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Alipay, micro-letters "enclosure" off "to pay the second scan code" and the NFC Who Controls?

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支付宝、微信“圈地”不息“扫码秒付”与支付宝、微信“圈地”不息“扫码秒付”与 NFC 谁主沉浮?

Every time there was correspondent - Jiang Peifang

Compared to the two-dimensional code to pay nearly two years of rapid rise of technology, NFC payment (Near Field Communi-cation, that is, near-field payment) in China despite nearly a decade of development history, but subject to the chain is too long, the required huge investment, and user awareness is weak and other factors, the development of NFC payment has been tepid.

It is undeniable that, in the past, mobile payment mode, you want to scan code payment solution need to go through the screen, open the client, a number of steps to open two-dimensional code page, etc., although consumers can operate these steps in advance, but after all, compared to NFC produce more than two steps.

Apple Pay into China will undoubtedly silent for nearly a decade of NFC payments bring a wave of returning to life, has once again raised concern everyone NFC payments. With the first wave of early adopters of the limelight in the past, its impact on the mobile payment landscape is also slowly emerging.

Payment Dispute: scan code and NFC payment from binding to compete

Scan code Alipay payment and micro-payment as the representative of the letter, is the main way of domestic mobile payments. On the other hand, mobile phone manufacturers are also force NFC, they have launched their own & ldquo; & rdquo ;, flash pay have known Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Huawei Pay, the newest 5 millet phone also announced support NFC functionality.

For businesses, Alipay and other payment methods scan code without additional equipment costs, supermarkets, convenience stores and other businesses directly scan code gun to complete the payment, without updating the hardware. Data show that Alipay to pay two-dimensional code scan code has covered the domestic food and beverage lines, 700,000 stores, convenience stores, supermarkets 40000 and hundreds of hospitals.

Previously there Insiders said scan code payment technology is mature, has formed a wide range of business coverage and user habits, NFC payment as a latecomer, the only advantage is that fast. With the second scan code to pay on experience but also beyond NFC, NFC payment future prospects of catching two-dimensional code to pay online next will be even more bleak.

At Apple $ 1 billion stake drops, people began to suspect that Apple's move is intended to enhance the share of Apple Pay, Pay seemed a variety of pay as the representative of the faction flash, and Alipay, micro letter to the representative of the scan code sent a card fight this outbreak. However, some unexpected results, the real outcome is & mdash; & mdash; flash and pay faction faction will actually scan code together.

May 20, Samsung Pay Samsung mobile payment services and Alipay officially announced a partnership, users can quickly call up the Alipay payment interface on Samsung mobile phones through the sliding screen mode.

This is not Alipay and handset manufacturers first collaboration, Huawei Pay shortly after the launch, Huawei's new phones P9 on and Alipay jointly launched & ldquo; scan code sec pay & rdquo; function, the user fingerprint pressed on the back of the phone fingerprint recognition area, the phone will automatically unlock in an instant bright screen while and then directly out of the PayPal payment page scan code.

Conventional scan code to pay, need to wake up the screen, find the application, enter the application, call up the payment interface, the operation is relatively cumbersome. In contrast, through the payment of treasure and mobile phone manufacturers cooperation, both sides opened up step by step system layer, the functional layer by means of phone features such as fingerprint recognition, without changing the user payment habits, the shorter the time of payment while improving security.

From the user's perspective, convenient and occasional promotions, scan code is paid Fuji magic. The important factor for businesses and scan code flash pay pay different attitudes, but also need to be considered. Pay advantage of a variety of alliances and CUP provides faster payment. But business upgraded to support NFC-enabled POS machines high cost, but also need to face the situation using fewer people. The scan code sent hardware costs are much lower, for many individual businesses, the use of personal accounts receivables does not even relate to hardware purchases. More importantly, Alipay, micro-channel users to pay back the amount of accumulation, but also that merchants & ldquo; namely members pay & rdquo; and a series of solutions that help the user to carry out precision marketing and precipitation.

Big pay dispute: Alipay and pay WeChat contest scene on the journey

Although flash pay and pay from Running scan code to fusion, but that does not mean that mobile payments war subsided, the Alipay payment and micro-letters, the parties contest is far from over.

Undoubtedly, Alipay advantage in the third-party payment network is very obvious, which rely on payment systems continue to secure mobile payments market, and despite the more micro-channel pay Alipay is relatively young, but it is relying on the number of users of a social nature to snatch market.

It is noteworthy that, since last year, the trend of mobile payments is laid down to the line, the line to pay online from the scene continue to extend and expand. For Alipay payment and micro-letters, the end of the scene to promote customer growth, such customers are considered active and meaningful, how to continue to pay the rich scene, tightly bite opponents, the two sides also have to do always secretly Jin Mao thing.

Guo Li, director of investment adviser pointed out that in the scene to pay Alipay payment and micro-channel competition, are rapidly grabbing business resources.

Last June, the ants gold dress Group and Alibaba Group jointly invested 6 billion yuan restart O2O word of mouth network service platform, Alipay was founded 12 years ago to make the most impressive version of the update two weeks later, the new & ldquo; & rdquo business ; an entrance, full access to tens of thousands of word of mouth network and business reputation. At that time, the outside world generally believe that this is a sign of Alipay full to the line, as well as a third-party mobile payment industry benchmark.

In September, Alipay business ecosystem reconstruction of the ancient city of Lijiang, tourists in Lijiang eat, taxi, hotel reservations, buy tickets, buy tickets to attractions can be accomplished by Alipay. In addition, Lijiang is also settled in Alipay & ldquo; urban services & rdquo; platform that provides vehicle violation query, convenient services such as payment of life for the local community.

On the other hand, micro-channel to & ldquo; public micro-channel number + payment & rdquo; core, micro-channel solutions wisdom resort also has access to nearly 150 famous attractions.

To May of this year, Alipay announced that the year will collaborate with the National 30,000 gas stations, then the user can choose to use PayPal payment refueling. Two days later, the micro-channel pay also announced that the country's 31 provinces and about 1,500 gas stations can use the micro-channel pay.

On competition and Alipay official micro-channel pay such representation, & ldquo; will be more concerned about doing their own products, rather than looking at competitors. We are concerned about how best to create value for users and business ends, through an open strategy, and service providers to promote eco-win-win situation together. & Rdquo;

It is understood that the micro-channel pay is ushering in the accelerated expansion of volume by the end of 2015, the micro-channel payment card tied to the number of users has more than 300 million people. As of January 2016, the total number of stores under the micro-channel pay-line access to more than 300,000, covering more than 30 industries. Meanwhile, outside the micro-channel payment transactions also doubled surge. 2016 51 period, the micro-channel cross-border payments is twice the average daily amount in the Spring Festival.

According to Tencent 2016 first quarter results, business payment transactions conducted through the micro-channel pay significantly increased, C2C payment transaction (including social transfers, including the red envelope) volume has been increasing.

Guo Li told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, said the advantages Alipay mainly electricity supplier is the main business of Ali, itself naturally payment scenario than micro-channel pay paying scene continuity and Lynx Taobao influential brand, has accumulated a large number of users; its main disadvantage is social property is not strong, in the use of activity can easily be paid beyond the micro-channel. Advantages micro-channel pay you is to have a micro-channel and mobile QQ these two monthly active users over 500 million social networking platform, interactive good, but also in virtual goods, such as QQ members, on payment of QQ Games has accumulated a considerable amount of users, their the main disadvantage is the late start, compared to active users pay little treasure, and now need to charge cash withdrawal fee.

Analysys think tank analysts pointed out previously in the report, the third-party payment companies in the construction of mobile payment scenarios, increasing the number and activity of users outside the big data mining has begun in-depth analysis and the development of related products.

& Ldquo; Alipay practices and other participants in the field of mobile payments in the positioning has a great segment. & Rdquo; senior industry source told the "Daily News" reporter, Alipay during the service business, the need to integrate the ants gold dress, Alibaba Group, or by more ecological power to give customers from member & mdash; & mdash; Marketing & mdash; & mdash; credit & mdash; & mdash; such as a set of insurance services; micro-channel micro-channel pay public places to help businesses accumulated number of fans, offers a range of marketing services.

& Ldquo; in fact, the core competitiveness of mobile payment is in addition to the payment, because if only to provide payment services to businesses to provide on the one hand not so high value, on the other hand can easily homogenization. & Rdquo; the above pointed out, if only to pay-line scenarios anyone can do, the access into the difficulty is not great, very focused on who is able to cooperate systematically businesses to provide a full range of services, as well as business cooperation can even industry do deeper integration and innovation.

Might be summed up simply: build better pay ecology, is the future of mobile payments.

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