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(18 hr ago) The reason for Beiyi, Lenovo officially explained that the vast majority of domestic models are priced at the same or lower than the US price. Some of the misunderstandings on the Internet are that domestic prices are compared with those that do not include taxes and hardware and hardware. . The Beijing Youth Daily recently investigated the Chinese consumers’ participation in Lenovo’s promotion during the US Black Five, and made an in-depth comparison of Lenovo’s price differences in the US and China. Lenovo also responded to these questions. The detailed explanation is as follows:
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(6 day ago) The company cited Epic Games's support for its products. The phantom engine of Epic Games is used to create games, simulate and visualize content, as well as movie and broadcast content. Marc Petit, general manager of Fantasy Engine Enterprise, said: "In Epic, we constantly strive to set new visual fidelity standards through Fantasy Engine, enabling architects, designers and engineers to create fully interactive experiences and convey the creative intentions behind their designs.
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(10 day ago) The overall performance of the first half of the financial year was equally dazzling. Revenue reached 172 billion yuan ($25.3 billion), an increase of 16% over the same period last year; net profit reached 1.67 billion yuan ($245 million), an increase of 268% over the same period last year.
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(11 day ago) On November 8, 2018, Lenovo Group (00992.HK) released its first half and second quarter results (corresponding to the second, third and third quarters of 2018) for the fiscal year 2018/2019 ended September 30, 2018.
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(12 day ago) In the period when the net red economy broke out, its ability to absorb gold once shocked the industry. According to public information, taking the head network of Hong Zhang Daxu as an example, on the day of the double 11 last year, the sales of its personal Taobao shop exceeded 170 million yuan.
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(13 day ago) At the same time, through the 3C/CE double standard security certification, Xiao Hei Super User participated in the co-creation and pre-test, which ensured the continuation of the strict quality of Think. According to a survey published by the Daily Mail in 2018, nearly 25% of people say they feel anxious about running out of electricity every day. 40% of people will carry one or more mobile power supplies as a backup. Power anxiety has spread into a national mood under the rapid development of smart devices.
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(14 day ago) Samsung Note 9, iPhone XS series, HUAWEI Mate 20 series, millet Mix 3, glory Magic 2... A series of star airplanes are competing. Lenovo also released the world's first Lenovo Z5 Pro with 95% screen share, following Lenovo's "New National Flagship" Lenovo Z5 in the first half of the year and Lenovo's "Idol Self-Pro" S5Pro in mid-October.
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(18 day ago) In appearance, Lenovo Z5 Pro also has many similarities with millet MIX 3 and Magic 2. However, to achieve the 95.06% screen ratio, it has become the highest screen in the mobile phone. Among them, Lenovo Z5 Pro shortened the width of the jaw to 4.98mm, while the top side was narrow 2.07mm.
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(18 day ago) Phoenix New Media Science and Technology Yan Shuo Slide overall screen is the biggest bright spot in the market this year, there have been countless true full-scale screen products. In fact, how big an improvement in the real full-scale screen use experience is not what everyone is most concerned about, but the most concerned about it. Mobile phone manufacturer is using what kind of technology to hide the front hole and sensor, so as to achieve true full-scale screen.
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(18 day ago) Lenovo Air Wireless Bluetooth Music Headset uses a custom BES 2000IZAI chipset, with AI smart antenna, signal stability and support for binaural call function. It is equipped with 6mm graphene vocalization unit, which claims 100% high quality sound reduction and sound quality experience enhancement. And IPX5 sport grade waterproofing, also with independent charging bin can be used for 10 hours. Lenovo Air wireless Bluetooth music headset opens an appointment now, and is officially on sale in November 8th.
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(18 day ago) After the opening is the protagonist Z5 Pro, Chang Cheng said that this is an "epoch-making flagship." In fact, it first appeared at the end of September. When it was the 2018 of Lenovo Innovation and Technology Conference, in the interview, Liu Jun, executive vice president and president of China Group, took out a full-screen sliding camera. This is Lenovo. Z5 Pro, Liu Jun made an early warm-up for it.
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(18 day ago) Sina Technology News, November 1 afternoon news, not long ago, Xiaomi Leijun released the mobile phone MIX 3, said the phone is the first slide full-screen mobile phone, has applied for a patent in February this year. Today, Lenovo Group Vice President Chang Cheng said at the Z5 Pro conference that Lenovo has the world's first slide patent. "We applied as early as 2017, 500 days earlier than Xiaomi."
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(18 day ago) Visit the purchase page: Lenovo New Air13 Laptop New Air13 Laptop Main light design, three-sided metal fuselage, weighing only 1.25kg, thin to 14.8mm, provides light gray, Supreme black, Lake blue, rose gold four color matching.
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(18 day ago) From the content of the blackboard, Lenovo Z5 Pro's screen ratio will exceed 95%, and there is a suspected price of 3299 yuan, 3299 yuan. It is understood that Z5 Pro will use the world's most expensive screen fingerprints, slide full screen with dual-screw power + six-position guidance technology, support AI smart noise reduction + Dolby panoramic sound, with 24 million + 16 million AI dual camera With the addition of AI Super Night Scene and AI Super Video, the night scene performance is worth looking forward to.
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(19 day ago) Liu Jun, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Lenovo Group, said, "Laikou Technologies is not only an important channel for SIoT, but also undertakes the mission of intelligent retail ecology." At this year's Lenovo Innovation Conference, Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, said that Lenovo will carry out two major layouts on the consumer side: first, comprehensively promote the process of intelligent equipment to provide users with intelligent equipment; second, build an SIoT ecological platform to promote intelligent equipment.
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(19 day ago) Riley Russell, Sony Mutual's chief attorney, said: "We are pleased to announce that we have authorized the design of the PSVR Head Display to Lenovo. PSVR's industrial design has been widely praised, which is the result of years of hard work by PlayStation engineers.
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(21 day ago) Lenovo Z5 Pro is the world's most expensive off-screen fingerprint technology, and it uses double helix power six-bit guidance technology, with a top hand feel, Chang said. In addition, Lenovo Z 5 Pro also comes with top-level security chips, supposedly supporting hardware-level security payments.
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(21 day ago) The distance from the East Fourth Ring to the Northwest is like two worlds. In the morning peak, it is difficult to shorten the time to less than one and a half hours. Limited to Beijing's urban planning and historical reasons, Beijing's commercial center is not the center of Beijing, but between the East Third Ring Road and the East Fourth Ring. However, the Houchang Village in Northwest China is the "center of the universe" in the Chinese Internet world.
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(23 day ago) Compared with post-fingerprint, the advantage of off-screen fingerprint technology lies in that, on the one hand, it solves the inconvenient of post-fingerprint unlocking, on the other hand, it ensures the visual unity of the back, and gives consideration to experience and beauty, so it can be described as "the best of both worlds". More importantly, Lenovo's Z5 Pro is powered by a double-helix six-bit guidance technology that officials say has a top-notch feel and is much better than the Xiaomi MIX 3's "300000 shots" (the Xiaomi MIX 3 has a full screen with a magnetic power slider cover). Officials say they have been tested 300000 times.
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(23 day ago) The notebook is designed to be light and light. Its three sides are metal fuselage, weighing only 1.25 kg and up to 14.8 mm. It offers four colors: light ash, supreme black, lakuang blue and rose gold. At the core, Lenovo's new Air13 features a 13.3-inch full HD IPS screen with a 100%sRGB gamut, 80% of the screen, and about 180 °open and close.
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(23 day ago) It is reported that Lenovo Z5 Pro is also a sliding cover full screen design, with nearly 100% screen share. The biggest difference between it and the Millimeter MIX 3 is that it supports screen fingerprint identification, which is Lenovo's first screen fingerprint phone. And Lenovo claims that Z5 Pro is the world's most expensive under screen fingerprint technology, which is worth looking forward to. Screen fingerprint on the one hand to solve the inconvenience of the back fingerprint unlocking, on the other hand to avoid back holes, to ensure visual integration, can be described as a "perfect solution".
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(24 day ago) On the afternoon of October 26th, at the 2018 CEO annual meeting of Lenovo Venture Capital, Liu Chuanzhi, chairman of Legend Holdings and founder and chairman of Lenovo Group, delivered a video speech and shared his thoughts on corporate development.
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(25 day ago) On the poster, Z5 Pro's sliding screen design looms, and Lenovo's brand-new mobile phone slogan "Good conscience, national mobile phone" stands out. In fact, as early as September 26, at the Lenovo TechWorld Innovation Conference, Liu Jun, executive vice president of Lenovo Group and President of China, published Lenovo's new flagship Z5 Pro for the first time in an exclusive media interview.
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(26 day ago) Weibo tail "Lenovo Z 5 Pro epoch-making flagship" indicates that the aircraft is Lenovo "epoch-making efforts", it is worth looking forward to. Like the Xiaomi MIX 3, Lenovo's Z5 Pro uses a slide-cover design to make up almost 100 percent of the screen, the company's highest percentage of screens, and supports screen fingerprint recognition.
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(28 day ago) Following is the full text of Yang Yuanqing's internal letter: ladies and gentlemen: Lenovo Foundation of Lenovo Foundation was officially established today. The launch of the Foundation will help Lenovo's Global Philanthropy and help us further implement our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.
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(30 day ago) At the launch conference of Sohu Technology/Ma Wenqi, including glory 9, red rice Note5, Xiaomi 8, vivoX23, Huawei note3, even Galaxy S9+, iPhone Xs Max have been lying in the middle of the gun, and they have been "smashed" by the routine.
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(31 day ago) A good Liu Haiping follows the design trend of recent years. Lenovo S5 Pro also adopts Liu Haiping design, but compared to the “small bangs” that have evolved into water droplets and pearls, S5 Pro's bangs are somewhat lenient, look and feel with iPhone. X is very similar.
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(32 day ago) On the evening of October 18th, Lenovo Group today released three new AI four-camera camera phones, S5 Pro, K5 Pro and K5s, as well as Watch S trend mechanical smart watches, Lenovo Watch C Xiaole children's phone watches and other new products.
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(32 day ago) Chang Cheng also said that many manufacturers will launch 5G handsets by the end of this year, "in addition to the possibility of Moto, other homes are all gimmicks." In fact, from the past three years, lenovo mobile phone sales have been disappointing, and have long been out of the top eight camps. Earlier, in an exclusive interview with Yang Yuanqing, Sina Technologies admitted that "there were some mistakes in the development of mobile phone business before, including judging customer needs and switching brand strategy".
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(32 day ago) Live address: Lenovo's official website | Sina Live | Jingdong Live | Tianmao Live | B Station Live after the completion of the check-in work, cnBeta front editors entered the venue for the first time, found the best location in front of the arc screen left, so that the lens will not be easily blocked during the report, thereby You bring a clearer live scene.
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