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Technology big brother ten amazing language! HUAWEI: five years millet will disappear

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Blink of an eye, 2015 is about to pass. In this year, science and technology circle disputes, fighting between heavyweights. Far more than the East mouthing millet, near Liu Qiangdong and Lei Jun innuendo Ali, a Are you OK is more popular in the network sky. This year, the big brothers who have what amazing language?

HUAWEI Yu Chengdong: the next three to five years, millet will disappear


In March of this year's MWC, HUAWEI Yu Chengdong in the general assembly, said the smart phone industry will re shuffle, the next three to five years, only three major mobile phone manufacturers will be left. When asked about how to look at millet, Yu Chengdong said a lot of mobile phone manufacturers look very successful, but they will soon disappear.

Wang Xuehong: if the future of mobile phone manufacturers only 2, HTC will be one of them!


Wang Xuehong in Barcelona in March to participate in the conference, said, if the future of mobile phone manufacturers only 2 can survive, HTC must be one of them". However, the reality is not optimistic, HTC this have Samsung, shoulder to shoulder, Apple's smart phone manufacturers, the market value has evaporated into 9, in China's market share is dropped out of the top 10.

Lei Jun: you OK Are?

In April this year, the India Conference on millet, Lei Jun Biao English site with a strong accent, Xiantao's "Are you OK?" A short time after the users will be popular in the country, more video clips made into "Are You OK" in the Divine Comedy, single cycle after blasting small apple.

Yang Yuanqing: you too slow to take a hammer to knock all wake up

Yang Yuanqing of Lenovo Mobile original team performance is not satisfied, in an internal meeting in June this year, Yang of moving the team said you are too slow, take a hammer to knock them all up. And Yang Yuanqing is clearly not just talk about a few days before the internal meeting, mobile business President Liu Jun suddenly left, Chen Xudong took over, and after the Lenovo Mobile business strategy has also started a big adjustment.

Ma Yun: I'm going to be able to make a new choice. I'm not going to be Ma Yun.

The well-known media Wu Xiaoli in July had dialogue Alibaba founder Jack Ma, MA in Taiwan on the surprisingly said "to choose again, I certainly do Ma, too hard". Ma Yun even publicly said that regret in the United States market, the cause of the climb is too high, the equivalent of hypoxia".

Dong Mingzhu: GREE mobile phone screen must be my

Dong Mingzhu in September, said in an interview with the media, GREE mobile phone to get his boot screen, not in order to save advertising costs, but to tell the consumer, I am the founder of GREE mobile phone, which is respect for the consumer". Before Dong Mingzhu has also said that GREE mobile phone sold 50 million is not a problem.

Robin Li: IT big brother are out of the water, I will save Lei Jun

Li October participated in the CCTV program "lecture!", SA Beining in the program asks Li: "if Ma, Ma, Liu Qiang East and Lei Jun at the same time fell in the water, you can only save a? Who will you save?" Robin Li jokes that will save because Lei Lei, recently sent him a millet mobile phone!

Luo Yonghao: I apologize to the public Lei

In October the nuts on the phone conference, overheating said "I decided to apologize to the industry predecessors Lei Jun, and before our very but can not buy fans apologize." This is Luo for the first time in public this objective on the expression of regret, Luo in entering the mobile phone industry had on mobile futures and were publicly mocked.

Liu Qiangdong: the fight against fakes is very simple, a programmer will be able to get a day

Interview with the Wall Street Journal in December this year, Liu Qiang East innuendo rival Alibaba crackdown ineffective. Liu qiangdong said the fight against fakes is very simple, a programmer for one day to be able to fix. But in the next few days of the World Conference on the Internet, Liu Qiangdong, said the closure of the pat Network is because the pipe does not live fake.

Zhou Hongyi: wake up, the whole world has changed.

On December 17, the world Internet Conference on the second day, a Lei Jun "affectionate inspecting" fast asleep Zhou's photos instantly maxed circle of friends, many users with interesting lines, various versions, each plot, all YY parties, but seemingly is uninformed. Zhou Hongyi didn't respond until second days, "wake up, the whole world has changed."


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