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(3 day ago) Tencent Technology News, according to foreign media reports, if Pakistan wants to find a solution to the problem of plaguing the economy, creating jobs and helping 2 million young people find suitable jobs every year, then the country's most likely solution may come from China's emerging technology fields. .
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(7 day ago) Alibaba made a smart screen to help blind people shop and shop
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(8 day ago) Tencent Technology News, November 12, according to Hong Kong media reports, sources revealed that Baby Tree strategic shareholder Alibaba Group (share 9.9%) decided to exercise anti-dilution rights, will increase investment.
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(8 day ago) Today is a very important day, as we often say, in the next few years, a new high like this may be realized every day, thank you! I want to make a quick summary. I also arrived here from Hangzhou just an hour ago. Like everyone, we witnessed the tenth double 11 together. At the beginning, I still want to follow the party yesterday. The teacher's video, expressed in the video, I also want to come as a person and experiencer of the ten-year double 11 and especially want to take this opportunity...
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(10 day ago) Sina US stock news Beijing time on the 9th news, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong accepted CNBC exclusive interview, said cloud computing will become the company's future "main business."
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(11 day ago) 3 million cash red envelopes from 90 percent discount on cloud products, Alibaba's rookie network officially announced last week that a logistics warehouse with more than 700 robots was put into use, according to CNBC. The Cainiao Network will join forces with courier companies to protect Tmall's Shuang11 logistics, with a focus on process automation, aiming at shipping to China within 24 hours and shipping to the world within 72 hours.
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(14 day ago) "over the past 19 years, Ali's economy has been on the run, with the entire industry and the world heading towards the digital economy and digital commerce," Zhang Yong said. Not only do we look forward to the $200 billion figure, but we also want to help businesses and businesses around the world digitally enter new markets, operate new markets and consumers, and complete sales models and supply chain innovation.
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(17 day ago) Tencent Technology News, Beijing time on the evening of November 2 news, Alibaba Group today released the second quarter of the 2019 fiscal year (2018.7.1-2018.9.30) earnings. In the quarter, Alibaba's revenue increased by 54% year-on-year, and core e-commerce revenue increased by 56% year-on-year. Net profit for the quarter was RMB 18.24 billion (US$2.656 billion), a year-on-year increase of 5%.
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(17 day ago) Alibaba Cloud Double 11 group activities on the line: cloud products 1 fold + 3 million cash red envelopes earnings report, Alibaba lowered the annual revenue outlook, the income guidance range for the 2019 fiscal year was adjusted to 375 billion yuan to 383 billion yuan, Compared with the original income guidance, the adjustment range is 4%-6%.
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(18 day ago) Alibaba Yunshuang11 group activities launched: cloud products from 90% discount 3 million cash red envelopes in revenue, Alibaba core e-commerce revenue 72.475 billion yuan (about $10.553 billion), up 56%; Cloud computing revenue was 5.667 billion yuan ($825 million), up 90 percent from a year earlier, while digital media and entertainment revenue was 5.94 billion yuan ($865 million), up 24 percent from the same period last year. Revenue from innovation and other businesses was 1.066 billion yuan ($155 million).
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(18 day ago) On the evening of November 2, Beijing time, Alibaba today released its second quarter financial report for the fiscal year up to September 30, 2018 (Note: Alibaba's fiscal year does not synchronize with the natural year, starting on April 1 every year and ending on March 31 of the second year).
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(18 day ago) Alibaba Yunshuang11 Troupe activities launched: cloud products from 90% discount 3 million cash red envelopes Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong also said today: Alibaba will resolutely fulfill the "let the world have no difficult business" this mission, Instead of pursuing their own high growth and high income, they are committed to helping small and medium-sized enterprises and businesses expand their sales and increase profits and help them weather the global economic turmoil.
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(19 day ago) Alibaba Yunshuang11 Group campaign launched: cloud products from 90% discount 3 million cash red envelopes Alibaba shares since January down 1/3 is the top five Alibaba Q2 results: global ambition Alibaba revenue from China for the most part Major technology companies have struggled to expand into the international market, Ali is no exception.
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(19 day ago) The picture comes from the digital economy of alizila will become the current development focus of the Rwandan government. "Many people say that Rwanda has no infrastructure, I said this is the reason we came here," Ma said at the signing ceremony, if it can pass trade, technology eWTP is a success, training and tourism to help Rwandan farmers and SMEs integrate into global trade.
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(21 day ago) 19 years ago, Chinese Internet companies were doing portals. Only Alibaba was building a trading network for small and medium-sized sellers. It was mocked by the peers and had no technical content. It was a dirty job of “mouse + cement”. Fifteen years ago, most of the Chinese Internet companies that survived the Internet bubble smuggled on text messages and ring tones. Alibaba began to make Taobao, and then launched Alipay, so that ordinary people sell things to ordinary people, and they are not optimistic.
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(21 day ago) Alibaba will release its second quarter earnings for the 2019 fiscal year ending September 30, 2018, before the US stock market opening on November 2, 2018, Eastern Time (Beijing time on the evening of November 2). (Note: Ali's fiscal year is not synchronized with the natural year, starting from April 1 of each year and ending on March 31 of the second year.
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(24 day ago) Rama Fossa took the stage after Ma Yun's dialogue and sent Ma Yun a special gift from South Africa, a handmade leather bag. He said to Ma Yun: Thank you for coming to South Africa. This is a gift for you. Will you see your back on TV one day? Ma Yun laughed: We might as well sell it on Alibaba.
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(27 day ago) Earlier, the Alibaba Foundation said in April that "Alibaba did not meet the requirements for the court to have jurisdiction over Alibaba," but was rejected by the court. Alibaba has been traded in Dubai and Belarus. In the court documents, Alibaba said, “By benefiting from the evidence obtained through the excavation,” they believe that the cryptocurrency company has released further promotional materials using the same trademark as China’s Alibaba to help it in the first token issue (ICO). Financing $3.5 million.
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(29 day ago) Alibaba is going to start exploring space. The company will launch the "One Stop One Star" program around this year's "Double 11" to launch the "Candy Pot" mini space station and the "Tmall International" communication satellite into space.
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(29 day ago) Alibaba Cloud - Up to 1888 yuan universal vouchers are immediately available A spokesman for Alibaba Cloud said that the move is part of the expansion of Alibaba Cloud to Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The spokesperson said: "As part of our continued commitment to expansion in Europe and the EMEA region, we will also establish two UK Availability Zones in Frankfurt and Dubai.
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(33 day ago) On October 18th, the New Third Board listed alcoholic e-commerce platform platform technology company announced that it has recently obtained a strategic investment of 2 billion yuan from Alibaba Group, and Alibaba holds about 29% of its shares. 1919 Second largest shareholder.
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(33 day ago) The core bright spot of the intelligent human settlement solution proposed by the Swisscore Rockchip and the Ali Cloud IoT, Alibaba Damo Academy is the "distributed voice technology of the Internet of things." it takes advantage of the advantages of high performance-to-price ratio and low power consumption of the Swiss core microchip. Combined with the technical power of Alibaba Damo Hospital, small size IoT full stack voice module is built on the basis of Ruixin microchip.
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(34 day ago) In the evening news of October 16 Beijing time, according to the Financial Times, Italian luxury brand CEO Ma Ke (Marco Bizzarri) said on Monday that because of the proliferation of counterfeit goods, Gucci in the Chinese market is unwilling to cooperate with Alibaba and JingDong operating the Chinese e-commerce platform.
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(36 day ago) Tencent Technologies News, in the Indian e-commerce market, China Alibaba Group hesitated for a long time, missed the best opportunity to enter. Today, Alibaba is investing heavily in other mobile Internet fields, ahead of time. According to the latest news from foreign media, Alibaba's Ant Golden Clothes, recently invested $210 million, increased its ownership of an Indian retailer review, food and beverage take-out website.
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(40 day ago) Beijing time on October 11 evening news, US stocks opened, Apple fell 0.85%, Amazon fell 1.59%, Google fell 0.67%, Facebook fell 0.34%, Microsoft rose 0.57%. China's stock market technology stocks narrowed before the market, Alibaba fell 1.20%, Baidu fell 1.17%, Weilai Automobile fell 3.61%, Jingdong rose 0.44%.
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(40 day ago) Visit: Alibaba Cloud - 50% discount on the first purchase of enterprise-class servers Since the record high of $211.70 on June 5, Alibaba's share price has fallen by 34%. Recently, a number of investment banks have lowered the target price of Alibaba stock.
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(41 day ago) Visit: Alibaba Cloud - 50% discount on first-time purchase of enterprise-class servers For a stock that hit a record high in 2018 and reached a stock price of $211.70 a few months ago, this is a considerable turn. At present, Alibaba's share price has fallen by 30% from an all-time high of $211.70.
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(45 day ago) Data Sheet: In the traditional blockchain (via: Wikipedia) document, the patent authors stated that although blockchain technology has many attractive features—such as openness, non-changeability, decentralization—it cannot be considered. Some practical factors into the regulated real world.
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(48 day ago) Note: This is an excerpt from Zeng Ming, chairman of Alibaba Group's Academic Committee, a new book, Intelligent Business: A Strategic Future from Alibaba's Success. The English version of the book was published on September 4, and the Chinese version is still being translated. Tiger Sniff got the essence of the first and sixth chapters of the book.
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(48 day ago) Ali explained that the move will ensure that the Ali partner system plays a role in corporate governance, reducing key personnel risks and improving the stability of VIE entity equity. The adjustment does not involve equity adjustment at the Alibaba Group level. Ma Yun will still act as an Ali partner and continue to play an important role in the mechanism.
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