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Intel teamed up with Media Vox to stop cyber violence

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英特尔联手英特尔联手 Vox Media 阻止网络暴力

Intel CEO branch and then odd in the CES exhibition announced the war to network violence

Re/code Chinese station in January 9 daily Road

Intel has launched a new initiative to address another issue: Cyber violence, a year after the $300 million is set aside to promote employee gender and ethnic diversity.

Intel joint re / code and its parent company, vox media, Lady Gaga's born this way foundation (born this way foundation) initiated the hack bit operations, in an attempt to find a way to solve the problem of Internet harassment. They will begin a series of programming marathon in the first half of 2016. These activities will be launched online and offline, including participants from the science and technology, media, non-profit organizations and academic circles. The purpose of holding these activities is to arouse people's awareness of the problem, to find solutions to solve the problem of harassment. These programs will be displayed at the Code conference starting in March 31st of this year. The problem of network violence has aroused much discussion, but no one can put forward a real effective solution. Organizers promise that this situation will change.

Many people encounter unfriendly behavior on the Internet, women, non whites and others are not fully representative of the crowd is particularly vulnerable to cyber violence. According to a poll conducted in 2014 by the Pugh Research Center (Research Center Pew), 40 of adult Internet users have personally met with some form of harassment.

In the Pew survey, nearly half of the respondents said had suffered offensive name or by intentional harassment, the other half is ever to be tracked, suffered physical violence, long time harassment and sexual harassment. Young Internet users

Moreover, Pugh's investigation did not involve some of the more extreme forms of harassment: without the consent of others will be published nude photos or personal information to the Internet, in the name of others false alarm. By vox and Intel commissioned to 300 technical professionals for a survey found that 8 people have been victims of acts of false police report, the private information of 13 people had been exposed to the Internet, 15 people who had suffered hacking. In spite of the two surveys mentioned above, it is found that there is a negative impact on Internet harassment, but it does not reflect the extent of the harm.

According to Pugh's survey, the most common platform for harassment is social networking sites and applications. 2/3 of those who had been harassed, said to have been harassed in social media, and a small part of the person is in the website comments area, online games and mail was harassed. Although these platforms have been anti harassment policy, but it is difficult to carry out. For example, Twitter often refers to the user to suffer attacks to deal with ineffective, however, the account is blocked can immediately register a new account, Twitter is indeed out of the way.

For Re/code, Harassment Hack is the follow-up to last year's Code conference. Re/code last year to allow employees to diversify into an important topic of discussion in Silicon Valley. Re/code co-founder Swisher Kara said:

In the past few years, many businesses, politicians and activists have condemned the harassment of the Internet, and put forward a tentative policy. State and federal legislators are trying to punish those who are most clearly illegal. Congress put forward a number of anti false alarm motion. After being severely criticized, Twitter to take measures to make it easier for users to report harassment. Even the popular social news site Reddit, which has been famous for censorship, forced the closure of some of the offensive plates last year. The upcoming Interactive SXSW will be devoted to set aside one day to discuss the issue of Internet harassment.

However, Swisher said, the science and technology community around a controversial issue of the discussion will suddenly warm up, and then quickly cool down, and finally what the actual changes have not occurred. She said:

Twitter, YouTube and other platforms have been criticized, for them, to take concrete measures to solve the more important. It is not clear whether they will participate in the programming marathon, nor do they know what solutions they will implement. But Harassment Hack believes that at least some of the problems have technical solutions. They suggest measures that include blocking the IP address of the known offenders, providing more filtering tools to the user. The respondents believed that the two methods are effective.

As a matter of fact, filtering has been proved to be the most effective solution for Twitter. The package tool Together Block (banned together) can allow users to share the list of offenders, or automatically shield some of the accounts should be caused by vigilance, Twitter later let the shared screen became the official function. There are some problems that seem to have obvious technical reasons: game developers and anti harassment activist Quinn Zoe recently complained that YouTube and Facebook automatically put her post

Swisher believes that the current problem is not not enough to solve the problem, but the existing approach is either not conspicuous, or very difficult to use. She said:

The game studio Riot has made some of the most likely breakthroughs in the fight against these unpleasant Internet factors. A special

Social platforms, however, should not just provide solutions, but they only do it here. The common complaint about cyber violence is that, even though the issue has been valued in technology and gaming circles, the impact of cyber violence in other places has been underestimated or misunderstood. The victims need personally collect evidence, explain to the police the basic technical concepts and persuaded family friend just exit the Internet is not a solution, especially when people become the victim of false alarm, the problems in the real world, is even more so.

Silicon Valley is very good at raising public awareness of its claims, and they use petitions, online tools and lobbying to achieve their objectives. Since they can promote people's understanding and concern about the network neutrality and property law, it is not difficult for them to arouse people's attention to the Internet harassment. Swisher believes that Internet harassment is everywhere, technology companies have reason to action to change the current situation. She said:

Regardless of how things are going in the next couple of months, it's just the first step.

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