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MA producer: on the eve of the game on the line is the prime time of publicity

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GameLook reported / on a mobile game, the user size may not be the most important, but it is definitely a number of important indicators. But in how to expand the size of the user, there are different areas of practice. A few days ago, SE's producer Iwano Hiroa on the Game Info Social to share his experience on the Japanese market, how to expand the user's hand travel products.


According to different types of hand travel, the operator's business strategy and strength of different, the game can be different ways of publicity activities, but generally can be divided into the following steps:

1 months ago, the game on the line: reports by media or media, to release the game information using SNS and other social channels

2, the game on the line before the pre registration page: release of the game, users gather

3, the game on the line: through the release of Banner and other forms of the game to promote

4, on the line 2~3 months after: according to the user's feedback, adjust the marketing strategy. Because this time there are a lot of downloads, the product officially broke out is probably from this time to start

5, the issue of six months after: marketing as the case may be, if the user is still high enthusiasm continues to push, if there is no popular words to maintain a minimum of promotion

Now because the market has a lot of game, if not do a good job of marketing is easy to May is buried in the tour in the army, especially in this period of time after the announcement of the game, users for the new game of attention degree highest this period, once missed, it will be difficult to restore. So the first three points are very important.

But with is marketing costs rising, although in some degree this is there is no way to reverse, but budget is limited, so you have to as much as possible to carry out an effective publicity campaign.

First thing to know is that propaganda purpose is to obtain the user's cognition. Therefore, like advertising, push content if the design is too ordinary, it is difficult to let the user remember, and then buried in marine products. To this end in the design of advertising, should pay attention to two points, one is the touch of the user, the other is convenient to share. In other words, it is to let people see that the game is very interesting, and can quickly spread around. So the problem, how to enhance the diffusion of products? Mainly can be divided into 3 aspects:

1, to expand the audience of the audience (range of target users)

2, to enhance the user's desire to diffuse

3, let it become a topic, become a popular

The quality of the game is also one of the major factors, but because the speaker marketing, pretending to be omitted

On the first point, to expand the audience of the audience, it may sound easy, but the problem is how to do it. Especially when your work is not IP, your fans are starting from 0. Therefore, the early publicity campaign is very important, if you can successfully seize the target user, then it is likely to be able to help the product through its two spread.

In this regard, from the release of the game, it is necessary to do a good job of protracted war plan, in the website, magazine or SNS propaganda must not be less, and must be lasting. If there is more likely to stop the loss of attention to the user, this time to attract their attention, it will become more difficult. Even if you do everything possible to attract the attention of the user, and will be guided to participate in pre registration, but because there is no time to push the new message, causing the user to forget your works.

There are many ways to spread the news, here, Iwano Hiroa special mention of the dream idol festival! "Before the line in Japan, the number of fans to push the number of fans has more than 60 thousand people. As for how to do it, through the push of the push of the official push messages can be a clear understanding of the record, by constantly pushing new information, so that more users to understand this product.


How to quickly expand the basic user of the game, I do not want to think of the form of a prize forward. For a while.

In the design of promotional activities, there is a very important point is that each section of the content must have a certain content of the topic, the topic of the product can be a product

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