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(4 hr ago) If you are a technology investor who has just experienced a market turmoil, you may have noticed a subtle change. Take a look at the list of big winners since the market rally on February 8 and you'll find a list of celebrity companies 10 years ago.
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(6 hr ago) The company helps trainers record 360-degree video with special cameras and turn them into virtual experiences for training with VR helmets. Derek Belch, CEO of STRIVR, said: "They do snow-mount training without actually going up the snow-capped mountains.
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(1 day ago) February 17 According to foreign media reports, JP Morgan Chase recently released the latest report said that Amazon began to provide delivery services on FedEx impact and the threat is exaggerated. According to an analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co., Amazon said that the effect of the move on UPS and FedEx is not as bad as the U.S. postal service.
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(1 day ago) According to the foreign media "British Daily Mail" reported that Washington's management and budget office released documents revealed that the Pentagon plans to apply for 120 million US dollars (about 770 million yuan) funds to develop new interceptor missile technology. The Pentagon is working to ensure that its defense is synchronized with North Korea's growing rocket technology, but U.S. officials are also turning their attention to the new missile threat.
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(1 day ago) Banyan BTI examines the levels of two biomarkers in the patient's blood, ubiquitin carboxylase (UCH-LI), and glial fibrillary acidic protein, GFAP for short. These substances only appear in the brain and nervous system after concussion.
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(1 day ago) Pizhai presented Alphabet's plan to expand operations outside the San Francisco Bay Area at a previous Q4 earnings call. This week, he announced more about where new offices and data centers will be located. Google will invest 2.5 billion U.S. dollars in the next few years to build or expand data centers in Alabama, Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia and Oklahoma, and in California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts , Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington state building or expansion office.
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(2 day ago) The Washington Post reported on February 16 that Hyperloop One's "supporting hardware" tunneling company, Boring Company, which had sold the flamethrower for four days for $ 10 million, was acquired on November 29 last year in the U.S. capital Washington Initial building permits to begin preparatory digging in a closed parking lot at NE 53, New York Avenue.
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(2 day ago) According to JPMorgan analysts, Amazon is involved in the express industry Ice is not as bad for UPS and FedEx as the US Postal Service. Brian Ossenbeck, an analyst, wrote: "Cautious on the two stocks is based on the increased risk of business disruptions.
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(3 day ago) According to media reports, the United States shared cycling LimeBike announced the completion of B + round 70 million US dollars financing. The B + round of investment led by the United States Fifth Wall Venture, Rainbow Technology with vote, the old shareholders Andreessen Horowitz, NGP, Germany Xun investment continue to additional investment.
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(3 day ago) It should be noted that HTT is not the only company that wants to build an interstate high-speed rail line between the two states. On Tuesday, competitor Hyperloop One and Ohio-based Central Region Planning Committee told Pittsburgh Post that it will soon announce more details of the plan (linking Chicago and Pittsburgh with Has a site in Columbus, Ohio).
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(3 day ago) Visit: "Colonel Brian Snyder, head of network strategy and policy for Microsoft China's official mall Windows 10, said:" The move to Windows 10 is crucial to the Air Force's readiness to battle, introducing many new security features to make the most secure system available to date. "
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(3 day ago) Rimer said: "There is no doubt that the sports shoe market has opened a real take-off pace, and these companies have come up with effective solutions that allow users to easily browse, buy and sell sports shoes. Completed this round of financing, raising the total financing of GOAT to 97.6 million U.S. dollars.
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(4 day ago) The company announced a quarterly dividend increase of 4 cents to 33 cents a share, while the share repurchase program expanded to 31 billion U.S. dollars. Critics of the new tax code in the United States say increasing share repurchases and dividends suggests that the money brought by the new tax law will flow to shareholders rather than helping the United States create new jobs and move toward infrastructure, research and development and related areas.
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(5 day ago) The summit was attended by world-class suppliers such as Bosch, LG Chem, Fuji industrial technology Miyazu, laser radar supplier Velodyne, British automotive engineering company Ricardo Ricardo and Fanuc, one of the world's largest industrial robot manufacturers.
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(6 day ago) Data Sheet So it seems reasonable for Uber to consider how to reduce legal risk. To this end, it was reported in January that the company had decided to require their drivers in England to take a mandatory six-hour break after ten hours of continuous work, a move that Uber has made to ensure that their drivers "will not be driven fatigued."
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(6 day ago) In fact, eMarketer found that the number of U.S. Facebook users aged 12-17 was down 9.9% in 2017 from 1.4 million users, almost three times as much as expected. By the end of the year, Facebook had about 12.1 million U.S. users aged 12-17.
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(7 day ago) "Too awkward," he admitted. After consulting a nurse nearby, Utrankar learned how to enter a number, by placing the page in the right place, pressing a button, dialing and collecting confirmation faxes. But after his request, unlike email or SMS, he did not know whether the right person received it.
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(8 day ago) In other words, the car is not only an unmanned vehicle, but also a firepower robot that can fire independently. The military says autonomous remote participation system should shorten the time needed to identify targets by using "vision based automatic target detection and user specified target selection".
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(8 day ago) At the beginning of 2018, AAAI 2018, the long-awaited academic conference on artificial intelligence, was officially held the week before the Chinese New Year, marking the opening of the new academic year in the world. As a mature conference which has held 32 sessions, AAAI was not only recommended as Class A meeting of artificial intelligence by China Computer Federation (CCF) for its theoretical and applied interlacing but also as a domestic university and research center with high quality Institutions and scholars around the world pay close attention to the academic conference.
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(8 day ago) In November 27th 2017, a news report on an American website said: an American woman, Haven McGeeha, received one after another small, worthless packages from China, all of which contained cheap headstrings, but it was strange. The package was not bought by her.
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(8 day ago) The starting point for the test route is Los Angeles, California, and the destination is Jacksonville, Florida. Embark spent five days traveling through the eight states in the southernmost United States. The I-10 Highway tested was U.S. Interstate 10 (I-10) for a total of 2,460 miles and was hailed as "The Way to Paradise" because of the straight road.
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(8 day ago) Because in the sky, the satellite of the Soviet Union is preparing to watch them. Perhaps the area 51 staff cannot get rid of the satellite swing, but they still can come up with a deal with low tech solutions -- when they know the secret satellite aircraft moved to shed the following.
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(8 day ago) The industrial giant of the United States, Ge Corp (GE), has been troubled by more than a million people and a single quarter loss of nearly $100 billion. In January 24th, GE issued the financial statements of the four seasons of 2017. The company had a large loss, and the amount of the loss was nearly $10 billion. The company even made a profit of $3 billion 480 million in the same period last year.
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(10 day ago) The amendments were proposed by Senator Tom Cottonof Arkansas and Senator Marco Rubioans of Florida. The bill states that Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., in effect, "is a division of the Chinese government." They are fully capable of stealing information from American officials by hacking into their own devices.
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(10 day ago) The domestic music vision network and the music vision holding business have been in a certain predicament. Before, Jia Yueting's vision was once a big move into the American market, and even a grand product conference was held in Silicon Valley. However, according to the latest news from foreign media, the American website has been completely inaccessible.
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(10 day ago) One Uber driver complained on Twitter: Our San Antonio driver feels several billion missed. One passenger complained: It was almost the end of the world, the home was broken, and Uber was paralyzed. Chicago might still be under big snow. "There was a few minutes of downtime today and we were not able to solve the problem quickly.
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(11 day ago) Just hours earlier, Americans successfully launched the "Super Falcon" rocket that is now the strongest in the world. In the opinion of some media, the successful launch of this rocket has made the dream of "landing and colonizing mankind" human become more realistic and it is no longer possible to return to the moon ...
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(12 day ago) BYD Lancaster factory, the picture shows' BYD Road 'BYD's production base in the United States can be divided into three parts: first, the Cass Rand factory, It consists of a two-story office and a production workshop. The former is an office area for non-producers and engineers, while the office on the first floor is mainly related to the production and quality testing of electric buses. The latter includes welding and painting. Chassis and assembly processes.
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(12 day ago) "Arena of Valor" is a MOBA mobile game operating on Android, IOS platform developed and run by PROXIMA BETA PTE. LIMITED, a subsidiary of Tencent Games.
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(12 day ago) Data map "this is an encrypted currency, many people do not understand it, it does not have the support of the sovereign government, so it is a dangerous thing," Shelby said after attending the hearing of CFTC chairman J.Christopher Giancarlo and SEC chairman Jay Clayton.
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