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(4 hr ago) Last Friday, Softbank detonated the autopilot and even the travel circle by investing $2 billion 250 million in the vision fund to general Cruise. Sun Zhengyi's hand is always a big hand.
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(6 hr ago) On the afternoon of July 19th, Alibaba Group's rotating president and president of Daiyouku and Ali Music CEO Yang Weidong announced that Alibaba strategically invested in Suning Sports. Yang Weidong said: "This acquisition of Suning Sports is another increase in Alibaba's sports field. It also means that the two major economies of Ali and Suning are further integrated in the sports industry based on the coordinated development of the new retail sector. ”
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(1 day ago) Alibaba has repeatedly tried to get involved in the social media industry dominated by Tencent, but all ended in failure. On the other hand, Tencent’s e-commerce initiative has also experienced several failures, including a C2C market similar to Taobao. After that, Tencent invested in Jingdong and a series of supermarket chains, and still has an important influence in China's e-commerce market.
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(1 day ago) Visit: Ali cloud server currently covers more than 300 cities in 200 million urban middle class. The medium-term target covers 5 million terminals in 500 cities, covering 500 million cities in the new middle class, reaching most of the mainstream consumption power of Chinese cities. The new retail business advocated by Alibaba group is facing all aspects of upgrading and restructuring in the commercial field.
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(2 day ago) Yang Zhiyuan claimed to be the luckiest man in the world on Monday, Yang Zhiyuan said at the fortune brainstorming technology conference that Chinese technology companies were initially relying mainly on Western counterparts. "Western technology industries are blind to the Chinese market. They think that Chinese technology companies will only imitate and not innovate." However, Chinese companies are developing rapidly in the "competitive market environment".
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(10 day ago) Associated Press, July 9th, Alibaba group is negotiating with BT Group Plc on cloud service partnership. A person familiar with the matter said that the Alibaba's agreement with BT's IT advisory subsidiary may be similar to the Alibaba's current arrangements in Germany and Vodafone.
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(11 day ago) Tencent Technology News, July 8 According to foreign media reports, the online group buying business originator Groupon has begun to seek acquisition, the fate of ten years of independent operation is likely to end.
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(12 day ago) Tencent Technology News, according to foreign media reports, the US investment bank Susquehanna Financial Group (hereinafter referred to as "Susquehanna") in the research report on Friday lowered the performance expectations of Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA), said the integration is hungry The financial data, as well as the further rise in Youku’s spending, will result in a slight decline in Alibaba’s performance.
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(12 day ago) Visit: Colin Sebastian, an analyst at Alibaba Cloud Server Baird, cut Alibaba's revenue forecast for the first quarter to 79.8 billion yuan from 83 billion yuan, and earnings per share to 9.04 yuan from 9.28 yuan.
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(13 day ago) Much of this growth is due to its core Chinese e-commerce business. According to Stastata, China's e-commerce transaction volume has increased from 1.32 trillion yuan in 2012 to 7.57 trillion yuan in 2017.
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(17 day ago) Previously, on June 19, Xiaomi Company issued an announcement saying that “after careful and repeated research, it decided to implement the listing plan in Hong Kong and China in a step-by-step manner and postpone the issuance of the IEC to review the company’s CDR issuance application”. Informed sources close to the regulator disclosed that Xiaomi temporarily withdrew CDR applications mainly because the needs of each other were not met in a short time. Due to concerns about the valuation pressure of Xiaomi CDR, the Securities and Futures Commission wanted to wait for the valuation of Hong Kong stocks to enter a reasonable range. Determined.
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(20 day ago) The series of policies pursued by the Trump administration have caused many companies to face unprecedented difficulties in investing in the United States. Alibaba is one of them. Although Ma Yun promised to create 1 million jobs for the United States when he met with Trump last year, because the U.S. government suppressed Chinese companies’ investment in the United States, this commitment has not been fulfilled. According to the latest reports, Alibaba has already begun to transfer its investment business from the United States to China and Southeast Asia.
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(20 day ago) On the evening of June 28, the domestic family service company Baby Tree submitted a prospectus to HKEx. The joint sponsors were Morgan Stanley, Haitong Securities, and China Merchants Securities International. The chief financial advisor was UBS, and the joint financial advisor was Fosun Hengli.
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(21 day ago) Beijing time June 28th morning news, Bloomberg News Agency reported that the Alibaba group is reducing the tentacles in the United States, indicating that the Trump administration's pressure on Chinese enterprises to invest in the United States has had a chilling effect.
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(23 day ago) June 26th, according to foreign media reports, in the Chinese market, Alibaba's ability to control e-commerce is amazing. After entering the European market, the so-called "Oriental Amazon" continues to impress consumers and investors.
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(23 day ago) According to the first line of the Tencent, in the afternoon of June 26th, the Research Institute, sponsored by the Alibaba initiative, global sociology, economics, psychology and other fields, was founded in Hangzhou.
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(23 day ago) In June 26th, Alibaba group and Hongkong operator 3 Hongkong signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou. The two sides will cooperate fully in the fields of cloud computing, intelligent data, Internet of things, basic network and information security, and hand in hand to build the new economic eco circle of Hongkong. According to the agreement, the two sides will focus on cooperation in the field of Internet of things. The Alibaba's Ali cloud, as one of the three largest cloud service providers in the world, has a leading technical advantage in the field of Internet of things.
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(23 day ago) Teacher Ma Yun said: "The fight against counterfeit goods is to fight against the dark side of human nature. This is a permanent war." It is not difficult to understand human nature in comparison. Any seller has the possibility of selling fake goods or adulteration. Some merchants hold true business ideas, but when other fake dealers make profits through the “wild way”, will they be biased? If the e-commerce platform lacks a "sex-based" system to prevent...
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(24 day ago) The competition between giants is inevitable. During the Cold War, the mutual balance and constraints between the United States and the Soviet Union affected the fate of the world. The competition between Coca-Cola and Pepsi once caught the attention of the world. The competition between Ali and Foreman dominated the boxing fight for a long time.
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(26 day ago) Visit: the new way of agricultural production of the Ali cloud server, with the continuous growth of the world population and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people are getting more and more in need of high quality, safe and pollution-free food. But arable land and water resources are precious and limited, the burden of land is heavier and heavier, and the contradiction between population explosion and food shortage will become more acute.
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(31 day ago) Visit: Alibaba Cloud Server Ma Yun said that many Chinese companies are interested in investing in Malaysia. Alibaba's visit is on behalf of Chinese companies. “Alibaba has always been committed to helping Malaysia to upgrade its technology and help Malaysian small businesses to reach the world stage through the Alibaba ecosystem.
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(36 day ago) Visit: Alibaba Cloud Server Alibaba's new retail strategy is part of an overall strategy aimed at building the necessary new retail technologies, bringing traditional retail business into the 21st century and providing partners with technical tools. After the success of Boxma, RT-Mart was the first partner to use this model to achieve its new retail transformation.
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(37 day ago) "If Ali buy the headlines at all costs, this is the last thing Tencent wants to see." As I wrote in the end of "why is the trembling resistance against Tencent" written by many readers, many readers asked me if I was a whim, or is it really possible?
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(42 day ago) Visit: Ali cloud server these tutors are scientists who joined Ali in recent years. It includes Jin Rong, a former lifetime professor at Michigan State University, Shi Yaoyun of the world's top quantum scientist, Ren Xiaofeng, the highest ranking Chinese scientist before the Amazon, and Wang Gang, Professor Wang Gang of Singapore, and so on.
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(43 day ago) On June 6th, Alibaba’s rookie will lead a $1.5 billion investment in building a logistics base in Hong Kong. The rookie announced with China Airlines and Yuantong express that it will start construction of a world-class logistics hub at the Hong Kong International Airport, the world's busiest cargo air cargo port, and provide strong support for the global 72-hour-old logistics network.
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(47 day ago) Alibaba has announced a technological innovation in the hope of providing more convenient express delivery services to the future world. The company shows an automatic driving and delivery robot that can send online shopping goods to the user's hands, with a storage tank with facial recognition and thermal insulation, which can bring a further experience.
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(49 day ago) You have seen a fitness bike. Have you seen the fitness bike that can measure the program code? Recently, Alibaba middleware engineers developed a fitness bike that can test code. One minute "code bike" is equivalent to launching hundreds of applications for web pages. At present, the middleware has been applied to the middleware systems such as Sinopec and China Post to provide services.
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(49 day ago) On the 9th of May, Suning Tesco’s announcement stated that the shareholders’ meeting passed 15 proposals, one of which was “Proposal to Authorize the Company's Management to Choose Some Disposable Financial Assets for Sale”, Su Ningyi The purchase may choose to reduce the holding of Alibaba's 0.3% stake.
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(51 day ago) On May 29th, RayMedia announced that the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement signed with Alibaba three years ago has expired automatically and will not adversely affect the company's development strategy and production and operation.
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(51 day ago) Zhang Yong, the chief executive of Alibaba group and the chairman of the network of rookie networks, said China was the leading express company in China, along with the new economy led by Alibaba, which is an important partner for Alibaba and rookie. With the continuous development of the new retail strategy, logistics is opening up new tracks.
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