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Lenovo(联想)News list

(1 day ago) On July 20th, it was reported that Lenovo Group is currently undergoing the largest layoffs in history. It is internally called a strategic adjustment, not based on performance, and in fact, there is no standard layoffs. Servers and functions are the hardest hit areas for this layoff.
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(2 day ago) In the evening of July 19th, the latest Fortune 500 list was released. In terms of the number of companies listed on the list, Chinese companies have reached 120 this year, and are already very close to the United States (126), far more than third (52).
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(7 day ago) From August 31, 2018, users can log in to the Lenovo official website to verify whether the computer battery they are using is within the scope of this recall, or call the Lenovo service phone for verification by Lenovo Service Center. If the battery is confirmed to be within the scope of this recall, the user should immediately shut down the system, remove the battery, and use the AC power adapter to supply power to the notebook. At the same time, after the verification is completed, submit the free battery application according to the prompt, Lenovo will conduct the user for the user. Free replacement of laptop battery.
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(7 day ago) As early as January this year, at the CES show, Lenovo introduced the ARM-based Always-Connected notebook, which is based on Microsoft's official reference design. In an interview with NDTV, Rahul Agarwal, general manager of Lenovo India, said that "Always-Connected laptops have some complexity, you need an extra SIM card, and you need to pay extra orders.
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(11 day ago) However, the D330 will be a complete 10-inch notebook after matching the keyboard, which is a two-in-one form, rather than a soft keyboard cover. The advantage of this is that the keyboard feels better, while also extending the USB-A interface (2) and larger batteries.
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(13 day ago) The Lenovo Legion Y530 offers a variety of screen options, all with a 15.6-inch FHD panel. This device provides a soft palm rest section that allows the screen to be opened 180 degrees. Like the notebook that Lenovo released today, there are ports on the side and back of the fuselage.
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(17 day ago) Access: Lenovo Watch X function, Watch X smart watch support 80 meter waterproof, built-in heart rate sensing, 6 axis sensing (G-sensor/ gyroscope), magnetic sensing and pressure temperature sensing (optional), can monitor the physical condition and motion state in real time.
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(19 day ago) The announcement stated that the completion of the acquisition was completed on July 2, 2018. Upon completion of the delivery, BIL became an indirect subsidiary of the company and the financial results of BIL will be consolidated into the company's financial statements. According to the data, BIL was founded in 1856 and is one of the oldest comprehensive banks in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
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(23 day ago) He even gave a general time: "autumn of 2018". This means that the next generation of N cards should be on the stage in the month of 9-10, basically consistent with the statement that the previously exposed card makers will get the first new GPU chips in early September.
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(24 day ago) In addition, a number of partners including China Mobile, including Lenovo, signed the MOU agreement on the 5G terminal pioneer program. At the meeting, Dr. Huang Ying, vice president of Lenovo Group, research institute enterprise cloud and 5G laboratory, said that Lenovo has already applied a large number of key 5G standard patents in the 5G standard field, and the Lenovo Group will also lay out the vertical ecological field in the 5G field, and will focus on the future development of AR, PC and mobile phones. Three fields are flare up.
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(25 day ago) ThinkPad and “Little Red Dot” are classics. What happens when this classic design meets mobile power? Today, the charge head network Xiaobian brings us the evaluation is from Lenovo's 10000mAh two-way fast charge LS-PB-001 business mobile power.
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(26 day ago) First, the Lenovo USB-C charger out of the box The packaging is very simple, consistent with the style of the Lenovo power supply series. The back is related parameters. Model Number: LS-45WTCPD Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.5A Output:
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(26 day ago) China's Lenovo Group reported that in May 2018, Lenovo Group of Lenovo Group, China's Lenovo Group 2017, achieved a total of $45 billion 300 million in revenue for the year, a new high of 3 years. However, the net loss in 2017 was 189 million US dollars and the loss was higher than the market expectations. Of these, the net profit of the fourth quarter was $33 million, lower than the market expectations.
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(31 day ago) But the official call it the new flagship of the nation, so this product is inevitably questioned by the secular. Of course, this thousand yuan flagship can withstand the test, or can speak to the strength, the name of the new national flagship. The following is the experience of Kovin's Lenovo Z5. Is it really worthy of the name, or is it just a gimmick to earn fans' feelings? 1000 yuan machine positioning flagship level workmanship, the Lenovo Z5 also kept up with the mainstream of the current market Liu Haiping design, the advantage is that the promotion of the screen is at the same time, making the whole front look more concise, integrated modeling more prominent.
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(40 day ago) Lenovo LEGION T530 Tower (2018) Lenovo LEGION T530 Tower is Lenovo's latest addition to the game PC, this PC not only provides a powerful performance, but also more likable appearance. It is not as bloated as previous generations of gaming devices, more like business-friendly office equipment.
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(40 day ago) They are now designed with aluminum alloy, with a narrow border on the screen, only 6.7 millimeters. These games notebook computers are very light. Y530 and Y7000 are only 5.1 pounds, while Y730 is 15.6 inches and 17 inches 4.8 pounds and 6.4 pounds respectively.
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(45 day ago) However, judging from the large amount of feedback from users on the Internet, Lenovo Z5 does not seem to meet their expectations for the national flagship and Lenovo’s "a product that Apple did not even do." After the conference, Lenovo Group Vice President, Lenovo's mobile phone business district in China, Chang Cheng also answered questions about the Z5 and Lenovo's mobile phone business.
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(46 day ago) According to Christian Teismann, senior vice president of Lenovo, “More than 50% of employees expect to work in a smart office environment for the next five years. Lenovo has invested heavily and has become a leader in smart office technology, redefining collaboration through innovative solutions. Office scene.
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(46 day ago) Accessories, Lenovo Z5 comes standard with 18W charger, type-C data line, there is a water jacket and take the card pin. In terms of appearance, Lenovo Z5 adopted the popular Liu Haiping design and retained its chin. Lenovo Z5's Liu Hai used a golden ratio, and the forehead was designed to have the same three-sided width as the iPhone X.
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(46 day ago) After the polling door incident, a frontline employee of Lenovo's Public Relations Department accepted our interview. It looks like she should not have a good rest for a few days. His face is yellow, his eyes are slightly bloodshot, and she is anxious. As a participant in the external communication project, she is responsible for inviting the media and opinion leaders to visit Lenovo and communicate with high-level officials to introduce the progress of the smart strategy transformation and avoid discrediting the company's news.
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(46 day ago) In the opening of the JingDong 6 18 shopping festival a few days ago, Lenovo won the No.1 notebook sales, but the number one game book was taken away by old rival Hewlett-Packard (Hewlett-Packard). In the game notebook new users competition, Lenovo seems to lag behind the old rivals. In the first quarter of 2018, HP's shipments were up 4.3 percent from a year earlier to about 568000, while Lenovo's was up just 5000, according to data.
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(46 day ago) On the afternoon of June 5, Lenovo officially released new products such as Lenovo Z5, Lenovo K5 Note, Lenovo A5, Lenovo Watch X, and particle cloud.
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(46 day ago) In the past five years, Dongshan has relied on the concept of eight-character. Lenovo mobile phones have launched multiple brands such as ZUK. However, due to poor performance, they were "abandoned" and began to focus on the MOTO brand. "In the past few years, Lenovo's mobile phones have never stopped," said Liu Jun. In 2012, Lenovo's mobile phones had achieved the second largest shipment volume in the Chinese market. In 2014, Lenovo's mobile phones hit a third-highest volume in the global market. "I hope Lenovo's mobile phone brand will return this time and it will create more miracles."
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(46 day ago) And Lenovo Z5's chin is narrow to 7.69mm, narrower than Xiaomi 6X 3.35mm, narrower than Xiaomi 8 0.70mm. Although the chin is narrow, the Lenovo Z5 retains a 3.5mm headphone jack. Not just the chin, Lenovo Z5's bangs have also been optimized.
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(46 day ago) Specific models are ZUK Z2, ZUK Z2 Pro, ZUK Edge, etc. Lenovo S5, Lenovo Z5, Lenovo K5 Note, Lenovo K5 Play and other models will also be upgraded to Android P.
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(46 day ago) Lenovo Z5 uses a 19:9 scale of 2246 × 1080 resolution 6.2-inch screen, screen up to 90, provide DCI-P3 wide color gamut, color performance. At the same time, under 120 °angle, the color display of Lenovo Z5 is close to zero deviation, and the most real picture can be seen at any angle.
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(46 day ago) On June 5th, Liu Jun, executive vice president of Lenovo Group and president of China, announced that Lenovo’s mobile phone brand was officially reborn and Lenovo’s mobile phone team will join Lenovo China. Earlier, there was a time when Lenovo Group had abandoned Lenovo brand mobile phones and only focused on the MOTO brand.
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(47 day ago) The fuselage is made of glass, the real machine is black, and Lenovo Z5 will provide Aurora color version. On the whole, Lenovo's Z5 design is not very different from other domestic Liu Haiping phones. It is worth mentioning that the machine carries particle technology, which is called 4TB storage space, and is equipped with double cameras. It joins artificial intelligence technology, supports portrait mode, and can take the artistic beauty photos of the main body and the virtual background.
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(48 day ago) The Win10 computer relies on the compiler to run exe, so the difference between running GeekBench and mobile phone is very big, and the 850 can be regarded as the increasing frequency version of the 845 of the long dragon, which also highlights the determination of Qualcomm to persist in the field of notebook and to knock down with the Intel.
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