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Alipay(支付宝)News list

(1 day ago) Top of the list is the word "Shaolin", while mahjong, pinyin, red envelopes, kung fu, Alipay, dumplings, local tyrants, Goku and other words are also on the list. Alipay also announced the good news for the first time, saying "I'm very happy. In 2018, I will continue to cheer for more foreign friends to understand the word Alipay so that more foreign businessmen can say 'Hello to our Chinese tourists.' Thank you Alipay '. "Image from the official microblogging CCTV news
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(2 day ago) 1, Alipay sent you the official payment code stickers, affixed at the cashier; 2, save and print personal money code, affixed at the cashier; 3, at the cashier, open Alipay, to produce personal cash code; if The official money code stickers are not sent to, or the official collection of money code stickers temporarily damaged, you can use your own print personal payment code or open Alipay personal payment code, received funds are free.
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(3 day ago) Near the evening of the 15th 22:18 lottery, Ant Financial official microblogging announced that the number of people gathered in the Five Fortunes has more than 250 million people; compared to last year, this figure was 168 million. However, the total number of red envelopes this year is as high as 500 million yuan (200 million yuan last year), and on average, each person can be allocated 2 yuan ... Revenue increased 68% YoY Well! First look at a few lucky winners by each colleague, most people did not reach the average, made a contribution for the 666 prize.
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(3 day ago) New Year's Eve 22:18 pm, Alipay "set five blessing" event officially won. Feedback from users point of view, share of the majority of 1.88 yuan, there are also good to get 6.98 yuan a red envelope.
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(3 day ago) Three years ago, Alipay started to launch the Five Feast Campaign for the Spring Festival. This mini-game, inheriting the traditional folk custom "Fu blessing character," became popular rapidly. By this year, businesses in Finland, Australia, the United States and New Zealand also posted " Fu "word, foreigners learn to use brush writing" blessing "word, in order to create a Chinese New Year festive atmosphere.
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(5 day ago) As in previous years, Alipay Spring Festival this year, once again opened the "set five blessing" activities. Although the game does not have many new ideas, but with the tremendous influence of Alipay, is still the "universal set of five blessings" rhythm.
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(6 day ago) In accordance with the rules of Alipay into the "red envelopes" - "A single word of gold. red, select or enter a word of blessing, the amount of red pages will prompt the word, click on the" money in red envelopes "prompted to enter the payment password, after successful payment can be ready with a blessing word red, which can then be sent to Alipay friends, friends, friends of WeChat QQ nail and other channels to share with your friends or family.
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(8 day ago) In this regard, we still have to pay attention, because Alipay was released to remind, I have received cheated users a message, you should draw "etc.. After the net friend reached a sale agreement with the other, the transfer of 15 yuan was successful, and was deleted by the other party.
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(8 day ago) First time users, simply open Alipay, click "pay - ride code - more - NFC Settings", open "NFC brush bus card" and refer to the NFC Settings Guide to complete the phone's NFC function settings, you can Experience NFC bus ride.
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(8 day ago) In the report of Fuji Television, you can see that in the last year, the dragon and lion dance, firecrackers and red lanterns, the elements of these Chinese New Year holidays that have been used to add flavor, have appeared in the Japanese business district. This year, Japanese businessmen Learn to set such a Chinese New Year Wufu.
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(9 day ago) It is one year when returning home. Guangdong, Guangxi and other mighty motorcycles, with a high baggage base, riding a motorcycle in the cold wind roared past, embarked on the road to return home. In order to escort the cavalry safely home, ants insurance on February 9 to start the Spring Festival charity, the introduction of millions of "motorcycle back home insurance", to each riding a motorcycle to send 10,000 accident insurance.
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(12 day ago) Alipay car brush line, one after another in the major city in 2017 September, Wuhan launched Alipay brush bus service, without carrying cash, bus card, just a mobile phone to travel the whole fix.
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(12 day ago) Alipay official WeChat released this year set five rules. Activities similar to last year, was a user Tucao: Jiang Lang just do. Is it really? This article made an analysis, Alipay in a month after the Red envelopes in 2017, the number of users for the forest ants billion broken billions. This year, Alipay continue to play red envelopes, its purpose similar to last year. At present, ant forest and other places to place games to a certain extent, Alipay has become an effective tool to enhance user activity and loyalty.
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(12 day ago) Previously, Apple's Chinese official website and the App Store App Store already supports Alipay. Since then, consumers regardless of the purchase of Apple's hardware products or software services, you can pay with Alipay, and support the use of flowers chant. The Chinese market for Apple, has a very important position.
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(12 day ago) In the past, you can only use cash, credit card or Apple Pay when buying a product under the apple line. It is inconvenient for Alipay already accustomed to us, and now the good news came.
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(12 day ago) Have to admire Alipay's overseas operations, first flowering in Southeast Asia, and then in the world's major airports and duty-free shops can be Alipay transactions, Alipay is now involved in Australia's taxi business. It is estimated that in the near future there will be 20000 taxis in Albania to accept the final payment of Alipay, and more and more Chinese tourists to Australia. This will undoubtedly bring convenience to Chinese tourists, but also for Alipay's international business development. confidence.
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(12 day ago) February 6, following the QQ, Alipay, respectively, after the announcement of the Spring Festival red envelopes, Suning also launched the "red envelope", plans to come up with 500 million cash red envelopes.
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(13 day ago) According to Sina technology exposure material, Alipay's gold red envelopes are absolutely heavyweight, are classified as top-secret projects in the internal, the relevant team has been closed behind the development of nearly four months. From the outflow of an internal grayscale test renderings can see the "Golden Year, Fu Man Tong" message, the style is a bit like now Alipay home five sets of activities, "together, blessing for years."
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(13 day ago) The Spring Festival this year, Alipay had a "Wu Fu", including: harmony, patriotism, dedication, friendly, prosperous and universal focus. We can get forecast by several means, is divided into three wave:
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(14 day ago) Cabcharge is not the only one to accept Alipay payment business. Since 2016, Alipay to enter Australia area, there are more than 8000 Australia and New Zealand companies accepted the Alipay payment. In addition, Cabcharge's agreement with Alipay again that China e-commerce boom is affecting Australia payment.
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(14 day ago) February 5th afternoon, the ant payment service announced today that the set of five red envelopes to users to continue this year, set five time from February 6th until February 15th, zero to zero, new year's Eve night at 22:18 ". This year, five products play a more diversified set. In addition, Alipay launched the "red play upgrade, A single word of gold." products.
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(14 day ago) Alipay's "Wu Fu" activities have lasted two years, and this year will not pull down, Alipay official today issued micro-blog said in 2018 in "Wu Fu" from February 6th officially opened, the event will continue until February 15th, at the same time "reward envelopes will still continue on the line, and increase the amount of reward.
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(14 day ago) Recently, a Taiwan netizen Tucao forum, because fewer and fewer tourists to travel, their own travel business has caused a very big impact, in order to facilitate the access of landlords Alipay also installed. For this post, other Taiwan netizens reply is varied, most people are full of curiosity Alipay, put forward "Alipay need to pay for the use of you" and other issues, but also some users seriously suggest to the landlord, and even reflect on why Taiwan is not attracted To the source, "is not too poor performance before."
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(16 day ago) Shanghai traffic police from the latest news: Alipay on the provision of illegal vehicles query services. Already listed as one of the most popular government services for Shanghai car owners in 2017, "Internet traffic police services" such as Shancheng will soon be upgraded.
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(16 day ago) Alipay already is not a simple means of payment, is penetrated into every corner of our life, but also extend continuously, especially in the WeChat competition, seems to be a step ahead.
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(17 day ago) January 23, Alipay announced the "ant forest species" function on the line. You can invite family, friends, etc. to collect energy with you and plant trees together.
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(17 day ago) The 40-day Spring Festival of 2018 kicked off on February 1. Every year during the Spring Festival, a large number of people working abroad drive back home from all over the country. Some small toll station lanes have limited access, toll collectors still have to change their money, and traffic is less efficient.
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(19 day ago) It is understood that the replacement iPhone X Alipay Diamond Member from Beijing, do the restaurant industry, from 2012 slowly contact Taobao, until 2014 by a friend, learned that Yuen Po treasure, try to put in Some money.
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(19 day ago) The specific method is to open the Alipay search "Changan Electronic Card", according to the page prompt card recharge, it will automatically generate ride QR code. Ride the car, the two-dimensional code at the sweep of the bus terminal, hear the "drop" sound, it shows that the success of fare payment can be on the train. In addition, Alipay also announced that so far more than 50 cities across the country have been the first to support Alipay vehicles, including Hangzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Jinan and Qingdao.
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(19 day ago) in Alipay applet gives a negative answer, on-line two months, the applet "in photo print custom" Alipay has accumulated millions of users, the pay rate is as high as 15%.
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