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Why 6C iPhone uses a processor that is not A9?

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Earlier this year there was news that the Apple Corp will release the new 4 inches 5S iPhone, the industry said the new device will be named 6C iPhone. According to KGI securities analyst Guo Mingchi said the news, Apple Corp will give the device equipped with A9 chip. But there is also the news that this device will only run A8 chips, apple does not consider giving it with A9 chips.

A8 chip is a Apple Corp released last year, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on the use of the chip, the same use of this chip as well as the update of this year's Mini iPad 4. The A9 chip is apple for this year's 6S iPhone and 6S Plus iPhone design of the chip, compared to its performance of A8 processor to enhance about 70.

So let's take a look at what kind of reasons people want the Apple Corp to give 6C A9 people with iPhone chips?

Using powerful hardware to strengthen the iOS software ecosystem

Undoubtedly the biggest competitive advantage of the Apple Corp in the smart phone market is the iOS system and its ecosystem. Since the launch of the Apple Corp handheld devices are generally relatively strong, so compared to the Android platform devices, developers can use the processing performance of these apple devices.

Currently on the market sales of the lowest end of the iPhone for the 2013 release of 4 inches 5S iPhone, this device is running Apple's A7 processor. Although the two years ago A7 really can not and last year and this year's A9, A8 processor compared to the current market, as well as the low-end and Android devices running chip compared to its advantage is very obvious (even next year in the Android mobile phone performance may be as Snapdragon 650/652 Qualcomm arrival and).

If the next year in the entry-level iPhone Apple Corp to it with such a powerful chip such as A9, then the developer will be able to make full use of its processing performance, so as to create a more rich and dynamic iOS software ecosystem, which is difficult to do Android platform.

为什么iPhone为什么iPhone 6c使用的处理器非 A9 不可?

The apple being cast out all the stops to attract Android users more "mutiny" to the IOS camp, such as the introduction of big screen iPhone, issued to help users transfer camp application, and strengthen the software ecosystem is undoubtedly a very good method.

Small devices also require efficient processors

A9 processors were made by Samsung and TSMC. Samsung is using a 14 nm process, while the use of Taiwan is the 16 nanometer process. Last year and the year before last year's A8 and A7 chips used are 20 nm process and 28 nm. In contrast, A9 manufacturing process has been greatly improved, so that the CPU can integrate more transistors inside, A9 processor can achieve more functionality and higher performance than A7, and the power consumption of the processor will also be reduced, thereby reducing its hair heat, solving the obstacles to improve the performance of the processor.

Although compared to the A8 processor A7 performance is higher, performance has improved, but the advantages of A9 than the two are greater, performance and performance are significantly improved.

It is worth noting that, in order to integrate the A8 processor to a thinner 4 inches touch iPod 5, the Apple Corp on the chip to reduce frequency processing, from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 1.4GHz in the Plus down to 1.1GHz.

6C iPhone will also be equipped with a 4 inch screen, although we do not know Apple will be the device to which the thickness of the device to which extent, but and 5S 7.6mm iPhone, it should be a little thinner.

Want to ensure that such a thin device can also have a strong performance, Apple will need to be equipped with a A7 or A8 chip is much stronger than the chip, and A9 chip has achieved mass production, no doubt it will become Apple's four inch iPhone the best candidate.

There are drawbacks to using A9

According to IHS estimates, A8 processor is responsible for processing the sensor information and the cost of the subsidiary processor for $20, and earlier this year the chip analysis of the A9 chip to analyze, predict its production costs between $22 to $24.

Clearly A9 chip production costs are higher than the A8 chip, and A9 may also need to use more expensive (energy efficiency) of the LPDDR4, while the use of A8 is relatively cheap LPDDR3. But the A8 and A9 processor manufacturing cost differences, may be only a few dollars or so, and the choice of memory types will also bring a few dollars difference.

However, Apple has always been a high-end Mobile Devices Inc, is expected in the future will not be cheap way to sell four inches of mobile phones. According to industry rumors, Apple's four inch phone price between $450 to $550. Better choice of components to enhance the performance of the phone, apple is a wise choice, and this phone will become the future of 4S iPhone, iPhone 5, 5C iPhone and 5S iPhone and other old mobile phone users to upgrade the election.

Sources said in the new 6C iPhone will still use a colorful color but the body will be replaced by a similar Touch iPod aluminum shell, built-in 1GB running memory, the camera is still 8 million pixels, 1715mAh capacity battery, and will be equipped with ID Touch and NFC.

KGI securities analyst Kuo believes that apple is likely in January 2016 gradually leaks, released in February and listed, the price will be between $400 and $500 (about RMB 2600 to 3300 yuan). Do you want the Apple Corp to give the device A9 or A8 chip? Previously thought iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen is too large user will you choose this screen size is relatively small device?

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