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How does it feel? IOS the ten major characteristics of Android

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Even if the price of $180 (about 1158 yuan) of the third generation MotoG smart phones, although the ratio of the most low-end iOS devices - $1281 (about 199 yuan) of touch iPod is also cheaper, its camera is also comparable to Apple's flagship model iPhone6s. Unlike Apple's propaganda, Android devices are not Nothing is right. brand 100-200, U.S. dollars (about RMB 644-1287 yuan) of the total value of Android equipment is higher than the price of less than $200 apple devices.

Google in the past few years to narrow the gap between the Android and iOS in the overall user experience, add and optimize the part of the characteristics. Therefore, and Google to learn from the iOS element to improve the Android, Apple should learn from the elements of iOS Android. The following is 9to5Mac think iOS 10 should learn from the 10 characteristics of Android.

10, and position related equipment safety function

Over the past few years, the news that Apple hopes to make the iOS device automatically according to the location of the device (such as home, office or school, car or outdoor) have different performance. Android has done this by 2 characteristics.

One is SmartLock. If the user is in a trusted location, connected to the car's Bluetooth system or in a smart watch, it can automatically close the device's password / lock screen features. If the sound is matched with a specific pattern or the face is matched with the previous scan, the user can use the device. In addition, MotoAssist and other applications can use the location of the user, mobile phones and other factors to change the direction of the other factors and other mobile phone characteristics.

9, the real dynamic wallpaper

Over the years, Android has been considered to be superior to the wallpaper of the iOS - Google makes it easy to change the Android wallpaper, so that developers can provide complete 3D or 2D animation design. Apple offers extremely limited "dynamic" iOS wallpaper option, far less than Android. This has become one of the most significant advantages of Android for iPhone and iPad.

8, multi user support

Mac supports multiple user accounts. As of Android5.0, many Android devices have a number of user accounts, iOS does not support multi-user accounts. This feature is more suitable for tablets and non mobile phones, so that parents can allow children to use their own equipment, and no need to worry about children to see inappropriate content. There is no reason for iOS to support this feature.

7, can be customized to the main screen

Folder size and Widget. IOS set up the Home screen design mode, which allows users to create a folder. Android improves the Home screen icon location can be customized, the use of the display area of the screen to better use the folder. Apple should learn from these improvements to Android, to increase the ability to change the size of the icon. Add support for other full-featured desktop appears to be unthinkable.

One of the best user interface improvements in Android is the ability to use Widget. Widget can provide certain features and more interesting appearance than the pure application icon. For example, the user can display a huge clock on the Home screen, a specific contact, the current Facebook information, part of the inbox, etc.. Widget can occupy a larger display area than the icon is also great.

6, Backup Google and Photos

ICloud is one of the most obvious pain points of iOS, except that it is willing to pay the monthly fee. ICloud is an apple based Internet service that allows users to back up expensive iOS devices, using any device to access their photos and videos in any place. Google to provide these services to the user, and even to buy $99 (about 637 yuan) Android mobile phone users. In the Internet storage services, Android performance is better. Should iCloud line to Android.

5, virtual button

Part of iOS die hard may not agree, but Android use virtual Home, back and multi task buttons instead of the dedicated Home button, help to shorten the Android device chin, and does not affect the function. IOS9 in the upper left corner of the screen to deploy a virtual back button, but with the Android virtual back button is not enough convenient and intuitive. Using the virtual Home button to replace the entity Home button to help apple iOS device size to reduce some of the apple is certainly happy, of course, is that it can find another location for TouchID.

4, more intimate "card" function

Apple knows that Now Google automatically shows the "card" that contains a travel, weather, and information guide, which is why it is trying to replicate this feature by Proactive 9. However, Proactive is mostly as a substitute of GoogleNow, Apple needs to add more and better function for it to catch up with Google Now.

3, more detailed alarm settings

This is a small problem, but iOS support "government alert" (GovernmentAlerts) includes two switches, responsible for opening and closing the "Amber Alert" (AMBERAlerts) and "emergency alert" (EmergencyAlerts), the lack of more detailed control. If you are on the road to drive or sleep at night to receive the above alarm, the user will certainly be a scare, and in fact the incident may be involved in the event may have no effect on the user's life. Android users can distinguish the extreme threat to life and property "," a serious threat to life and property and the user can turn off the Amber Alert, vibration alert iOS one of the most terrible part, users can only receive a warning, every 2 minutes to receive a reception, a every 15 minutes.

2, day dream (Daydream) option

The screensaver is very interesting, if well designed, they are also very practical. Because it can not really protect the mobile device screen, Android to this feature called daydreaming, when the device is idle or charging when the user selects the contents, including watches, changes in the rainbow, a number of album types, animated wallpaper, some applications add to the dream of the day. Regardless of whether the user wants to display information to the device, or just show its ability to handle a powerful graphics chip, iOS should provide the same options to the user.

1, more practical and Mac similar to the top of the screen state bar

Android is not perfect in this regard, but it is better than iOS. Since Apple released the first consumer computer graphics user interface, the top of the screen has been reserved for the display menu option status bar, with the development of Mac, the status bar to add a clock, search icon, notification center triggers, etc.. The iOS status bar is almost empty, but contains some elements that may not be required, such as an equipment or operator name, which is shown to display or not show the remaining battery icons. Android mainly uses the top status bar display application download status, as well as the WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile phone network and other related drop-down menu. Allow users to customize the status bar, remove the iPad or Verizon and other words, will be useful for the improvement of iOS.


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