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7 models will soon be able to play PlayStation VR comes up, I'm ready to chop hands

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No one would deny the existence of distinct preferences and cognitive differences between the players and the host PC players of the game. Take the Virtual Reality (VR) games, the industry bodies GamesIndustry.bizreportShow all players approximately 63% favor VR game, the proportion of the host players is 73% in PC players, only 51% & mdash; & mdash; that is the host of players is higher than PC gamers acceptance of VR games.

But when the opening of this year's E3, may host player and PC players will agree on one thing: the era of virtual reality game has finally arrived.

In this the world's largest video game trade shows, one of the Big Three console games Sony officially announced the game console PlayStation VR / head was October 13 this year, will officially launch. Not only that, they also brought something to look forward to make the VR game players happy, good news: there will be over 50 PS VR games accompanied the launch.

& Mdash; & mdash; This is not a bad production of mobile VR game, but the quality of the game and have been protecting Dafa host games. Our most essential for you to a selection of seven games that 50 of them. After reading them, chop hand knife may have lifted a & hellip; & hellip;

"Star Wars & middot; front" X-Wing VR Mission

"Star Wars & middot; Frontline" (Star Wars: Battlefront) is Criterion Games and DICE studio "Star Wars" series to create a game for the host. According to known cases, this announcement at E3 X-wing fighter VR air combat missions, will be DLC (downloadable content pack) in the form of all the "Star Wars & middot; frontline" players for free.


"Star Wars: X-wing Alliance" to reproduce the classic?


End of the year, "Star Wars" series Gaiden's first movie"Grand One" (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)It will be released simultaneously worldwide. The name of the movie so many interested in Star Wars story exciting: Grand Theft Auto is the Luke & middot; Skywalker in "Star Wars & middot; The Empire Strikes Back" combat team name among the leadership. "Grand One" and "Star Wars & middot; front" X-wing fighter VR task will dig deeper Jedi / Sith shrouded in the aura of those less well known story of ordinary soldiers.

"Resident Evil 7"

"Resident Evil" zombie theme has been the more hard-core game series that one either, but everyone can agree: the story come and go, but the mechanism of the game itself has been the old way, lack of new ideas.

This situation will be changed. January next year released "Resident Evil 7", will be a complete VR form of the game. This means that the type of game from the third person shooter into a first-person shooter. Last year was also a player with the Unreal Engine 4 own remake of the "Resident Evil 1" in the scene, set the first person zombie killers will certainly be most welcome thing.


intrailer, The actor started in the second floor of a dark bedroom to wake up, so that he received a phone quickly fled, was found surrounded by strange Luo body plastic models. Actor went downstairs to check on the first floor of the restaurant, but the corridor drifting back to find a person. He tried to chase the man, and finally found a tape, but the room is just a TV and a player & mdash; & mdash; the original tape in this game is really & middot; Trailer & hellip; & hellip;

Overall, since the introduction of the first person, "Resident Evil 7", or at least this trailer, the style with "Silent Hill" a little closer.

"Final Fantasy 15" VR

VR wave is too strong, even the "Final Fantasy" series, can not be stopped.

History producers Ai (Square Enix) Sony press conference at E3 show, "Final Fantasy 15" trailer. It seems that this will be a third-person action sandbox game, players can roam the vast game world, enjoy the scenery and fighting. If players use PS VR gaming devices can experience VR mode, the current can be sure that there will be absolutely FPS combat content. In short: GTA sandbox shaman + 3 + radiation fighting first-person combat 4.


"Final Fantasy 15" will be released in late September this year.

"Batman: Arkham" VR

Up to one-minute trailer, in addition to showing the & ldquo; VR & rdquo; beyond words, about "Batman: Arkham" Information VR experience is extremely limited. But taking into account "Arkham Asylum", "Arkham Origins" and "Arkham fact," the past evaluation also good, this time we should look forward to it with the Joker in Batman, the first person will be at wits what kind of experience.



This is a new game, but it's an absolute position can not be overlooked. Because it is the first full advantage of Sony's new gun controller somatosensory PlayStation VR Aim Controller FPS games.


"Far point" is a sci-fi FPS game, producers of Impulse Gear. Trailer can see, the game scene is set on a desert planet, but players will have to battle the boss will be a huge desert spiders, see the following figure:


Uh, I hope you did not take breakfast, spit it out.

"Harmonix Music VR"

Also new work, "Harmonix Music VR" As can be seen from the name is a music game.

Music game how it happened in the world of interactive VR? Trailer show, which is a combination of music and the creation of three-dimensional drawing type game. Players in the strong rhythm of music, using the PlayStation VR Move Controller, which is Sony's own VR handle, draw the image in the VR. These images will be deformed with the music and rhythm, showing the gorgeous effect, players can also create different image of the robot in the game, and then let them dance to music.


Although the game is not very high, but the type of VR authoring software in Europe has been very popular, probably because this is the best way to display the VR. If your desire to create strong, "Harmonix Music VR" should satisfy you.

"Here I Lie"

In this they are lying? They lie in this?

Film style dim tone, "Here They Lie" there wearing a plush hat women fell to the ground, in the gutter where eating monster from the corner of the room a sudden gush of cockroaches group ,, and trailer Finally, like he climbed out of the TV as Sadako crawling out from the wall in something.

As a horror game, the trailer is completely fail to see the players suffer fear or giver & hellip; & hellip; this may be its most interesting places.


Sony's E3 press conference simply games of all kinds of trailer highlights, and no new hardware feel excited. But compared with the Xbox, Sony obviously here for the game itself can be seen as the focus, rather than hardware. Indeed, Aim Controller looks nothing like a gun, but at least you can play games with VR shooting game; indeed, the same field - other PS VR games, many can see it is filled up in nature. But at least among the majority of these games can be this year or at the latest in the spring of next year to play.

This explains why sales of almost more than PS4 Xbox One, and I think people will be more willing to VR game, not until one year after the release of Microsoft's ultra-high performance VR consoles go hand chop reason.

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