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(9 hr ago) On April 19, WeChat announced that in order to support innovation and enhance the user experience of the game, it will provide support to small game developers in the early stage, and small game developers can obtain higher profits. WeChat stated that, in 2018, each Android game will purchase less than 500,000 yuan per month (including 500,000 yuan), and 40% of channel technical service fees charged by Tencent will feed back to small game developers, that is, Tencent does not charge This section of channel technical service fees.
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(15 hr ago) "Our boss likes to play games, believe that the independent game is a big market, and the first class has been waiting for seven years, but the process is very miserable. There are only two people and fifty thousand dollars for a period of time, and then a little, a little bit.
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(1 day ago) In April 18, 2018, Aladdin's small program Statistics Platform released the Top100 list in March. According to the report, the most noteworthy game in the whole category of small programs is still small games. In September 2017, game small programs accounted for only 4% of Top 100 products, and now it has soared to 33%.
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(3 day ago) Welcome to the WeChat subscription number of the "Creation": sinachuangshiji In a recent interview, Ding Lei described Nintendo as a "private master" and expressed his hope to cooperate with Nintendo through investment.
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(3 day ago) “Corrupt, base, beautiful, book”; illegal games with violent content (such as: Grand Theft Auto, mafia, mercenaries) and related short video content. However, this triggered a dispute among netizens. People’s Daily also commented that homosexuality is not a mental illness.
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(4 day ago) The candle person 18 yuan excellent domestic independent game "candle man" finally landed iOS platform, this is a novel theme, the screen is exquisite, each scene has its own theme, corresponds to the candle's inner transformation. The game tells the story of a candle man who pursued his dream in his heart.
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(5 day ago) I have a very active WeChat group. There are some old players in the game industry. Everybody usually chats and talks about the industry or various life topics. There is a stem in the group related to the topic I want to say today.
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(6 day ago) In order to answer this question, we conducted a major evaluation of the game after we got the Black Shark game phone. We hope to use this article to give you a general understanding of the game phone. The appearance of a long game of black shark gaming mobile phone game with millet genes Speaking of the origins of game phones, on the one hand from the rapid development of mobile games in recent years, on the other hand, well-known gaming peripherals Razer on the phone The attempts made have also caused many manufacturers to move their hearts.
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(6 day ago) According to the report, the actual sales revenue of the Chinese game market in 2017 reached 203.61 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.0%, and the number of game users in China reached 583 million. The Chinese game market has shown a good development trend, and some game-related occupations have gradually become a hot spot for employment.
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(6 day ago) It is understood that Jingdong has been promoting the development of game phones. As early as May 2017, Jingdong took the lead in the establishment of the Jingdong Gaming and Mobile Phone Industry Alliance, and in October released the e-Gas-class gaming mobile phone standard. It also revealed that the first batch of products that meet the game's mobile phone standards will be launched in the second quarter of 2018.
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(7 day ago) Tencent will publish the first blockchain game, code-named “Z”, on April 23 at the UP2018 Tencent New Culture and Sports Conference New Product Launch Conference, aiming to combine blockchain with games to enhance the playability and realism of the game. Sex. At that time, the project name and blockchain featured gameplay will be disclosed, and the landing page will be launched on the same day.
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(7 day ago) Steam publishes an announcement that the online update of the client on the line will make expansion options for the privacy settings of the user's account. Players will be able to manage more of their own account information. The specific expanded privacy settings are in the player's profile - edit profile - my privacy settings, and players will be able to choose which people can see your game details information, which includes the game you have purchased, Wish list of games, game achievements, game duration.
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(7 day ago) Today morning, shark shark technology CEO@ Peter micro Bo said: "at the outset because like-minded ideas and indissoluble bound with millet, now black shark finally came out, in April 13th, we will break the mediocrity, innovation and change. Sincerely invite the thunder army to visit and witness this important moment, and eat a chicken together by the way. " At present, millet official mall has opened shark game mobile phone reservation.
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(8 day ago) According to foreign media reported on April 10th, Microsoft Xbox officially announced in April will add 19 first generation Xbox compatible games, at the same time for the Xbox 360 launch Xbox One X enhanced host patch.
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(9 day ago) According to a survey by market research firm Niko Partners released today, China game player quite stubborn, the most hardcore PC game player spends 42 hours a week playing games, more than 40 hours a week of work time, at the same time, the survey also interviewed a large number China game player, and draw some interesting data together look.
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(9 day ago) Not long ago, WeChat announced that the small game function of its own platform was officially opened to the outside world, and a batch of third party games began to go online. Recently, the Tencent's other social networking platform mobile phone QQ also began to action: it is understood that recently, Tencent to push the latest beta version of Android users send mobile phone QQ, and on-line named "new play", like WeChat and "small game" benchmarking.
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(10 day ago) Apple is now researching autopilot technology and AR technology. This is an open secret, but what kind of energy will it generate if these two most promising technologies are combined? Apple now seems to be planning to incorporate AR functionality into the autopilot feature.
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(11 day ago) In terms of heat dissipation, Xiaomi Game has a built-in 3+2 large-diameter heat pipe and an enclosed innovative layout that can quickly transfer core or key heating elements to the fan zone. The unique S-shaped turbine metal blades and 12V drive motor quickly release heat to the fan zone. Outside the fuselage.
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(11 day ago) An upsurge of “eat chicken” led by Jedi Survival: Battle Royale has not faded so far, and even game companies have begun to pay attention to this area. The game industry is often rumors flying, naturally will be the rumors of those "one manufacturer to launch similar games." Ubisoft recently became the rumored target.
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(11 day ago) According to the Cat Eye Pro data, the number one player directed by the world-famous director Spielberg has exceeded 500 million yuan at the box office in China as of April 4th, and the reputation of Douban is as high as 9.2 points, becoming the most successful alien since 2018. film.
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(11 day ago) The 8th Generation Core Low-Voltage CPU Enhanced to Iris Core In fact, Intel announced its return to high-performance market in 2017. Why say it back? Historically, Intel has also made connections with discrete graphics cards twice. One is the 740 in 1998, the only discrete graphics card in Intel history, and the second is the Larrabee project from around 2008-2010, attempting to create x86 graphics cards. The results did not come to an end and the Xeon Phi Accelerator project was finally completed.
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(12 day ago) In the 11 years of vicious competition in the Qiang Tuan war, Chang Yuchun expressed his interest in Wang Xing and the US Mission both on Weibo and Alipay's internal training. Wang Xing was 32 years old in 11 years. He had already started business three or four times. He moved from Wudaokou to Zhichun Road and then moved to Zhongguancun. He was killed in the group battlefield with Wu Bo. At the same time, he constantly invited Gan Jiawei to join the US Mission, and the movie took a taxi. Business has not yet started.
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(12 day ago) A few days ago, OpenAI launched a transfer learning competition, which lasted for two months (April 5th - June 5th). Participants were required to allow agents to play the popular Sonic The Hedgehog (Sonic Hedgehog) game. Three prizes will be awarded in this competition. Participants will have the opportunity to receive generous rewards and work together with OpenAI to compile the competition technical documentation.
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(14 day ago) At the beginning of this year, Tencent launched Tencent Credit, which has been brewing for a long time. It intends to mark the sesame credit, but it is inexplicably down the line for only one day of open beta testing. Now, Tencent has quietly launched the “Tencent Game Credit,” based on Tencent’s Game Safety Center’s multi-dimensional information on account information, daily activity, game assets, security contributions, and cheating penalties for players in Tencent’s games. The score for the game player's credit level is obtained. The higher the score, the better the player's game credit.
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(15 day ago) But Digi-Capital cautions that the amount of financing growth is largely due to the capital to promising AR instead of VR, the recovery of the market. At the same time, more than half of the funds go to the big company has been successful in the past year, including Magic Leap raised $1 billion, the virtual enterprise Improbable to raise $502 million, Pok mon Go developers Unity raised $200 million, $400 million, plus the company had $2 billion 100 million in financing...
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(15 day ago) Bike sharing duopoly have to share what is a bicycle, can do big business, or just a tool? The boots fell to the ground. Between the United States and group comments Mobell long rumored deal finally in yesterday night, ending the dramatic: US direct acquisition, v-mobile to surname "king.".
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(15 day ago) The MSI GS65 Stealth, in addition to the Intel Eight-Core Core i7 processor and the Nvidia GTX 1070 Max-Q, offers two M.2 slots (only supporting SSD storage) and a programmable RGB LED-backlit keyboard.
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(16 day ago) (Original title: "Rookie" entry "Netizen vs. Battle 2.0" is actually a game between giants) From the overall market point of view, if the "net about car war 2.0" can become a "user-driven," a healthy competition, Not only subsidy and capital operation, but also extend the service from the perspective of users. This is what the capital market and users want to see.
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(16 day ago) Integrated USB 3.1 Gen.2 10Gbps, support for mobile Aotone memory, optimization of latest discrete graphics and lightning 3 (external graphics). This generation of products is divided into two parts, namely high-performance H series, mainstream U series, of which the flagship i9-8950HK open overclocking, and 8xx9U series was previously considered to be 10nm Cannon Lake family products, in fact, all guess wrong.
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(16 day ago) In fact, Acer Nitro 5 offers a variety of combination configurations ranging from Intel Core i5 to i7 to i7+, all of which are Coffee Lake processors. The powerful processor is just the basis of the game, with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or 1050Ti processor on a 15-inch portable body, and an ultra-fast Intel Optane SSD.
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