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HUAWEI R & D investment funds equivalent to the total of 400 A shares

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华为的研发投入经费相当于A股华为的研发投入经费相当于A股 400 家企业总和

The president (click WeChat public number: blue blood research)

2014, HUAWEI invested R & D funds for 408 yuan (equivalent to 65 billion dollars), accounting for 14.2 of the year's sales revenue. Ren Zhengfei's basic standards for R & D investment is not less than 4.2, that is higher than the standard 10. Nearly ten years for the cumulative investment in R & D costs more than 1900 yuan.

Let's look at the first five of Taiwan cattle forced technology companies in the first R & D funds have how much?

Taiwan invested 568 NT $in R & D, equivalent to $16;

Hon Hai (Foxconn is one of the subsidiary company) 489 billion Taiwan dollars, equivalent to $14;

433 NT $, equivalent to $13;

UMC 137 billion dollars, equivalent to $5;

Wistron 134 billion NT, equivalent to $5.

A Huawei R & D funds, a total of more than Taiwan TSMC MediaTek Foxconn UMC wistron!

A shares in 2014 154 chemical enterprises R & D expenditure amounted to 56.2 million yuan. Among them: China Petrochemical (600028.SH) with a 12.9 R & D expenditure ranked first in the company, corresponding to a net profit of 474.3 yuan.

2014 A shares 166 machinery and equipment companies to develop a total cost of 172.7 yuan. Among them: Sany (600031. SH) to 12.9 million R & D expenditure row first in the company; Zoomlion (000157.SZ), Zhenhua heavy industries 600320.SH are second and third place.

2014 A shares 67 pharmaceutical industry listing Corporation's R & D expenses, a total of about 53.56 yuan.

There are reports that

That is to say, Huawei's R & D funding, Duojishiyi than the sum of the A-share chemical 154 166 mechanical equipment 14 machine tool industry 67 pharmaceutical nearly 400 companies.

Lenovo's 10 years of accumulated research and development costs only for a year of HUAWEI 2/3. Twenty-first Century economic report,

2014, HUAWEI cumulative total of 38825 patents granted, the total number of applications for Chinese patents 23917, the total number of foreign patent applications, more than 90 patents for inventions.

2014, HUAWEI joined the 177 standards organizations and open source organizations, as 183 important positions in the ETSI, WFA, IEEE-SA, TMF, OneM2M, OMA, OASIS and CCSA and other organizations as a member of the board of directors.

HUAWEI's total of 76000 R & D personnel, which has a total of 1, 16 R & D centers in the world, but also with the leading operators to set up 28 joint innovation center. Distribution in the United States, Britain, Japan, Canada, Sweden, Germany, France, Russia, India and other countries.

Sales revenue in 2014: HUAWEI 2882, Tencent 708, 789, 490.5, Baidu,, and HUAWEI over BAT;

2014 tax: HUAWEI pay taxes 337, BAT the highest of 109, Ali, HUAWEI more than the sum of BAT.

From 2000 to the beginning of the last fifteen years, HUAWEI's cumulative revenue of 2.3 yuan, more than 60 from overseas, to earn 1.38 dollars in foreign money. HUAWEI cumulative profit, cumulative tax are more than 2000!

Liu Chuanzhi, Zhang Ruimin, could have been called a great entrepreneur, but diversified and commercial speculation, has let them with

Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, a little far from the great, one is because of the fake, one is because of plagiarism. Moreover, if Ali and Tencent beat, may not have two years of time, Lan Xiang can replace sb. Of course, this is a joke!

For now, click view, only Ren Zhengfei can be called China

As long as you don't have enough masters, Ph.D., scientists, anyway, you do well that is a businessman. Still belong to Li Jiacheng's class.

And the revival of China needs a great entrepreneur.

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