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DX12 release multi-threaded performance AMD / Intel CPU who is more worth the wait?

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Perhaps now there are many users find that Windows 7 is about to be "banned" the old system than the current system of Windows 10 to the latest version of the handy countless times (I myself think so), because the use of Windows 7 will not encounter Some people crazy BUG. But in fact, even Windows 10 on the applicability perhaps not as good as Windows 7, you still have a very good reason, will own the operating system upgrade to Windows 10 (or the default system forced upgrade), the reason is "only to Windows 10 this latest support DX12 graphics API standard. "

Why say "support DX12" is an operating system upgrade to convince myself that the reason Windows 10 it? The answer is very simple, because DX11 multi-core, multi-threaded insufficient utilization, resulting i3, i5 processor in the game's performance, compared to the more high-end Core i7 almost no gap substantially, or even a "1 nuclear work, 9 nuclear crowd "this embarrassing situation.

DX12释放多线程性能DX12释放多线程性能 AMD/Intel CPU谁更值得期待?

With respect to the terms of DX11, DX12 API through better underlying optimization, improve the efficiency of resource calls while reducing hardware costs, and significantly improve the game for multi-core, multi-threaded CPU utilization, so the Task Manager in the " eight frame "in addition to this mysterious brain hole into reality.

In DX12 support for multi-core CPU becomes DX11-friendly than many at the same time, it also greatly expanded our arrival optional CPU room, because the most important feature of DX12 is "a substantial increase in the utilization of multi-core CPU", This allows the native CPU core AMD CPU more benefit, such DX12 naturally become one of the important capital AMD to turn around.

DX12释放多线程性能DX12释放多线程性能 AMD/Intel CPU谁更值得期待?

So, you meet the main players in the host DX12 game ensued prepared selection of CPU, we need to consider very carefully what, in the end is to select outstanding performance in DX11 games Intel Core i5 processor, or native CPU core with more positioning AMD FX processors, today we passed a DX12 game resources on hand to look at the game in DX12, the performance of AMD, Intel's CPU's two in the end how.

Test content and test platform configuration Introduction

In this test, we chose positioned quite close to the two CPU products - from Intel's Core i5-6400 and AMD's FX-8300, and corresponding to the selected hardware products, composed of two platforms for testing the specific configuration of the test platform, as follows:

DX12释放多线程性能DX12释放多线程性能 AMD/Intel CPU谁更值得期待?

Test content, this test, we chose the two on hand to support DX12 games - "Singularity Ashes" and "killer 6" to test, test the resolution is set at 1920 x most common now 1080, the specific quality settings please see table shows the test results page.

Note that, in this test, we will not only test these two games in DX12, but also test them in DX11, DX12 in order to help you to understand whether to make better use of multi-core CPU.

DX12释放多线程性能DX12释放多线程性能 AMD/Intel CPU谁更值得期待?

The AMD CPU test used was FX-8300

DX12释放多线程性能DX12释放多线程性能 AMD/Intel CPU谁更值得期待?

The test used was Intel CPU Core i5-6400

DX12 game test - "singularity ashes"

"Singularity Ashes" is a real-time strategy game produced by Stardock. The make use of Nitrous Oxide Games engine building, set in the distant future, when mankind entirely ideological existence, people have mastered the god-like power. But humans have found themselves in the midst of war, the enemy is called "Haalee" the AI ​​has ideological attempt to overthrow the dominance of humanity in the universe.

DX12释放多线程性能DX12释放多线程性能 AMD/Intel CPU谁更值得期待?

Game, players can force posthuman or Haalee be controlled, which is an interplanetary scale war, in which every fight could cover the entire surface of the planet, so this made the horizons beyond the players are play any one RTS game.

"Singularity ashes" DX11, DX12 performance test:

DX12释放多线程性能DX12释放多线程性能 AMD/Intel CPU谁更值得期待?

DX12 game test - "Killer 6"

"6 Killer" is a production of Io Interactive, Square Enix released action adventure game. In this as in, to be the protagonist of the mission area, including Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Vienna and other places, we are familiar with the old Hitman to expand worldwide hunting action with the help of ICA under.

DX12释放多线程性能DX12释放多线程性能 AMD/Intel CPU谁更值得期待?

The work still contains a series of core elements, players can use a number of various props in the world of luxury, exotic place finish assassination mission, except with the new engine to create ultra-realistic detail, the work will also be an open world, nonlinear game, free archive sandbox gameplay. In addition, the contract officially return mode, players can create unique challenges, share with other players, and to cancel the protagonist's magic pocket, trying to build a world more real killer.

"Killer 6" DX11, DX12 performance test:

DX12释放多线程性能DX12释放多线程性能 AMD/Intel CPU谁更值得期待?

AMD processor DX12 performance worth the wait

Through the "singularity Ashes", and "killer 6" Both support DX12 game test results point of view, AMD FX-8300 The specifications for the four eight-core of the CPU module in DX12 game performance with Core 4 4 thread Intel Core i5-6400 compared still some gaps. The reason is that - although AMD FX-8300 specification seems better than i5-6400, comparison, and in fact there is no advantage, not to mention the performance of single-core i5-6400 Some have dominated.

DX12释放多线程性能DX12释放多线程性能 AMD/Intel CPU谁更值得期待?

Of course, this result is found in Intel CPU DX12 game performance than AMD CPU, it seems premature. why? Because whether it is in the "singularity Ashes" or "killer 6", the performance gains AMD FX-8300 obtained are better than Intel Core i5-6400. So hard specifications are not dominant, the case of single-core CPU performance less able, AMD FX-8300 can achieve higher performance at DX12, apparently because of his own native CPU more, while also benefiting from more DX12 excellent multi-core / thread utilization of.

DX12释放多线程性能DX12释放多线程性能 AMD/Intel CPU谁更值得期待?

In addition, DX12 API grew out of the bottom of Mantle API AMD launched two years ago, retains the Mantle API of the most important features, both trying to use the lower-level API direct use of hardware resources, get rid of excess levels, improve resource called efficiency, reduce hardware costs, while focusing on improving multi-threading capabilities, evenly call used by the thread, so that "excess CPU performance" has been relatively more fully utilized, and this is AMD CPU in DX12 performance is much better than under the DX11 Key factor.

DX12释放多线程性能DX12释放多线程性能 AMD/Intel CPU谁更值得期待?

More importantly, FX-8300 and the i5-6400 performance gap in DX12, and DX11 has been reduced compared to the next lot, which for a price of AMD CPU 700 yuan, the performance is remarkable, after all, even if you go there to buy Ma scattered pieces i5-6400, at least to spend 1000 dollars it.

DX12释放多线程性能DX12释放多线程性能 AMD/Intel CPU谁更值得期待?

Perhaps the results of this test do not adequately explain AMD, Intel's CPU in the end the two who under better performance in DX12, after all, we only tested two items, but you can see that AMD has for the future DX12 main API has better support (Mantle glorious death), you can use DX12 better multi-core / thread utilization, achieve significant performance improvements, while Intel also slightly inferior thereto. Perhaps more after the arrival of DX12 games, two of the CPU relative performance in DX12 is not available now with the same date, but the choice of AMD CPU, to meet more DX12 games is undoubtedly worthy of our expectations, especially in the use of 14nm after the LPP process AMD Zen processors soon, AMD will usher maybe to turn around one day.

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