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Apple Pay a week into the user enthusiasm to reduce

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These days, apple apple pay in the social circle of friends PA screen, with the iPhone, bind the bank card is social platform on the cover of the topic. In February 18th Apple Pay officially landed on the first day of China service area, users to bind a credit card but need to spend a few hours a day, the Apple Pay will bind more than 38 million bank cards. This apple is also very good sense of self, it is on the first day of the show to the satisfaction of 1000%.

But bound to activated although a number of Apple pay, does not mean that the use of a large quantity of, apple pay on-line for a week, the online performance is unlikely to reach 1000% satisfaction.

AppleApple Pay入华一周 用户热情降低

The first single after the preferential user enthusiasm decline

For Apple pay, when used to support NFC enabled credit card machine, so the current apple pay below the line number of businesses is not much, mainly dominated by fast food shops, supermarkets, convenience stores, like McDonald, Carrefour, family, Germany. However, even if it is not much in the number of these support businesses, users are not able to successfully complete the payment.

In the Apple Pay line on the first day, reporters visited longevity on a McDonald's, when the staff told reporters, Apple Pay will have two or three days to use, equipment upgrading. In February 23rd, the reporters came to the McDonald's stores in the POS machine at the counter again, and did not see the words of Pay Apple, but the clerk said already can use. The clerk told reporters that they had just received training on how to use Apple Pay, and on the same day, the use of Apple Pay to store customers a total of only three. "Apple pay just on the line, the use of more consumers, because at that time, many banks have launched promotions, especially first single discount, a day almost ten is with apple pay, now use the decline in the volume of May is because nothing attractive advantages and benefits." Reporters waiting for half an hour at McDonald's, about a dozen consumers, only one consumer with Apple Pay.

One of Carrefour is also the first to support Apple Pay businesses, according to the reporter, at present the Carrefour stores have been able to use Apple Pay. In the town of Pujiang Carrefour stores, the reporter saw the shop for customers to use Apple Pay, but the operation was very strange, even the clerk also recommended that customers should not Alipay pay it faster."

Some experienced users of Apple pay told reporters, in support of the majority of businesses still exist rush into battle, some operations are not skilled, some directly expressed received training did not come, let customers come another day trial.

Safety is no danger of anything going wrong

Fast is a big selling point Apple Pay, while another major selling point is the safety, the use of fingerprint identification authentication, mobile phone lost nor stolen. But in the afternoon of February 23rd, a Apple Pay "negative news" was born, people use the Apple Pay binding credit card after the failure of a stolen million hours.

According to media reports, Ms. Wang use Apple pay is bound to a credit card, but did not succeed, after a day, try to bind the credit card was stolen brush pen, each other using Ms. Wang's card in the apple store online consumption, a total of $1862, equivalent to RMB million yuan. Ms. Wang suspected the other by Apple ID obtained the credit card information, but the bank said, can not determine the bank card stolen brush with Apple Pay.

Security expert Lv Lisheng told reporters, this may be just an ordinary fraudulent behavior, or in the use of mobile phone users before they can be implanted a virus, so the relevant information is stolen. "There is no public documents show that Apple pay has been cracked, apple pay on the iPhone is not directly store credit card information, but save a by UnionPay payment encrypted token (token), stored in the iPhone's independent security chip (called se chip), use it to replace the magnetic information can understood as a token and credit card magnetic stripe equivalent. Only when the fingerprint authentication through iPhone, it allows you to use NFC to read token. If token cannot reverse leakage, the reduction of credit card information." Lv Lisheng said that the credit card is stolen brush is likely because previously in the unsafe environment using this credit card.

Compared to the needs of network and bank card information stored scan code mobile payment, Apple Pay payment security from the principle is accepted. However, safety is relative, too simple action against money people always make people feel unsafe. A bank official told reporters, NFC, the biggest problem is how to do after the loss of the terminal. "Although Apple devices and bank cards can be canceled, but need to race against time."

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Apple Pay also in the ATM machine withdrawals

In addition to the brush mobile phone faster and more secure payment, Apple Pay actually have unknown function, for example, can be achieved without card withdrawals. Reporter from inside the union people to know, in the non-contact IC card function of ATM, the mobile phone is placed in the ATM machine "IC card induction zone", enter the required amount, choose whether to print the receipt, enter your bank card password, ATM opportunity to remind you once again the phone on the reader, after the completion of the induction, we can take now. In the iPhone mobile phone in "Wallet", choose to pay the bank card, there is the corresponding transaction information.

According to the experience, different from the payment of fast, using a mobile phone taken now save time and not too many advantages, however, the penniless and did not bring a bank card, the binding of the apple pay phone, perhaps can explain urgent needs. At present, according to different banks and the amount of money for each different, generally 2

A fee of 50 yuan.

According to UnionPay insiders, currently supports the non connected ATM is not much, the estimated future will be transformed to POS machine.

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