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Google's airborne CEO and his company's expansion.

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【斯坦福创业课】Google【斯坦福创业课】Google 的空降 CEO 和他的公司扩张之道

Editor's note: this series is the Standford entrepreneurship course Technology-enabled Blitzscaling CS183C. This section is to explore the experience of Google's expansion and the Internet Co management model, the invited guests are the former CEO Eric Schmidt Google.

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Eighth class please go to Google (Alphabet) Eric Schmidt. CEO when we analyze the company's expansion of the problem, no one company is more representative than the Google. In this talk, Eric will introduce themselves to the individual and the company level

One, personal experience

Hoffman Reid (after R): in the Google, you have what you from the experience in the management of Sun and Novell have what?

Schimidt Eric (after E): for all, the initial entry into the workplace for the next several years for the future development of the long-term is crucial. At this stage, each person will carry on the accumulation of experience from technology to management, and finally form his own management style.

For Eric, he has accumulated a lot of Novell and Sun.

R: if this experience is summed up as a experience, what will it be?

Do things sooner with fewer mistakes. E: fast, accurate. When everyone back to the things of the past, always said that I had known at the outset to solve this problem, as long as the people have been dismissed and so on, then we have the idea of the time, why not hurry up?

Two, the beginning of Google

R: when you join Google, how much is the size of the company?

E: that time 150 people, Larry and Sergei just got the $25M financing. Investors joked that they were smart enough to be crazy or even less reliable, so they needed a CEO.

So Larry and Sergei open recruitment CEO, hiring conditions is to use a weekend to conquer them two. When too many people to apply for, some people take their boat, some people take them on horseback, and Eric to see the first of these two people to give them a list of things to do in the next Google, the global business development plan, sales plan, audit, inventory management, product development plan, and so on, these are not at the time of Google.

This is the time in Google culture, inherited from the Stanford graduate school, Fight fire with water. When you asked him about the sales plan, he will give you the scene to think about one, although it is good, but still need a CEO to standardize the entire firm.

R: as an airborne CEO, and the original founder of the team, will have The climate does not suit one.?

E: a famous failure example is John Sculley and Steve jobs. I in dealing with this problem very careful and low-key, always remind myself this is their company, I should not have to publicity.

Eric helps and guides Larry and Sergei: as they can do a good job, Eric will go to the background and Eric will come forward when it is difficult. Once because of a playboy interview, Larry and Sergei almost ruined the IPO Google program, so two people like to make mistakes as a child to find Eric. three personal trouble after the twists and turns to do things, Larry and Sergei no longer accept any media interview.

Eric to Google, Sheryl Sandberg on Facebook, MEG Wittman to eBay are airborne's senior management personnel, and ultimately become the silicon valley section of the story.

Three, Google expansion

R: from the time you just joined Google only 150 employees, to the present 60000 employees, including the number of employees in the 2004-2005 three times, this is a classic

E: it is easy to double every year, but it is hard to quadruple. I think expansion rule is doubling every year is easy, but in a time of quadrupling is difficult, it is difficult to imagine so many newcomers will join in the structure of the existing company have what kind of impact.

Google R: in the company's management level has a lot of innovation, such as the management to read every one's resume, 20 time, and so on, these are not the important factors for the successful expansion of Google?

E: I would like to say that the expansion of the fundamental lies in the mature products. After a period of accumulation and running in, the product is really mature, the user, the profit and the company will get rapid expansion.

Generally, we are always growing pressure to the product team, a team of engineers, hope they hurry to launch new products, and this result is drive a duck onto a perch, produce a product that barely works. Like the first generation iPod and iPhone. They were not successful and is later continuous improvement makes now the highest market capitalization of the company. There is a product called Google Wave, at first, we in the small part of the population were tested. These people are Google brain powder, so the effect is very good, but when we try to slightly larger market promotion. It was found that the reaction is not strong, so we decided to give up the further promotion. Generally speaking, a product success or not probably need to continue to market for 6 months or so, the real success of the product, after the initial hot growth, there is still a strong momentum of steady growth, although there may be twists and turns again and again.

R: so how do we know when a product will be mature?

E: an interesting phenomenon is that the product is the first to give its original developers to bring convenience, which is a prerequisite for successful products. Uber, the first is a small range of a private car sharing platform. Google is only a search engine in the Stanford school, the server is built in the student dormitory.

R: so, is it a sign of maturity to see what is required?

E: a mistake we should avoid is that the technical staff is always premature to think, the product is already mature enough, can be pushed to the market. This time, the sales team and management team if you do not think of the trust, it is likely to be disastrous. Another measure of product maturity is that people who use it can't stop. You see what people around us are using Wave Google, and how many people wear Glass Google, so that the two is not a mature product.

Four, Google recruitment

R: when the product is very fit for the market, there are no other factors will affect or hinder the expansion of the company?

E: recruitment. We have written a book.

And the other thing is that we don't need it.

R: is how to manage them, in this area, you have any experience to share it?

Larry Sergei, E: and I have had some failures in the management team of three.

But I have always been, Larry and Sergei to control the company, I am responsible for handling problems and confusion, when there is a big problem when we work together, never in the face of outsiders quarrel.

Five, Google Management Architecture

What is the model of Google E: training management personnel?

R: is a very successful Google project is the Program APM (product manager training program), this project is made by Mayer Marissa (now CEO Yahoo) in the year of Google. Marissa first came to Google, she is only one of the three product managers, she felt that we need to develop a product manager from the existing staff, so that more than the outside to know the company's products and culture. So we recruited a large number of technical background and want to engage in product related work of the graduates, so that they participate in this project, through all kinds of friends and activities, to establish a tacit understanding between them. Have to say, the double eyes project output talents with technology and products, is the mainstay of Google later.

E: in the process of expansion, there are not some points we need to avoid it?

R: the answer may surprise you, but my answer is, No. Ambition is unbounded, any ideas and practices are likely to succeed. I don't think a person should be limited to their own interests, ideas or actions, but should be in a wider range of attempts.

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