the realization of driving experience thousands of people; better perception of road conditions, integration of V2X technology to support road-vehicle coordination.
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(3 day ago) The article has attracted wide attention from foreign business schools and business management circles. In the article, the author thinks that Ma Yun is extremely pragmatic and smart, and compared with other contemporary entrepreneurs who are still fighting in the front line, only Ma Yun has returned to his love of education and charity. This is Ma Yun once again "stand in front of the tide of the times", the family inheritance of Asian enterprises used to become a new organizational inheritance mechanism - - Alibaba partnership system.
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(5 day ago) In September 20th, today, the US group is officially listed in Hongkong. On the same day, its "old enemy" hungry in Shanghai and Beijing on-line Starbucks's special line distribution service. Starbucks is the "new retail" order taken by Alibaba in August 2nd a month ago.
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(5 day ago) Ma Yun, the chairman of Alibaba's board of directors, has recently transferred about 120 billion yuan of assets abroad through the establishment of a fund in Singapore.
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(5 day ago) Alibaba official micro-blog said that for several days, an article entitled "Ali employees revealed: the total early removal of 120 billion RMB horses! Netizens: "worthy of the teacher" article is organized by malicious dissemination. Ali said the article was a complete fabrication of facts, malicious libel, confusing audio-visual, sensational, Alibaba has reported to the police. Visit:
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(5 day ago) Interview: Aliyun - First time to buy enterprise-class server to enjoy a 50% discount in April this year, Ali confirmed that the development of driverless technology, so far BAT has all started the driverless layout. Ali has developed automatic driving technology with L4 level or above. Hangzhou is the headquarters of Alibaba, to be able to get Hangzhou's first unmanned road test license, for Ali has geographical benefits.
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(6 day ago) On September 18th, it was the second day of the 2018 Global Investor Conference of Alibaba. It was also a week after the announcement of the inheritance plan. Ma Yun first appeared at the Alibaba Global Investors Conference on the Ali Inheritance Program and on Ali. Planning for the next 20 years: Ali will comprehensively promote five new strategies, such as new retail and new manufacturing, to meet the challenges of the future. Ma Yun also repeatedly stressed that he is full of 100% confidence in the future of Alibaba.
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(6 day ago) Sina Technology News, September 18 evening news, at the Alibaba 2018 Global Investors Conference, Alibaba Group Chief Financial Officer Wu Wei explained the value of Alibaba's investment, she pointed out that Alibaba's strong growth will support Alibaba's Long-term value.
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(6 day ago) On September 18, according to foreign media reports, at the Alibaba 2018 Investors Conference, Alibaba CFO Wuwei said that the company has made a strategic investment of $80 billion.
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(14 day ago) On the morning of September 11th, there were media reports today that ofo recently received a loan from Ali, which is close to 60 million yuan, but this money has nothing to do with financing, but is used to pay wages. Ofo has not commented on this yet.
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(15 day ago) This morning, Ma Yun announced that he will no longer serve as the chairman of the board of directors of the group from September 10, 2019. At that time, Zhang Yong, the current group CEO, will take over. For the first time, Ma Yun handed over the position of president to Wei Zhe, but due to “integrity fraud”, Wei Zhe resigned in February 2011.
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(15 day ago) On September 10, after announcing Ma Yun's resignation as chairman of the board a year later, Alibaba officially unveiled a new business card describing Ma Yun's new position and identity. New business cards show that Ma Yun's future main identities are: Alibaba 001 employees, partners, No. 1 volunteers, Alibaba Poverty Alleviation Foundation chairman and founder of the Ma Yun Foundation.
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(15 day ago) On the day of Teacher's Day on September 10, Ma Yun, founder of Alibaba Group, issued an open letter entitled “Happy Teacher's Day”, announcing that one year later, on the 20th anniversary of Alibaba, on September 10, 2019, he will no longer serve. The chairman of the group's board of directors will be replaced by the current group CEO Zhang Yong.
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(15 day ago) [In less than 20 years, Ma has become one of the richest people in China. According to Forbes' latest rich list, he ranked second with $36.6 billion. ] September 10th, is a well-known Teacher's Day, and is the 54th birthday of Ma Yun.
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(16 day ago) The Beijing News (Reporter Liang Chen Lu Yifu) On the evening of September 8, the Beijing News confirmed that Alibaba Chairman Ma Yun will announce the company's inheritance plan next Monday (September 10). In an interview with the South China Morning Post, Ma Yun said that this is a plan that has been carefully prepared for 10 years, so that the younger generation can succeed, and solve the problem of corporate inheritance and development. It is not the “retiring” or “retirement” of media reports. ...
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(16 day ago) According to South morning reports, Ma Yun will announce the inheritance plan on September 10th (next Monday) on the 54 th birthday. According to Nan Zao, Ma Yun denied that the announcement of the inheritance plan at this time was due to the changing business environment in China. "Anyone who knows me knows that I am a person who embraces the future.
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(17 day ago) In response, Ali responded that “whether in social welfare or in the Alibaba Group, Ma Yun is a teacher every day, and dreams of going to be a teacher every day. This is a normal idea for him.” A former Ali executive told that "(Ma Yun) is resigning, but it is just a statement. Ma Yun does not care about the details on a daily basis.
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(17 day ago) According to the New York Times, Mr. Ma plans to resign as chairman of Alibaba next Monday (Sept. 10) and devote himself to educational philanthropy, but he will still serve on the Alibaba board of directors and continue to direct the company's management.
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(18 day ago) Nowadays, many enterprises and scientific research institutes aim at the intelligence of the vehicle itself and try to make the vehicle more "smart". Vehicle-road collaboration, on the other hand, develops "smart" roads and transportation facilities that allow cars and roads to work together, making automatic driving easier to implement.
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(18 day ago) Visit: Alibaba Cloud - Up to 1000 yuan universal vouchers are immediately available (Alibaba and Singapore Economic Development Board, Nanyang Technological University jointly announced the launch of the talent training program) It is understood that Alibaba will open AI's rich application scenarios and data, Dharma Institute Scientists will also teach as doctoral tutors to bring advanced artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, IoT and other technical scenarios to Singapore's universities.
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(21 day ago) On September 4, Alibaba announced that it will officially launch the Doctoral Education Program in cooperation with Nanyang Polytechnic University (NTU) and the Economic Development Bureau of Singapore (EDB). In addition to providing access to the funds required for doctoral degrees, each person will receive $5,000 a month. The extra allowance (about 25 thousand yuan).
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(24 day ago) Tencent Technology News, on the evening of August 31, Sanjiang Shopping announced that Hangzhou Alibaba Zetai subscribed for approximately 139.92 million shares of its non-public offering in cash, with a subscription price of 10.71 yuan/share and a subscription amount of 1.466 billion yuan.
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(25 day ago) Interview: Aliyun - up to $1,000 universal vouchers can be used immediately by African trainees to demonstrate their e-commerce knowledge. The program is tailored for Rwandan educators to deepen their understanding of the e-commerce industry and help them better train digital talent to further enhance Rwandan participation. Global competitiveness.
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(25 day ago) Large technology stocks are one of the main drivers of the global bull market, but short positions in FAANG, a large US technology portfolio made up of several leading companies, have surged by more than 40% in the past year as investors bet that these stocks will fall.
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(28 day ago) Recently, the 24th International Pattern Recognition Conference ICPR 2018 was held at the Beijing National Convention Center. This is the first time since its establishment that it was held in mainland China. Speakers include Professor Zhou Zhihua from Nanjing University, Professor Quan Long from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, K. Venkatesh Prasad, Senior Technical Director of Ford Motor Company, and Professor Alison Noble from Oxford University.
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(31 day ago) Ali Yun-up to $1000 in universal vouchers immediately available as pointed out by John Dingsdale (John Dinsdale), chief analyst at research firm Synergy Research, the decline in growth is largely related to big data's law.
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(32 day ago) On the evening of August 23, Beijing time, Alibaba Group announced its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2019 (2018.4.1-2018.6.30). Alibaba's revenue rose 61% to 80.922 billion yuan ($12.229 billion) in the same quarter.
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(32 day ago) Interview: Aliyun - up to 1000 yuan general vouchers can be used as an Internet enterprise immediately, talent is Alibaba's most important strategic resources. Behind the soaring cost of equity awards is the determination of Alibaba to choose, employ and retain people. Alibaba Group Chairman Ma Yun has always stressed that in Alibaba "customer first, employees second, shareholders third".
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(32 day ago) Interview: Aliyun - up to $1,000 GM vouchers will immediately be available for the first quarter of fiscal year 2019, with revenue of RMB 80.920 billion yuan ($12.229 billion), up 61 percent from the same period last year.
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(33 day ago) According to Analytics India, Paytm's holding company One 97 Communications Limited has announced the launch of the Paytm AI Cloud Smart Cloud platform, which is geared to developers, start-ups and businesses and will provide a set of enterprise processes that include automated enterprise workflows, easy integration of payments and messaging. Use.
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