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Three things faster than the speed of light: you absolutely can not think

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There are three things than the speed of light "faster", but you will be surprised to three things. So, what would be faster than the physical phenomenon of light it?

1, the expansion of the universe and galaxies

If and when you looked up at the night sky, you see all the distant galaxies. Distant galaxies look redder than expected, the Doppler effect pointed objects moving away from us will redshift. Those enormous redshift galaxies, and seems to indicate that they are far faster than the speed of light.


But do not be fooled, this is not from the Doppler effect redshift, but from the expansion of the universe. When the light from the galaxies through space to reach us this time, the expansion of space, which means stretching the light, it becomes more red. So there is no velocity can exceed the speed of light anything, but only the universe becomes more red.

2, paper-cut

Cut with scissors a piece of paper, which would be faster than the speed of light it? No, but we can make it faster.


We took a blade from the flatbed cutter. The end of the blade on the paper, and the other end on the paper only from the height of spider silk size. Then this angle cut will lead to the propagation velocity of the cut paper is pressed down the blade speed hundreds of times.

So if we press down the blade speed fast enough to reach such a bullet flying speed, then cut propagation velocity on the sheet will be several times the speed of light.

3, quantum entanglement

Well, the third one is probably the most incredible. This is the quantum entangled particles to entanglement coin as an example. If the two coins thrown up, then look at the one, if it is negative, then the other one is like? It may be positive, it could be the opposite.


But if the two coins are made of quantum entanglement machine thrown out, then the status of a coin is dependent on another state. If one flew to the other side of the universe, another flew us here, then saw it, found it to be the opposite. This means that the other is positive. They are always the opposite. If it is positive, then the other must be negative.

But this will become more bizarre, when the two coins fly entangled with each other, their two faces neither positive nor negative, they are in fact a mixture of positive and negative quantum. It's like the bird is dead and alive Schrodinger cat. When we find this is negative, it means that at that time, if someone sees another, then it must be positive. So how will these two coordination across the universe it? One possible explanation is that there is a superluminal influence between them. And it shows that the entanglement is true in a lot of cool experiments.

Wait a minute, Einstein said there is no information or things velocity can exceed the speed of light. We refute him? Velocity of galaxies did not exceed the speed of light, so yes.

And on paper cutting, the blade material is the only atomic motion, and the speed of their movement downward is clearly slower than the speed of light, so no matter how the speed of movement cut block, no problem. But for the quantum entanglement, some things may be faster than light, but it is random. We did not choose what side of the coin will be in another universe, so we do not send any information. Thus Einstein was right.

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