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iPhone Repair Reference quotations have "it" do not waste money

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Each phone before the launch, will be almost cruel, perverted functionality, usability, stability testing, product quality standards will not be published until the listing and sale, iPhone is no exception, as Apple's most important product line, Apple iPhone to control quality, can be said to be the industry's top level, even though they have done, "extreme", iPhone will appear in a variety of failures; of course, most of these failures were caused by improper use of man-made; for these failures, not Apple after-sales warranty, so users can repair their own expense.

Choose Apple iPhone fails Repairs on the quality control is the best solution, but the repair prices "expensive" well known; I believe the vast majority of users will settle for select third-party maintenance business, then go to the third-party maintenance business before repair, you know this thing about how much fault maintenance costs? In fact, most users do not know, diligent user before servicing the phone "three bid" and then on the basis of third-party merchants offer on for some bargain to meet their spiritual "comfort"; in fact, even if repair quote thus obtained may not be affordable; in order to meet the needs of iPhone users, I then will provide a detailed breakdown maintenance iPhone reference offer everyone.

※ Note: Because most of the iPhone 4 / 4S has been eliminated, this reference provides repair quote from iPhone 5 start. iPhone Accessories price Taobao price shall prevail (in most parts prices using the original split as parts costs, buy new original accessories easier said than done), according to the maintenance manual fee pricing dismantling difficulty; iPhone accessories, prices will change in real time, so the price maintenance It will also change, and make the appropriate changes in real time according to the price of Taobao accessories maintenance. PS: repair quote third party maintenance business will often contain parts cost + cost + manual "storefront costs" and so on. (The following fees all in yuan)

Software Fault Reference Price

iPhone维修参考报价单iPhone维修参考报价单 有“它”不花冤枉钱

Software repair through the brush

Software failure iPhone Basic can be repaired through the brush, such as: white apple, recovery mode, black does not even boot problems, iPhone Brush can refer to this tutorial (iPhone Brush tutorial), if there is no time or energy, can seek third-party maintenance business brush, brush, and I believe that the iPhone is no hardware costs, and the operation is relatively simple, it is recommended that maintenance price: $ 50.

Hardware failure Reference Price

1. Screen Repair Reference Price

Whether it is a small 4-inch screen is 5.5 inches large screen, the iPhone screen can be said that the highest rate of the iPhone repair parts, because most iPhone will result in fall when the screen cracked, broken screen in the iPhone, the external screen is broken crack occupy the vast majority of the internal display are fragments occupy a minority, need to replace the screen to remove the bottom two screws, remove the screen, then remove the parts on the screen, such as: Home key, front cameras parts, disassemble the difficulty is not difficult, the average user can not disassemble; iPhone screen repair quote the following reference :( fragmentation external screen replacement external screen can be processed by a machine)

iPhone维修参考报价单iPhone维修参考报价单 有“它”不花冤枉钱

iPhone external screen repair broken neiping intact Reference Price

iPhone维修参考报价单iPhone维修参考报价单 有“它”不花冤枉钱

iPhone repair broken neiping Reference Price

2. Battery Replacement Reference Price

One of the iPhone Accessories iPhone batteries are easy to wear and tear, after repeated charge and discharge, the battery capacity will be gradually reduced, or even some of the iPhone's battery will be a "bulge" in the case, replace the iPhone battery replacement with respect to the screen for a simpler , removed the bottom of the screw, open the screen, then you can disassemble the battery; iPhone battery replacement reference prices are as follows:

iPhone维修参考报价单iPhone维修参考报价单 有“它”不花冤枉钱

iPhone Battery Replacement Reference Price

3.Lightning Interface cable replacement Reference Price

One iPhone data line interface belonging to the iPhone is easy to wear and tear parts, half the iPhone's battery life, can not avoid frequent charging hundreds of plug interface damage caused by Lightning also makes sense; in addition, according to maintenance personnel disassemble after the reports, after the Lightning the interface cable of more than 90% iPhone apart, waterproof stickers are discolored, which indicates that the interface cable Lightning more or less into the water (no authoritative statistics), usually inadvertently splashing into water it will not pay attention to; Lightning Interface cable may cause damage not charging, no loud speaker, no microphone, headphones etc. silent; Lightning Interface cable replacement up, difficulty of the operation and replace the screen is almost the same need to remove the screen some models even have to remove the motherboard; iPhone Lightning Interface cable replacement reference offer as follows:

iPhone维修参考报价单iPhone维修参考报价单 有“它”不花冤枉钱

iPhone Lightning Interface cable (plug end) Replacing the Reference Price

4. Replace the speaker Reference Price

iPhone speaker is not a relatively frequent failure of parts, most of the damage is the basic cause of the bottom of the water, the replacement process is relatively clear speaker, disassemble the relatively high degree of difficulty, turn on the screen, remove the board, replacing a speaker ; iPhone speaker replacement reference offer as follows:

iPhone维修参考报价单iPhone维修参考报价单 有“它”不花冤枉钱

iPhone speaker replacement Reference Price

5. Replace the handset reference price

Similar handset and speaker function principle of the iPhone, the sound is transmitted to the user, the principles of structural design similarities, are attached to a discharge line, but the receiver attached to the screen, to dismantle it a lot easier, just finished in other part of the screen process; iPhone handset replacement offer as follows:

iPhone维修参考报价单iPhone维修参考报价单 有“它”不花冤枉钱

iPhone handset replacement Reference Price

6. Replace the front camera reference price

iPhone front camera generally speaking, belong to the occasional failure queue, demolition process is based on the replacement of the handset, and then to a dismantling, front camera head, integrated front camera, microphone, light sensor, handset cable, the above function has failed, are likely to be caused by damage to the front camera; iPhone front camera replacement reference offer as follows:

iPhone维修参考报价单iPhone维修参考报价单 有“它”不花冤枉钱

iPhone front camera replacement Reference Price

7. Replace the rear camera reference price

iPhone rear camera is very simple, that carry the rear camera function, disassembly difficulty is not high, remove the screen directly after removing the camera; iPhone rear camera to change the reference offer as follows:

iPhone维修参考报价单iPhone维修参考报价单 有“它”不花冤枉钱

iPhone rear camera to replace the Reference Price

8. Power cable replacement Reference Price

Power cable belonging to the ranks of the iPhone consumable components, because we will often wake up the screen or lock screen, so often pressed the power button, or collision resulting in improper placement of the power cable press working, etc., to replace the power cable to be complicated , in addition to removing the screen, but also to remove the motherboard, and the power button at the bezel is not easy to disassemble; iPhone power cable replacement reference offer as follows:

iPhone维修参考报价单iPhone维修参考报价单 有“它”不花冤枉钱

iPhone power cable replacement Reference Price

9. Replace volume cable Reference Price

iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone SE cable and power cable are integrated in the volume of a discharge line, while iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus the power cable and the cable is volume separately, the replacement of the four flow volume is similar to cable replacement power button, iPhone volume cable replacement reference offer as follows:

iPhone维修参考报价单iPhone维修参考报价单 有“它”不花冤枉钱

iPhone volume cable replacement Reference Price

Motherboard Troubleshooting Reference Price

10. Power IC Reference Price

When we go to repair the phone, often hear the power IC damaged, run the entire board is given by the current power supply IC in the work, the power IC is damaged, the entire phone will be in a state of paralysis; power IC, CPU, Flash memory (hard disk) as long as there is one among the three damaged, the phone can not boot; power IC damaged is usually caused by improperly charging, short circuit caused by water, etc., because the PCB board welding power supply IC, All demolition is established in the case of the screen, motherboards were removed, replace the power IC need to remove the motherboard metal shield, then remove the power supply IC with a hot air gun to replace, repair difficult and require professional operation; iPhone power IC reference Price as follows:

iPhone维修参考报价单iPhone维修参考报价单 有“它”不花冤枉钱

iPhone Power IC Reference Price

11. Replace the memory reference offer

If we use the iPhone flash is corrupted and it is a tragedy, because the flash is corrupted means that all information is lost can not be recovered, so we for important information should always back up your phone, iPhone flash dismantling the entire mobile phone repair disassemble them difficulty the second-highest "project", of course, is the most difficult to split the double CPU structure; now most of the repair work can be a "grinding machine" slowly worn away the hard disk, and then replace the flash memory, the larger the risk of maintenance, improper operation very It may become "bricks and mortar" in addition, using A9 processor iPhone is still not replace the hard drive alone; iPhone flash to change the reference offer as follows:

iPhone维修参考报价单iPhone维修参考报价单 有“它”不花冤枉钱

iPhone flash memory (hard disk) to replace the Reference Price

12. The baseband CPU replacement Reference Price

Communication is part of the core of the entire mobile phone features, the phone is capable of Ritsumeikan call, this is it with iPad tablet device fundamental difference, no cell phone signal, the signal is weak, does not recognize the SIM card, have no IMEI, etc. may be baseband CPU (kit) chain problem failures caused by the occurrence, the baseband failed mostly because the "fall" caused by the "Weld" (poor contact), but does not rule out the hardware damaged, the baseband CPU dismantling difficulty equally Great, after the dismantling of the flash, but the chip contact point distance is small corresponding increase in difficulty; using A8 and A9 processor of the iPhone, if you need to replace the baseband CPU carries the main CPU replacement together, now able to complete this process of replacement repair technicians are not many, so it does not provide a reference offer several models; iPhone baseband CPU to replace the reference Price

iPhone维修参考报价单iPhone维修参考报价单 有“它”不花冤枉钱

iPhone baseband CPU replacement Reference Price

Written in the last

The iPhone repair quote is the author based on years of experience in the maintenance order from, but each according to its own third-party merchants will likely raise the cost of retail prices, which are inevitable, so this iPhone quotation for reference only. In this quotation, although many have included repair quote parts of the iPhone, but some parts do not appear in this quotation, if your iPhone hardware failures encountered in the above quote does not appear then, it may be a message in the comments section below, we will answer them one by one.

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