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HUAWEI November 26th Conference Review: 8/HUAWEI WATCH Mate country line version

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Near the end of time, the major manufacturers finale staged one after another, and millet contentious finale of the product red note 3 compared to the November 26, Huawei in Shanghai brings the mate 8 is undoubtedly more components and convincing, here as a guest reporter review held in Shanghai World Expo Center of Huawei mate 8 world premiere ceremony of the conference.

华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate 8/HUAWEI WATCH国行版

华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate 8/HUAWEI WATCH国行版

14:25 scene began to play video preheating, the first stage is the HUAWEI consumer business CMO Zhang Xiaoyun, she announced that 3000 people attended the event, creating a history of HUAWEI conference. Today is the day of Thanksgiving, she thanked everyone for coming. Zhang Xiaoyun said HUAWEI is the impact of consumer electronics brand title, she said it was a life in the mobile phone, and HUAWEI is using power in the mobile phone, is the peak of consumer electronics, which is HUAWEI's belief.

华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate 8/HUAWEI WATCH国行版

Compared to Huawei in the past in the foreign press conference, the Huawei of China's press conference with a lot of links, Zhang Xiaoyun invited guests, President of China Vanke Co., Ltd., the Golden Horse Award for best new director, CEO of phoenix new media, the goal target "magazine publisher and came to power interaction, talk about faith and Huawei. The guests mentioned last year Mate 7, it is difficult to buy, but also specifically looking for a "back door", Huawei leaders also signed the agreement not reselling. The scene of a laugh, I hope this year's Mate 8 will not be so difficult to buy.

华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate 8/HUAWEI WATCH国行版

Them, stage director Hu Yihu tiger, Huawei cell phone queen host) is, "Mr tyrants" rhythm, he stressed that his old friend of Huawei is pollen. Hu Yihu said Mate 8 choice of China's global debut, because HUAWEI is synchronized with the world, HUAWEI care about you. 3 years ago, 300 people held a HUAWEI conference in Guangzhou, 2 years ago, 600 people in Beijing, followed by 1200 people, and this year reached 3000 people, is a collection of 3000 people, including the media reached more than 200.

华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate 8/HUAWEI WATCH国行版

14:51 and Huawei CEO Yu Chengdong consumer business is taken to the threshing ground, he jokes that this might be a little easier, because can finally native speech. Mate 7 achieved a breakthrough in HUAWEI's mobile phone, a few degrees increase in capacity or in short supply, the product continued to be sold for 8 months in the channel, achieved domestic 2999-3999 market sales first, is the world's 7000000 users. Recalling the success of Mate 7, open the era of big screen, to solve the current situation of intelligent machine battery life, and create a fingerprint safe era, the world's first touch type unlock.

华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate 8/HUAWEI WATCH国行版

The new Mate 8, the first hit is also large, is also small, compared to 5.5 inches iPhone 6 Plus body is shorter, the whole compact again, 2.7mm vision is more unbounded, its color gamut saturation reached 95 (6S Plus iPhone 71). 2.5D drilling and cutting of glass, the intensity of 1.7 times to improve, falling standards than the industry standard.

Yu introduction, mate with 15 days 52 process condensed metal body, ceramic sand blasting process for rear lid and side double diamond cutting, zero tolerance design to achieve no bandage / white. New Mocha gold color, with champagne gold, silver moon, the sky gray, a total of four kinds of colors, different colors also provides matched subjects, the realization of harmonious beauty.

华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate 8/HUAWEI WATCH国行版

HUAWEI Mate 8 uses a new architecture SOC chip Unicorn 16, 950 nm plus FinFET process, eight core A72 2.3GHz four processor i5 four processor 1.8GHz co processor, 3000000000 transistor integration, GPU is Mail-T880. Consistent with the previous report, CPU upgrade 100, GPU upgrade 125, energy efficiency ratio increased by 70.

In addition, Mate 8 uses a revolutionary cooling design, power consumption is lower, chip power 30, and has a high density of 4000mAh battery, in addition to adding a 9V2A 18 Watt High speed charging, which is known to charge half an hour using a whole day, the first 30 minutes charging faster than Mate 7, faster than 6S Plus iPhone 105. Summary, Mate 7 performance improvement compared to the Mate 100, 20.

华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate 8/HUAWEI WATCH国行版

Camera, Mate 8 using 6P camera, built-in three axis optical anti shake lens group, the world's first LDS process motor, it achieved the industry's largest anti shake angle reached 1.5 degrees. At the same time, Mate 8 supports hybrid fast focus, PDAF phase focus, CAF contrast focus, multi scene smart focus.

Mate 8 took the lead in the use of 16000000 pixels SONY IMX298 sensor, the greater the sensor to make the area increased by 23, an increase of 20 dynamic range. The new ISP processing speed is faster, for the 14bit ultra fine sampling, throughput rate increased by 4 times. 8 megapixel front camera with new intelligent engine, beauty effect is more outstanding, more vivid colors, more rich details, capture faster. Of course, HUAWEI said so much improvement, the actual performance is more important, this aspect of the presentation you may wish to pay attention to our Mate 8 evaluation report. Yu Chengdong also announced that Mate 8 users can give priority to the Baidu micro documentary.

华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate 8/HUAWEI WATCH国行版

Fingerprint recognition is a major factor in the success of Mate 8, and Mate 10 on the original basis to enhance the fingerprint experience, switch to the full circle fingerprint design, effective identification area to enhance the recognition rate of 7, false rejection rate is reduced by half. Fingerprint privacy protection applications, Mate 8 supports full real-time encryption, security keyboard, SD card lock, anti-theft part of the phone to unlock the phone to provide anti lock brush, remote lock and data clear functions. In addition, the first Mate 8 NFC compatible with the new standard, that is, UnionPay HCE.

华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate 8/HUAWEI WATCH国行版

It is worth mentioning that, Mate 8 comprehensive embrace of the major operators of the network, known as the real full Netcom, providing dual card blind plug and dual card dual pass, vice card support CDMA/GSM, and before the same, in which a card slot can also be compatible with micro SD card expansion. In enhanced communication capabilities, the HUAWEI Mate 8 can also support the upcoming commercial 4G - VoLTE Yue, voice quality is doubled, call delay 10, video call quality improvement 90 times. As for other upgrade also includes search network speed upgrade 150, the sky pass 2 (dual card three, covering 60 countries, 28 yuan / day unlimited traffic), in March 31st -2016 year, Mate 8 full Netcom version presented 7 days of global free enjoy packages, unlimited traffic.

华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate 8/HUAWEI WATCH国行版

Also, mate 8 is equipped with three microphone, then support the super hands-free 3.0, 3 meters in a clear call, 120 degree directional hands-free pickup, reverse noise reduction, for example say watching TV recording can not included TV sound settings, this is a lot of mobile phones do not.

As everyone had expected, HUAWEI Mate 8 first equipped with Android 6 system based on EMUI4.0, the site of the main introduction of intelligent navigation, efficient meeting, convenient life three bright spots, he said, in fact, there are quite a lot of EMUI4.0. EMUI4.0 with barometer, gyroscope, hybrid positioning technology, and Baidu and the High German hand in hand to provide the world's first three-dimensional navigation and indoor navigation, indoor navigation parts can automatically switch floors.

In EMUI4.0, Huawei was upgraded to a one-stop travel service, Intelligent Scene 2 has 14 scene cards. In addition to hardware based, the new system original fragment automatic sorting, can solve most Caton, as the search speed communications can be achieved within 1 second search 20000 contacts, 500 faster than the iPhone 6S plus, and network neighbor function support PC and mobile phone fast wireless transmission of data.

华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate 8/HUAWEI WATCH国行版

Accessories, mate optional 8 various leather, including smart windows holster, do fall more thin Gengnai, not open also to answer the call. For female users specially prepared fashion business bags, can also put two Taiwan mobile phone and credit card. It is worth mentioning is that Huawei has brought to the second generation of Active Noise Canceling Headphones, a triple bond wire, range Fuller (dynamic moving iron technology), 8 hours of continuous use, Huawei's mobile phone can directly charge the headset.

On the screen resolution mate 8 has been of concern to everyone, eventually the machine keep the 1080p resolution, does not have its own face. May be considering the question of technology maturity, mate 8 did not introduce pressure screen, fortunately also continue to support the knuckles touch technology, new joint 2.0 click percussion hammer / vote screenshots, letters draw the screen to start the application, double that of the percussion screen recording, split screen columns can also through the knuckles to complete.

华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate 8/HUAWEI WATCH国行版

Finally, Huawei watch licensed version of landing the mainland China market, this is a the classic design, comparable to the traditional art products, the parameters including 42mm dial, 2 o'clock crown, 1.4 inches AMOLED screen 10000:1 contrast degree. In order to ensure the durability, Huawei WATCH equipped with sapphire, with more than 40 kinds of crown and band selection theme.

HUAWEI WATCH support has 21 apps in the Android Wear, including Baidu O2O service, QQ, WeChat can quickly reply, and Alipay offline payment, Yu Chengdong said the first quarter of next year is expected to HUAWEI WATCH by Google software upgrade can do speakerphone, the body has a built-in speaker, namely hardware to achieve function.

华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate华为11月26日发布会回顾:Mate 8/HUAWEI WATCH国行版

For the Chinese market, WATCH HUAWEI shared a series of dynamic series, the classic series and enjoy series, by HUAWEI consumer business China area president Zhu Ping officially announced the price, respectively, 2388 yuan, 2588 yuan, 3288 yuan.

Finally, Huawei also announced the title concise design, strong and durable, top rated cameras, the ultimate safe, global speed even, business intelligence on the six characteristics of mate 8 price. Mate 8 sales in China, a total of four versions, 3gb 32GB Netcom / operators customized version of a silver moonlight / sky gray two kinds of color, 4GB 64GB of China Netcom and 4GB 128GB version can choose champagne gold / Mocha gold color. Operators customized version 2999 yuan, the other three open selling price of 3199 yuan, 3699 yuan, 4399 yuan, in November 27th began to make an appointment, in December 9th began selling. Finally Huawei Thanksgiving provides monarch version of 6888 yuan, including the 128GB Mate 8 HUAWEI WATCH.

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