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Baidu Post Bar chaos: "Pirates of the bar" for profit than the "sell it" is more subtle

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This is a war, occurred in 0 and 1 virtual world, consisting of keyboard and mouse is a weapon, paste it, microblogging and other Internet community is the main battlefield without gunpowder, but not the blood. War who have just taken a school student, there is a suit of doctors, but also at home homebound housewife. They have a common identity - Baidu "Game of Thrones" stick it right friends. "Game of Thrones" Post Bar, Baidu Post Bar is a US drama: Exclusive stickers "A Song of Ice and Fire Game of Thrones" opened it. Last year, a change of the position of the main bar, this war has become the fuse.

The complainant's view, "Pirates of the bar" for profit than the "sell it" is more subtle -

Post Bar Quiet Wars

China Youth Daily reporter Zhang Miao Youth Online

Last month, a net posts broke the news, "Game of Thrones" paste it, has been a "civil right groups Pirates' occupation, led by the people, it is currently the main bar - Yu vector.

"Modeled from Baidu right people more than a decade old tradition a new round of war ...... time to! If you missed this, paste it tomorrow it no longer belongs to the people of the time! Each competent ID, now, open your call of front! "at 5:00 on April 27, has a decade-old" a song of Ice and Fire "it small bar owners dennisquaid, knock this" pre-war mobilization, "summon their comrades.

War horn sounded at dawn.

Pirates Bar entire event, as a "mask" thriller

Records Screenshots Pirates right groups, it was a taped out. These are the "power game" bar bar Baidu Post Bar Friends of the major complaints of evidence operations team.

"At present," Game of Thrones "sixth season launch, various viral advertising liar have to refresh, and bar owners to people who cheat, only for profit, naturally not bother management." In dennisquaid opinion, now, is is everyone surrounded them, the "liar Yu vector" to step down in one fell swoop complaints appreciation.

A set of screenshots in chats, paste it all the functions are clearly marked. "Teletext push 500 yuan a", "Resource link post 1500 yuan a month," location bar offer a host of 15,000 yuan, the whole "Game of Thrones" stick control bar, the "Valuation" is about 40,000 yuan.

"A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones" is a popular US drama, which posted it has nearly 420,000 followers, more than 300 million posts.

Chat records show, one is the representative of sci-fi film Moon Island site, the other party claiming Yu vector, the name, is hanging in the "Game of Thrones" It works a column posted it, the title bar is the main occupation.

The deal eventually failed to agree, but bargaining is recorded to the "power game" original right legal team, posted prominently broke the news posts.

"But also posted it stolen?" Look at the records of Internet users surprised at the main bar of the place actually "So good money." Some bar owners had been friends jokingly said, "how did not expect," "resignation chic readily lose money."

In this regard, I have a message vector Yu explained: "This thing from the outset Moon in disinformation." The main occupation of it, paste it in all the whole dynamic has been set to hidden, others can not be concerned. Reporters sent a private letter of confirmation, has not been half a month to reply.

Mochizuki representative of science fiction Island do not want to talk about it more, but let the China Youth Daily reporter · Youth Online "themselves to Baidu."

According to the description "Game of Thrones" original bar owners Fomalhaut, the entire Pirates of the bar incident, like a "Painted Skin" thriller.

Yu vector first appeared in front of Fomalhaut, was in May 2015, "Game of Thrones" Season aired more than half, paste it in very lively.

Yu vector then apply it as a big master. Fomalhaut opened her post bar data, a look, this man is more than the US drama paste it in the main bar, and that this Fomalhaut "almost never noticed the ID", the "power game" it the rating for the first.

Level paste it will not be easy, "brush", it requires a lot of long-term post and sign, in general, the high level it should be very active or friends sent a large number of quality posts.

Fomalhaut adopted Yu vector application. But less than two months, he found himself removed from office.

Baidu Post Bar in accordance with the rules published in 2014, you must use the main monthly daily check-ins posted it 20 more times. Fomalhaut speculated Yu vector is the use of this rule, first as the main occupation of it, followed by the number sign does not meet its own complaints to step down, stick it to achieve the purpose of the occupation.

"A few months later, someone in some other post bar, microblogging saw expose Yu vector conduct some posts, I suddenly realized that this is designed to steal popular stickers right person. Behind there is no strong background support it? I do not know."

Fomalhaut found that he had a partner who single-handedly built the small world of opera fans began filled with ads and links to viruses, the essence of a large number of posts to be deleted, a message issued to normal, following the thread, more than half of all brush experience robot account to see the message "irrelevant."

By the end of 2015, it faithful guess, suspected of being occupied, including the US drama "Breaking Bad" it, "six" and a number of popular bars attached to star "soup Muxidele Princeton" it, including the right to become small ads paradise.

This "seize power usurper" Palace fighting drama as general stolen it drama, Associate Professor of Economics and Management at University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Liu Ying opinion, if true, then, is a new phenomenon.

For bar owners posted it profit-making behavior, he has heard before, do not know already "formed a scale," and even the formation of a "new way of profit."

"Some places have lakes." He said with emotion.

"Only consider the immediate interests, regardless of the user experience."

From April 26, "Game of Thrones" now old friends it began rolling complaints. Within two days, Baidu official opening of the "national report", received a complaint relating to Yu vector posts over 30, one of the highest posts, to 338 posts by the top layer.

These complaints posts, at least half received the "National Report Processing Unit" unified response: "Dear friends, right, your feedback we have collected records, will be fed back to the relevant person in charge Thank you for the post bar.!"

Such "official answer", we naturally can not let the faithful satisfied.

The second round of the complaints were referred to as "sea of ​​Sparta 300 complaints of war" began, two are in the post has named "Post Bar Wars Assembly", "Post Bar Wars Expedition," the inside, dennisquaid immediately to everyone progress report.

The situation was rapidly moving against them direction.

"Game of Thrones" Post Bar, a top advertising posts removed them, the entire paste it looks calm, as usual not much different. Only in the respective post replies appear from time to time viral advertising links, in order to make it old friends "can see the problem."

The complainant believes that Yu vector "has temporarily entered disguised state."

Rounds complaint, until May 11, it specifically asked people to friends and even produced a long chart, hair brush microblogging topic, wanted to "put forward a big news," so that Baidu's pay attention to this matter .

Friends of some of it happen to know Baidu employees, asked a friend to Baidu Post Bar official team sent messages, attach "Pirates of the evidence of it."

But perhaps "too well disguised enemy," complained a variety of channels, ultimately "no effect."

Baidu posted on the commercialization of it, and a latest news caused widespread concern, in December last year, "hemophilia" it, "Diabetes" it bar owners of the place, is Baidu official sale event.

At that time, it has ten years of age hemophilia Post Bar bar bar main dish ant, bar owners permission was canceled "haemophilia" it head on, there has been an official certification of the blue flag, a man named "Blood Friends disease experts "user ID bar owners to become airborne.

"Diabetes" it is considered by Beijing Golden diabetes Co. took over the former main bar "is disease-free painless happiness" with each other private messages, request top four positions in a left to right friends, the other side did not agree, and soon withdraw his authority.

Last June, "psoriasis" right main landing ultraviolet posted it was found by the patients before the calf LOGO design is replaced by a strange calf image, including his three large main bar, was dismissed suddenly for no reason, when he clicks it the main application, the system displays "prohibit application within six months." It appears in the main position are two strangers ID, the next day, 10 small bar owners was dismissed eight, "psoriasis" it home background image is changed to a private medical group ad.

They realize paste it was sold. ultraviolet, who waited more than three months, until they see the chaos "psoriasis" it sharp decline in popularity, completely lost the value of advertising.

"Baidu sell Post Bar" cause of the incident is the Baidu Post Bar, 2015 implementation of the "paste right partner" system, known as "specialized agencies + Bar Friends" co-management model, by way of auction, the number of vertical class posted it contracted out.

In January this year, "sell it" incident was exposed on the Baidu Post Bar commercial operations misgivings prevalent. Under pressure, January 12, Baidu announced a comprehensive cessation of all kinds of disease paste it in business cooperation. January 16, Baidu announced the launch of the "National Report" program, accept it friends, the main bar and supervision of the whole network users, "focused on solving a series of problems related to the commercialization caused."

So far, the "Game of Thrones" paste it in the battle against the current bar owners netizens feel disappointed. May 11, they announced the results of a new round of complaints, Baidu Post Bar official reply given by the team, is still: "the main administrator does not find professional bar top business posts related to evidence-based administrator is not sufficient evidence to inquiry VOCATIONAL it does not meet either primary standard, it will not be revoked. If you think the main bar there is a breach, please collect it posted a link to the main violations customer service center complaints. "

Later that night 11:30, it blue jelly Friends who issued a large segment of "personal feelings" words: "it just gets so Baidu Post Bar, a variety of mandatory advertising will only consider the immediate interests, regardless of the user experience Sina Weibo number will automatically focus on marketing, there will be mandatory advertising content, not to mention the zombie powder. "

And many like her, right friends, all in the post, expressing commercial development of Baidu and Internet platforms of disappointment.

Before Baidu official answer is given, Bar Friends "Winterfell lion," says that "the results can be expected." He is "A Song of Ice and Fire" it is the main occupation of it, is "Game of Thrones" folk group subtitle "wardrobe Legion," the deputy head. "A Song of Ice and Fire" is "A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones" fans gathered another posted it.

He currently has an important task: to hold "A Song of Ice and Fire" stick it, do not let it fall into the hands of those who steal it.

Deep reflection and change in business model now is the time

In dennisquaid opinion, it is the Baidu Post Bar mechanism loopholes, leading cross-platform steal it profitable. "Primary administrator does not investigate, does not manage, paste it to finished product."

However, Yu vector really have stolen it acts concerned, Baidu Post Bar official team declined to be interviewed.

"Post Bar team to review complaints bar owners violations, there is a specific standard rules," Baidu employees who requested anonymity, the China Youth Daily reporter made · Youth Online explained, "to meet a certain number, can be regarded as illegal otherwise paste it like a quack, old master to step down now, are not satisfied with the new main bar, a complaint will be able to easily swap the complaint, is it a mess? "

In the opinion of employees, those who "sell Post Bar" chats shots, is that they "can not verifiable." Because "There is no justice system people can be linked with the QQ number, anyone can be called 'Yu vector', anyone can paste it claims to sell." If only relying on the theme hasty conviction, then you can just fake screenshots.

Another employee of the users said that Baidu, paste it in accordance with the rules of a complaint revoked bar owners, valid evidence of its publishing business practices or top posts. And Baidu employees, are "no way to change the rules of the people."

"Yu gang very familiar Baidu vector of this set of rules," according to dennisquaid analysis, the Pirates now have a clear division of labor groups, large and clean vector ID Yu was like "White Lotus", all the violations and will not stain the hands, they are handed over trumpet to do it. "All gang members, out of a complaint nor any use, the upper trumpet immediately. Baidu go that step what use is it?"

According to the audit team posted it official, Yu vector after taking office last year, really made a lot of "high-quality posts", which has become a major cause of their status can not shake. Bar faithful wave after wave of complaints, it is so caught up in an endless loop of insufficient evidence.

Yu vector opponents say, steal it and profit, is a more subtle will be posted right commercial behavior.

Baidu Post Bar on commercial issues, May 10, Robin Li, Baidu's chairman sent a letter to employees admitted that today, users began to question Baidu commercial promotion of fairness and objectivity, against Baidu Post Bar, excessive Wikipedia and other products commercialize. "If you lose the support of users, we lost the values ​​of the stick, Baidu really away from bankruptcy only 30 days!"

Ying Liu believes that it acts against the Pirates may exist, "the platform should be set up targeted safety mechanism", "strengthen supervision, reporting channels to make more efficient", in particular, with the development of the Internet, posted the issues now facing the political arena, but also "increasingly complex", Baidu audit standards should be adjusted.

He joked to the incident added a tag: counterfeiting posted it.

"Baidu particularly want to say, deep reflection and change in business model now is the time, otherwise, even if Google does not come too late." Professor, University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Lvben Fu online on Baidu warned - "Customer is the Internet era the company's most important asset. "

Today, the hubbub of war "died down" the. "Game of Thrones" Post Bar Bar faithful, paste it in the battle for the big bang, and then to decline, and thrice. Complaints Yu vector posts fewer and fewer friends to discuss countermeasures it less and less. Occasionally someone replies by asking "how" and also very difficult to get a response.

Some people choose to go next door. "A Song of Ice and Fire" Post Bar has simply left turn to other platforms chase drama information.

Being "robbed bit" of Fomalhaut, long abandoned here: "But a loss is posted it fills us and countless other brave new world of it."

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