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GoPro, YAHOO and Twitter next year to usher in a turning point?

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GoPro、雅虎和GoPro、雅虎和 Twitter 明年能迎来转机吗?

December 22, in the stock market in the United States, was a smash hit in the movement of the camera manufacturers twitter, in spin off business situation of Yahoo, and user growth is not optimistic twitter (twitter), the stock trend worrisome, investors will suffer a loss.

The United States of America famous financial news website MarketWatch, for the three companies in the stock why the emergence of a bad fall, in 2016, whether to be able to turn up for the better.


In 2015, GoPro's share price plummeted by more than 70, has fallen below the issue price of $24. In addition, there is no sign of the trend of GoPro shares to see the trend.

In September, Eule Alexander, author of "Ba Lun", once pointed out that, while the sports cameras and other fashion products to capture the opportunity, GoPro performance excellence, however

GoPro's problem not only in the product strategy, in October, GoPro announced the latest earnings, profit rate of massive shrink, net profit did not reach the expected value, such as net profit per share a 25 cents, did not reach 29 cents expected value, also total income of only $400 million, did not reach the $433 million expected value.

Worse still, GoPro's quarterly profit margins are under more pressure, such as weak product margins, in addition, the company recently in order to improve the Christmas holiday season sales of Session Hero4 camera for price cuts, which allows the outside world profit margins are still growing concerns.

For the price to stimulate the performance of Wall Street, do not buy it. Recently analyst W. Baird GoPro will Robert's target price from $36 down to $18. In addition, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup have also been downgraded GoPro shares.

MarketWatch article pointed out that the GoPro is still likely to rely on consumer electronics products, the next major innovation in 2016 to achieve success. However, taking into account the current technological product innovation trends, GoPro can usher in a turning point of space is very limited.


Twitter in the capital market has become a very difficult to make people excited about the company, since the beginning of the year, Wall Street has been quite the attitude and action

April of this year, twitter released a bad first quarter earnings, showing the worst quarterly earnings growth, since the stock price hit hard. From then on, push the situation has not changed, the company layoffs, and and co-founder of the West as the company's chief executive officer. So far, from the non GAAP financial data, Twitter is still not profitable.

Some optimistic people said that in 2016, the profit margin will be substantial growth, but taking into account the company's bad business history, it is difficult to become a reality.

Twitter is now starting to show ads for not logged in users (the traditional broadcast mode of network advertising), which is very difficult to change the rules of the game, in addition to the company's major structural problems need to be resolved.

For example, the growth of Twitter users is weak, according to the company's latest report, monthly active users increased by only 11, a quarter of an increase of only 1. When your income and the size of the user does not have a growth momentum, the profit target will also face a huge challenge, the enterprise will turn to success is not easy.

The industry agreed that, such as alphabet (Google's parent company) tech giants may acquire twitter play role to the rescue, reversing the direction of the ship sailing. However, taking into account the current Alphabet growth pressure, the high degree of concern about earnings, as well as independent operations and other factors, twitter may not be in the acquisition of Alphabet. Other concerns about the profit index of technology giants, but also may be a similar attitude to twitter.

Taking into account the bad stock price performance in 2016, the push to enter the 2015 is still promising.


Another Internet Co is often passed into the acquisition target is YAHOO. But Yahoo! 's situation similar to twitter, investors eager to look forward to the advent of a savior, also management team also spare no effort in foreign selling company, but this does not mean that Yahoo's love of the acquirer, able to provide a satisfactory premium.

First, YAHOO shareholders have been waiting for the company to release the assets held by Alibaba Group in china. But recent news shows, in order to avoid high taxes, YAHOO will continue to hold about $30 billion worth of Alibaba shares, the uncertainty surrounding the Alibaba stake in Alibaba, has brought tremendous pressure on YAHOO shares.

In addition to the trouble of the stake in Alibaba, YAHOO's core U.S. Internet business prospects are grim, this phenomenon can not be ignored investors.

In addition, YAHOO's mobile Internet strategy is also disappointing. In the first quarter, YAHOO mobile revenues up to $1 billion, accounting for only 22 of total revenue in the quarter. In addition after years of decline, revenue has been restored, but the 2015 fiscal year is expected to grow in the US dollar, still less than $2012 in the fiscal year. In addition to the 2012 earnings per share up to $1.17, but this fiscal year, YAHOO's share of the profits if you can achieve 60 cents is already very lucky.

In the field of digital media is a problem, people questioned the ability to adjust the route, the ability to revive the business of YAHOO. Such as the original video program suffered a setback, Yahoo was forced to cut $42 million in assets, performance is expected to also 2016 still disappointing, Meyer, CEO of time-consuming years revive the plan did not repair Zhengguo.

In the business development into a difficult situation, but also recently came news that YAHOO spent $7 million, held a grand

For investors, they may not want to have anything to do with YAHOO in 2016, Alibaba may be assets

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