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Pay Apple on the line in the near field to pay back the lost cake?

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Recently, apple apple pay and the union announced a partnership, the first cooperative bank list has been published on Apple's website, including Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of China Guangzhou, Shanghai Bank, China Construction Bank, China Everbright Bank, Guangdong Development Bank, industrial bank, the letter bank, China Merchants bank, China Minsheng Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Ping An Bank, China Postal Savings Bank and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, a total of 15. Users as long as the iPhone near the support UnionPay cloud flash pay POS terminals, while the finger on the ID Touch to complete the shopping.

AppleApple Pay上线在即 近场支付能否抢回失去的蛋糕?

Pay Apple involved in the core technology is the near field communications (Near, Field Communication NFC), the function began in 2003, is jointly developed by PHILPS, NOKIA and SONY, currently on the phone applications mainly include contact through, contact payment, contact connection, contact the 4 major development direction.

In the early days, before Alipay, such as micro channel scan code payment NFC payment has been popular, mature, but because of long industrial chain was involved, including banks, UnionPay, mobile communications providers, mobile phone manufacturers, technology providers (patent) multi subject, therefore always difficult to do but to benefit sharing, scan code pay to seize the market opportunities "cake". With China UnionPay join hands with Pay NFC, Apple payment can rob back to this lost "cake"?

Determine the three elements of Pay Apple outlook

First and most important premise, Pay Apple will be subject to the approval of the central bank and other regulators it?

Orient Securities banking chief analyst Wang Jian believes that the main industry is the main bank clearing, such as bank card interbank payments is the source of the bank settlement business, UnionPay to keep the core status of bank cards in the payment field. The payment of the business in the bank account, and then by the UnionPay and other clearing institutions bear the liquidation business, which is currently still maintained by the payment and settlement of the two level system. The advantage of the system is that regulators through the banking system, real-time grasp of the cash flow situation, to fulfill the functions of anti money laundering, maintaining financial security.

The two-dimensional code payment based on the company's virtual account, the regulatory control of the decline, is not conducive to the performance of anti money laundering functions, maintaining financial security.

Secondly, Pay NFC and other Apple payment and sweep code to pay the use of convenience, as long as the payment process analysis can be clear at a glance.

Pay NFC Apple payment: Cashier input POS information - press the iPhone home key (no real unlock phone) - near the POS brush phone - enter the bank card password - complete.

The payment of the two-dimensional code: Unlock - Open APP mobile phone payment (Alipay.com or letters) - open your payment code - swept - input password (micro free password) - complete.

After the above comparison shows that Pay Apple payment process is actually more convenient. In addition, Pay Apple is also very convenient pre setting, mainly including the following steps:

Open in iPhone "Settings" application, click "general" list, find "language and region" column, click into, click on the column, select the "United States" column. After the completion of the above operation, return to the main screen to open the Passbook application, click on the "set Pay Apple" option, click continue, and then click "add a new credit card or debit card" in the column, and then collect the bank card information can be set to complete.

Find in support of the store, currently supports Pay Apple devices including 6S iPhone, 6S Plus iPhone, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Watch Apple.

In addition, the convenience is good, but the security of bank card information is more important. In this regard, Apple Pay have much confidence?

In this regard, the first Financial Daily reporters learned from the multi industry sources, in fact, Pay Apple will not save your transaction information, and therefore can not be tracked through these transactions. And recent shopping payment information will be saved in the Wallet, to facilitate the subsequent view. In addition, because the bank card do not have to take out the payment, so the cashier will not see your name, card number or security code, which is tantamount to a layer of privacy protection, to help protect information security.

To do the above, from a technical point of view, the user to add a credit card or debit card, the actual card number is neither stored on the device, nor stored on the Apple server. System will be assigned a unique Account Number Device device account, the account is encrypted, and in a safe way to store it in and installed on the device security unit (Element Secure, referred to as the "SE") security chip.

In addition, Wang Jian also pointed out that in order to avoid the loss of the phone after the bank card number and other sensitive information leakage, Pay Tokenization also equipped with Apple technology, the card number and other sensitive information into random generation of one-time use of the virtual code, Token, paid by the cloud sent to the phone (also pre stored a few Token in the mobile phone, so when the phone is not connected), the phone to the POS Token, POS Token back to the cloud, to achieve payment after verification. And token can only in the transaction disposable (a secret), effective time is short, even if they are cracked stolen. Other scenes also cannot be used.

NFC payment of short-term resistance is still

Despite the bright prospects of Pay Apple, but for China UnionPay NFC payment of this model itself, there is still a certain short-term resistance.

The main reason is that NFC pay once lost to sweep yards to pay market share grab back is not a short duration of time.

At first, the payment of the SE involved in the mobile phone SIM card, NFC controller and antenna is installed in the phone, plus other related technologies, the whole process involves banks, UnionPay, mobile communications providers, mobile phone manufacturers, technology (patent) provider multi subject. So difficult to balance the interests of all parties, the delay of the NFC to promote the time, which is also a sweep yards to pay the market share of the golden era. Today, micro channel, Alipay.com has been in the major shops and convenience stores, switching habits take time.

Recently, Analysys think tank also pointed out several short board NFC. First, China UnionPay NFC payment terminal equipment chain is not perfect. China UnionPay cloud flash pay need to have a NFC function of the phone and a flash pay logo POS machine to complete. But in fact, the country currently accounts for only 25 of the NFC mobile phone terminal, the national cup about 10000000 POS terminals, flash pay terminal is only 3 million.

On the other hand, can and willing to use China UnionPay NFC users pay less. Micro channel payment quarter the number of active 150 million passengers, Alipay.com quarter the number of active 190 million passengers, mobile phone terminal less and can use the NFC function of the quarter the number of active users is less.

In addition, Chinese UnionPay NFC pay for the cooperation with apple to get some use of UnionPay mobile payment channels, but the rapid growth of the market in recent years cannot do without Alipay and micro channel pay subsidies to promote vigorously, so for the Chinese cup, how will Alipay payment and micro channel users into user UnionPay well, how to cultivate the cash and credit card users choose to pay NFC, it is a problem in front of the.

Can not be ignored is that business scenarios are key to the payment service, and in this respect superior payment scan code. Wang Jian pointed out that the two-dimensional code is the main advantage of O2O applications, because of its connection to the Internet, can be combined with identity recognition, promotion, transaction data and other content, as the application of online and offline entrance, still have its application space. Such as preferential promotion, not only greater efforts, and there is a general integration of the inherent advantages, that businesses and pay the company to talk about good promotions, then pay APP no matter what the credit card binding, as long as the use of the payment APP payment, can enjoy preferential.

In contrast, mobile banking APP also can automatically embed preferential services (bank APP based on the POS machine messages, automatic concessions, save us to open the phone to find the trouble of coupons), but this is the bank and businesses separate preferential activities, not universal, a number of banks mainly, if a business only for a few banks have preferential activities, so do not hold the bank card users are attractive to large.

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