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Amazon(亚马逊)News list

(13 hr ago) Amazon's report to the securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday showed that the average salary of Amazon employees in 2017 was less than $30 thousand. As the world's richest man, the company's founder and CEO Geoff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) paid 59 times the average salary last year.
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(1 day ago) Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos issued 18 annual letter to shareholders, listed in the Amazon 16 milepost of recent achievements, one of the most impressive Prime has more than 100 million members including Amazon, Amazon's cloud services annual revenues of more than $20 billion selling goods, Amazon platform third party business more than half of the whole platform etc..
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(1 day ago) Amazon is actively promoting the globalization of its e-commerce services, which had previously added an international freight function, covering more than 100 countries. Amazon's core business is still limited to a few countries and regions, such as the US, Western Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Singapore, but this new function can at least enable people who live in other countries and regions to use their mobile apps to shop.
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(1 day ago) In preparation for "4 23" World Reading Day, Amazon announced that it will provide 9 Kindle books free of charge to Kindle users in the United States through the AmazonCrossing Publishing Project, which are English translations of excellent works by authors from all over the world.From today to April 24 will be free for users to download.
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(1 day ago) As a Web browser, the functionality provided by this application is quite basic. The home page can display news headlines such as cricket, but it does not retain the history of the browser. Seeing this streamlined application, we can't help thinking about Facebook Lite, YouTube Go, Gmail Go and other app. It is clear that American technology companies are very optimistic about the potential of these markets. [compiled from: TheVerge]
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(1 day ago) You can also choose to select only goods that can be mailed to your country area. The tariff and shipping tariff will be displayed in the application interface in detail. Amazon says they will provide the customs carriers with customs clearance services for users, so that the sea will be more convenient and quick.
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(3 day ago) The staff at the Amazon warehouse had to pee into the bottle during work because they feared that if they went to a toilet, they might not be able to complete the workload goal. The author of the report, James Bloodworth, made an unannounced visit to an Amazon logistics center in Staffordshire. He said that employees are afraid of being punished for "stealing."
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(7 day ago) The Blu Vivo XL3's appearance is still very seductive. For people who already have a main mobile phone on their hands, buying a Blu-Ray VoXL XL3 running the Android 8.0 Oreo operating system is also a good choice as a backup machine.
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(7 day ago) On April 12, news from comScore, a well-known US market research company, released the most detailed data. From December 2017 to February 2018, the popularity of smart speakers in the United States soared by 50%. Both Amazon and Google became big. Winners. On the other hand, Apple lost its market due to the postponement of HomePod's time to market.
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(8 day ago) According to Forbes, WAL-MART is announcing that it is working with Postmates, a city - based delivery company, to expand its grocery delivery business to compete with Amazon. Postmates was founded in 2011, and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It mainly provides third party distribution services for businesses, which is known to deliver everything within an hour.
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(8 day ago) The technology giant is "invading" the Hollywood. Not long ago, Amazon will spend 1 billion dollars on the news that the famous Chinese science fiction "three body" is moved to the screen. According to the latest news from foreign media, the Apple Corp is preparing to take the Foundation, the ancestor - class science fiction, into a American opera.
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(9 day ago) Under Amazon's expansion, Wal-Mart and other retail giants felt tremendous pressure. According to the “Atlantic Monthly” report, in the face of changes in the market environment, Wal-Mart has also begun to actively embrace change, in the future will use more robots and temporary workers to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. The article was compiled by 36.
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(9 day ago) In April 10th, data from Market Research Institute FactSet showed that in 2017, the top five companies ranked the top R & D expenditure in the US still came from the technology industry. The top five companies spent 76 billion dollars on R & D last year, according to the data.
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(11 day ago) After Amazon launched its first private label in 2009, the company has been in the business for four years and then launched more private brands. And when it launched its own diaper brand in 2014, it plunged it into an embarrassing situation: Due to a design flaw, Amazon pulled it off the shelf less than two months after launching the brand. .
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(12 day ago) Foreign media wrote on Friday that while changing the way of American consumers shopping, the e-commerce giant Amazon also made thousands of American retailers go bankrupt, which became one of the core issues of President Trump's recent bombardment of Amazon.
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(13 day ago) McCormack has worked for Amazon for many years and has been chief technology officer of the equipment team and software vice president of the Kindle. This is the second time we have heard of Apple's recent technology "big coffee." A few days ago, Apple hired John Giannandrea, head of AI and search department from Google, to take charge of AI-related development. Visit: Apple Online Store (China)
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(13 day ago) When asked if he wanted to adjust the policies related to company operations, Trump said: "We will seriously consider this issue." He added that the Supreme Court will soon study the "status of sales tax." In a court debate on April 17, South Dakota asked nine judges to veto a ruling of the Supreme Court in 1992 that only entity companies registered in the state needed to pay sales tax to the state.
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(13 day ago) President Trump of the United States has continued to criticize the Amazon, exerting unprecedented pressure on the e-commerce giant. However, Amazon seems to have long been prepared for this. According to data from the U.S. Senate Lobbying Disclosure Act Database, the number of internal lobbyists employed by Amazon has doubled to 28 since Trump was elected president of the United States.
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(14 day ago) Last Thursday, Trump said on Twitter: "Before the election, I expressed my concerns about Amazon. Unlike other companies, Amazon pays only a small amount of taxes to the states and local governments. In addition, Amazon also used our postal system as its courier, which caused huge losses to the United States and caused a large number of retailers to go bankrupt.
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(14 day ago) U.S. President Donald Trump again blasted Amazon today, saying the Washington Post, owned by Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos, had once again published false news.
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(14 day ago) According to informed sources, the U.S. Pentagon is about to award a $10 billion cloud business deal to Amazon, despite Trump's recent violent attacks against Amazon.
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(15 day ago) Tencent technology news, according to foreign media reports, a number of American anti-monopoly experts said on Tuesday that President Trump had repeatedly bombed Amazon in tweets, which does not mean that the US government will take regulatory actions on Amazon. If Trump had to do it alone, the result might be counterproductive.
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(15 day ago) Tencent Technology News, according to foreign media reports, an analyst said that with Amazon in the search field to challenge Google and other search companies, Amazon's advertising business by 2020 may reach 20 billion US dollars.
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(16 day ago) American retail giant WAL-MART is negotiating with online drugstore start-up PillPack to negotiate for less than $1 billion to buy the latter. PillPack is committed to making it easier for consumers to buy drugs on the Internet and provide a corresponding delivery service.
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(16 day ago) Sina Technology Zheng Jun from the United States Silicon Valley old drivers always start early. The latest target of the old gun is no doubt that this is one of his greatest hobbies and one of the most powerful weapons. The 70-year-old gun relied on this social media to move from New York to Washington. He moved into perhaps the simplest place of his life, and turned this place into his own most powerful battlefield, without mercy. Qualified his opponents - mainstream media, movie stars, political enemies, trading powers, and business giants.
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(17 day ago) Foreign media reported that Amazon will close the online math and writing learning service TenMarks after the 2018-2019 academic year. The company released this news via e-mail to customers this week and synchronized on the TenMarks website: “We are slowing down and re-adjusting. TenMarks will officially stop service after the 2018-2019 school year.”
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(17 day ago) Beijing morning news on April 2nd, U.S. President Barack Trump on Saturday to Amazon launched a second round of "within a week of the shelling, accusing the world's largest online retailers get unfairly low rates from the United States post office there, and no tax paid in full.
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(17 day ago) Such services need to register with the government, require Russian users to store data in Russia, and store user communication content for six months and metadata for three years. Encryption service also requires sharing key with law enforcement agencies. Reports say, in order to complete the complete killing
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(17 day ago) (Original title: Why did Trump not see the Amazon?) Naming Amazon Amazon became Trump's thorn. On Saturday, local time, Trump sent another article to attack the Amazon. Trump said on Twitter that the United States Post Office will send a parcel for Amazon. The average loss will reach 1.5 US dollars, a total of several billion dollars.
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(18 day ago) As the smart phone market and mobile Internet become more and more saturated, technology companies have begun to focus on the living room Internet (large screen Internet) field, hoping to make use of the TV in consumers' homes to create a new Internet ecosystem.
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