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(1 hr ago) According to WHO, the symptoms of addiction to games include uncontrollably playing games (frequency, strength, length of video games are taken into consideration), and video games are often placed before other life interests, even if negative consequences persist. Increase the playing time.
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(2 day ago) The TURTLE BEACH Recon 200 Gaming Gaming Headset comes with an audio amplifier, a bass boost, and a 40-mm sound unit to get clear voice chat quality, automatically disabling the microphone, 3.5mm audio interface when it is removed.
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(2 day ago) Among these 19 products, computer game machines are impressively listed, as well as learning machines, modems (including cards), wireless LAN products, ISDC terminals, plugs and sockets (industrial), imaging (showing) tubes, and motorcycle engines. , motor vehicle horns, automobile fuel tanks, motor vehicle brake hoses, etc.
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(2 day ago) These days, the game circle has been cleaned by E3 game show. I believe every player can see his favorite new news. There are too many surprises. Besides worrying about their wallets, players are also confused by all kinds of news. So much information, how can I find what I want to see? Tencent recently launched a game information App called campfire camp. If you are also a veteran game fan, this is for you.
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(2 day ago) The simple needs of an ordinary game fan have always been a tool I want to focus on: I can focus on the games I am interested in, the game makers, not limited to a platform, the time of sale, the discount, the news, the game, the strategy, the COS and so on. I want to see and hope to have a good one. The experience enables us to get this information quickly and accurately.
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(2 day ago) This sounds good news. After all, a year ago, domestic players were still worrying about the globalization of international games. Now Valve, the parent company of the Steam platform, has taken the initiative to come out and build Steam China together with domestic games. What a joyous thing!
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(3 day ago) For storage, the i5 model is 8GB DDR4 RAM 128GB SSDI7 and 8GB RAM 256GB SSD. Of course, the machine still reserved a certain amount of expansion and customization space.
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(3 day ago) Simply put, G-Sync technology is to control the frame rate output and display refresh rate of the graphics card by the graphics card to ensure that the screen is not stuck, no tear, no ghosting, no blur, NVIDIA also provides a complete certification process, passed Can be labeled with G-Sync.
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(4 day ago) The game types include mainstream product types such as RPG, SLG, competitive, chess, and other industries. It can be seen as a relatively complete application store. According to industry insiders telling GameLook, the headline started about half of the interline time; there are game headlines to gameLook said to GameLook, the current headline game's split ratio is 5:5, consistent with other domestic channels.
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(4 day ago) From a comprehensive performance point of view, the new Pulse 15 reached the $1,500 mainstream game console configuration, with enough performance to control a variety of games, and to meet a variety of office needs. Maingear is a boutique manufacturer that specializes in high-end luxury products, usually priced at thousands of dollars. Now that the company has begun to cater to casual gamers and budget-conscious users, it is believed that workmanship is never ambiguous.
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(4 day ago) There is a young adult who knows what to do, but the topic of youth indulging in games has been discussed. With regard to "How to prohibit children from playing games," there are different opinions and parents have different experiences. According to the authors of this article, the addiction of the game can be described as “a ride away from the dust.” Many games will consider how to make the players play more at the time of production. At the same time, video games do cause the player to know the control efficiency in advance. The decline as compared to the game world...
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(5 day ago) In today’s official blog post, Google announced that the five young girls who won the previous game design contest will visit E3 Games for free to visit and learn. Google’s game is to appeal to girls around the world to submit the game designs they want to play in order to increase the proportion of female game developers. While participating in E3, Google will also specialize in their game designs and promote these games to Android’s Play App Store.
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(5 day ago) On the night of tiger tooth listing, CEO Dong Rongjie red eyes, choking several times. The word "live broadcast first stock" was repeatedly emphasized by him. The tiger tooth is the fiercest competitor of the fighting fish. The broadcast platform, which began in 2014, has been gradually clear after the capital advance, barbarous growth, unordered competition, and thousands of sowing wars, and few players on the table are left. In the live broadcast platform, fighting fish and tiger teeth belong to one of the head players.
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(6 day ago) On June 12th morning news, GSMArena sorted out the running data of GeekBench on the ROG Gaming Gaming Phone (ASUS_Z01QD) and found that the 200MHz “Chicken Blood” Xiaolong 845 was indeed unusual, single core 2547, multi-core 9534, Comparing with Xiaomi MIX 2S, One Plus 6, HTC U12+, Samsung S9 Plus and other advantages.
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(6 day ago) Visit: Ali cloud server recently, according to Dr. Benjamin Bai, vice president of ant gold clothing, the ant chain was first cut from the public welfare chain in the past two years. Two years ago in 2016, just as Alipay launched the first game "ant forest".
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(7 day ago) In recent years, Microsoft has continuously enhanced the lineup and quality of its games, bringing many excellent games such as halo to players. Although many of its commitments have not yet been realized, the company has never abandoned its vision of development. Recently, 5 large game studios have been added to expand the game lineup.
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(7 day ago) Chubby faces, red pointed hats, garden goblin, an ordinary small sculpture has become an important part of Western culture, and is the prototype of the dwarves in Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. In today's Google Doodle, interactive game graffiti tells us how these cute goblins were made, and even players can eject them in the game. If your Goblin flies farther, you get the flowers (score). The higher is also.
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(8 day ago) At the EA pre-show conference of the E3 Conference this morning, the EA not only announced the information of various games, but also brought a super benefit to the majority of players - Origin Access Premiere! This is an upgraded version of Orange Access’s Origin Service.
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(9 day ago) At WWDC, Apple announced that it will further promote its own Metal graphics technology, will also abandon OpenCL, weakening OpenGL. Although this approach can further promote the development of Metal, it has been criticized by game developers. They said that this behavior of Apple is not conducive to the development of cross-platform games and may abandon the launch of Mac version of the game in the future.
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(9 day ago) After March to explore the block chain game, in May announced will enter the area chain area, the block chain game of infinite optimism of the Jinshan cloud, yesterday officially released the "Project-X" plan, and a supporting block chain application platform KBaaS.
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(9 day ago) AMD next generation GPU card Navi (Cassiopeia) Navi (Cassiopeia) Taipei Computer Exhibition for the first time AMD display the 7mm Vega card, it is the 7Nm transformation of the core Vega, the core area is estimated to be reduced by about 40%, the energy efficiency will be greatly improved, and the total capacity of 4 HBM 2 memory, the total capacity reached 32GB, but this video card is mainly used in the professional market, The consumer market should be lost. AMD will launch Navi GPU in 2019, which is aimed at the game market.
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(9 day ago) Facebook has recently launched an integrated page dedicated to live live video games,, which focuses on the live content and host information of the game content in the Facebook Live live main station. The home page will show the user's subscriptions to the video stream of the game host, and a block concentrates on other game related videos. Content.
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(10 day ago) "I'm a loyal fan of the game," Abrams said in a partner statement. "I really envy the amazing tools that developers use, and the world they create. Now we are doubling our commitment to this field through a unique way of creating a common development game, which enables us to focus on what we are best at and to be a meaningful force for our development partners.
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(10 day ago) DeepMind, a Google sister based in London, has successfully developed new training methods to teach AI how to play video games. They no longer bother to provide all kinds of data, but just provide some YouTube videos for them.
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(10 day ago) As the world's most famous PC game platform, Steam and its operator Valve have been criticized by many sides for the content audit standard. In May, the developers of a number of adult games said that Valve said they had violated the rules of adult content and hoped they could delete pornography in the game, or they would go down from the Steam store.
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(11 day ago) In June 6th, the website of the Ministry of culture closed the record of domestic games and only imported games. The news said that the event was related to the previous headlines and the Tencent "war". The news is that the headlines are pushing "how many documents are needed to ensure the disabled children".
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(11 day ago) On the morning of June 6th, Beijing time, Huya (NYSE: HUYA) today released its financial report for the first quarter of fiscal year 2018 as of March 31st. According to the report, the total net revenue of Huya in the first quarter was 843.6 million yuan (about US$ 134.5 million), an increase of 111.5% compared with the same period last year of 399.9 million yuan; net profit was 31.4 million yuan (about 5 million yuan). USD)...
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(11 day ago) Ilkka Paananen gave power to developers and Supercell's ambition to create a global mobile game. At the GDC conference, people met Ilkka Paananen, the leader of game giant Supercell. When he delivered a speech in front of the public, he described himself as "the most powerless CEO in the game industry."
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(11 day ago) The background of the dialogue was a media roundtable during the Taipei Computer Show. After laughing and fooling around this issue, the media invited to attend the event apparently did not want to give up. Others pleaded with Huang to reveal a bit of information, but apparently he himself had a set of methods to resolve.
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(12 day ago) Apple has informally opposed OpenGL, although applications built using OpenGL and OpenCL can still run in macOS 10.14 Mojave. However, the development and update of these two APIs have completely stopped. Apple hopes that developers will adopt their own Metal technology. The new technical documents indicate that OpenGL and OpenCL on Mac have stopped development in macOS 10.14 Mojave...
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