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Why should I upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

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English text:Should I upgrade from Why Windows 10 to 7?

Reader's letter: you didn't answer the most important questions, for example, why should I upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10? What are the benefits of this upgrade to me? Please give a direct answer to the technical content.

In the long run, I do not think that the key to the problem is "why should I upgrade," but "when to upgrade". In the 8 months since the official release, there have been more and more devices running Windows 10 system, and this figure is still rising. Some large organizations have also moved up, one of the most striking to the number of U.S. Department of defense, they plan for the Department's 4 million PC equipment installed in full Windows 10 system.

At the same time, we have learned that Windows 7 will die: Microsoft Corp will stop support for Windows 7 in 2020.

As apple and Google, the Microsoft Corp also want every user to be able to use the latest operating system. And in order to achieve this goal, Microsoft Corp and even provide a free upgrade service for Windows users, users can upgrade to Windows 10 system from the existing system free of charge. But the validity of this upgrade service for one year, the Microsoft Corp at this point and the apple and Google are identical.

No matter how, once you install Windows 10, you can enjoy the free upgrade service for life. Microsoft Corp is likely will not continue to launch Windows 11, because and before the release of the 1 major updates every 3 years, the Microsoft Corp will be carried out 2 times a year, a small update.

It is entirely up to the type of computer you are using, as to whether or not it should be upgraded at once. The closer your computer gets to the mobile device, the higher the recommended index. If you're still using an old desktop computer with no touch screen and no camera and microphone, the upgrade will be compromised. Although the touch screen is not a necessary function, but this function will make Windows 10 system considerably. If you in use is modern windows Tablet PC, or with extensible firmware interface combo device, then upgrade to you is a great option.

The battle of an ecosystem

Another thing to keep in mind is that Microsoft Corp want to win the battle of the ecosystem, and the other two companies that offer ecosystems are apple and Google. Only the Apple Corp is to take a closed road (except iTunes), and Google company is more emphasis on the path of the cloud (Chrome), the two companies are able to support the equipment is very limited.

In contrast, Microsoft is working to create a can perfect support cloud and local operation of the ecological system, this system can even across all ecosystems: it has many supports Android and IOS system application, or even gradually support Linux and azure two system. Windows system in the U disk, game machine, smartphones and running on the server. It can even "raspberry pie" (raspberry PI) and other devices connected, and the formation of a IOT.

If you're just an old-fashioned desktop user, the value you can get from a Windows ecosystem is very limited. But if you have a wide variety of devices, Windows 10 and related applications will benefit you a lot, you can even use a variety of cloud services, such as Outlook and Office 365, etc..

From Windows 7 to Windows 10

To upgrade the value depends on your use of the equipment, you may get more smooth and fast operating experience, more economical memory and hard disk space use, more security protection grade, and better integrated high cloud services (onedrive cloud storage).

File manager's performance has improved, DirectX 12 also provides you with a better game experience. You can also view and enter into a state of the program through the task view, before you need to manually add the virtual desktop has been built into the system. System update and reset options are enough to make the maintenance of the equipment more simple.

Windows 10 is also set to have a new Edge browser, you can also use the back in the hidden state of the IE11. In the new system, you can even launch a search through the Internet.

In addition, Windows 10 also provides a more built-in support for new hardware devices, including extensible firmware interface, USB 3, Bluetooth adapter, high resolution screen, as well as solid state hard drive, etc.. With the support of the extensible firmware interface, Windows 10 system from the shutdown or the start of the state of sleep than Windows 7 to improve a lot. For smart phones and tablet PC users, the rapid response speed is a must meet the conditions, which is also very good for PC users.

Windows 10 there are many Windows 7 do not have the function, the most obvious is the artificial intelligence assistant Cortana, notification center and Store Windows, these three functions are originally derived from the smart phone. Another new feature is Hello Windows, a computer device that will automatically log on when you see your face. But to achieve this feature, you need to make sure your camera is compatible with Intel's RealSense features.

Store Windows first appeared in the Windows 8 system, and now the Microsoft Corp to re create a name for the "RunTime Windows" application interface, and no longer use the traditional API Win32. Set up and upgrade the windows store can be remote (and Android and IOS application), and the running environment of the sandbox security, users can uninstall it. Universal application can be equipped with PC system Windows, smart phones and One Xbox game machine and other equipment to run.

Compared to the part of the science and technology enthusiasts claimed and real application software, the application of smart phones and tablet computers for everything is garbage, the former an absolutely irreplaceable; also some fans think the application of smart phones and tablet computers can do anything, and thus to announce the PC industry has disappeared. Since the two views are biased, and why quarrel? Windows 10 is not being able to bring one of the best solutions for both sides?

Do not upgrade can also be understood

Readers are consulting to upgrade to Windows 10 can bring what benefits, I have in the above cited some of the benefits of the spot and strategy. But even so, I don't think Windows 10 is suitable for all users. For example, my PC is no microphones and video cameras, touch screen and unified extensible firmware interface, this device never shutdown, commonly used functions is Microsoft office, image processing and web browsing. So my work computer might have been using the Windows 7 system. But I will put my tablet and notebook computers to upgrade as soon as possible.

Only you and I can decide whether to upgrade and when to upgrade, you can wait after buying a new PC to upgrade, because the introduction of a new computer equipment will be adjusted according to the windows 10 operation requirements, and therefore more adapted to the new system.

In addition, Windows 10 has been greatly improved since the launch, in the future it will continue to improve. If you are a late user, or you are very resistant to change, you can completely Windows 7 to January 2020. But if this is what you want, you should follow the instructions of the Microsoft Corp to upgrade. It all depends on your choice.

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