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Out of the box and the dismantling of millet mobile power 10000mAh high version

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Following the launch of millet 5000mAh and 5200mAh, 10000 MAH measurement, 16000mAh, 20000mAh five capacity of the products today, millet and bring the new mobile power supply, 10000 MAH measurement high version, priced 149 yuan. The author in March 4th at 10 am under orders, received a product in the afternoon, the logistics advantage of the nearest delivery of millet reflected.

This mobile power model for the PLM01ZM, built in high-density lithium polymer batteries (ATL, force God), Type-C/Type-A USB dual interface, support 18W two-way fast charge, the use of aluminum alloy integrated shell, the thickness of only 12.58mm. Considering to the degree of popularization of type-C, in bundled data line also provides adapter, so you can charge to millet 5 or 12 inch MacBook. At the same time, support Type-C charger can also be charged directly to the mobile power. As millet's first two-way fast charging mobile power supply, there are still many mysteries, below we together announced.

First, millet mobile power 10000mAh high version of the sun


I bought a USB Type C converter, together with more than 150 single free postage.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

Millet traditional white packaging, positive LOGO MI.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

Product serial number, security check, product information.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

Product information is very comprehensive, product types: PLM01ZM input interface: type C output interface: usb-a battery energy: 3.85v 10180mAh 39.19Wh input parameters: 5V2A/9V2A/12V1.5A output parameters: 5V2A/9V2A/12V1.5A purple millet foundry.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

Packaging of parts, the left is a Book of instructions, the middle is a micro USB charging dual-purpose data line, attached to a type C adapter, the right is mobile power supply body.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

Color is iron gray, the appearance of a kind of millet 5000mAh style, but than millet 5000mAh improvement is a chamfer, rower. Aluminum Alloy shell using CNC edge router plus two times the anode process, improve the overall texture and feel.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

Can clearly see that there are two interfaces, USB-A interface to see more clearly. Appearance is still a continuation of the thin design style, the body thickness of only 12.58mm, thin and thin, the thickness of the 10000mAh mobile power compared to the classic 2.68mm reduced by 42%; than the millet 5000mAh mobile power supply is only thick.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

Product parameters panoramic view, and the packing box identification parameter has no difference. It is worth mentioning that, millet finally joined the two-way 18W fast charging, full of their own time can be significantly shortened. He is also a smart identification of mobile power, automatic detection of charging equipment and in a fast, safe way to charge. Self charge when the long side, with ordinary 5V/2A charger for mobile power supply needs 6 hours; with 18W fast charger for mobile power full power only 3.5 hours; save time 40%.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

Left is a switch, which is the traditional millet, the switch on the right side is the four power indicator lights, the right side of the indicator is the C Type input interface, C Type interface on the right side of the USB-A output interface.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

Left turn is millet 10000 MAH measurement mobile power high version, purple 10000 MAH measurement one-way fast charging mobile power, Meizu 10000 MAH measurement bidirectional quick charging mobile power. Can be seen that the millet 10000 MAH measurement mobile power high version than the purple 10000 MAH measurement one-way fast charging mobile power, Meizu 10000 MAH measurement bidirectional quick charging mobile power is shorter.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

From the picture we can see that the millet mobile power 10000mAh high version of the three volume is the smallest. Two, millet mobile power 10000mAh high version dismantling小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

After the initial dismantling can be seen above the circuit board and the bottom of the lithium polymer batteries, lithium polymer batteries around the plastic frame to protect the battery.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

The back has a layer of iron for the protection of the lithium polymer batteries.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

Batteries and circuit board after the show we can more clearly see lithium polymer batteries around the protection of the plastic frame by the below by the iron shell protection, lithium polymer batteries by strong double-sided adhesive tape fixed on the shell.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

One side of the electric core, two slow vibration tape is to make the electric core and shell more fit, do not produce vibration.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

On the other side of the electric core, also is the double-sided adhesive is fixed on one side of the shell.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

It can be seen that the battery is two lithium polymer batteries in parallel, the side of the temperature sensor, when the temperature will be completely cut off when the temperature.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

Batteries produced LISHEN power of God, the lithium polymer electric core, to spurt the code number for the SP48581 02SH-C, voltage is 3.85v, capacity and kwh was not marked.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

One side of the circuit board panoramic view, the main chips are on this side. Protective plate is very new, fast charging mobile power battery terminal current more and more in today, using CSP MOS (on the left side of the black screws under the heart), to reduce the area of an element, in the past 4 star SOT23 package of MOS, now consists of a single small MOS instead; performance of the same at the same time, greatly reducing the PCB area occupancy.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

TPS61088 TI synchronous booster chip, 5V/9V/12V are provided by it, the need for collocation QC2.0 FP6601 recognition chip below the fast charging handshake protocol.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

TPS61088 TI parameters and brief introduction.


BQ25895 TI lithium battery charging chip, built-in fast charge protocol.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

Parameters, description and application of BQ25895 TI chip.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

ABOV microcontroller, which is a frequent mobile millet mobile power. The charge identification function of Type C interface 10000mAh high version of millet mobile power, is completed by a microcomputer.


This completes chip is a MOS, and the same 8205 functions in the past, cut off the output in the output when abnormal. The full name of the model is WNDM2167.


WNDM2167 TY technical documentation.


Circuit board to the other side of the panoramic view, this side of the chip is not much, the most prominent of the two inductors. USB transposon left chip is FP6601 recognition and SOT23-5 chip battery cathode direct contact is MCU power supply voltage, charging and boosting the two pieces of 1.5uH closed inductance, the positive and negative terminals of the battery in the middle BQ25895 induction charging, right near the switch of is TPS61088 the boost inductor.小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解小米10000mAh移动电源高配版开箱与拆解

This chip screen for FR2CAK, model for the FP6601, for the QC2.0 control / recognition chip.


Fitipower launched FP6601 identification chip through Qualcomm official QC2.0 certification and but also compatible specification BC1.2 can automatically identify the apple and Android charging equipment of the handshake protocol, which is currently in the same specification volume minimum a single identification chip, it is millet engineering division takes a fancy to her important reasons. Thus, the design of the mobile power supply millet or slightly conservative, not anxious on the QC3.0 output.


Screen printing on the QBUOV chip, is a LDO low dropout voltage regulator, the purpose of this is to drop the battery voltage to a voltage that can be used to work.


Through the dismantling of that millet 10000 MAH measurement mobile power supply high version built in the charging and discharging of a full set of Ti master BQ25895 and TPS61088. This before we Meizu 10000 MAH measurement fast charge version, music 13400mAh and other mobile power supply dismantling have seen, material and performance impressive. In PCB area Cuntucunjin today, still retain the output overcurrent detection and protection and core temperature protection details more intimate. As millet's first support two-way fast charging mobile power, while the official did not specify in which fast charging protocol, through our teardown analysis, see the QC2.0 recognition chip and support BC1.2 specification and without worry about being able to iPhone, iPad full charge, and charging input is also compatible with our hands QC2.0 charging head, millet seen in order to avoid Qualcomm license, crevasse not provided QC2.0 is excusable. We are most concerned about the charging and discharging performance, as there are compatibility testing, due to the need to spend nearly 1 weeks time, later will be updated, please look forward to.

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