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(58 min ago) Editor's note: Berners - Lee is the founder of WWW. When he created World Wide Web, he had a Quixote style ideal to open out web free of charge, allowing players to participate fairly in the case of no mutual advantage.
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(23 hr ago) APA, Internet, business networking, Internet of things, and skilled Internet. What will be next? Two researchers from King's London, London, published a paper on the preprint website that the world will have a new Internet paradigm for the next 15 to 20 years, a new Internet paradigm, and the human brain will be able to connect directly to the network.
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(1 day ago) In 1998, Ma Yun and Sun Tongyu's "Northern Expedition" Fu Tong did not go smoothly. They thought about returning to Hangzhou to start their own business. It was also in this year that Huang graduated from Hangzhou foreign language middle school and sent to Zhu Kezhen College of Zhejiang University, majoring in computer science.
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(2 day ago) Say, the small program report shared last week, some children's shoes messages expressed dissatisfaction to App: open screen advertising, content loading, fake coupon false red packets, pop-up windows, backstage sneaking, family wake up, App long can not long?... You win... In fact, this question just leads to the report that Mr.QM will share today.
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(3 day ago) (front page screenshots) Internet services in Cuba are quite limited before providing large-scale access to the public. Reuters pointed out that only in 2013 did some hotels provide Internet access to international customers. The Federal Communications Commission points out that the access service is very slow, and the price is as high as $2 per hour.
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(3 day ago) The seats of the world's top 20 Internet technology giants have been swept by China and the United States. Among the 20 major global technology companies listed in the report, there are 12 United States companies: 9 Chinese companies: Alibaba, Tencent, ant gold clothing, Baidu, Jingdong, drop trip, millet, and the top twentieth of the United States group and the headlines.
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(4 day ago) Visit: on the eve of the final of the Ali cloud server, Hussein Van Tino, President of the FIFA International Football Federation, also praised Ma Yun when he met with Ma Yun: "new technology is the key to the upgrade of global events and opens the space for future development." The internet live broadcast has brought unprecedented experience to hundreds of millions of Chinese audiences, conveying the joy of football and the most challenging technology in the world.
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(4 day ago) In the evening of July 15th, the four - year World Cup ended and the French team won the world championship in twenty years. A month and 64 games came down to believe that everyone was so drunk.
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(4 day ago) Recently, the family of Suyu Mao sued Zhai Xinxin in the case of taking the judicial procedure, but with the mother company Lily net together with the mother company lily, Gong Haiyan, who had gone through the twists and turns of the Chinese Internet first matchmaker, was replaced by Guo Guangchang at the beginning of the summer and became one of the "Fuxing" business layout. Small ring.
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(4 day ago) Recently, the Expert Committee on scale deployment of IPv6 (Internet Protocol Sixth Edition) has launched the 2018 China IPv6 Development Forum. Yang Xiaowei, deputy director of the office of the central network security and Information Committee, said that this year is the beginning of the IPv6 scale deployment, which has started well and progressed smoothly.
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(4 day ago) On July 12th, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange encountered an unprecedented problem: On this day, there were 8 companies listed at the same time, and the 8 company executives had to ring the clock at the same time. Usually a company knocked on a clock, founder and investment. Everyone can go on stage to knock together. Finally, the HKEx provides a compromise: every two companies share one side, and each company knocks one person.
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(8 day ago) The live mobile platform is officially listed on the HKEx today. The issue price is HK $3.85, and its market value is less than HK $10 billion. Zhu Xiaohu, a venture capital partner and Jinsha River venture partner, attended the listing site today and received a special visit from Lei Di net.
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(8 day ago) Editor's note: Following Xiaomi, today, two other Internet companies have landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, namely Yingke and Qijia. Recently, the IPO of Hong Kong stocks has been broken, which has caused a lot of shadow for investors. I hope that Xiaomi’s low opening and high walking in the near future will make a good start for the follow-up “little brothers”.
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(8 day ago) Tencent Technology News, July 11 According to foreign media reports, Google's parent company Alphabet has just divested the other two departments into an independent new company. The divested items are the Project Wing drone distribution project and the Project Loon project that popularizes Internet services through hot air balloons, both of which have previously come from Alphabet's X Lab, and are now officially "graduated".
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(9 day ago) The SiV0 diamond sounds like this is nonsense, let's start from the beginning. Diamonds are crystals of carbon, each of which forms a covalent bond with four adjacent carbon atoms. Scientists have discovered some interesting uses by replacing some of the carbon atoms in a diamond with nitrogen atoms, such as making a time crystal.
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(12 day ago) We have made these differences a long picture to see if it fits your daily observations.
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(17 day ago) "Video business is really boring, so I said I did something wrong, but I don't regret it. If I were to go back, I would leave earlier." Feng Xin sat cross - legged on a wooden sofa in his office, sitting on his office, pouring black tea from a warm cup into a delicate white porcelain cup and igniting a cigarette.
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(17 day ago) Associated Press, July 3rd, the Internet education platform, Shanghai Education Technology (Shanghai) Limited by Share Ltd, submitted a prospectus to HKEx on 29 June. Prior to the Shanghai Securities Regulatory Commission, the Shanghai Securities Commission has submitted to the SFC for approval of the Limited by Share Ltd's overseas initial public offerings (including the derivative forms of common shares, all kinds of shares and stocks of preferred shares), and the materials have been accepted by the SFC.
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(17 day ago) Technology has not yet been prepared for the use of the masses. But if its vision can work successfully, it will greatly change the existing power of Web. The system design allows users to control access to them in Web
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(17 day ago) From the perspective of traffic and tariffs, moving this Baidu card is not attractive. A big operator, the action is still converging. However, there have been new changes in the speed-up and fee reduction. Since July, the traffic roaming fee has been canceled, and according to government requirements, this year's mobile network traffic charges will be reduced by at least 30%.
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(22 day ago) Work increasingly "invades" private life. Editor's note: The Internet has had a huge impact on traditional work and lifestyle: On the one hand, we enjoy the convenience of communication and the workplace is no longer restricted; on the other hand, people’s work is increasingly “invasion” of private Life, as long as there are mobile phones and networks, where to go, everyone can find you, which points can work overtime.
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(22 day ago) Tencent Technology News, as the mobile phone, computer, tablet, all three hardware products into the slide channel, Apple began to pay more attention to Internet services business, hope to obtain income from droughts and floods. According to the latest news from foreign media, Apple will upgrade and update a traditional Internet business and launch a new "Apple Book" service.
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(23 day ago) Tencent technology news, according to foreign media reports, Facebook announced on Tuesday that the company will abandon the use of UAV to provide Internet services to remote areas users plan. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and chief executive of Facebook, first proposed the concept 5 years ago, a bold, humanitarian global Internet vision.
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(23 day ago) In the absence of an accident, you will be listed on June 27th local time in the United States, and will raise money for no more than $500 million. However, according to the prospectus submitted by gifted letter, its total revenue in 2017 was 1 billion 950 million yuan, but its net loss was as high as 2 billion 740 million yuan.
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(25 day ago) According to the information submitted by the US group, the mission's review plan will be listed in Hong Kong in September this year, when the valuation will be valued at $60 billion. It is reported that the sponsors of the US group's comments on listing in Hong Kong are Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, and Huaxing capital is its exclusive financial adviser.
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(25 day ago) The recent heavy rain has brought many cities to the ground, just as the inspiration is coming. They say that the rain today is just as big as that of the Chinese fir.
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(25 day ago) "Traffic is king" is a classic saying in the Internet age, especially in the mobile Internet era. Whether it is competition or cooperation among Internet companies, or the presentation of Internet bigwigs, the core issues are centered around the word "traffic".
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(25 day ago) But is the Internet really "invisible" and "unable to touch"? No matter how the Internet evolves, it can not get rid of the medium of transmission network infrastructure. Once we ignore them, we often mistakenly believe that Internet traffic is happening through the air - our mobile devices are not connected to anything after all.
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(25 day ago) According to an economic reference report, Xie Shaofeng, director of the Informatization and Software Services Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, disclosed that this year, the Ministry of Finance will set up a special fund to support the development of the industrial Internet. At the same time, it is also working with the China Securities Regulatory Commission to support the development of the industrial Internet enterprise financing system. Policy.
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(25 day ago) Electrek received an e-mail from Tesla’s sales team saying that the company will launch a paid “advanced connection” service for cars placed on or after July 1st. According to this e-mail, the free "standard connection" still exists, but the user needs to pay for the functions used by the existing car owners.
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