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Post it's father Yu Jun: you miss me, I miss Google

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The Lanna evening (micro channel public number: Lanna evening)


Former executive to lead regret competing enemy left, this chapter plot tossing and turning surprising, is extremely precise pointing out the commercial civilization is the most essential factor: the competition is to promote innovation.

With Nash equilibrium

Yu Jun has good reason to miss Google,, stick, know, Wikipedia, maps, and other products, in 2005 to 2009 between the fledgling. And this is Baidu faces Google maximum pressure stage, in the barely fairly free competition in, as a challenger to Google also made such as Tianya cooperation

With Google to withdraw from China, Baidu in the products of evolution also from that moment to an abrupt end, in the next exclusive years, baidu did not any a that can be compared with the stick, know the products get shot.

2009, is also the year of Yu Jun's resignation, he left the legacy of Baidu, one is famous

Post Bar commercial leap

Li Mingyuan of the value of Baidu, in his role as a young product manager will be operational concepts into the Baidu technology company, the whole operation of the framework

At the end of last year, baidu structure adjustment and posted it is under the transferred to mobile services group (MSG), because of the strategic level of ascension, stick team once morale, and, Behold, it was not every a month, mud is paste to Li Mingyuan just took over the face.

Let overwork, but not prolonged illness, perhaps this is the best comment on Baidu an unjust cause finds scant support.

In the wake of the lost the heavyweight competitor, Google, Baidu's business environment always near misses, its business philosophy also quickly degenerated to sales oriented. Have to say is that sales of leading this type does not have a pejorative, many great companies are due to create a very strong sales ability and is moving into everlasting way.

However, a major drawback of the sales culture, it has the possibility of creating internal conflict, especially in the secondary or realized many times business chain, user experience and sales performance tend not to have your cake and eat it. Most community products, will be the sales team and the product and the operation of the team isolated, two sets of independent operation, to avoid conflicts of interest, and this

Stick, its sales system followed the successful Baidu depends on the agent system, the distribution pattern layer by layer implementation, to stimulate sales personnel to sign the first appeal. In this polyhedron, it is better to say that they are more willing to cooperate with the ability of customers to partner with the ability to have the ability to cooperate with the Baidu's will.

This is why sales companies are difficult to understand the outside world

Therefore, in a very long period of time, Baidu's revenue growth are controllable: it depends on the first quarter revenue scale and management of future expected, after a quantitative become a percentage value in the specific and pressed down to the head of the sales department. And then, there's the rough direct staking.

The advertisement of Baidu owners have assumed increasing the budget assessment, if the next year to meet the baidu set, then all rebates and concessions will disappear completely. On the contrary, if we can cooperate with Baidu

The principle is so simple,

For enterprises,

Stick the tragedy is that it has been Baidu placed split listing plan, but returned and eventually stopped, in the process, stick by director of sales backbone Shu Xun (he served as Baidu Sales Assistant Vice President), was given the now it seems difficult to withstand the test of the business model, its commercialization efforts have not is Baidu needs to this part of the revenue, but need to prove himself with profitability.

But in 2015 a rush Post Bar and additional products, is the annual revenue assessment index of over three times the results.

In addition to this

A vertical community business, founder of the comments posted on event quite accurate, he thinks community from the flow of cash to operation to the realization of the transition path is not long, but need to work hard, to community providers play, for example, even if the buyer is already quite mature, most companies also is to set up their own subsidiaries will to do business, brand companies to monetization endorsement. But stick to the center of the structure, so that it is difficult to replicate these successful experience, Baidu has no ability to post bar directly deployed operations team

In fact, there is a place where there are rivers and lakes, there are places where there are rivers and lakes of the sale and struggle, this kind of ecology has never changed. All community products have tried to keep the place clean.

I in the horizon community as it moderator, received every day, delete numerous requests, and I appointed moderator is due to problems related to was to a computer security companies to the cost of one million yuan level

However, the same approach can not be applied to different industries. Baidu will sell games stick to game operators, so that the latter inside send coupons, with the rhythm, there seems to be no protest. Change to the medical field, the patient according to the head count to the medical institutions have no confidence in the link, it will be an accident.

And this is just a microcosm of Baidu over reliance on medical type advertisers. In simple terms, the medical resources in China belong to the scarcity of resources, that is to say, in such a market demand, through the search engine showmanship, more prone to in those with weak competitiveness of medical institutions.

And doctor medicine of consumption has from fear to helpless to the particularity of distress and other series of psychological evolution process, Baidu and the medical profession mutual symbiosis formed the pattern of interdependent, although a

Medical regulation: how does the United States do?

According to data released by Google in 2012, finance, retail, tourism, education, industry, home industry constitute the advertising than the top five customers for the industry, despite the financial industry advertising content is mainly in health insurance, majority, but Google now does not meet Baidu accounted for

Interestingly, Google advertising more for self - style, that is, the entire process does not need to contact with the Google specific employees, all in the background to complete the submission of the deduction. Google doesn't even need to hire a dedicated team to audit advertisers.

In the United States, for example, in the United States to build the site is completely free of that does not need any so-called ICP license and the like, but if a website to online sales of drugs and on Google Advertising, then it must be for the National Association of boards of Pharmacy (nabp) get a certificate, connected to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) database and, to ensure that the former has its business qualification, which ensure the contraband does not appear.

In short, Google will not to trouble audit every medical advertisers is not a liar, it recognizes nabp and FDA certification, and in this case if a problem, that is the nabp and FDA's responsibility, clearly defined.

Well known is that the FDA in the United States is in an extremely severe known of, only such institutions, was public licenses are qualified to judge drug products qualified or not, it is like a filter to help Google such Internet companies stopped the vast majority of demons and monsters. The logic of Google and Internet Co is that they don't have to have a professional level of discrimination.

In contrast, Baidu the Shing Mun fire has a considerable degree of Chinese characteristics, in its internal, sales system to circumvent censorship system and also for the company's earnings to add bright colors; and on the outside, China has the strict regulatory measures of Internet in the world, but in areas that have nothing to do with the consciousness of the form gave birth to a large number of rent-seeking space, leading to the legitimacy of the service provider is extremely fuzzy; judicial chase responsibility system

So, if you go back to the level of business,

Nothing has changed.

* the following figure is Adwords GoogleHttps://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/176031? Hl=zh-Hant?


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