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(23 hr ago) In the morning of July 16, Beijing time, India's Economic Times reported that after repeated delays, the state of Maharatottra was finally about to sign an agreement with Foxconn to build the plant. Foxconn executives are said to have met with Devendra Fadnavis, the state's chief minister, after talks with state officials on July 14.
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(3 day ago) On July 12, 2018, Mobike announced today that it has cooperated with Fujikyu Co., Ltd. of Japan and officially opened its operation in Fuji. It is understood that the Mt. Fuji area is another area where Mobha opened services in Japan after Fukuoka, Nara, and Kanagawa.
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(4 day ago) The Finney mobile phone will provide an embedded encrypted currency wallet, which will activate these second screens when it needs to be traded or used. In addition to the embedded wallet, Sirin Lab also promises a comprehensive multiplayer network security suite based on Sirin OS, which is itself based on the Android 8.1 system.
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(5 day ago) Tencent Technology News, July 11 According to foreign media reports, Foxconn just set up a new company in Silicon Valley, California, focusing on the development of artificial intelligence technology in the field of plants. The introduction of the program is in the context of the global slowdown in smartphone sales, while workers are demanding higher wages and a changing labor market. Foxconn's manufacturing industry is beginning to face increasingly severe challenges.
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(6 day ago) Tencent science and technology news, not long ago, the world's largest consumer electronics manufacturing enterprise Foxconn group, the flag of the company in the domestic A shares listed in the domestic shares, but under the high public opinion, the stock market plunged after the listing. According to a Hongkong media analysis, Foxconn A - share listed companies have been questioned by the capital market, such as the lack of high technology and the "story telling" stage.
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(11 day ago) The Taiwanese media recently quoted Fubon Securities as saying that Foxconn has won the majority of Apple's new iPhone handsets this year.
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(11 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) The report said that this year Foxconn will OEM almost all of the second-generation iPhone X, 90% of the iPhone X Plus, and 75% of the LCD version of the iPhone. The remainder will be contracted by Pegatron.
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(15 day ago) The picture shows the L16 According to the Washington Post reported on the 29th, Foxconn has taken a fancy to Light's idea of ​​this small company, supporting the latter to develop a smart phone equipped with multiple cameras. The picture shows the prototype of the 9-camera. According to the report, the prototype of the current prototype machine is a 5-9 camera with SLR-grade optical performance and can take photos of up to 64 million pixels.
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(18 day ago) About a year ago, Chairman of the Foxconn Group, Guo Taiming, announced at the White House that it would invest US$10 billion in the construction of an LCD panel plant in the United States. According to the latest news from foreign media, on June 28, the project held a groundbreaking ceremony in the United States. President Trump of the United States also visited the scene.
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(18 day ago) Data Map Earlier this week, the Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer said it plans to transfer some of its production overseas. The company attributed this decision to the consequences of Trump’s trade policy, saying that it was intended to avoid the EU’s targeted tariffs, after Trump had taken protective trade measures to help domestic manufacturers.
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(19 day ago) The data map shows that local government subsidies to Foxconn are nearly $1 billion higher than originally estimated. This means that the subsidy paid by the government for each of the 13,000 local employees to be hired by Foxconn will cost as much as $307,692. The deal has been controversial since Wisconsin announced that it would take over Foxconn's new plant project for $3 billion.
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(19 day ago) Tencent Technology News, a year ago, Foxconn Group head Terry Gou announced at the White House that it would spend US$10 billion to build an LCD panel plant in the United States. According to the latest news from foreign media, this Thursday, US President Trump will personally participate in the groundbreaking ceremony of the Foxconn factory.
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(21 day ago) Fuji said Xerox had succumbed to pressure from activist investors Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason to abandon the proposed merger in January. John Visentin, Xerox's newly appointed chief executive, said in an email that Fuji Xerox had "massive and ongoing accounting fraud" and "a large number of contract defaults". As a result, the joint venture agreement expires in 2021.
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(21 day ago) Foxconn Group announced that it has invested US$10 billion in the United States to build a large-scale LCD panel manufacturing base, which has led to outside discussions. One of the focal points is whether the United States can find a large number of skilled workers who meet the skill requirements.
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(25 day ago) In June 21st, it was reported that Foxconn's SHARP had acquired Toshiba's PC business. Although SHARP China has not yet made an official response to this, SHARP has previously made it clear that it will acquire Toshiba's personal computer (PC) business.
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(27 day ago) On June 19, according to foreign media reports, Fujifilm filed a lawsuit against printer and copier giant Xerox on Monday, demanding compensation of far more than US$1 billion, saying that Xerox was under pressure from rights-maker Icahn to cancel the merger and acquisition plan.
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(28 day ago) OEM giant Foxconn recently bought a building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and will become the headquarters of their North American headquarters in the future. According to The Associated Press, the building called 611 was originally owned by the northwest mutual insurance company. On Friday, Foxconn also held a special building transfer ceremony.
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(29 day ago) Vanke did not expect that after the successful cooperation with the Shenzhen municipal government in the three villages renovation projects, the "Wan village plan" fourth stations - the Qing Lake New Village, the project has not been started and encountered a huge public opinion storm.
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(30 day ago) Foxconn said that the new headquarters in North America will accommodate 500 employees. It also includes an "innovation center" that will help a number of startups research and produce LCD panels in the state. Fox Wong’s special assistant Louis Woo said: The company will “focus on creating a stronger corporate team in Milwaukee.
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(33 day ago) The Associated Press reporter learned that Foxconn recently reached an agreement with Vanke through Shenzhen Longhua Talent and Housing Co., Ltd., and the Foxconn Shenzhen Longhua Plant's Wanke Gangtou Xinweizi City Suburban Reconstruction Project near Shenzhen’s Longhua Plant Area will have some houses available as an accommodation for people to provide Foxconn. Employee.
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(34 day ago) However, in addition to the statement released by Foxconn Labor Union, Foxconn did not directly respond to employees’ salary increases. Vanke, the developer who implemented the transformation of Chengzhong Village, also issued a statement on June 11th: Vanke's participation in the reconstruction project in Chengzhong Village has caused many discussions, and tenants are worried that the prices of fully-constructed urban village apartments will rise sharply and bring economic pressure.
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(35 day ago) Tencent Technology News, June 11, Recently, overseas organizations claimed that Foxconn Group's factory for the manufacture of smart speakers for Amazon has the phenomenon of exploiting workers. According to the latest news from foreign media, the Foxconn Group responded that it has started an investigation.
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(35 day ago) Recently, Foxconn employees posted a "open letter to Foxconn employees" in the Foxconn factory district of Shenzhen, which said that Foxconn only paid 5% of the housing accumulation fund according to the employees' base salary, which resulted in at least 1000 yuan a year for employees to pay the fund in full and to keep up with the increase of the rent.
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(35 day ago) Rumor has it that Shenzhen's Foxconn needs to raise its base salary. Although the policy has not yet been implemented, Foxconn has nothing to do with the price of the rent. Each increase in rent is higher than that of Foxconn, which is paid by the government. Fuji Yasumoto is not wrong. It is a good suggestion to provide more dormitories for employees.
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(36 day ago) Recently, the "Observer" and the New York-based China Labor Watch conducted an investigation of the production plant in Hengyang, Hunan Province, and dispatched members to the factory to obtain an undercover "immoral and illegal" working condition. The Guardian reported on June 9 that Amazon had admitted that it had illegally employed 8,000 dispatched employees in China to engage in the production of Echo Smart Loudspeakers and the Kindle, and expressed regret.
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(37 day ago) Terry Gou can double the price of the industrial rich Federation, and Terry Gou's value is expected to soar. Terry Gou indirectly owns 10.39% of the industrial Fu Lian. That is to say, just yesterday's A share increase has already increased Terry Gou's fortune by about 11 billion yuan.
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(38 day ago) On June 8, Foxconn Industrial Fulian (601138.SH) opened its A shares and opened at a daily limit of 19.83 yuan per share. The market value reached 390.558 billion yuan, which exceeded Hikvision and Midea.
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(39 day ago) In June 8, 2018, Foxconn industrial Internet was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Prior to this, from the prospectus draft report to the first batch approved for 36 days, Foxconn shares created a new speed of the A share market IPO.
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(39 day ago) In June 7th, according to foreign media reports, Fuji Holdings said on Thursday that if there was no progress in the negotiations with the new board in about half a year, they could only give up a merger with Xerox, which was worth $6 billion 100 million.
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(40 day ago) June 6th news: Industrial Fulian (Foxconn listed company name) will be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on June 8th, but Guo Taiming, president of Foxconn Group, appeared on the 6th of June in Shenzhen, "the integration of the real economy and the digital economy. The “Development” summit forum celebrated Foxconn's 30th birthday and made it a public listing.
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