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(8 hr ago) News from March 21, according to foreign media reports, foreign social media giant Facebook has recently been trapped by negative news. The share price of foreign social media giant Facebook has fallen for two consecutive days. Market value has lost nearly 50 billion US dollars to the founder. Current CEO Mark Zuckerberg's worth has also shrunk by nearly $8 billion.
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(13 hr ago) In the afternoon of March 21st, Beijing time, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) launched an investigation on Facebook. It was reported that the personal information of tens of millions of users of the company had been leaked and was used by a data analysis agency. P.P. helped in the victory during the presidential election.
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(14 hr ago) At midday Beijing time on March 21st, the Washington Post reported that Stephen Bannon, the former chief strategist of US President Donald Trump, was in charge of Cambridge Analytic's early collection of large volumes of Facebook data. It hopes to build a detailed database of millions of American voters.
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(16 hr ago) In the context of the privacy crisis that engulfed the entire social network, the non-profit organization Mozilla pointed out: “The current Facebook application permission settings put billions of users in a vulnerable state”.
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(17 hr ago) The Facebook statement stated in full: "Mark (Zacherberger), Shirley (Sandberg) and their team are working day and night, trying to collect all the facts and take corresponding actions because they have understood the seriousness of the problem. Sex.
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(18 hr ago) According to Tencent Technology, according to foreign media reports, Brian Acton, the co-founder of WhatsApp, also added fire when the scandal of Facebook user data leaked. He posted a tweet on Tuesday saying it is time to delete Facebook.
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(22 hr ago) During the 2016 US presidential election, Cambridge Analysis and Trump cooperated on Facebook advertising to provide detailed information on American voters. However, Cambridge analysis stated that the above 50 million Facebook user personal information was not used in the 2016 President Trump campaign.
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(1 day ago) A few days ago, Facebook employees and former employees said that Alex Stamos, chief information security officer, was leaving because of disagreements with the company's top executives over false information.
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(1 day ago) Tencent Technology reported that last year Facebook, which was plunged into many waves, suffered another scandal last weekend. The media disclosed that the data analytics company Cambridge Analytica, which serves a Trump campaign team, obtained data from Facebook’s 50 million users and conducted Abuse abuse.
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(1 day ago) (Screenshot from: Wikipedia) Denham said: "I think we were all shocked by the news." In the British political movement, how is personal data used? The Office of the Information Commissioner is conducting an extensive investigation and Denham said that they are concerned about Cambridge Analytica, Facebook and more than 30 different organizations and political parties.
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(1 day ago) Zuckerberg and his affiliates, such as Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a foundation he and his wife co-founded, hold more than 403 million Facebook shares, according to Cornite Yutney, head of research at Equilar, a data company. These include 9,347,183 class A common shares and 393,938,853 B common shares.
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(2 day ago) 2015 Data Map: Via Mashable, Monroe, California, California. In addition to Facebook, Google, based in Mountain View, and Apple, based in Cupertino, continue to seek expansion in this area.
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(2 day ago) The protagonist of the event is a virtual display researcher named Joseph Chancellor, a current Facebook company. He was a former director of Global Science Research, which provided data to Cambridge Analytica.
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(2 day ago) CNBC, which recently sold shares in a number of Facebook executives, said in an article this week that it is facing a life-or-death test and that management is still failing to address these issues properly.
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(2 day ago) On the morning of March 19th in Beijing, Facebook's commitment to transparency and digital ethics was also questioned by critics when a political intelligence company charged with federal investigation was accused of illegally obtaining up to 50 million personal data.
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(2 day ago) There is no external attacker to pull Facebook down, its weakness lies in the basic business mode -- collecting user data and using these data to sell advertisements to target users. For years, users have been well accepted, but their patience may be gradually lost after nearly a year of negative publicity.
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(6 day ago) Mark Zuckerberg first experienced the groundbreaking virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift. in January 2014, standing in one of the few Facebook offices with blinds, he had a brick-like device hanging on his face. In a flash they were taken to the ruins of a medieval castle surrounded by thick snowflakes.
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(6 day ago) Paul Golding and Jedda Fraunson's Facebook page also has a large number of followers. Facebook said that deleting these pages was a decision made by BritainFirst after ignoring the final warning of the violation. The organization will not be allowed to set alternative pages.
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(8 day ago) The data map Darusman said that as long as people think, social media can trigger fierce debates, disputes and conflicts in public places. Obviously, hate speech is part of the catalyst. “As far as the situation in Myanmar is concerned, (there's) social media is Facebook, Facebook is social media.
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(9 day ago) According to an article published in Wired magazine, the past two years have been the most turbulent period since the birth of Facebook, and it has been involved in an unprecedented and seemingly unavoidable disaster. And when Mark Zuckerberg saw that the platform he had created was used for evil, his optimism about technology was also hit hard. Here's the text:
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(11 day ago) Download: Google Play Frankly speaking, there are many similar applications on the Android market. In addition to well-known manufacturers such as Keepsafe and Norton, there are many unknown developers have launched similar applications.
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(14 day ago) Facebook won a self-balancing robot patent on Tuesday. The patented robot integrates a screen, camera and microphone, similar to other telecommuters.
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(15 day ago) Plot Twists and turns, although MacDow Mande carelessness for the "Little Jin" lost, but the lucky thing, meet after the film is an arrogant thief. Originally stole the "Little Golden" after Facebook also posted a video. The video shows the thief with the golden statue drinking and slapstick, and spread it to the Internet.
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(15 day ago) Facebook began testing the "burst news" label in November last year, and will open it to more content publishers. The company says it will offer 50 content publishers from North America, Latin America, Europe and Australia from this week.
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(16 day ago) Data Figure If the social giant failed to comply with the court order to stop tracking the browsing habits of Belgian netizens, Facebook will face up to 100 million euros or 250,000 euros a day fine. Facebook disappointed with the ruling, saying it will appeal.
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(16 day ago) At the end of the week, while further studying Facebook's testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee last autumn, some other evidence also caught the attention of Albright. In a written reply to the Committee submitted, Facebook general counsel Colin Stretch told Senator Dianne Feinstein, the 1 million 800 thousand people concerned and at least one Russian propaganda organization Internet Research Institute (IRA) on the Facebook page - but the answer does not mention "the Troll" won many fans on Instagram.
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(19 day ago) Sandberg goes on to say that women entering the industry face some very difficult struggles: Women also face stereotypes and prejudices in this industry, just as they are in every industry. And it's harder to persuade young women when it's the goal of cyber-threats to be an industry full of opportunities; the industry not only values ​​their work but also needs it.
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(19 day ago) As part of the new guidelines, the committee asked the company to remove terrorist content within an hour of being notified. The European Commission has pointed out that the content was most harmful during the first few hours of the Internet, a serious threat to citizens' safety, security and fundamental rights.
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(19 day ago) As part of the new guidelines, the committee asked the company to remove terrorist content within an hour of being notified. The European Commission has pointed out that the content was most harmful during the first few hours of the Internet, a serious threat to citizens' safety, security and fundamental rights.
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(20 day ago) Since then, President Trump's Facebook Posts interaction has decreased by about 45%, while Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have not seen similar decline. Even if the decline, the impact on Trump is far greater.
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