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(3 day ago) Alibaba Cloud - Up to 1888 yuan universal vouchers are immediately available for the engineer to fix the defects according to the repair suggestions provided by the AI ​​judges. For the AI ​​judges, Alibaba technical partner Doron stated: "I hope that AI can generate more chemical reactions with code development. Let AI pair up development engineers to help engineers reduce burdens.
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(10 day ago) The following is Ma Yun's internal communication original: About 996, now this is a very hot topic in China, many companies have this problem. I personally think that being able to do 996 is a huge blessing. Many companies and many people think that 996 has no chance.
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(18 day ago) Deutsche Bank said, "We believe investors will pay most attention to the prospects of the core market." Alibaba fell 2.7% on Wednesday; according to Bloomberg data, Altaba is the company's second largest shareholder as of the end of 2018. Altaba Inc. (NASDAQ: AABA) announced yesterday that the fund's board of directors has approved the liquidation and dissolution of the fund in accordance with the full liquidation and dissolution plan, subject to the shareholders' final approval.
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(20 day ago) Alibaba recently announced that in the whole year of 2018, Alibaba Group and Ant Golden Clothing Group paid 51.6 billion yuan in taxes to the state, averaging more than 140 million yuan a day, an increase of more than 40% over last year.
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(21 day ago) Sina Technology News, April 1 afternoon news, today is the first day of the 2020 fiscal year, Alibaba announced 2018 annual tax amount: Alibaba Group and Ant Financial Group total tax of 51.6 billion yuan to the state, an increase of more than 40 %. This means that in 2018, Alibaba pays an average of more than 140 million yuan a day.
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(23 day ago) Teambition has previously received investment from Microsoft and Tencent, and its main business is Shanghai Huiyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. Since its inception in 2013, Teambition has raised approximately $17 million. In addition to Microsoft and Tencent, other investors include IDG Capital and Gobi Ventures.
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(24 day ago) The Alibaba Group CTO Zhang Jianfeng announced the establishment of the Alibaba Economic and Technological Public Welfare Committee. In an open letter, he wrote, "Public Welfare mentality, business practices, technological forces" will be the best way for us to fulfill our social responsibility to our country, our country and the world.
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(25 day ago) March 27, the enterprise survey showed that on March 26, Hangzhou Alibaba Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. added a new foreign investment - Shanghai Huiyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. with a 100% shareholding ratio. The company was founded in April 2011 and registered capital of 7.0516 million yuan. It is the main company of enterprise collaboration software Teambition.
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(25 day ago) Hubei Tianmen, a hacker who has not yet reached adulthood, has located a specific location on, a girl who committed suicide by sleeping pills, and helped the police to save the girl remotely. Three months later, he was under police control because of the invasion of Tencent's intranet system.
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(25 day ago) This article is an internal speech delivered by Zhang Yong (Xiaoyao), CEO of Alibaba Group, at the management meeting of Boxma Fresh Life. He elaborated his series of thoughts on Alibaba's culture, values ​​and organization, which can be regarded as being established in Alibaba. A new combing and definition of Alibaba culture on the anniversary. Product play has the opportunity to get the speech. The following is a record of the speech.
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(27 day ago) Alibaba is currently seeking to raise the spread of the loan by 110 basis points from the original London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) to 85 basis points from the original LIBOR, and to reduce the prepayment rate to 25 basis points, which reduces the overall yield of the loan to 90 basis points.
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(27 day ago) Active change - you can understand this strategic change of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. When the old strategic thinker Ma Yun gave Alibaba a tone, he also painted a circle for Aliyun.
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(28 day ago) Alibaba Cloud - Up to 1888 yuan universal vouchers are immediately available According to the market estimates quoted by Globes, Alibaba paid more than 10 million US dollars. “This talented team brings unique know-how to sensor fusion, computer vision and navigation technology,” laboratory director Lihi Zelnik-Manor said in a press release.
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(29 day ago) Ten years is enough to make a questionable product a representative of an era. Alibaba Cloud pioneered the cloud era in China. From the first line of code, it developed the Feitian cloud operating system, developed the urban brain AI platform, has millions of customers in all walks of life, and more chemical reactions through connections. And the value of creation.
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(35 day ago) Titanium media reported on March 18 that Jia Yangqing, a former Chinese Facebook scientist, has officially joined Alibaba as vice president of technology and led the research and development of big data computing platform.
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(35 day ago) 36 Xunxun, according to the company's information, on March 14th, Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. became a shareholder of Henan Craftsuo Information Technology Co., Ltd., with a holding ratio of 20%. The actual controller of the company is Taobao China Holdings Co., Ltd. The company was established in August 2018 with a registered capital of 11.875 million yuan. The business scope includes decoration engineering design, lighting installation and maintenance, moving service, construction and construction.
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(40 day ago) On March 12, according to Qixinbao's data, Icon Guobin Health Management Group Co., Ltd., the main company of Icon Guobin, completed its M&A financing on March 11. The investors are Alibaba, Suning Easy to Buy, Yunfeng Fund and Boyu Capital. The exact amount was not disclosed, but according to previous reports, the amount was about $2 billion.
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(41 day ago) The trademark dispute between Dubai's Alibabacoin Foundation and China's e-commerce giant Alibaba Group has basically ended.
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(41 day ago) A thousand troops are easy to get, but one will be hard to find. How can we cultivate our own competent generals? Professor Wei Zhe, founding partner of Jiayu Fund, has explained the relevant methodology thoroughly and recommended you to have a good taste.
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(42 day ago) Alibaba Cloud - Up to 1888 yuan universal vouchers are immediately available. Founded in 1993, Shentong Express is an early private express delivery company established in China. Now it is one of the leading express logistics companies in China. Shentong Express is also the closest logistics partner of Alibaba. one.
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(45 day ago) March 7 (Reporter Ma Xiaocheng) Alibaba's cross-border e-commerce and retail platform Global Express has officially launched online car purchase service recently, which will provide Russian consumers with a new online and offline car purchase mode, and will also help Chinese car brands to further enter the Russian market.
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(47 day ago) Alibaba Film Group Co., Ltd. announced that Alibaba Group's shareholding plan for Alibaba Pictures has been completed and Alibaba Pictures has officially become a subsidiary of Alibaba Group.
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(47 day ago) Aliyun-the highest $1888 general voucher can be immediately appointed according to the latest board appointment announced in this announcement. Since March 5, 2019, Yu Yongfu and Zhang Wei have resigned as executive directors, Shao Xiaofeng and Li Lianjie have resigned as non-executive directors respectively. Meanwhile, Meng Jun, chief financial officer of Alibaba Film Industry, has been appointed as executive director and Zhang Biao, Vice President of Alibaba Group Finance, has been appointed as executive director. Chang Yang, Vice President of Human Resources of Alibaba Group, has been appointed as a non-executive director.
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(52 day ago) Drop-drop layoffs of 2000 people, Jingdong to lay off 10% of the executive, Science and Technology Daxunfei will lay off 30%... The "Internet Winter" that has been hanging on your lips for many years has arrived as expected. In such an environment, it is a clear flow to stand up and say that there will be no layoffs. If you declare that you want to expand enrollment, it is a mudslide.
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(53 day ago) Alibaba Cloud - Up to 1888 yuan universal vouchers are immediately available Alibaba Group started the "double center, dual headquarters" strategy in Beijing and Hangzhou in 2015. Up to now, Alibaba's core business has all landed in Beijing, covering technology, finance and electricity. Business, entertainment, health, logistics, new consumption and other fields. It is reported that Alibaba's Beijing headquarters is located in the North Zone of the Electronic City of Chaoyang District, on the north side of Guangying East Road, planning the west side of the Fifth Road.
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(59 day ago) February 22, according to Alibaba's official microblog, Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba Group, made it clear at the internal management meeting yesterday that Alibaba would not lay off its staff. Instead, Alibaba would continue to open up recruitment, increase training programs for talents, and invest more platform resources to create more employment opportunities for the society.
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(60 day ago) On February 20, Cai Chongxin, known as "the best partner in basketball" of Alibaba Group and executive vice chairman of the board of directors, donated money to build a new gymnasium in Shuanglin Town, Nanxun District, Huzhou City, for the sports health of the people in his hometown.
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(61 day ago) On February 19, 2019, President of Tsinghua Institute of Economics and Management Bai Chongen and CEO Zhang Yong of Alibaba Group signed a letter of intent for cooperation at the headquarters of Hangzhou Alibaba Group. The two sides will carry out a series of in-depth cooperation in training senior management personnel, developing digital business cases, holding annual forums and other aspects, and jointly launch the "New Business School Project" course.
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(62 day ago) On February 19, 2019, Alibaba Group disclosed that it had recently completed its shareholding in China International Finance Co., Ltd., holding about 203 million shares in China Gold Corporation Hong Kong, accounting for 11.74% of its Hong Kong shares and 4.84% of its total issued shares.
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(66 day ago) PingWest, February 15, 2008. The official website of the People's Government of Yuhang District of Hangzhou recently announced that the project of Yuhang Development Zone of Alibaba Cloud Computing Data Center is located in Quanzhang Village, Tangqi Town, north of the development zone, covering an area of 100,391 square meters.
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