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(1 day ago) SpaceX itself is quite modest about its debut Starlink satellite and the entire project itself. However, a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was posted on the SpaceX website on Monday, stating that the Falcon 9 will launch two satellites called Microsat-2a and Microsat-2b.
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(1 day ago) She is 54 years old. From birth she was trapped in a small three-tier city of millions of people with almost no travel except on business trips and brief trips; at the age of 20 she found a fairly decent job and started at 23 " Improvise "marriage; then, life is so child, husband rolled down.
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(2 day ago) Her temper, big heart, often because of small disputes with others, but can quickly calm down. Until the children go to school to leave home, she began pulling her husband jumped into the square dance. Every footnote in life goes "step by step" and then she is old.
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(3 day ago) SpaceX plans to launch two Internet access satellites, Microsat-2a and Microsat-2b, in this mission. The launch will use the Falcon 9 rocket, and the SpaceX will be launched using launchers at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.
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(3 day ago) The Spring Festival has always been the golden week for the enterprise. This cycle is warm-up from the initial preparation to the entire Spring Festival holiday or even the Lantern Festival. In this traditional means of reunion days, each has released a big move, the dissemination of the effect is also geometrically enlarged with the festival.
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(4 day ago) SpaceX announced on Thursday night that it has delayed the launch of Spain's radar observation satellite Paz from 24 hours to Sunday. Sunday's launch time is 9:16 am EDT (Beijing time Sunday 22:16). The launch will use the Space Launch Complex 4-East launcher at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.
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(4 day ago) The main payload of the launch mission is Spain's radar Earth observation satellite Paz. The satellite is designed to penetrate clouds and darkness and capture high-definition images of the city, terrain and ocean. In the meantime, SpaceX will piggyback two prototypes, Microsat-2a and Microsat-2b, which provide Internet access services during the launch.
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(5 day ago) In the legend, there is a unique genre in Chinese Internet writing, called "the home of the new year". This kind of article is generally full of "cruelty" and "escape" and so on, it is very tall.
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(7 day ago) According to foreign media reports, the latest news, SpaceX company is preparing to launch the first batch of experimental satellites used in the global Internet, the earliest possible launch this week. At this point, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had shown the project in Seattle for three years.
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(10 day ago) (original title: after the popularity of synthetic porn, several Internet sites began to ban it.) the original source of this synthetic porn came from online forum Reddit. a user whose ID was deepfakes used Gail Gardo's face as material. The composite video is placed on the post.
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(10 day ago) You may have been a "victim" of a "murder case" without knowing it. When Zhang (a pseudonym) came to realize this, he spent a lot of time in a few days on a few bucks such as Alipay, Suning Tesco, today's headlines and CUP. He told hydrogen media workshop, the reason why keen on this, because there are only three words: kill time.
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(11 day ago) But this is not sensational. Zhang told hydrogen media workshop, these two days he ran daily in various platforms set cards, chicken, do a variety of red envelopes task, at the same time, in order to grab a card to grab a red envelope, he also added several different platforms WeChat, QQ Groups, and even frequently search for various Raiders, wandering in the know, watercress, paste it on the red envelopes forum.
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(14 day ago) On the news of the February 6th, headhunters were not a strange word for people in the workplace. According to the day before the release of the "white paper" the development of the Internet hunting headhunting industry 2017-2018 annual data released last 2017, IT is one of the most popular Internet search industry, first-tier cities is the main position of headhunters business "".
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(16 day ago) "You can rest assured that the price of our heel tour is low, but we absolutely do not arrange shopping, absolutely!" "Rest assured, we are not forced shopping, you'll sit in the shop for a little while, look at the mobile phone, to the time we left, we all care!"
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(17 day ago) Even more dissatisfied with the data chart, these companies did not question the existence of cyber neutrality on the bright side, but on the contrary they showed a supporter who made the public think they are also cyber-neutral. Last month, AT & T featured a full page ad in the New York Times called "Internet Bill of Rights."
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(19 day ago) Tencent consecutive shares Yonghui Supermarket, Carrefour China and Wanda commercial, embarked on the pace of retail offline layout. In the meantime, Taobao China announced the completion of the second delivery of its stake in Gaoxin Retail, accounting for 20.98% of Gaoxin's retail sales.
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(19 day ago) From China to the United States, Internet finance has become a new market in the Internet industry. New companies are constantly emerging and attract the attention of venture capital. But surprisingly, the United States announced a well-known network lending company before the staff will cut 5% of the.
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(20 day ago) Investor Chris Dixon used the diagram above to illustrate the circular path of the U.S. Internet economy. As can be seen from the figure, in addition to the logistics part of controlling the U.S. Internet economy, it is basically the so-called top five in the United States: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon.
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(20 day ago) (Original title: A picture to understand the 41st "Statistical Report on the Internet Development in China") The scale of Internet users in our country continued to maintain steady growth. The Internet model continued to innovate. The acceleration of online and offline service convergence and the acceleration of public service online speeding up became Internet users increase the driving force.
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(22 day ago) Since last year, with the intensification of fighting between the two major Internet factions, Tencent and Ali, the eyes of the media have never left neither Ma and Ma. In addition to the compelling battle between the two big Internet giants mentioned above, a new topic of the Internet community has come again recently: There is no Internet company in Shanghai!
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(22 day ago) Dozens of films are dancing, Huayi played a beautiful turnaround with "Fanghua", "former 3", we can see that the established production company still has control over the content of the head, but the emerging Internet Pictures Company does not compromise , "BAT" film companies from the publicity to the main control are involved, from 2017 a number of films extended to this year's Spring Festival stalls, the two sides continue to deepen the game.
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(22 day ago) Halfway out of Meituan, easy to get back to life, although temporarily can not endanger the position of DiDi industry leader, but enough to let the seemingly calm of the car market once again dark surge. Morning. Easy to officially announced a reduction in the Beijing area taxi fares, the highest drop reached 20. In addition, Yi also will be in 13 cities across the country to reduce the "Yi Da" car owners end commission, the commission rate down to 12.
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(22 day ago) Consumers Association: In 2017, over 720,000 complaints were resolved over 76% of the cases. Among them, 4,898 were double-compensated complaints due to fraudulent activities by operators and 8.25 million were doubled. The annual reception of consumers and consultation 1210000 person-time.
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(25 day ago) However, airborne Internet landed a week, places less, slow speed, limit more experience "Tucao" after another. Spring on domestic Internet flights seems a bit far. Aviation prices lift "air boot" racing "early morning of the 18th, the Eastern welcome to boot."
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(25 day ago) Tiger sniffing: the first two days, "how did you miss the Internet opportunities in these years" triggered heated debate. The author expressed a concern that he was worried about the prospect of Shanghai's economy because he missed the tide of the Internet economy. "How did Shanghai lose its Internet opportunities?" But the author thinks: "instead of discussing how to seize the opportunity of the Internet, it is better to discuss how to become the preferred capital market for Internet companies to list or finance".
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(26 day ago) Today you go to ask a newly graduated person, if you want to engage in the Internet industry you choose which city to work hard? He will certainly be the first choice of Beijing and Shenzhen, because he may not be able to speak for himself, perhaps only because of his classmates - other workers will do so.
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(27 day ago) We do not know how the story of Jia Yueting and Sun Hongbin will continue, but it is certain that the "one year itch" of the two fellow townsmen has arrived. Time goes back to 1 years ago. At the conference of Sun Hongbin's white knight, Jia Yueting showed a shyly smile.
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(27 day ago) In a recent report, Goldman Sachs pointed out that the current bubble caused by higher bitcoin prices is larger than the Internet bubble. In the report, Goldman Sachs said that the recent rise in bitcoin prices has undoubtedly entered the bubble stage, a phase of the bubble that dwarfs the Internet bubble.
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(28 day ago) How does Zhang Shousheng read the block chain? He believes that the blockchain technology makes the Internet era to a new era of long, hard hours: "when the situation lasted for a period of time, people found a problem: Although the underlying network communication is to the center, we will publish their own information in each site, but a a system framework of entire information, so the information can be difficult to find.
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(29 day ago) On the one hand, the Internet TV "internal problems" constantly, many Internet TV brands appeared internal problems in different degree, which has the background of the country's TV is still exposed to funding strand breaks, layoffs crisis exposed in recent years, the rise of the Internet TV like bamboo shoots after a spring rain too far the pace of development of enterprises.
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