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Don't tell me you haven't installed mobile advertising to intercept App

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2015 to 2017 ad filtering plug-in Downloads

English text:Ad Blocking App Installs Mobile Spiked 3X In The Last 3 Months

Original dry: when you play games or browsing the web when suddenly in the corners to see ads emerge, some even shielding screen. The visual experience will be greatly reduced. Following last September, the apple in the operating system to increase advertising interception, advertising shielding applications began to spread in the folk. After that, the company also began to go on the block ads (but not shield their own advertising) road, this is undoubtedly to advertisers a heavy blow. Today, advertisers and advertising to intercept the application is hot, but the future is still a win-win situation in the future.

According to a new report, about 24% of U.S. smartphone users install App and browser screen advertising. According to the current growth rate, to the third quarter of 2017, the use of advertising shielding users may reach 80%. Based on a survey of 4000 human samples, we found that 1/4 of the smart phone users to install the browser can shield the browser and app. This ratio is greatly beyond our expectations, even more shocking is that such users are growing at an incredible speed.

American and British people download advertising shield application survey results

Want to know who is behind this? Apple Corp has a strange smile.

After apple in September last year, issued to advertising shield mobile phone operating system attracted a large number of controversial attention. Howard Stern (America's got talent show judges and annotation) is the complain the National Broadcasting Company in prime time in the mainstream media release advertising. Google's response to the event attitude suddenly change to mass hysteria fuel: first remove all Google play on advertising, and then return to the commercials. The result of this thing is to make the masses of the enthusiasm of the advertising more and more high.

In recent years people used Google to search for the number of "shield ads".

However, these people sudden enthusiasm is not like castles in the air crumbling, on the contrary, is a solid foundation for the. And a number of other factors have also contributed to the advertising campaign to become more and more intense, at present, the apple store and Play Google has more than 63 applications and browsers have the function of shielding advertising.

This matter is very natural to allow advertisers and publishers are worried, after all, their livelihood depends largely on the survival of marketing, on the other hand rely on revenue streams. This from the bottom of my heart and fear can not help to make the CEO of the international advertising agency to lambaste Adblock plus (a spam filter plug-in) "hypocritical" "no professional ethics" and "wicked".

In the CEO view, advertisers, publishers and audiences follow an unwritten contract, the publisher to create a thing, advertisers funding it, the audience to the consumer. However, the behavior of the filter advertising apparently destroyed this invisible contract.

However, it is some place for advertisers to anxi.

An Zhuohe iOS on the ad shield

It is not easy to use the bad idea of mobile phone ads to shield the application is not very good. As a matter of fact, the user can use the smartphone and tablet alleviated from the point of view of some advertising shielding applications of high-speed installation.

The real situation is the case, most of the mobile terminal advertising applications are run when the mobile browser to browse the web. Of course, that can be run in the open the phone app ad filter plugins, but this kind of plugins are very rare, and most of them are because of the great risk is Google and apple to intercept the (Google and Apple will check all use VPN to open the application and web data and then filter out the advertising, a move also reveals the number of data privacy issues).

Due to embedded in the application of filtering advertising plug-in somewhat difficult. IPhone and Android settings automatically checked is not shielded ads, 75% of users there is no advertising shield plug-in download, so you can now tell you the advertising industry friends let them breath.

Data shows that in 2015 after 40% in the first half of the use of mobile phones young shield people from the advertising, however, recent data show that only a small part, less than ten percent of the mobile traffic is from advertising shield browser. In other words, advertisers and publishers don't have to worry too much.

No matter what you see, the fact is, the behavior of the screen advertising is now more vocal power, development is more rapid, many surveys show that nearly 70% of mobile phone users have or want to screen advertising. If at this rate, it will become very common for people to download and apply this behavior in the near future. More intuitive to say: in the second half of 2016, the use of mobile phone users will dominate the entire user screen advertising groups, in the third quarter of 2017 will be likely to break the benchmark 80%.

An investigation of the intention of the American and British people to use advertising to filter plug ins

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