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A HTC Vive user experience the feeling after the PlayStation VR

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一位一位 HTC Vive 用户体验了 PlayStation VR 后的感受

As a small series has been two months of HTC Vive user (non-company property), it has not had the opportunity to experience prolonged Sony PlayStation VR. However, the July 1, Sony held a PSVR internal experience in Beijing, we have the opportunity to spend a long time to experience this remarkable Sony produced the VR head.

Compared with the three heads was the other two (HTC Vive and Oculus Rift), PSVR the above parameters is significantly shorter length, it uses 1920 & times; 1080 (960 & times; 1080 per eye) resolution OLED screen, the field of view angle of about 100 degrees, a refresh rate of 120Hz / 90Hz. The other two heads was using 2160 & times; 1200 resolution screen, has about 110 degree viewing angle. However, PSVR price is the cheapest of the three, only $ 399, it takes another one PS4, PS Move the handle and the PS Eye camera need to purchase another.

Here to talk about the experience of small series.

Head was: like wearing a hat

一位一位 HTC Vive 用户体验了 PlayStation VR 后的感受

Head was put on PSVR feels like wearing a heavy hat, it's the face of oppression is very light, weighing in on the headband. This design allows the user to wear a long time will not be tired, but not close to the helmet and face, resulting in the following there will be leaked, the impact of immersion. This is very different from HTC Vive, Vive relatively heavy, and when it is worn close to the face, forehead and your face will be under a certain weight, wear no PSVR good experience, but not leaked.

一位一位 HTC Vive 用户体验了 PlayStation VR 后的感受

In general, according to Xiao Bian experience with other testers and feedback, PSVR wearing comfort between Rift and Vive, Rift is the best.

一位一位 HTC Vive 用户体验了 PlayStation VR 后的感受

一位一位 HTC Vive 用户体验了 PlayStation VR 后的感受

PS Move the handle: You can only sit and play

In the control mode, PSVR provides two controllers, namely, PS Move and the Dual Shock controller. Before talking about this in two ways, first look without manipulation "DEEP", the game is similar to "The Blue" Vive on the players are slowly sank into a cage, surrounded by a variety of exotic ornamental marine animals. Experience the game can clearly feel & ldquo; & rdquo ;, screens effect which is caused by insufficient resolution.

一位一位 HTC Vive 用户体验了 PlayStation VR 后的感受

PSVR most games using PS Move controller, use it to set up in front of the PS Eye camera (see below) to achieve spatial localization of visible light (bulb and a lamp on the helmet on the handle is used for positioning), Vive Rift and also have their own space positioning system.

一位一位 HTC Vive 用户体验了 PlayStation VR 后的感受

The experience of using PS Move game controller as the "London robbery", "Code 12", "ACE Banana", three games before the two are first-person shooter game, after a is archery. When you sit and play, they are very similar to Vive controller experience, but once it is easy to stand up outside the track range, resulting in movement of the handle does not recognize, let alone walk around. In contrast, Vive spatial orientation can be achieved throughout the room.

一位一位 HTC Vive 用户体验了 PlayStation VR 后的感受

This is not a scene screenshots of the game, because the game experience not to photograph the scene

In these non-entertaining game, do not feel insufficient resolution or picture is not clear, there is no picture delay encountered the phenomenon. In contrast, greatly accelerates the process of using the Vive, still occasionally encounter situations refresh rate can not keep up, with a small series of graphics cards are GTX 970.

The last game "RIGS" using a Dual Shock controller, it is also a multiplayer online game, it did not feel very & ldquo; VR & rdquo ;, like a giant TV screen in front of the game. Because I do not see the need to handle comfortably, but for most players it should not be a problem.

一位一位 HTC Vive 用户体验了 PlayStation VR 后的感受

PS4 and next to the small box PSVR

to sum up

As a user Vive, Xiao Bian feel about PSVR can not be said to be satisfied or not satisfied, but it should be said, compared with Vive very different. PSVR head was more comfortable to wear; Vive compared to room-level positioning systems, PSVR can only sit and play (up to standing); PSVR except with Dual Shock Move can handle control, while Vive only Touch controller.

On both platforms the game is different, PSVR based PS4, Vive based PC. This makes PSVR has a lot of exclusive games on the PS, including the "Final Fantasy 15", "Resident Evil 7" and other masterpiece will be landing, but these games are not made specifically for VR; Vive also "radiation 4" such masterpiece will landing, but had no PSVR so much, but the PC platform more open, Vive Oculus can play games.

In summary, the VR is concerned, Vive experience significantly better than PSVR, but if you want to ask who should buy, small series that competition between them is not true. If you are a PS4 players, this one reason is enough to let you choose PSVR; if you are PC gamers, this is enough to let you choose Vive or the Oculus. Unless you are a multi-gold hard core players, you can bat an eye all the assembly of the helmet a few.

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