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Wang Yin: Google's eye

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Text / Wang Yin

Do you know, Google (Alphabet) to sellDynamics Boston, a robotic company that it didn't take long. This also means that Google is ready to completely withdraw from the field of robotics. Rumors that news is because Google think these robots are just too scary, it kicked in, even like the terminator climb up! There are public opinion that the Google research robot, is to take away the human job, so now Google for human happiness, gave up the plan. Oh, how wonderful this excuse is! Do you really think that Google is so kind, will you think of your existence?

Dynamics Boston

Sell Dynamics Boston (hereinafter referred to as BD) the real reason, in fact, because the BD robot, but some of the research nature of the prototype. From them can be put into practical, actually almost all the way. The research funding needs, is a bottomless pit. You just have to take a closer look at the video of the BD robots.Video 1,Video 2Although it seems very advanced, it is very much like the science fiction movies. However, due to the limitations of artificial intelligence and machine vision, they are still in the stage of the toy.

Especially from the first video, you can see that the robot head rotates a lot of optical radar.LidarSomeone with a remote control

robotic vacuum cleaner, there is no big difference. Under such ideal conditions, the ordinary industrial robot can actually carry the box, and the efficiency is much higher. Look at theseAmazon distribution center robotYou know, the manufacturing of humanoid robots to do something completely make an unnecessary move. As long as you simplify the environment, you can make ordinary intelligent robots, do a lot of useful things.

BD was previously made by the US Department of defense and the Marine Corps investment, to carry out the research of the robot. We all know that the military's money is very easy to cheat, you can rest assured that the bold burn. When things do come out to be able to use, is another thing. Take the military's money more comfortable, no pressure, so the company does not take the money of the military, to sell their own Google, that the military has not want to fund such a project. Google vision has a problem, to buy down to find these toys, away from the actual use can be put, I am afraid it will take decades to hundreds of years. So secretly exclaimed fooled, quickly changed hands.

Another kind of rumor is that Google had long known that BD's robots could not be used. Buy the company, in fact, is used to Android founder Rubin Andy make toys (Christmas gifts). Because Rubin is a love robot, a childhood dream to do their own robots, but their dreams. Which know that Rubin later left the Google, so this toy company will not have to stay. Google founder of the senior leadership of the love and spoil, thus remarkable.

D-Wave quantum computer

Google seems to always like to do this to attract the eye of the project, it is tall, but can not be truly successful. Google investment in another bubble project, called D-Wave quantum computer. D-Wave is a Canada Company, known as the use of low temperature superconducting technology, has produced a thousandQubitQuantum computer, can solve the problem of NP-Complete. Google map of the quantum computation of fame, spent big price to buy a d-wave machine, and from time to time to take some news. such asThis newsSaid, Google claimed that after their own testing, D-Wave computing speed, is one hundred million times the ordinary computer!

However, real quantum computing experts, for exampleAaronson Scott

Shor algorithm

Glass Google

But in the end, Google Glass do these cool features? The door didn't touch! To begin with, Google should be aware that such retinal optical projection, the virtual lines and for the human eye to see the actual object merge together, is a very difficult problem. Good movie special effects, to achieve that in accordance with the Google Glass hardware capabilities, completely impossible. And how Google may have time and energy, to enter the bookstore to put the book's location. This year, there are many people go to the bookstore, this function is not enough to support what: P

The lesson is that the beginning of the leather do not blow too much, or will fall badly. The last Glass Google, the feeling is a mobile phone screen worn on the head only, and did not play any characteristics of the head of the device. Battery life is less than half an hour, and its mirror legs can not be folded, take down do not know where to put it. So buy people did not find what use, but not cheap ah, just want to put it out regrating.

Automatic vehicle

About Google's automatic car, I already havespecial articleIntroduced. Automatic car is a good fantasy, but the object recognition and other AI problems, but it is difficult to solve.

In fact, no control of the automatic car, and not to say that can not be achieved, it is really necessary? Now many car companiesSubaru,Honda,Benz


Come and see Chromecast again. Chromecast just appeared, some people are enthusiastic, and even a friend asked me to help him buy a home to send home. I say this thing than TV Apple have any special features? Answer: This is made of Google, certainly very cattle, a lot more than TV Apple cattle, we must help me to buy! So when I want to buy him, that has been in short supply out of stock.

Until I used Chromecast, only to find that this thing is like an unfinished intern project, simply can not be used! Of course I'm not going to buy a Chromecast. I am because one day to buy a projector with it, bundled with a Chromecast. I thought free try chant, after the results with a few times, found it simply with bug. Although I was free you, but this thing alone will sell $35. The quality of such things Google you mean or out of money?!

Put YouTube video, it can add the video playback queue, or can play immediately. But the logic of the queue to play and play immediately, but it is confusing. Sometimes you just want it to be played immediately, but it puts you in the video before it comes out, as if you were playing in the queue. So I found out later, this thing is always not let me want to see the video screen, tired of the dead.

You got it.. Even such a low level of bug are put into it, I doubt they have used their own products.

I can never understand the enthusiasm of people for this kind of Google products. Finally, because I am not very satisfied with the projector, so the projector and Chromecast together back to the Amazon. Later bought Apple TV, discovery with chromecast than up, could not be starker, smooth a lot of good, a problem.

May be due to the proportion of return is too high, Chromecast now has a frame from the Amazon.

Go language

Go language, is also one of the most Google show off technology. I beforearticleThe analysis has been very clear, Go language is a shit. Each of the PL, in the design at the Go language, a laniary.

Google for real computer science, program language research, far less than Microsoft, Intel, Oracle (Sun), IBM, Cisco. Basic is amateur level. Unfortunately, Google can still rely on their influence in the field of network, facing experts ridicule, blatant in promoting the industry go the garbage, the scourge of others. You say we these PL people, how may not despise Google?

By the Google, there's another junk language, called Dart. Google inside there is a garbage language for their own use, called Sawzall. Sawzalla creator, and later created the Go. This man had been designed.Plan 9Operating system, since that beyond the UNIX, and actually inherited the UNIX all dross, contains only some superficial interface changes, but also is not very good, so then there is no use. I have a prejudice, but I found that the rule is that the production of garbage arrogance, will only make garbage forever.

Because insiders know that Google for language attainments and attitude of superficial, so almost no Cobain was born of the programming language experts are willing to go to Google. Most of the best PL people go to Microsoft, and a few go to other places.

Google level

So, in general, Google has its specialty. It is a good Internet Co, Google search engine is doing very well, Gmail, the acquisition of YouTube, maps, Android what is also relatively easy to use. But Google's expertise, it will stay there. Do other things, almost all amateur level, but since that great, like to promote their own, create a tall image. Recently AlphaGo make an uproar, is the same intention, fan campaign, in order to attract young people with no experience of ignorant, go for it to do some trivial chores, helped it earn more advertising money.

This is the Google in my eyes.

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